Arsenal stroll to three point win as Man United suffer

Arsenal have put in an impressive performance to leave Old Trafford with all three points this evening, with Manchester United having been second best since kick-off.

Arsenal started the match on top, and while we were not able to turn that advantage into a goal in the opening half, the signs were very much positive.

Willian had launched a shot off the crossbar, while both Aubameyang and Saka were getting in behind the defence and causing damage.

After last week’s result, following a similar dominant first-half display, you could have been forgiven for thinking the worst was yet to come, but the second-half was very much the same as the first.

Our team continued to dominate despite playing in United’s own backyard, but it took a penalty decision to change the game.

Aubameyang stepped up and made no mistake in sending David de Gea the wrong way, and with the lead, our manager opted to try and see out the result, bringing on two defenders for forwards in order to close out the game.

We soaked up plenty of pressure, and were deserving of all three points, and we can now put the negativity behind us after a tough couple of weeks.

Will that performance give us a much needed push as we look to push up the table? Should we still be worried that we haven’t managed to score from open play in any of our last three Premier League matches?


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  1. We were lucky, but a win at Old Trafford is an excellent work by the Gunners. The midfield is super solid with Partey and Elneny who was all over the field to press

    The defenders did a good job too. As usual, 3-4-3 is perfect to counter big team’s attack and Lacazette/ Willian kept the ball well

    1. Wouldnt say we were lucky at all, unlucky not to score from open play, utd didnt really threaten at all we were comfortable for 99% of the game, thoroughly deserved 3 points πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

      1. Cmon bro how was we lucky .
        It was a good win against a big team ,just celebrate ,no need to look for negatives we get that way to much on here as it is .
        All the doom and gloom and we are only 4 points off top spot

      2. The only luck we had today was ending the game with 11 players on the pitch. On another day, Gabriel would have got a second yellow for his goaline foul in the second half. Very un-Mike Dean to wave it away. Otherwise we were well on top for most of the game.

        Hard to believe how Elneny has come on since his return. He was in Turkey when Arteta took over, so Arteta wouldn’t have been able to make a judgement about him until the end of the season. He clearly saw something there and its testimony to his man-management skills how Elneny has responded.

    2. Think we deserved the win.

      Those who think 4-4-3 is the magical solution to our woes should think again. Tactics make formations work

    3. How is that a lucky win?
      Is it crack? Lol.
      United were Lucky at the Old Trafford not to concede more than 1 game

    4. What the hell do u mean by we were lucky. We played man utd from start till the 80min when we started to defend our lead. I hope Arteta knows this should be his starting midfield. No more xhaka and back passes please. Thank you very kindly. Our forwards were not efficient enough today if not, we would have beaten man utd at least 3-0. Great performance. Oh elneny. Oh Partey. Both Motd alongside holding and Gabriel. In fact everyone apart from the front 3 even though the front 3 still played better than recent games today.

        1. A really happy. Been a while I saw this attacking fluid football. Elneny and Partey did the trick in that midfield. Boy was I impressed? I was so impressed that even if we had lost, I would still be really happy. More of this senor Arteta

        2. I don’t think he was out of place saying “WE WERE LUCKY”, Man Utd Γ lsΓ² created Chances, We Fluffed alot of Chances too though. Overall, I want to enjoy this long awaited Win at Old Trafford, with a Thanks to Arteta!
          Partey And Elneny are my MOTM, I think Partey is few points ahead!!!!

      1. I was also impressed with Gabriel and Holding. They got the yellow card in the first half but still went out defending pretty well…

        When we win, some will say luck. Arghhhh, its annoying. Elneny feels like a new signing. Hehe

        1. Spot on. I never panicked for a second because holding’s yellow was a soft foul and Gabriel took his for the team. It was a beautiful football. Our front 3 just didn’t deliver as we’d like but they still tried, Man utd should been battered today tbh. On to villa now. I hope Arteta doesn’t tinker with that midfield. Just leave Partey and elneny alone please Sir.

    5. got no idea, Lucky? LUCKY?????? WHAT PLANET ARE YOU ON! The only LUCK we have had is when MA agreed to become our manager!

