Arsenal striker Giroud tipped to bench Mbappe for World Cup

Robert Pires has called for France to play Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud over wonderkid Kylian Mbappe for next summer’s World Cup in Russia.

The 18 year-old set the world alight last season as he smashed onto the scene in spectacular fashion, and is now a part of the most expensive attacking line-up in world history.

Mbappe lines up alongside the most expensive player in Neymar at club level, with his own future fee set to come in as the second biggest transfer when completed next summer. Pires is adamant that despite the fast pace of his career since his breakthrough, that France boss Didier Deschamps shouldn’t pile the pressure on his shoulders.

Pires said: “Have people forgotten his age or what? He is only 18 years old.

“He has a potential to be way above the average and yes it is absolutely necessary that it plays, but from there to make him a leader? It is too much pressure on him. Do not burn his wings.”

Robert then added that he wasn’t in favour of the French bosses system in place, before adding that Giroud should keep his place as his country’s first-choice forward.

He continued: “I was surprised as the choice of the system. I prefer 4-4-2 which allows having two attackers and real wingmen who can work offensively and defensively. I find it more balanced.

“With Lacazette, you have to be patient. Defensively he made efforts. I do not worry in the long term.

“But for the World Cup, Deschamps will not change much and will respect the hierarchy with Giroud before Lacazette. With Olivier, he can count on a great pro who will never pose a problem and you can rely on him.”

Can Giroud really continue as France’s first-choice striker whilst Mbappe and Lacazette are playing regularly and he isn’t? Can Mbappe really be given a limited role in the World Cup when he is proving to be one of their best players?

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  1. Sue says:

    I really do like Mbappe, for someone so young he has so much talent. But I also like Giroud, he always scores for France!

    1. Anko says:

      Please remember to visit Puskas website to vote for Olivier Giroud’s goal to win!

  2. Tony says:

    doesnt make any sense.he prefers 4-4-2 then giroud above laccazatte,mbbape! delution is becoming contageous

  3. Upgradedgunner says:

    They are all good players plus you have to fit in Lemar, greizman and dembele (when fit) So Deschamps will change the system and personnel playing depending on who they are playing and form just like any decent manager should.

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I think the French manager thinks Giroud is a better partner for Greizmann than Lacazette and Mbappe

    I guess he rates experience highly. Giroud has nearly 70 caps. Also Mbappe is only 18 so it makes sense he comes off the bench. Giroud can handle the pressure. Mbappe may not. Also, I think with 442 system the manager thinks Giroud will be a better fit for Greizmann than both players

    I would not mind having Greizmann here lol but I think he’s going to Barcelona

    Anyway, the rivalry between Lacazette and Giroud has got to be good for us. Hopefully they will play their best. Giroud will want to keep his starting position and Lacazette will want to score as many goals as possible to change Managers mind.

  5. Joey Mack says:

    Confidence is king for strikers so don’t forget to vote for Giroud’s goal for the FIFA Puskas Award:

  6. Liam says:

    France plays a system that allows their wide me to stay wide and deliver crosses which means Giroud becomes a huge asset to them going forward. The problem Giroud has at Arsenal is the wingbacks are the only players whom stay wide for us resulting in no crosses to Giroud to thrive on. If you dont have the fast wingers crossing balls in the second option for Giroud is fast balls into him with players either side of him that he can play through an Target man Amc of sorts however once again we do not play this system. Giroud for Arsenal is a super sub 81 82 Fifa rating put him into a team that plays to his stregnths then you have a 88 player. I would like Arsene to trial the below.

    Holding/musti Kos Monreal
    Bellerin Coq Saed
    wilshere Eleney
    Laca Alexis

  7. GB says:

    World Cup is a while off yet so why speculate now?
    A lot can happen before then.

  8. the barrel says:

    I dont mind what France do. As long as The Dutch Delight qualifies for Russia, then Ill be happy. The Dutch plays interesting football. Let them start the donkey which cannot turn, and bow out of the World Cup qualifiers. Then we will wave Deschamps ggodbye.

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