Arsenal striker moves across London to the Palace!

Every Arsenal fan is waiting for some real transfer news telling us that the Gunners have secured the signature of a top defensive midfielder or a top-of-the-range centre-back, but instead we have seen Lukas Podolski move to Inter Milan, Benik Afobe sold to Wolverhampton Wanderers, and now Arsenal have confirmed that Yaya Sanogo has moved to the other side of the Thames to try and help Crystal Palace stay out of the relegation dogfight.

Here is an excerpt from the official anouncement on “A France Under-21 international, he scored three times in four games for Les Bleus during their qualifying campaign for the Under-21 European Championship. He was also a key member of France’s victorious Fifa Under-20 World Cup-winning side in 2013, finishing the tournament as his side’s top scorer.

Sanogo joins Crystal Palace for the opportunity to gain more first team experience.

Everyone at Arsenal Football Club wishes Yaya the best of luck during his time at Selhurst Park.”

Sanogo has definitely underperformed when given a chance to impress with Arsenal, except against teams called Benfica, so we can only hope that he regains his scoring boots at Palace and comes back in the summer full of confidence, but I doubt it!

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  1. Think someone should tell Arsene and the Board that you are also allowed to BUY in this transfer window!

  2. 15m bid for gundogan?

    why cant we just meet the asking them the 30m and take the player….

    penny pinching again…

    1. With all due respect sir but you’re out of your cranium if you really believe Gundogan is currently worth 30 million. We could get 2 good players for that amount.

      1. I agree with Skandalous.

        For £30 million we could get perhaps both Sissoko and Howedes

        We could even get 3 players like Sissoko, Van Dijk and Schar

        But Gundogan is worth £15 million, so for £30 million I would prefer Gundogan and Howedes

    2. I don’t mean to be disrespectful but are you trolling or do you not understand basic business and economics.

      We aren’t Madrid or City.

      Yes I want Arsenal to spend more but if we always spent more than a player is worth Arsenal would be bankrupt

  3. Very happy over this move.

    Watched Palace’s last game against spurs and there CF position looked very blunt. Sanogo with a couple of good performances he might just slot istraight in especially with his fellow French man in charge. I should say this deal should have been done last summer but never the less its still worth it.

    Take your chance Sanogo and don’t let us down.

    Now time to bring out your wallet Arsene. 2 slot’s have opened up now, make the purchase and make something out of our season (DM and CB). With the heroics of Sanchez and the gang, it would be heartbreaking missing top 3 and not winning any trophy.

    1. That lacezed(forgive me if spelled wrong) is even better than benzima,giroud doesnt even count.oh and nalib kid is talented that his father wont mind his kid growing under wenger all makes you wonder sometimes what our scouts are doing if we aint signing any great talent

  4. I know us Arsenal fans have learnt over the recent years not to get excited about rumours etc. BUT surely letting three strikers leave the club MUST point to an incoming forward – doesn’t it?

    Here are the only reasons I can think of for letting several strikers leave;

    1: We have too many strikers
    = Not the case, we all know that, given that we have had to play without any known strikers at times this season

    2: That the club is skint, and needs to remove salary costs to avoid bankruptcy
    = We also know this is NOT the case. Arsenal PLC is doing very well financially

    3: Making room (and finances) available for a replacement/s strikers
    = God I hope so. I know we need a CB, but truth is we still need a classy striker to accompany, contribute, and compete with Wellbek and Giroud

    Am I missing something – surely we must be getting new strikers in Jan???

          1. @NY_Gunner
            Ha ha ha !!! @Thando doesn’t follow you and your sense of humour and sarcarsm on this site.

              1. @Tango sorry i meant Thando 🙂

                it would be so much better it there was a RedBull instead of Lucozade but beggars cant be choosers Hey?

    1. Yes I was just having that same thought going through my head… All the signs are there that we will be bringing in a striker, but we all know with Wenger, signs mean nothing!

      I hope you are right though, I would personally be satisfied with 2 signings, a classy striker and a defensive player, 2 defensive players and a striker and I would be over the moon!

    2. @Simon-Mr Mac

      Hell yes we are missing something and that’s PASSION, AMBITION, PRIDE, and most of all INTELLIGENCE, why o why did we not buy a DM two seasons ago when everyone was crying out for one, and now and only now our leader AW is admitting to shortage after two years of asking.

      it don’t make seance, still lets see who he will buy if any 🙁

  5. I am really excited to see Sanogo progress! He scores goals for fun for France u/21, is the France u/21 captain too if I’m not mistaken. I think he has some serious potential! He just needs more game time with less pressure/expectation on his shoulders. He will get that at Crystal Palace.
    Once he gets going, I think he will be a prolific goal scorer!
    I don’t think he could handle the pressure of being thrown into the deep end with us so early in his career.

  6. Ot arsenal waz great on sunday against stoke but the real test iz vs city if we win then ill change my mind On certain tings but fuh now arsenal doesn’t impress me yet we need to start beating big clubs then ill b confident again!! #COYG #IN17WETRUST! !!

  7. Good luck Yaya, great move!
    Lacezette? Great player.
    Come on Arsene lets have some players coming in now!!

  8. @palmer17. agree Bellerin and chambers as RB’s is not the best. They’ve done okay but pretty inexperienced. Not sure we can recall Jenks or did we have to wait until this window opened?

  9. I’m very curious to see what young Sanogo can do at Palace. With Bolasie, Thomas and Zaha he has great wingers that will provide him with plenty of crosses to finish and I also think Alan Pardew is a great manager to learn the game from. His only challenges are getting ahead of Chamakh and Campbell, which should definitely be do’able for him.

    Giroud and Chamakh leading the line for a club who would’ve thought haha

  10. IMO Sanogo, Campbell, and Jenkinson do not have have the quality to wear the Arsenal shirt. If Wegner sticks around I’m sure they’ll stick around but realistically I think all 3 players should be loaned out just as Chelsea did with Lakaku and Courtois. If the players progress recall them to the squad if not sell them for a tidy profit to a mid level club.

  11. The January transfer did not start in January started 2 months ago when we all knew our deficiencies that we failed to address during the Summer transfer…if we haven’t locked a CB or DM by now is because once again WENGER is improvising and waiting to the last minute as usual.
    Sanogo God Speed hope you do well and who knows you might become the striker we need.

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