  2. I’d like to see everyone that were moaning about the line up before the game kicked off.
    Our best midfield game so far this season, Partey -Elneny controlled it.
    Mogunna you really need to stop this your hatred of Arteta. Give the man a chance, that’s another disgraceful run he just ended.
    We haven’t gotten a league win at Old Trafford for the past 14 years, Arteta just stopped that too.
    Partey gives me how for our midfield.
    It’s depressing if you go back to read comments made by some fans regarding the line up

    1. Eddie,

      Theres a segment of the JA population that simply relish
      the opportunity to take shots at the players, MA and the
      club regardless of the result or scenario. Certain people
      just enjoy being miserable. It is what is is my friend.

      Brilliant display by MA and his troops today. EVERYBODY
      put in a commendable shift and the the Spaniard got
      his tactics just right.

      bring on Villa

      1. Ace I’ve noticed too… There’s a section of fans on here who never want to say anything good regarding some players and the coach. Notice how the usual suspects who love attacking the coach are yet to comment? But they’re always the first to comment when we lose.
        Top Gunner, Mogunna and Co…is it a thing with the sound of Gunna being in their names??

    2. I agree with you Eddie. Every team has lost this season. Fans should support the manager. Arteta has won 2 trophies. Ole a d Lampard have won 0 trophies. We have to support the team.

    1. Nothing truer HH. They actually avoided a heavy defeat tbh all thanks to our front 3 missing chances. The first half alone, I would have put us at 3-0 at the least. We played really exciting football once again. So happy.

    1. Partly was fantastic he has so much vision/awareness, awesome. Elnenny was great ,very comfortable on the ball and quick to close down.
      Gabarell what a buy,

      Very happy tonight

  3. well done Arsenal, the main point is we FINALLY get 3 points at Old Trafford. We needed this and Arteta and the team got the result. Much much better performance overall to. So happy!

    1. Elneny just had three days to rest before the big Man United game. He seems to have a double-lung stamina like Kante

  4. Gabriel, Partey and Elneny are crazy beasts, our spine is sorted!

    Arteta two wins against Ole, things you love to see, was that Old Trafford please??

    1. I think Xhaka may have to get used to Cup and Europa
      league games for the foreseeable future.

      El Neny/Partey/Gabriel should be the first names on the
      EPL team sheet going forward.

        1. Ive always rated DC but for some reason he just hasn’t
          consistently taken that next step at the Emirates. Flashes
          have been there but it seems with the emergence of
          El Neny that he and Xhaka may be 3rd and 4th best in
          the midfield atm.

          Either Aouar or Szoboslai in January would complete
          the midfiled trio and send Arsenal on there way to CL
          futbol next season

  5. I think a midfiled of Partey, Elneny and Saka is what we needed from what we saw today. They provide perfect balance. I know Saka was not at his best today but when he is which usually he is then we have a good Midfield now…

    1. You are correct. However saka need more involvement. He gave Thierry so much work to do. Saka was practically absent today. We praise him when he does well and he had to really improve. The hype maybe not be good if he continue this way.

    2. Until the January window Yes, but adding Aouar or
      Szoboslai would complete the Arsenal midfield and
      transform Arteta’s troops into a very dangerous and
      perhaps EPL title contending team in the second half
      of the season.

  6. Gabriel Partey Tierney Elnenny and Auba were the catalyst to a sound win at hapless utd. Partey in midfield is a beast but if Elnenny can produce a performance like that more regularly, it would be a catalyst to build round. Controlled much of the game and it looks like the players are learning. The midfield without xhaka was a proper midfield. Well done.

        1. Liverpool also won UCL and EPL with three right-footed brute midfielders, who protect their defenders. I think Arteta tried to copy Klopp’s tactic at the Leicester game, but our midfielders were simply not accustomed to it

          1. Im not an Elnenny fan he is an honest player, who lacks quality at the highest level but if he can perform like he did today, which is the question, then he and Partey can be really really strong, we cant rely on xhaka, he cant tackle and is sloppy, we didn’t have any of that today, it was a pleasure to watch those two.

      1. Joe, respect your view, but come on – he probably played his best game this season, along with Lacs.
        Yes, chances were missed, but manure were never comfortable with our attacking game and Auba / Lacs / Saka /Willian were all a thorn in their side.

  7. 14 years in the making….. We still have the best defence in the league πŸ˜‰
    Elneny MOTM for me – take a bow!!
    What a performance from the team, bloody superb!!
    Oh and to see that smacked arse look on the Norwegian PE teacher’s face!!!
    I’m absolutely buzzing, so happy, am going to celebrate by getting my Arsenal baubles out and put up the Christmas treeπŸŽ„
    Ooh to
    Ooh to be
    Ooh to be a gooner…. very proud!!

