Arsenal striker Giroud open to China move, but not yet!

Everybody is talking about Diego Costa’s supposed protests with Chelsea, and Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud has even been prompted to comment on the subject.

The French striker is in impressive form at present, having scored in each of his four starts this season, made especially eye-opening considering he has kept his form and professionalism in the highest regard despite being forced to sit on the bench for the majority of the campaign.

With his form being the way that it is, it would be little surprise of anyone to hear he was being targeted for a switch to China, as they look to bring their country’s league’s profile to the world with a number of top players.

One player who is said to have had his head turned by an offer is Diego Costa, the Chelsea striker said to have been offered a whopping £30 Million per-year deal to join Quanjian Tianjin, and he has since been in the spotlight over a supposed argument with boss Antonio Conte, supposedly linked to the interest.

Giroud has admitted that he can completely understand how one’s head could be turned by such an amazing contract, but insists he has no desire to be the subject of such interest currently.

“Honestly, from my point of view I will tell you that I can understand, but if you asked me if I want to go now I will tell you ‘no’,” Giroud said.

“The Premier League is my main target so after when I will win it one day, why not, you never know.”

Do we think that any of our current players would push to leave should an offer from China come in to double or triple their current wage? Do we even believe that Costa was dropped at the weekend due to his desire to leave, or was he simply injured?

Pat J

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  1. bran99 says:

    OG should just go, the money is good and we can buy a better striker from it..

  2. The Dom04 says:

    In other news: Mike Dean has been demoted to the Champion Ship.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      @The Dom04
      There goes Spurs season…LOL

  3. Break-on-through says:

    Someone made a good point yesterday, about Costa going over there being a bad thing because the floodgates might open up. This season though, you’d have to be glad seeing the back of him. That move would open the league right up. I think some fans would prefer to risk the floodgates opening up, sure I’ve heard some dark things they’d like to do to Arsene if it meant Arsenal getting a challenging team along with a new manager and some different players. I think Costa’s head more so than others has been turned because he was a bit late in developing, he was mid twenties before he start looking a monster player. This move would mean that he wouldn’t have to play til near forty, he can retire at a grand old age for enjoying that type of wealth. If it was me or you we’d probably love playing too much to consider any of this, but not all players are like that, some even had a choice of which sports, but didn’t succeed at their chosen favorite so opted for football as a career move, go figure.

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