Arsenal striker target scores a beauty as Belgium bury Ireland

With Arsenal transfer rumours getting increasingly discouraging about the chances of the Leicester City and England striker Jamie Vardy saying yes to a move to the Gunners this summer, Arsene Wenger must be already looking at other options up front and one proven Premier League forward that has been linked with Arsenal is the Everton and Belgium star Romelu Lukaku.

After a poor showing from Lukaku and his team mates in their opening defeat to Italy there were suggestions that the big striker might be dropped by Marc Wilmots but the Belgian manager gave him another chance today and was paid back for his faith in full.

The whole Belgium side looked sharper but they still failed to score in the first half and hardly troubled the Irish keeper for that matter. The Belgians were already under pressure and it would have grown by the minute as the second half wore on, so there was huge relief for them when Lukaku scored just three minutes after the restart.

And what a goal it was! I would say his long range curling striker was the best goal of Euro 2016 so far and it certainly gave Belgium a massive boost as they never looked back and scored two more without reply before the end. Lukaku also scored the third goal and while it was not in the same league as his first it was taken well and the young striker showed great composure and technique to slot past the keeper.

Does this mean that he is worth the transfer fee of more than £50 million being talked about though? I am not so sure myself because he was not exactly brilliant apart from the two goals? He does have huge potential but is that really good enough for Arsenal as we attempt to win the Premier League next season?

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  1. All” world class strikers” present in the Euros are having it tough right now..
    Football has evolved and becomes more difficult to score..
    I have noticed that even set pieces are premium these days..

    Lukaku has been good before the Euros,if we wanna get him we should just go ahead and not judge any player with this Euros for now..especially Lukaku that we are very familiar with…

    1. I agree with you that most strikers in this European Champ has been dire. However I disagree with you over Lukaku; to my mind he is just not good enough – sure he is young, may develop; yea, yea but currently too raw and inconsistent. Not worth obscene amount of money. Same with Morata (though he is not as raw). Sturridge (when fit) or Vardy in EPL or better still Lewandowski however are far better choices. Failing any of these, how about Hernandez and Janssen (both!). By the way Lewandowski would cost a bomb, may even baulk at coming to us, but he would be a gigantic acquisition and is a giant of a player and we should be chasing him at any price. This is my view.

  2. he’s a good striker but is he worth 50m??? not in this life….these days, strikers r few and overpriced and almost every top side in the world needs 1….IMO, we shld offer d 50m for him…I’ll gladly take lukaku all day over morata….both r young, tall,mobile but lukaku is more powerful while morata goes down like a stack of cards when pushed and in epl, expect dat….lukaku scores goals in whichever team he is but misses some really easy chances…I believe its bcuz he not always calm in front of goal….look at his goal against stoke this season and ull see him at us best….my problem is if he can bring dat kind of form for smaller teams to d elites…. I believe he wld click with us cuz cmon, ozil will choke him with world class service…. I’ll v preferred vardy so that in 2/3 years,we’ld v milked him dry and (d strikers market will not b as scarce as it is now), we’ll find a better option

    1. People make me mad, do u think higuain never misses? Lukaku? Ffs even Ronaldo misses. In fact Ronaldo has had 20 chance this tournament scoring ZIP!!!

      1 or 2 good finishes does not make you a better striker. Giroud actually has an impressive record, he is also an established premier league player.

      Over the last 4 seasons only Aguero has scored more premier league goals than Giroud. I am not saying don’t bring in someone else, but if it’s someone with no epl experience, he either needs to be a world class Striker, who will hit the ground running or someone who has time on his side to develop, but not cost the earth. For me Morata and Lukaku are way over priced.

  3. I think with a Lukaku we would stand a better chance of winning the title, than with a Vardy or Morata, he is a young and still developing his trade, does not have the best first touch, but scored 18 goals in a mid table team, void of the creative talents arsenal possess .
    In all honesty top strikers are not available and are few in number, young upstarts are about and Lukaku falls in a more experience group of young strikers, i figure his price range is 50 million or above, lets just throw the money at everton and run with him to arsenal, i can only see him improving more at arsenal and would become a guarantee 20 + goal striker

  4. What manager is his right mind would ever let Ronaldo take a PK. It is suicide. He always misses. Just let him be great at the rest of the game and call it good.

  5. Ireland were abysmal today. Lukaku for me isn’t a guarantee for breaking the 20 goal mark that we all feel is needed. For 50m you’d expect 20 league goals in a not so great season, not on your life is he worth the money. It’s his potential that people believe he might one day become a 50m player. This sounds like it’s backwards. Pay me 50m because if your really lucky he will become worth that price some day ok ..doh!.

    1. So who you suggest, because obviously no forward guarantee you a twenty plus goals per season, but its a chance that you will have to take with any player and as i said the only way Forward for Lukaku is up

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