    1. 14 long… loooong years!! (All my family / cousins are manc’s) finally sue… finally!!!!!! πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

        1. Haha your not wrong sue!! *cracks knuckles in anticipation * πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ŽπŸ₯³πŸ₯³

    2. Sue,

      I would give Gab the MOTM, man has been on yellow since first half and was still solid. Elneny was something else today!

    3. And to rub salt to their VAR infested wounds, we were the ones to get a penaltyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Lets see the penchester fans call us pensenal nowπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. Long story short, MA outsmarted Ole(thats twice in a row)…πŸ’―πŸ’―

    I will be honest, Arsenal winning at OT and Elneny putting such a performance is like a dream come true.

    A good penalty from Auba as well

    Now where are those man utd fans hiding…..bye guys got some talking to do…..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      1. Ha ha already found themπŸ˜‚
        Its war on whatsapp…😎

        But the best part is one of the bros actually said that they should have had a penalty.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
        I really cant carry on…πŸ˜‚

        1. A WhatsApp war – love it!! Well it’s a first they didn’t have one, Shakir!!
          Sour grapes, they were outplayed and outclassed, they’ll soon go quiet haha!!

  9. how smooth is Partey,the boy is butter. Elneny is the only midfielder that gels with every midfielder he has played with

  10. Good to win at Old Trafford after many years…

    I would have been gutted if we lost this game going by the first half crisp play and miss chances. Glad it didn’t hurt us in the end.

    Partey have really changed that midfield.

    Elneny and Partey combo worked well today. The partey is gradually brining in the party.

    The win was needed esp for arteta. Some fans need to get some slack off his back…

  11. Partey was a joy to watch πŸ‘Š
    Makes the game look so easy ,so so fcking impressed with him .
    Big shout out to Elneny (who some self proclaimed experts said would never wear an Arsenal shirt again )
    Also Bellerin and Tierney ,excellent form them both on the wings .
    Overall a cagey affair but we deserved to win it ,and at old Trafford aswell .
    Great finish to the weekend πŸ‘after the lockdown news yesterday ,hope that Cheers up a few apoplectic that cannot get out for the next month .

  12. MOTM for me was Partey.
    Him and Elneny did absolutely fantastic.
    Partey controlled everything.
    Arteta made the wise decision by retaining Elneny.
    I’ve always said Elneny is just a good squad player. Not a bad one, but the his confidence seems to be growing and he could be vying for a starting spot

    1. Definitely eddie! Also just warms my heart that we finally have a young, commanding beast of a CB for years to come, and hes only going to get better πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

        1. Jesus sid yes I totally forgot about saliba lol, if he gets to gab’s level we will be a unit!! πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

  13. Felt gutted when Leicester won at the Emirates for the first time over 40yrs. Now that we’ve won at Old Trafford for the first time in 14yrs, I feel a lot better.
    Partey is immense. He’s so cool and confident on the ball, always driving the team forward.
    Great win. I hope the tiny Tots lose today. 😜

  14. Our first half display was the best since Arteta arrived.I take my hat off to Elneny and Partey who proved conclusively how well we can function in the absence of the ponderous Xhaka.Gabriel and Tierney were also excellent.As I forecast a win before the match and I think I will pour myself a deserving cold beer.

  15. And Jon fox and some other fans said elneny is nothing special? I remember then when Gotanidea used to say Wenger never really give elneny chance to prove himself, wow, Partey is just world class. Finally a win at utd. Arteta please use this same team against Villa.

      1. It’s high time we respected Gilberto silver, the man said that arsenal needed to bring back elneny from loan last season. He said elneny is his replacement. it was hard to believe, we all wanted him sold.

      1. ken1945 I have always liked elneny, and I have always wish he succeed. That’s a world class performance from him.

        1. Agree 100% with you – that time away on loan has worked wonders.
          As I said, some fans are too quick to write players off – Bellerin is another example… just a great team performance AND MA must also take the plaudits.

    1. It’s great you still remember that @Lenohappy. Elneny, Guendouzi and Ceballos have some vision to make through balls occasionally, which we rarely see from other midfielders at Arsenal

    2. Bro, he did both the defensive and offensive parts fantastically! Him and Partey would have cried if we lost, considering the amount of chances they created in the first half.

