Arsenal ‘unsuccessful’ in contract talks with Aubameyang and Lacazette

Reports are suggesting that Arsenal are struggling to secure Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to new contracts, what should the club do to ensure their commitment?

According to Goal’s Arsenal correspondent Charles Watts, the Gunners’ have so far been ‘unsuccessful’ in their attempts to tie key duo Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to new contracts. Watts adds that the club have attempted to secure the dynamic duo’s future for some time now.

Understandably the pair are both keen on playing Champions League football, which explains why they’d want to keep their options open for now.

We are currently sitting fifth in the league, six points away from Leicester and Chelsea, we could go nine points behind our top four rivals if the Foxes defeat us this weekend.

The pair are both club-record signings, with Lacazette joining from Lyon for an initial £46.5m in the summer of 2017 – Aubameyang headed to north London just six months later, for a fee of £56m.

Aubameyang has one-and-a-half-years left on his current contract, Lacazette is tied down at the Emirates for a year longer than his strike partner.

The dynamic duo have struck up a formidable partnership, it’s clear that they love playing with each other.

Considering the scrutiny that Emery is under after our disappointing run of form, we took a look at 12 possible candidates to succeed the Spaniard at the Emirates.

They’ve both played extremely well for the Gunners, but I believe our massive investment into the duo will almost be wasted if we fail to qualify for the Champions League over the next two seasons and they decide to leave.

The link up play between the duo is a real sight to behold, there’s no doubting that both stars are world class.

Unai Emery needs to figure out a way – and quickly, to get the cogs around the superstars in full motion if we’re to qualify for the Champions League this season.

We do have the chance to win a spot in Europe’s elite club competition by winning the Europa League – but being triumphant in a potential final is much more difficult than it seems.

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  1. Probably just want more money. It’s not unusual. Top players do it all the time.

    Just offer as much as we can afford. If they still aren’t happy then sell them

    Hopefully it will be sorted out

    1. It’s always about money for you lots isnt it?
      You really think any player that’ll reject a contract with Arsenal will do so cus of money and not the state of the club right now?
      Even Henry left Arsenal just to go win UCL with Barca, RVP left cause he wanted a major trophy and so many others, but it’s all about money and greed when two of our world class players demand UCL football or they leave.
      Well, what do i know, I’m just a guy

      1. All those you have mentioned who left had their transfers accompanied with a significant pay bump. RVP in an interview revealed he knew his move would crush his kid’s heart but he wanted to secure his family’s future. It’s ALWAYS ABOUT MONEY. Honestly, thinking a player moves for anything else in this day and age is being naive. Which is why I feel Auba and Lacazette will hold out for free transfers where they will pocket a much bigher payday, like Ramsey. This is today’s reality. The moment clubs started passing the transfer fee to the free agents themselves they messed up the whole system.

    2. They probably want to play under a Top world class manager to win all the major trophies.Just sack Emery and give the job to Mick McCarthey and they will sign tomorrow

      1. PHIL, please no, not mick macarthy . have you seen what he has done to our republic of ireland team !!!, no way, lol. the republic are utter shite , and have been for some time, but he has made them far worse in his short guide dog would get far more out of a team than that chap, oh, perish the thought.

    3. How naive you sound! In the real football world, when your best players are not keen to extend,then you make the actual changes that would convince them to extend; which realists like me know means getting in a new manager forthwith- which I am sure is in the process of happening, behind the scenes- so that we can regain a chance of challenging for this seasons top four. As things stand, all but self deluded dreamers will understand our chance of top four, without IMMEDIATE CHANGE, is zero. Auba and Laca both know this better than most and naturally react accordingly. Top players will not sink with a sinking ship that is being torpedoed by the ships captain(manager). Realism. Isn’t it?(Innit?)

  2. They are waisting their time at Arsenal, should have both left already as Ozil when they had great chances to do so, but they will, these are world class players and will be that in any team.

  3. Despite Aubameyang’s goals and Lacazette’s work rate, we’re still unable to return to top four. And those strikers have been playing since Wenger was still managing Arsenal, yet they still can’t give us a CL ticket

    Better sell those who don’t want to work hard for Arsenal anymore and use the sale money to rebuild the squad with young players. Most of our mega stars are not getting any younger and most of them are not high-risk takers

    1. Listen to yourself, you said despite their goals and work rate we fail to make UCL. Then you went ahead to say we should sell those that don’t want to work hard anymore.
      What’s your definition of working hard?
      Is it really their fault we failed to make it into the UCL? Are they responsible for the club’s failure?
      Is it until one of then drop dead on the pitch before you come to the conclusion that they’re hardworking players?
      Why am I surprised anyway? You’re still the same guy who call people lazy if they fail to make one successful tackle in a game

    2. I know you will be first to sow your idiocy as regard this top. You never fail to disappoint 😁😃😂😂

    3. Ever since Wenger was still manager?

      True, but Auba played Wenger’s last 13 matches only.
      And Laca was injured throughout that same – only – season he played under Wenger.

