Arsenal striker to wake up and work hard after England snub?

The Arsenal and England international forward Theo Walcott could be forgiven for heading back to club duties in two minds. On the one hand he scored his first two goals of the season, while on the other hand he was given less than half an hour on the pitch by Roy Hodgson to show what he can do.

So his situation with the England national team is fairly similar to his club situation and that tells me that there must be something lacking from the 26-year old´s game at the moment. Whether it is his match sharpness, confidence, fitness levels or a combination of factors, I suspect that he is not showing enough in training to give the managers no choice but to select him and then he is not doing enough when he does get a chance.

Walcott needs to realise the peril of his position and put it right quickly. Right now he should be getting into the starting line-ups for club and country quite easily, with no Welbeck and Sturridge to contend with for England and with Arsenal struggling to find goals from anywhere.

If Theo really wants to be a big part of the Arsenal side this season and with a place at Euro 2016 next summer up for grabs, the speedy striker must get his act together and do whatever it takes to make himself undroppable, or at least more selectable. What do you make of the Walcott question, Gooners?

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  1. I see him as a player who spent almost 2 seasons out and is just trying to find his form. He’s attempting to switch position, where he is untested, meaning he is less likely to be selected. He is also competing with a very good alternative for his normal position (Mr Ox) for both country and team. He is ALSO not useful in every single situation due to his attributes and so will be used sometimes and not others. So am I worried he’s getting shifted out of both teams? Nope.

    Theo needs to keep working and get his goals when he can. If he can keep scoring like he did for England and popping up at the right times to finish chances with that level of clinical precision then he will have no trouble whatsoever. Circumstances just dictate he is not currently first choice, which considering England is Rooney obsessed and Kane is the hot prospect everyone wants to see up top, it’s really no surprise.

  2. Well he has his chance now… without sounding overaly critical, he has effetiivley 4 months to ‘train the winger’ out of himself and lace up his shooting boots and convince himself and all of the Arsenal fans that he can play as a striker… Truth be told we have no other alternatives its Him and Giroud so the opportunities will come aplenty, if he doesn’t do sh!t in 4 months so the next 26 Matches, That includes any cup competitions…. That whole debate as to weather Theo Walcott should play as a striker should come to an end… Period!!!!

  3. guys i am happy about next summer. after arteta flamini rosicky and another 8 players are gone we would have the chance to sign carvalho hummels gondugan gotze reus krychowiak icardi. After all i heard barcelona are interested in walcott and ramsey to replace pedro and xavi. so i really hope they perform well for the club s interests

    1. This transfer isn’t enough for you. Don’t think abt next transfer window, its injurious to health!! Take care buddy take care..whole arsenal family is behind u..!

  4. Came across this funny tweet
    “To sign striker, Arsenal needs to sack Wenger. Sign new manager n buy new striker. Sack this new manager n get back Wenger”

  5. i think it is really intersring that he is already being surpassed by chamberlain. i guess he is not the one with ‘potential’ anymore and that’s why the mangers don’t value him that much

  6. Beyonce is a hot singer, Somebody get me her number, so i can try n ring ha…oh shii almost forgot, Walcott is a winger.

  7. I wish all this crap about Arsenal are going to buy this player and that player in the January transfer window. The summer transfer window has just closed Arsenal had 200m to spend Wenger spent 10m. So what will be so different in January, Wenger will still be in charge and his wallet and cheque book will still have their own personal security guards. Get real people nothing is going to change as long as Wenger is in charge.

  8. @arsenalkid to me Chuba Akpom is a far tar better player than giroud but peeps will say I am stupid you know why it’s because he is young. If I was a neutral and I watched Giroud and Akpom on TV in two different teams I will surely know I will say Akpom is better. Age does not matter look at Bellerin. Giroud is ‘so bad I rate him as one of our worst players ever. I hope he leaves. I feel like crying when I watch him play. Imagine him in Reading playing against us he would have zero effect and Koscielny will have a field day. To me he is one of the most luckiest players ever to be in arsenal. He is not premier league material. A TERRIBLE PLAYER I HOPE HE LEAVES.

  9. Haha yea if u wanna knw hw Giroud is useless imagin him in citys or chelsea lineup n we are playing them…Knscielny wud hv enjoyd vry much…or anywan who wud hv bn scared of Giroud? 😛

    1. Morinho won’t sign him even for free. Let us not fool ourselves last season we compared OG’s ability closely to Sanogo and he was even being replaced by Sanogo in big matches, remember the match against Bayern in UEFA. But his counterpart went to Crystal palace on loan and he didn’t made even a single start to the palace lineup. You guys, these kind of players (i.e. OG, Sanogo, Niklas) look good at arsenal because of the free flowing football from our midfield players. Surely Giroud does not make it to any of the top five EPL team and there is no any single manager from the top five will want to take him even for free.

  10. Trust me,if ur a defender u would never want to play against a forward like Giroud…..Strong and tall strikers are soo difficult to mark…….
    I play as a DMF,although i’m tall i find it stressing to mark a biig man,but in all honesty,pacey forwards are the most difficult to mark u can’t take ur eyes off them for a split-second…..A clinical forward who has both attributes will certainly be world class….Benzema,Cavanii,Eto o etc….. Welbeck has all the physical attribute but he has a LOT to learn.

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