Arsenal stroll to victory over a woeful Bournemouth side

Describing this victory as a casual walk in the park would not be an exaggeration and Arsenal undoubtedly deserved their comfortable 4-0 win against a struggling Bournemouth side this afternoon.

Arsenal found the back of the net through Bukayo Saka, Martin Odegaard, Kai Havertz and Ben White and to be honest, the margin of victory could have been even more substantial.

None of the goals was extraordinary; Saka’s goal came from close range after Jesus’ header hit the woodwork following a splendid Odegaard cross, while Odegaard and Havertz both converted penalty kicks and Ben White converted from a corner with his head. Overall, it resembled more of a practice session than a Premier League fixture.

The team’s performance was incredibly efficient. Declan Rice excelled in the midfield, David Raya showcased his distribution skills and William Saliba displayed his usual masterful abilities. In fact, every single player on the team performed at the highest level.

A heartwarming moment occurred when Saka and Odegaard allowed Havertz to take the second penalty, demonstrating the unity within the Arsenal squad and their awareness of the criticism Havertz faced.

All in all, this was a job well executed and should provide the team with confidence heading into their upcoming Premier League clashes against Manchester City and Chelsea, both of which are expected to be far more challenging than the test Bournemouth presented today.

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      1. It was relatively an easy one but it felt that both teams tried to show who can be worse. Arsenal had better attacking intent and Bournemouth had invited their own demise by two reckless needless challenge. Arsenal meanwhile still struggling to score from open play. Our dynamism improved after substitution shows much Saka needed rest and though he continues to be effective on goal his presence has made our game more static and predictable. Viera capitulated well and provided some intelligent pass and through balls which were lacking before. It’s better to play fresh and deserving candidate rather than limping superstars and today’s game was proof of that. Nketiah missing from open play as it seemed routine shooting practice ball and still managed to not hit the target. That’s really concerning as in big matches that could have been our only good chance. And finally one mancity defeat cannot make us better and title contender. We can achieve something only if we continue to improve ourselves rather than hoping other would get worse.

  1. It was a highly entertaining game. Bournemouth’s decision to play openly must be applauded

    I hope Saka will be fit when Man City come to visit. If Wolves could beat them, Arsenal should be able to do it too

    1. Yea Gai,I would have agree with you on beating ManCity at the Emirate stadium. But Wolves “packed the bus” the best of attacking teams always finds it difficult to play against low blocks. I predict a draw against City PEPG won’t lose back to back. But a win for Arsenal would be interesting. Arteta’s new tactics of not over commiting his players forward will make it difficult for teams to beat Arsenal on the counter. I also like the fact everyone’s fighting for the ball in Bouthmout game. Raya impressive again. And a big well-done to Havertz today.

      1. I see a big bond between the players. Saka and Odegard allowing Havertz to take penalty was quite laudable it shows they believe in him. Hope Saka’s injury is just a knock it’s was a big risk for Arteta to have played him.

        1. I will admit that I am beginning to support this guy (Harvertz) just a little bit. Not because of performance but cos players and manager are also giving him confidence to utilize the”potential” that other clubs were unable to discover from him. Maybe he has some impact on the Games he has been starting I don’t know.

      2. Yes. I also foresee a loss or a draw, because we won’t park the bus at home

        I really liked Raya’s ball handling and passing skills in the game

  2. How good are we away from home!

    Excellent performance that’s even more enjoyable after Wolves somehow beat ManC, and ManU lose at home to Palace.

    A Spurs draw against Liverpool will round off the weekend perfectly.

  3. A perfect day – three points, four goals – Invincibles record intact for yet another season and everything’s set up for the city game – can’t wait!!

    1. I never fear for it to be broken at least in my generation. I mean no disrespect but it takes an extremely daft person to not understand what a feat and near impossible the invincible achievement is!

  4. Great performance from the boys. A vital win and a momentum booster as we mount our challenge, a trip to Lens next. COYG!!!

        1. Yeah, our GK and defenders were immaculate

          Man City have Stones and Phillips to replace Rodri, but maybe Rodri is better than them for the CDM role

        2. Exactly! This throws some perspective on our draw with Spurs a week ago. We lost due to the absence of either of our primary anchors- Rice and Partey.

          I hope fans get to see why our game with spurs ended the way it did, and not that we were poor. We simply lacked a 6 like Rodri for City, to give the others a platform to play.

  5. Good game….

    Touch of class from the team allowing Kai score that penalty.

    ESR would have score two goals but Neto saved them.

    Man c Lost… the next game against arsenal is going to be interesting..

    The two games we drew (Fulham, spurs) so far, we should have won them judging by the circumstances in both games but its all good. Let’s keep pushing and pressing and see what happens.


  6. What a difference a week makes. The negativity and outrage at being unbeaten having finished 2nd last year to a treble winning team was insane this week. Now if we beat City we could potentially be top and unbeaten if Liverpool and Spurs draw and either way unbeaten and above City. Fact some were legitimately calling for Arteta’s head or indirectly doing so by going after him in a ridiculous over the top manner is utterly insane.

    1. Well said mate, they dissolve under any slight pressure when there is absolutely nothing to worry about. I really felt for them i consoled their sorry self just last week.

    2. There is a lot of the season left to play. It was always too early to become unduly negative.
      Unfortunately, we have a number of injuries but we are still well placed to mount a good challenge.

  7. Good 4 goals n clean sheet but Nketiah n Havez still liability. We can’t win EPL with average striker with Jesus alone who is just above average striker. He is not even Sanchez level. No team win EPL with average striker.

