Arsenal striker holds ‘no regrets’ after summer stay

Olivier Giroud reaffirms his happiness at Arsenal, despite playing second-fiddle to Alexandre Lacazette this term.

The Frenchman added to his already amazing goal record for his country this week, scoring against Wales in a friendly match. Giroud was then asked about his happiness with his club, in which he responded positively.

‘I’m sure Arsene was watching, especially because Aaron (Ramsey) was playing too,’ said Giroud. ‘He’s always supporting me and there is a lot of trust in each other. He trusts in me and I try to give it back on the pitch when I can.

‘For the moment I am not questioning myself about my future. I am happy at Arsenal and I am fine with the decision to stay because I want to.

‘I am thinking that the story between the club and myself was not over and not finished. We will see what happens but I am happy at Arsenal for the moment.’

Giroud believes he is still at the peak of his powers. He added: ‘It’s my 29th goal for France so I still have to score one more goal to reach Jean-Pierre Papin who was one of my favourite players.

‘It’s always a pleasure to play for the national team and I think we played a good game. We have a better understanding on the pitch now especially with the young players so we are very delighted.

‘My best season was 2015-2016 when I scored 34 goals with Arsenal and the national team, including the Euros.

‘Usually I play a bit less with Arsenal but I always try to keep my efficiency high. That’s most important for me. I keep believing in my quality and I keep the faith. I have a lot of objectives with Arsenal and my country so I always try to move forward and keep scoring.’

Is Giroud’s happiness a credit to Wenger? Does his stance show a lack of ambition?

Pat J

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  1. John Ibrahim says:

    Giroud offers us a plan B attack when things are not working well

    to utilise Giroud strengths…we need good crosser of the balls

    Like Mendy and Sidbe does with the French team

  2. Mitch Connor says:

    I am very happy Giroud stayed. He is an excellent Supersub. He has also scored over 100 goals for us. It’s great to have Lacazette and Giroud (also Welbeck).
    This Spurs match is highly important. The reason I say this is that if we lose, especially if we lose big, that will indicate to me that we probably won’t be able to finish Top 4. United and City will definitely finish I’m top 3 if not top 2, we also lost 4-0 to Liverpool. So if we lose to Spurs then I see City, United, Spurs and Liverpool finishing Top 4. We drew with Chelsea but they could still take 5. It’s possible we could finish 6th place! However, if we beat Spurs, Top 4 is still possible in my opinion. We should still take Europa League seriously no matter what happens on Saturday.
    God I hate International break. So boring without an Arsenal match. Win or lose I still prefer watching Arsenal rather than Internationals, especially friendlies!

  3. Tony says:

    We need to get Timo werner now.right now laccazatte is little better(if any) than him.that guy is super aggressive w/wo ball and very compossed infront of goal.

  4. Break-on-through says:

    He’s at an age now where he’ll try to enjoy everything he has because he knows it’s winding down. I wouldn’t hold it against him, Arsenal is a dream club for allot of players and it’s doubtful he could find better. He still has a big part to play as the strikers get relied upon unlike a backup GK or CB. This should have happened years ago, we knew Giroud’s ceiling, his shortcomings, his strengths.

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