      But in principle, we would do well to sell one of them next year. Martinelli is showing too much promise as a CF to keep playing as a LW simply because that’s how he started, but also because we have 2 top CFs ahead of him.

      Martinelli is essentially Cristiano Ronaldo – an initial winger who scores so many goals with top quality headers that it becomes a waste playing him on the wing.

  4. They are one of our best players and AFC should do everything possible to keep them. Their contribution to the AFC cause is unquestionable and incomparable ever since they joined AFC. However, if we do not make the CL and they want to leave, than they should be allowed to go, as they are top class players deserving of CL not Thursday night football.

    1. So Arsenal is not deserving of top players? The club ALWAYS comes before players. I wonder when we started putting players interests above the this great club’s.

  5. My guess is that we overspent last summer. Sanlehi expected to sell Elneny and Mustafi to help balance the books but it didn’t happen. It wouldn’t surprise me if we had to sell in January and next summer before buying. We will try to sell Auba and possibly Laca next summer if they don’t renew, but it’s quite possible they will stay, run down their contract and move on to a new club for a mega contract.

  6. If they want to leave well and good! Aubameyang left BVB under acrimonious circumstances so I was fully prepared for this. Lacazette has been dreadful. It’s sad but change is inevitable.

    1. I think Laca is the best striker we have. He is a great finisher, makes some of his own goals. Is physically strong and a hand full for defenders and always fights hard for the victory.

      Sur Auba is fast and knows how to score but I would pick Laca over Auba if Laca didn’t have this potential to be often injured.

    2. Odd then ,I’d say, how “troublemaking Auba”and “dreadful Laca” are so highly regarded by the mainstream Gooner fanbase. Perhaps all those are wrong and only YOU know the truth! But on a percentage chance of you being right, I would say me being the next POPE IS FAR MORE LIKELY.

  7. So, judas RVP left to secure his family’s future, that’s the latest revelation revealed!!!

    The Arsenal offered him the reportedly biggest salary contract ever at the time and he turned it down – after holding the club to ransom for eighteen months.
    Most of us on here have managed to secure our families future without becoming the biggest liers, cheats, turncoats and traitors and turning on their benefactor ( our club) JUDAS he is and always will be, if anyone really studies what he did to the fans, manager and, most importantly, our club…I detest this maggot of a man.

    On to auba and lacs – some of us have been mentioning this situation for a while now, especially following the new rules regarding “sign or be transfer listed”.

    My view is that both players do not want to play under UE and are waiting to see what happens regarding his future.

    The CL scenario doesn’t fit, as they both signed for the club without that carrot dangling anyway.
    These players must know that we have a very good squad of players, good enough to, at least, be in the CL next seasonal,
    all it needs is UE to go and there will be a completely different attitude at the club – by the players and the fans.

    This might, in fact, hasten the dismissal of UE, one car only hope, but meanwhile the rot continues and more troubled times lay ahead.

    1. Grow up. Im a died in the wool arsenal supporter but fully understand why he left. Its ambition. He wanted to win something meaningful. Arsenal havent come close to winning the league for 15 years and was obvious even then. You cant expect someone to stay at a club that had no chance of winning. If arsenal wanted to keep him I needed a show of intent that they havent had for years. Could you blame Aubameyang for wanting to leave at the end of the season. Of course not.

      Very few footballers are long term supporters of the club they play for. They have been bought and sold and loyalty dynamics are completely different.

      It is naive in the extreme to believe that you keep people long term in an inferior club. Winners want to go somewhere where they can win.

      It was terrible that RVP left to Man U but I fully understand why. Blame the club not the player.

      And by the way, lack of loyalty works both ways – check out the Ramsey situation.

      1. But it was THE WAY HE LEFT that provokes the situation. Look how Cesc handled his inevitable return to Barcelona. If RVP had shown that same recognition and acknowledgement to a club that stuck by him over is many injuries, his own struggles early in the team, and of course a serious Rape allegation. Don’t you feel these alone deserve the respect to the Club and Manager that made him the player he become?
        He is now despised and hated by a fan base that worshipped him.Yet Cesc will ALWAYS be respected by any Gooner.