  8. Yeah Skills, Man City’s defeat is the best news so far this season.
    I’m so delighted with it.
    Upward we go from here. COYG!!!

  9. A good 3 points against a woeful Bournemouth, no frights, no mishaps and routine. A little disappointed that we struggled to score/create in open play against them but not a worry. A great surprise that City were toppled, shows they are beatable, so a great chance next week.

    1. 👍Reggie, it will be interesting to see if Havertz has his confidence built by gifted the opportunity to score from the penalty spot.
      Keeping a clean sheet is a positive result even against Bournmouth.

  10. Up Gunners, this is the result we will like to be seen against Manchester city. It is doable, they looked ordinary without Rodri.

    1. Its our chance to kick them while tgey are down. Rodri is turning out to be a big miss for them but it shouldn’t be. Great chance to beat them at our patch.

      1. If City dont lose pts without De bruyne and Rodri i dont know when they would. They profited from our injury woe last year to beat us we should return the favour.

        1. Yes we should. City should not be vulnerable with one player missing but it should give us confidence to go out and get at them at least.

          1. Yeah its a mental block more than a quality difference just like man utd was at one time. We just need to get that monkey off our back.

      2. @Reggie
        Don’t let the smooth taste fool ya. I think City somewhat underestimated Wolves. They won’t make that mistake against us. Trust. Jus sayin

        1. Im sure City wont want to lose two games on the trot in the league. But we should exploit their sudden vulnerability, that has come about.

        2. Their starting lineup sort of showed this. No grealish and a bit experimental in the midfield. We won’t be seeing that next game

          1. Dont get me wrong, no Rodri, no De Bryne, no grealish is a hard pill to swallow but we must take advantage.

  11. The way the players celebrated havertz goal with him really shows these players see all what is posted or spoken about them on social media.
    They would have seen the negative criticism and slander directed at Kai haverts. Is it a good or is it bad for the players?,
    Anyways good three points with four goals to boot, honestly the way we were passing the ball at the back in this game and in the cup game in mid week sometimes feels like arsenal are being arrogant and inpudent In my opinion, the confidence is so high in these boys and our defence is rock solid.
    Being on Lens.

    1. That was the best part of the game for me. Shows that our players are much better at being good human beings than many of us fans here.

      I am glad Arteta is our manager because this mentality and attitude in our players is instilled by him. I am glad Arteta values comaraderie and goodwill more than selfish performances. It’s a blueprint of a sustainable success.

  12. Still worry we hardly score from open play. Only one today from open play. Of our 15 league goals only 5 from open play, 5 penalties, 5 dead balls, or a result of dead balls. Of the 5 goals from open play, 1 against Fulham was when their defender was down and their defense was in disarray, 1 against United when they threw everything at us, and 1 Romero own goal. So we really have 2 proper goals from open play in 7 matches.

    1. You are right but grinding out results without having hit form is a good thing. i sure miss us starting like a house on fire though.

      1. We’ve been saying this all season. There’s no “grinding out a result” for our next prem match so time for this team to wake up.

    2. You guys want to start another agenda. It doesn’t matter how we score. we scored. Period.

      3 points in the bag.

      You need to realise that most teams now defend differently against Us, thus making our chances of scoring from open play slim. Aside this, you can’t score all the chances you create from open play. We don’t have issues creating from open play.

      Just enjoy the win and goals however they come.

  13. My best part of the game was that moment the whole team decided to give Kai Havertz that penalty to score his first goal for. This shows how much the team wants him to improve and get better……..and he calmly slotted that into the netand got his first Arsenal goal. Let’s hope hope he takes it up from there

    1. Yep that was classy. Really proud of our players. They understand how hard it is to be on the receiving end on inhumane abuse players receive. I am proud that the players stick together and help each other sincerely. This is one quality that our players have which makes me positive the future is good.

            1. Reggie
              Havertz has had the P taken out of him time after time with articles aplenty giving anybody who wants to take a pop the chance to do so.
              I was delighted that he took his chance today and that penalty can only help his confidence

    2. Bigger part for me was the way they all celebrated it guess they don’t believe Kai’s a weak link who needs to leave.

      1. Bournemouth we’re simply shambolic. They also played an open game hence the score line .though we were clinical which is a good sign as we prepare for mancity. We should not get carried away as city is now a wounded lion and if we aren’t careful it may rip us with 3 goals. Thanks to injury to key players and rodri redcard. City is not at its usual standard. If we play 5defenders and try to go to to toe we could salvage a draw and to the extreme a 2-1 win. But my honest prediction is a 2-0 loss. Which is not good for us. Let’s hope for the best.

  14. Kai Havertz allowed to take a penalty to register his first goal after not a promising start to life in the Emirates just like Pepe.

  15. My problem is the way Jesus and Nketiah are so stubborn with their selfish play in front of goal. It’s really coursing us a lot of goal opportunities these days.

  16. Smooth victory and our usual stars really turned up today. People are getting carried away and not seeing the obvious problems that are about to start coming our way unfortunately. I want to be wrong but Mikel has been making glaring mistakes most of this season and eventually reality will hit us.

    1. Cripes
      4 nil win and still we have glaring problems that will hit us because we have Mikel Forest Gump Arteta at the helm

  17. The well drilled super machine was in display, just like last season. And I’m happy that ESR and Nelson came in trying to score more goals and almost succeeded. Those two homeboys are getting better and sharper.

    1. Insane indeed but i’m pleased with the outcome lol. I’d rather pool drop points any given time cos they are our tittle rival NOT spuds. i think Jurgen actually failed to get his player cool headed and of course Ref blunders lead to their undeserved defeat.

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