Arsenal striker eyed to replace Lord Bendtner, is it time to sell?

Wolfsburg are claimed to be keen on signing Olivier Giroud this summer, despite his disastrous drop in form in recent months.

The Frenchman has failed to score in any of his last 15 Premier League appearances, and has come under increased scrutiny by the club’s fans. A number of European clubs including Juventus have been linked with an interest, but now Bundesliga side Wolfsburg are claimed to be chasing.

Die Wolfe recently cancelled the contract of former Gunner ‘Lord’ Nicklas Bendtner, after a number of incidents led to the striker being forced to train alone. The Danish international had another 15 months left to run on his deal, but is now on the look-out for a new club.

His club are now short of attacking options, and will be looking to add at least one in the coming window, and are said to be looking our way.

I’ve always been a big fan of Giroud, despite many fellow fans not rating him highly, but his recent plight has been alarming, and his form has had a huge effect on our failure to challenge for the Premier League title.

You can’t blame the 29 year-old solely, but I’m coming round to the idea that he could be sold this summer, but that is only if an actual replacement is lined up.

Alexandre Lacazette could be a slightly risky proposition, but he has shown some serious ability to get the ball in the back of the net over the past two years with Lyon, and Wenger is no stranger to delving into the French Ligue 1 for players. Romelu Lukaku would have to be the preferred target, but I struggle to believe that Wenger would shell out the required fee to tempt Everton into selling.

Is it time to sell Giroud? Is Lacazette a viable replacement?

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  1. Sell, Sell, Sell himmmmmmm… God damitttt! ??
    accept the first offer.. Even if it’s a Mars bar and a packet of cheese and onion.. or even a half eaten spicy German sausage that got left behind, at their last home game.
    I’m sure there’s alot of fan’s that would help Giroud pack and drive him to the airport! ?

    Offer Southampton £20 million + The Ox in exchange for S.Mane and Wanyama .

    Offer Everton £20 million + Walcott and Gibbs in exchange for Lukaku and also sign Lukaku younger brother who is a very pacey LB (£8 millon) that would pave the way for R.Lukaku to choose Arsenal instead of Utd.

    I would also Sell Ramsey, Cazorla and jack Wheelchair,
    And then let the fan’s vote for which players they would like to see at Arsenal ?

    Deluded? … Yes, why not?… it’s seem to be the latest fashion at Arsenal ??

    1. Mate, Mane is so inconsistent. And Wanyama is a Flamini 2.0. Well maybe 3.0. But still they are garbage compared to what players there are available.

        1. Please remind me … How many consistent players do we have at Arsenal ?
          I wouldn’t mind one of those so called inconsistent midfielders who can bang in a hat trick against City!

          I think that was his 2nd Hatty of his inconsistent season ????

    2. Ah- people & their imaginary swap deals. How many swap deals can you actually think of?

  2. as a noble fan, my suggestion is lukaku…please wenger just pay the value…lukaku is great + hes only 23 years old…i do believe he will hit the prolific form as ozil and sanchez behind him. he can serve many more years to come..thumbs up if u r on the same side with me…

  3. Leicester has proven that it doesn’t matter who you buy or how much you spend. So, we might as well have Bendtner back.

    1. Oh may be sign him and make wenger and bould out of retirement to solve our defense_Midfield and striker problems.

  4. @fatboy what are u smoking? 20m+walcott+gibbs for lukaku? You’ve got to be kidding me.

    1. Walcott will go for at least £20 millions if Sterling went for 50 mils. Even the likes of Townsend went for £12 millions.

      English players are overpriced and Walcott will not be an exception.

      1. walcott to southampton for 15 -20
        is better than to city or liverpool for 25

        sell him
        flam, art and mert

    2. @ ???

      What do you mean? .. it’s too much for Lukaku? ?

      Everton want at least £50 million for Lukaku!
      Theres no way that Wenger will pay that, especially when he bulked at 12 million when Lukaku was 19.

      Some rumours are suggesting that Guardiola wants Walcott at City…. Don’t forget that Walcott is only 26 and his value is probably between 25 – £30 million and Gibbs is around the same age ( I think ?) he has to be worth between 8 – £12 million…. You don’t think that Everton will be tempted by that offer? ? ? … what?… was I being too generous?
      ?? Utd and Munich are said to be keen on Lukaku, So a generous offer may seal the deal.

  5. I read something in this article “despite Giroud disastrous drop in form” and I would ask myself……..was there ever a time he was in form? I don’t think Wenger would sell him,because he and the fans would agree that Giroud isn’t good enough for us. We all know that Wenger doesn’t like agreeing with the fans on anything even if the whole world is saying the same thing as the fans.

  6. sel him.
    sell sell sell sell
    Jeez there are 10 strikers better than him in the league alone.
    so how will we compete in europe if we have him leading the line?

  7. OT but again slightly related how many clubs do you think have been banging on AFCs door to acquire Wenger’s services?

    Wolfsburg have Schwarzkopf as a sponsor next season so I’m sure Giroud will be very tempted

  8. I’d be happy carrying two of Walcott, Wellbeck and Giroud as experienced back-ups assuming we splash out on someone better. For me, Wellbeck and Walcott have more upside so if one has to go… Au revoir Olivier.

    1. Nope, Olivier offers something different, keep him and sell Walcott who has failed to prove he’s good enough as a CF

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