Arsenal striker aiming to ‘surprise the world’ with his Arsenal team

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang insists that he and his teammates are working hard to end their goal drought of late, before adding that he hopes his Arsenal side can ‘surprise the world’.

The Gunners are under a bit of a cloud at present, having picked up only four points from their last five Premier League matches, scoring just once in those.

Aubameyang is credited with the only goal, which came from the penalty spot at Old Trafford in a 1-0 win, but the problem appears to be on those created those chances, as opposed to blaming the strikers solely for the lack of goals.

The Gabon international insists that his team are working hard to fix their lack of goals, before claiming his side have the players to climb to the ‘level we want’.

“The biggest problem the club is facing right now is the lack of goals,” Aubameyang told AfriqueSports. “But the manager and the rest of the players are trying to overcome this problem.

“Even though the results have not been good recently, we still hope that in the near future everything will be fine and we will surprise the world. We have the players that will take us to the level we want to get to.”

Even the best of teams endure blips from time to time, for one reason or another, but the big task is how to end the bad run.

Will the team need a little bit of luck to overturn their torrid form?


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    1. OH GIVE IT A REST FOR GODS SAKE, YOU PESSIMIST OF ALL TIME! Why don’t you come clean and tell us all on here exactly what your own obvius personal agenda with MA is all about? You diss him in almost EVERY post you make, quite beyond normal criticism level. Are you actually a Gooner at all as it seems to me that you hate our club? Try supporting for once and convince us you really are a GOONER! AS YOU DON’T BEHAVE LIKE ONE!

  1. leno
    bellerin Holding Gabriel Tierny
    Partey Xhaka
    Pepe Auba Saka

    That is the best overall team in EPL.

    We missed Partey to complete Puzzle, but removed Ozil when he finally has his back covered allowing him to play his game, create, pass & score, lounge attacks…

    what have we been missing? A player as Ozil to fire our attack!

    Every coach in football must be in total shock, ban your own player when he finally can provide what we precisly need!

    Arteta is a total failure and has no brain to ever be a coach..

    He should have decency to resign before to make a totat dumb ass of himself.

    So embarrassing! Dressing as Pep; think he is a top coach. Pathetic!

    1. I have not seen such bile and venom against a manager like this since from the Wenger out days. Can I ask what Arteta did to you for to hate him so much?

  2. Sorry to disagree with some of your post Mogunna, especially the last sentence.

    MA cannot possibly be trying to copy PG, as he hasn’t got the same kind of owner, who sees money as no object.

    Unless MA has someone in mind to sign in January to start creating chances and assists, he will have to review his MO stance – if neither come to fruition, buckle down for the most boring and defensive season for a long long time.

  3. Sorry to disapoint you but it is simple truth; Arteta has no coach experience and should be getti’g it elsewhere.

    Why would likes of Lampard as Gerrard today had humility and sense to go learn how to drive before to take such a club?

    Arteta does dress as Pep but not the issue; his lack of experience is.

    Cant compare to Lampard, a legend at his club, Arteta is an everton man, finished carreer at Arsenal.

    Either ways, to not take the job before learning is just common sense, in such clubs even more so.

    Lampard learned elswhere before to accept his mission. That is showing respect and love Chelsea beside common sense.

    Arteta wants to do good but does it all wrong as he still learning.

    Arsenal is ready and armed to win EPL but Arteta is not. Every players cant be wrong or lose their skills. Arteta needs to go and get his….

    Pat; in all honesty, if Arteta ends up ridiculed totally; would it be good for his carreer as a coach?

    He was supposed to start in bottom and climb; he is falling off…

    Sorry for him, he mean good but lack of brain doesnt allow to realize he should be learning how to drive before to expose himself in a ferrari he is bashing all over!

    Useless to exchange if you take it personal, this is just debating and point of view shared, not aimed to arm but fed up to see our club so lost.

    1. Mogunna, the Arsenal hater! Just go away and support whichever other team you really support instead! Cos you sure aint a Gooner with that constant hate! We don’t appreciate trolls on here son!

  4. Lampard had one year (to my knowledge) at Derby County and he was unable to get them into the Premier League
    He joined a more stable club than Arsenal with an ambitious owner and with the prospect of big money signings from this season. He is already in his 3rd year, whilst Arteta hasn’t completed his first year
    For all his numerous shortcomings – the most dreadful being he copies Pep sartorially – Arteta doesn’t have an ambitious owner nor the superior nucleus of a team like Chelsea have.

  5. MA has tried various ways to rectify our shortcomings whenever they surface, so hardly a brainless coach, SMH! At first he tried a 4-2-3-1, then switched to 3-4-3 for increased solidity, then varied that 3-4-3 according to the situations in the match and opponents, now he is trying various back 4 formations to improve our attacking game. The way I see it, he is trying very hard to rectify the problem albeit sacrificing a usable piece like Ozil, but its not as if he is always failing. I think a little more patience would be better. As for Lampard and Gerrard, Lampard’s one year managerial experience with Derby, where he couldn’t get them promotion, is kind of less than an assistant manager of 3 years at a big club like City, at a time when they won trophies, like MA has. As for Gerrard, Liverpool are stable at the moment and Gerrard is being planned as an eventual successor to Klopp, something we should have done with Wenger but couldn’t. So comparisions like these are not ideal and only present facts in a way that twists the picture to one side, especially if you take into consideration the various off field issues that have plagued Arsenal in recent times. So please, Mr. Mogunna, try to have a balanced viewpoint regarding MA.

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