    3. hes proving me wrong too. Thought he was nothing better than a limited squad player but he’s really turned a corner recently. Still, just like with every player, we need consistent quality throughout the entire season

  16. Elenney today reminded me so much of casemro of Madrid. Always first on manager’s list but not appreciated enough. What a first half….what a weekend first Madrid n then Arsenal. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚…only down side was lockdown announcement 😒

  17. Elneny and party should stay great balance.
    And gabriel was a steal can’t believe how much we got him for.
    Best defence in the league wood.

  18. Leicester loss was painful but this is good. We have played city, Liverpool, Leicester and Utd. 4 big teams in 7games and still 4points behind the league leader. Today performance was great, our attackers needs to be clinical , and they are the reason we are still sloppy, hopefully the likes of lacca get their scoring boot

  19. What a fantastic result from the boys And MA you have got everything 100%correct today.

    Every player was fantastic and Elneny /Partey partnership looks unbeatable.
    Bellerin is coming back to his best…. I could go on and on and on😁
    Why some our fans run this group of players down I’ll never understand.
    Just a magical all round performance – BRILLIANT!!

  20. Good display by the boys to get the 3 pts but we need to be more clinical or we will have regrets at the end of this crazy season. Lacazette is soo frustating to watch does every thing good apart from shooting smh

    1. Him and Keane can EAD, two hapless United HASBENS
      that just cant seem to enjoy life after futbol.

      Amazing they actually get financially compensated
      for being such transparent Manure homers.

  21. Deserved win at long last at Old Trafford. Happy for the valuable win, but the goals should’ve been more.
    Elneny is not the most skillful player but gives 100% match after match. Also Partey,Gabriel, and Tierney all did very well.

  22. How good is Eleney and Thomas in that midfield today. I rarely saw them pass today. Gabriel was a steal. Good performance from all the lad. They played like they want something from the game and they got it. More of this boys.

  23. Thomas Partey’s contribution for @Arsenal today
    79 touches
    Completed 53/57 passes
    11 x possession gained (most in match)
    Won 10 duels – most by an Arsenal player in a PL game this season
    3 dribbles completed
    1 shot on target

    1. Such an assuring presence in the middle. No dumb passes, everything he does has purpose behind it. Great signing! This is why you need proven players on squad.

  24. What a match. Wish it didn’t have to end. This is actually how to park the Bus and still be praised for packing the Bus. Immediately I saw AMN and Mustafi about to come on I couldn’t stop laughing. Everyone was lit. Gabriel is a beast and my Man of The Match. Glad Mike was on our side today, good to see those wrong calls finally favouring us too. Tierney is class. Holding doesn’t look like he’s been away. This is the Bellerin we all have been crying out for, his return to form is heavily ignored, he has overcome that injury and is getting better by the day. From now henceforth it should always be Elneny Partey, those two are midfield beasts and can run for 200mins without getting tired. Elneny was chasing virtually everything down. Thomas recovery is top notch. Finally Auba ends his goal drought, Lacazette I’ll say less, Willian I’ll say even lesser. Overall it was such a great great performance. This is the first time I have actually enjoyed a team parking the Bus. Arteta got his tactics spot on today. What a match. Loved every single minute of it.

    1. Chapo, an enjoyable post BUT I do not agree that we parked the bus, other than in the last five minutes only, which surely does not count. I thought we bossed the game and had most of the attacking.

      1. Bless him I noticed that too ,needs to shave it off ,us males all go through it at one stage .
        Mine as just started to thin out at 40 ,clippers are now my best friend

    1. Bruno Fernandez was trying to get in the box before Auba. He realised it is at the other end later. 🀣🀣

  25. We were lucky, at most the game could’ve ended up in a draw. Though we played really well; however, our front three have not been efficient I think ateta should take note and work on that

  26. Leno: 6 – Wasn’t tested much but did well whenever called for. Composure on the ball was much better, needs to be more quick passing out from the back.

    Tierney: 7 – Worked very hard throughout the game. A rare mistake which didn’t cost us. A very dependable no nonsense player.

    Gabriel: 9 – Can we already deem him the best signing of the summer? He was everywhere. Makes lots and lots of tackles which surprisingly for an Arsenal defender rarely look risky. No surprise we have conceded the least in the league after playing City, Liverpool and United at home. He has transformed our defense. Not to mention his composure on the ball and occasional pass cutting through the opponents front line.

