Arsenal pair ruined by England snub? Who’s to blame?

I really hoped that both of the Arsenal forwards snubbed by Gareth Southgate when the England manager announced his latest squad would react in the right way. Theo Walcott had been in fine form anyway of late and I thought that he and Danny Welbeck would be determined to show Southgate that he made a mistake by not selecting them for the three lions matches against Germany and Lithuania.

Instead they proved the England boss was right to leave them out with performances away to West Brom that would struggle to get them a game for San Marino. While I believe that some of the blame for this must go to Arsene Wenger, who seems to have lost any ability to actually motivate the Arsenal players, I think the two forwards must take a long hard look at themselves.

To allow your confidence to be hit by an international snub suggests a weakness of character and belief in your own ability. But that is certainly what seemed to happen to the Arsenal duo. Surely players with the ability and experience that these two Gunners have should be able to motivate themselves but now they may have blown their chances of a late call up from Southgate if the Sky Sports report about West Ham’s Antonio withdrawing through injury are true.

How much blame for this do you assign the players and their club manager?


  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    And even with Kane’s injury they still didn’t make it. Ox got a Nod over them.

    I think Vardy, Defoe, Rashford, Sterling, Ox, barkley won’t be improved much by our other players

    But it does show how our quality has decreased with only Ox in the Squad

  2. Wayne Barker says:

    Welbwck must be thinking how did he leave Manchester united and join this chaotic place. Funny how he rarely got Injured while playing for united but as soon as he joins here , he has been constantly getting injured.Something fundamentally going wrong with this club.

  3. davidnz says:

    11 EPL seasons
    63 goals
    5.7 EPL goals per season.
    Salary 140 k p/w
    8 EPL seasons
    37 goals.
    4.6 EPL goals per season.
    9 goals in 3 seasons at Arsenal.
    3 EPL goals per season
    Salary 75k p/w
    Not quite there yet?

  4. SoOpa AeoN says:

    There really is not much news coming outta Arsenal……
    Only DOOM and GLOOM so far!!!

  5. arsenal_canada says:

    I hope he doesn’t sign but I have a horrible feeling he’s going to put pen on paper 🙁

  6. Ugabooga says:

    Arsene will sign, he doesn’t care about the club, o ly his pay check.

    Any manager who truly cares about their club would of stepped down by now.

  7. Onochie says:

    Why would they be called into the England squad when Arsenal have basically destroyed their career under Wenger and his poor staff. Am really not surprised.

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