        1. Phil there is much truth in what you say but my take is that virtually all players always put theoir own wages ans life comport first(which may include liking life in that particular cityor country where they play), silverware a definte but distant second and trailing way behind both are any actual TRUE CONCERN THEY HAVE FOR THE CLUB AND ITS FANS. Cesc and others handled it betterand showed a measure of concern but in truth and on the bottome line, the same applies to ALMOST ALL modern players.Most are just materialists in the extreme. Sad but that is how modern young folk place their values.

      2. I agree that players also want to win trophies and play on the big stage. We have not offered that in a while. We didn’t seem to have a problem with Sol leaving Spurs to come play for us? Was he a rat? Or is it just uncool when players don’t believe we are the best place for them but fine if they want to leave their clubs for us?

        Also, RVP more or less single-handedly dragged us into the CL in his final season thanks to his stellar performances and 30 goals. As we now know CL football is not a small price.

        So, here is a player we bought for £2.75, sold for £24 million and was the singel most important reason we got the, what?, £45 million? that CL football brings and we are pissed he actually wants to win a major trophy?

        Sounds more like the utterings of a scorned lover than a reasonable fan.

      3. Andrew, I understand your “grow up” statement, but let me explain:

        Of course players are a commodity, unless you are someone like Adams, who simply have the same feelings for the club as us, the supporters and that I understand completely.

        What this guy did however, was screw The Arsenal completely in his actions and showed utter contempt for how they supported him from the minute he came to the club.

        I’m sure you will remember the court case (no details necessary) and how the club managed that situation…then the incessant injuries that plagued him season after season (just look at the stick Ozil has had), during which he was, once again, given complete backing and support.

        We then had one complete season that was injury free and saw him play stunning football, that had the crowd chanting his name, saw him made captain and witnessed his “undying love for the club, the manager and the fans”.

        Then came the time for his contract to be renewed and the speculation surrounding it – rumours that it was by far and away the biggest ever (in terms of financial benefits) the club had ever offered.
        He stated that he was in no hurry to sign, because of the w/cup coming up and he wanted to concentrate on that.

        Eighteen months after he was offered this contract, during which he kept saying he was committed to the club, the carrot of old trafford was dangled, he forgot all that went on before and kicked the club, the manager and the fans into touch….and he says it was for the financial security of his family – obviously the money he was earning/offered from The Arsenal would have left him poor and destitute I assume?

        I don’t believe the auba/lacs situation can be compared to this – they are both unhappy with the situation at the club, not wanting to secure financial security for the family as stated (it now turns out) by a player with no morals of any kind in my opinion.

        As for your comparision with Ramsey, I am fully aware of the situation – Ramsey wanted to stay – was offered a contract that both sides agreed on – the club recinded on that agreed contract – refused to discuss further – the player gave his all for the remainder of his contract, injuring himself in the process – he left for nothing – most certainly, in this instance, blame the club for letting a £40-50,000,000 player leave for nothing.

        Don’t blame the club for a player demanding to leave for our fiercest rival after 18 months of lies and deceit, then saying financial security was one of the reasons he left.
        This player professed love for the club and then screwed it completely, so I stand by my views of him as a judas and a maggot – he should have stayed and given back the trust we all had in him and helped the club to challenge for trophies.

    2. Oh Ken! Of course I agree with your main thrust about RvP being a Judas, but he is hardly alone or even in a minority of players in this respect. Judas was one of 12 who betrayed his master; RvP, pro-rata, is one in about eight of that twelve. I am saying that in this sick modern world, where human values are so often abandoned by greed for more and still more materialism, it is the NORM to be a Judas. What marks RvP out from most other “traitors”(this being not the correct English word to use though), is the sheer brazenness of his leaving. There were not the usual platitudes or veneer of “caring for the club” that more skilful “traitors” so often use. But MOST modern players care only for themselves, their financial future and their chance of silverware, in that order. Unless one is a dreamer one knows that full well. It is desperately sad, but it is the state our society has brought upon ourselves. I suggest we are almost all complicit, in small degrees, in bringing about this sick society where top players are merely the worst examples of many millions of folk whose human values and life principles are far, far below that of their ancestors and of players of former decades. THAT IS SURELY A MORE ACCURATE SUMMATION OF THE WHOLE SOCIETY PICTURE.

      As to Auba and Laca, I am in full agreement with you about their waiting to see and I am also firmly of the opinion that the regime are on the case where the necessary sacking of Emery is concerned. I predict his sacking very soon now. Perhaps and hopefully next week, after we lose at Leicester. In fact, your post was a good one but I FELT MY EXPANSION ABOUT HOW MODERN PLAYERS MOSTLY ARE GREEDY NEEDED ADDING.