    Holding: 7 – Handled defensive duty really well. Makes a good partnership with Gabriel and has improved a lot with the season. He could be long term solution if he plays like this.

    Bellerin: 8 – His turnaround in the performances are hard to ignore. He is playing much like the Bellerin we fell in love with in his breakthrough first season. Dribbling, running and crating chances. He is bacl to his best.

    Saka: 7 – Made sure AWB was busy with his defensive duties rather than attacking. Created lot of trouble at the left. Didn’t let AWB get into the game, which is an achievement considering AWB is one of the best right backs in the league.

    Elneny: 9 – I don’t think he is the same Elneny who played for us before his loan. This guy is an unexpected revelation. He was running across the pitch, dominating the midfield like a maestro. Reminded me of Rosicky! All of his passes had an attacking intent. Quick forward passing. Never thought i would ever say this, but he needs to start every game now!

    Partey: 8 – He is going to be a player we never had in the last decade. Doesn’t just keep the ball, but keeps it moving. Anchors the midfield and transition the ball from the defense to the attack so quickly. What we paid for him is less.

    Auba: 8 – Was not at his best. But scored a penalty.l and won us the game. Nothing less than 8 will suffice.

    Laca: 6 – it is very confusing watching him play. He is our striker but rarely contributes to the goals. Bad first touch and doesn’t hold the ball very well. But then he makes up for it with his excellent workrate and tackles. But as things stand, he is a striker who is supposed to chip in goals. Which he is rarely doing these days.

    Willian: 7 – He played the ball so much better today. Was constantly moving the ball and creating lot of space in the final third. He is certainly a better choice on the right than Pepe. Good luck changing my mind.

    Arteta: 10 – Don’t think he could have done better with the team selection or substitutions. Give him time and trust him. Our performances against the big teams have been so much better under him. We are actually winning against them let alone getting a thrashing.

    1. Only 6 for Leno? Used his face to great effect deflecting Elneny’s back pass onto the post and away form danger.

  27. Partey,Elneny,Bellerin ,Tierney and Gabriel played very well. I’m so proud of the team come on u gunners.

  28. Loved the show. Elneny Partey partnership was the best I’ve seen in a long while, imagine the two with Ceballos in front, Auba in the middle, with Saka, Pepe or willian flanking him. More cummings i tell u all,. Line up certain to make J Fox orgasmic for free without being touched. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    1. Jon, he’s excited and from his comment about you being orgasmic at the sound of a certain line up doesn’t warrant your comment.

      For someone who has self proclaimed intellect and for someone who is probably alot older than most here, you have a funny way of showing wisdom and have no sense of humour.

      You are with out doubt the most insulting person i have ever come across, if things dont fit in with your debate you ridicule them with no remorse, you should learn to grow up and lighten up in your old age.
      no one likes bitter old fools, so don’t become one!

      1. Val, You are speaking much vitriol yourself, I would just point out -as the IRONY of your post has clearly escaped your notice. Suffice to say I of course disagree with your own vitriolic post.

        I doubt that you are young either, by the way you write so to call me a “bitter old fool” is surely the ironic pot calling the kettle black. You may of course wish to put me right, IF which I doubt, you are young. THAT WOULD PERHAPS EXCUSE YOUR POOR JUDGEMENT.

  29. Roy Keane on partey

    He was outstanding. He’s obviously no mug having played in big games. When you watch a player live that’s when you can judge a player and the more I look at him the more I wish he was in the United midfield. He’s big, strong and aggressive – and he can pass it forward. He can deal with the ball.

    “I had my battles with Vieira and I think this kid has got a chance of matching what Patrick used to do.”

    Praise from Roy Keane 🀯

    1. Well the UTD board and coach dont have a clue imo

      They desperately need a new CB, have done for 2 seasons.

      So they go and panic sign Cavani and get a bench warmer in De Beek and were linked with Sancho all window.

      Maybe they have a secret Raul and co in charge πŸ˜›

    1. Oh I’ve already started sue. A lot of them are hiding now but I’ve got the whole week 🀣

  30. Very very good win and about damn time imo!

    We were aggressive al game, just what i wanted them to do.

    Partey just shades Elneny for me for MOTM but it very close.

    The only thing we were unlucky with was not scoring from open play, on another day, we’re 2-0 up at half time.

    It helps doesnt it shuffling the pack for UEL games to allow your regular prem squad to be more fresh.

    Now lets build on this and go on to the next game!

  31. Wow! We won! Against those penalty merchants! Onside their shop! While shoplifting them! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Saka had an underwhelming game IMO. That header was a definite goal. And the attackers were a little underwhelming, with Auba and Willian missing chances and Laca getting outmuscled. But we played fantastically today. And I certainly don’t have any complaints regarding creativity today because we absolutely bossed united. Great confidence booster. Now comeon Villa! Let’s welcome back Emi by making him pick the balls out of his own net!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      1. Sid I’m sorry but can you remind me the chance that aubamayang missed, have been trying to remember but I couldn’t.

        1. The one where Laca provided him the pass. In the second half. It was a break I think,and if he was on song he would have put that away. No serious complaints though😁
          Hope everyone of the forwards are back to their best!

          1. Have another look at it Sid. It took a small deflection off Lindelhoff’s (I think) back side. Might have snuck in if not for that.
            Lindelhoff also foiled Laca in the first half with a small touch on the ball, definitly a couple of cases of what might have been.

  32. Never knew Leno can be so commanding in the air. The way he commanded the air today makes me believe he must be reading comments on Just Arsenal often. πŸ˜‚

      1. Sue did you see the heated exchange of words between him and Holding, when he gave Holding that poor pass, thats exactly what I want to see from the players.

    1. I said it too and I used to be critical of him but i watched him in training and saw that was something they were working on with him and when held a ball from set piece today, I said to myself, he’s improving. Even his passing from the back is also improving. I’m so happy to see that.

  33. Absolutely buzzing! 3 points away at Old Trafford, clean sheet and no injuries.

    Very controlled performance and could have scored 3 or 4 in first half.

    Great team performance but standouts obviously Elneny, Partey and Gabriel πŸ™‚

  34. We have the defence sorted
    Parley and mo seem to have sort MF
    Now just to get the attackers firing again! MA work your magic. Great game and great result today COYG!

  35. Right at the beginning-ish
    Ball came from right across the box and Auba couldn’t quite get on the end of it. A good cross and just bad luck at the end. No fault attached

    1. Well according to Sid he and I saw different chances or my first half attempt was in the second half 🀣🀣

      1. He was talking about the second half chance, when Laca gave a pass to Auba, which he tried to curl in the top right corner making Lindlof/Maguire (Lindlof I guess) as a shield. It caressed his bottom but corner was not given.

        1. VINOD And I guess you also noticed, as I did, that Gary Neville ignored noticing it , while making sure he said United should have had a corner, also not awarded, equally incorrectly. ONE EYED PUNDITS !

      2. Yeab I forgot about the first half chance. That was a miss though, the second half one was a deflection as pointed out by Vinod. I though it was a miss. My badπŸ˜…

  36. The combination of Elneny and Partey is what I always advocated. Against teams that holds possession because of his work rate and mobility to close down spaces will always come handy. Teams that are physical and play long balls Xhaka will be better suited. Good win today.

    1. Abu, what you are in fact referring to is mobility, the very thing that XHAKA, MORE THAN ALMOST ANY OTHER PLAYER IN THE PREM, DISTINCTLY LACKS. The flow and pace was so much better today with Xhaka on the bench. Long may that place on the bench remain the case.


  37. JON. That’s a bit hash don’t you think??? Lol
    Teams like Burnley, West Ham and a some other few Xhaka will do well I guarantee. He still has some role he can play with his experience only if we leading. Ceballos on the other hand will be suitable against teams like Leeds, Aston Villa his quick turns and crisp passes will split open defences.

  38. This is not lucky, we work for it and we deserve the 3 point, this is Mu at oldtraford, come on now, am so proud of the lads.. let’s enjoy this moment, Gunners for life

  39. Great win. We gave United a taste of their own medicine in their backyard. A very dominant display. I always said the 343 system works well for Arsenal and Arteta is a master tactician. Great to beat them after a long wait of 14 years. The midfield duo of Partey and Elneny was great and the defence was solid and that is what we need, a solid defence. All in all, fantastic performance. Onwards and Upwards Gunners!

  40. To win at old Trafold is an achievement, we made them play second fiddle. The defense is very cool and stable that is reco.mmendale. Rashford was trimed to nothing by Gabriel and Holding. That was enough to disorganize ManUre. My viewpoint therefore, is our front should start firing from all the four cylinders. Poor positioning is our major challenge.

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