      1. IMO RVP did us a favor and highlighted what we all knew but what too few wanted to express out loud; this club didn’t match the ambition of the players and fans. I was happy he called it as he saw it even if he didn’t give us the usual nonsense reason. If the truth hurt blame the owner and management structure, not the player.

      2. jon_utopia, I cannot disagree with anything that you have added, but this man (for me anyway) was the embodiment of the name judas in everything he did…I cannot think of another Arsenal player who conducted himself in this way in the time I have supported our club.

        1. Just the most obvious and less skilful in hiding it of all the many Judases we and all other clubs have. I”n essence allthat was different about him was his, COMPARATIVE “honesty” in being more up front. Let us not fool ourselves, even Ramsey had the chance inintially to sign a vast new contract but ummed and aahed and had his bluff called when he overpriced himself. The fact that we would be better with him now is a different matter; that was poor judgement by the club but he was still a greedy sod and this was so, EVEN though he continued to give his all while he was here. But no real difference in essence, not for me anyway. Almost all modern players care little or nothing for the club and its fans. If you dont see that you are not seeing it as it reaally is. Andrew Elder had it right in his post,KEN!

          1. Jon fox, I might not be seeing it as you see it, but I am certainly seeing it as I really see it.

            No amount of hand wringing about players looking after their down trodden families, no amount of pandering to players wanting to win something, no amount of players having a short career span and no amount of accusing players of being greedy will change my PERSONAL view that this person shafted our club, his team mates, his manager and us, the fans, in such a way that the title JUDAS is appropriate and well earnt in exactly the same way as his namesake became so synonymous with and I don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks of my views on this particular subject… so what you and Andrew Banks say doesn’t concern me one little iota.

            I’ve explained my reasoning behind my views and pleasantly surprised that others agree with my forcefulness on the subject.

          2. By the way Jon, have you had time to look at the team of players who beat Barcelona 2-1?

            Some of your favourite “deadwood” players feature – just goes to show what a great coach can do with such players – funny old game!!!!

        2. Ken, what is your team that beat Barca post about? Did you want me to answer your questins that I have never managed to find but gladly will if you care to ask them of me on a present thread. I could not locate them, whatever they were, on the thread you mentioned. BTW you appear to be under the misapprehension that I disagree with you on RvP being a Judas. NOT AT ALL! I merely say he is not alone, whereas you apparently think he is. I fully explained my view and cannot see why you think I disagree. I DON’T!

          1. Jon, its the post regarding us beating barca 2-1…just have a look at the team included in the write up…as for the Ozil questions, I’ll ask them another time – lets just follow up the barca video.

    3. Oh Ken! Of course I agree about Judas RvP, BUT he is hardly alone or even in a minority among modern players. His worst crime was to be obvious instead of sly about wanting out, though even he tried, unconvincinglt to shiftb th blame onto the club.Surely we realists know that this is merely the tip o theiceberg which is all society;s problem. It is just that the vast salries of plkayers get more publicity. Almost all people put materialism and wealth before principles, not jsu bfootballers. Most player put first themseves and their families personal wealth first, second the chance of silverware abd third, a long way behind, the club andfans who pay them. Oh they kiss the badge and go through the charade of saying the right things and foOling those naive fans that they put the club first. Those days are long gone for almost all players, IMO. I agreed with the rest of your post and also feel that Auba and Laca ARE WAITING FOR EMERY TO BE SACKED, AS THEY KNOW THAT WE HAVE ZERO CHANCE OF TOP FOUR WITH HIM HERE AND ARE UNLIKELY TO GET BETTER MONEY ELSEWHERE RIGHT NOW ANYWHERE ELSE ,so in their own financial interest will ultimately sit tight where they are, in my view, for now at least. I am firmly of the opinion that the club are right now sounding out the new manager in private and that Emery is on the verge of being sacked with the decision already made. I HOPE AND EXPECT EMERY TO BE GONE AFTER SOON WE LOSE AT LEICESTER. Just my instinct!

  8. I Think these Fantastic players are very important for the club. But Inefficiency of Emery is leading to, please sack him and appoint Brender Rogers.

  9. It is good news; if they are ambitious then replace the coach with someone who can move us forward. If they choose to sell the player(s) then we know they choose the quick cash over any ambitions they may have stated.

    It’s a gut check for the club; get in with both feet, or get out.

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