Arsenal struggling to land Aouar, here is the latest update

Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas has claimed that at least three teams are looking to sign Arsenal target, Houssem Aouar this summer, as the Gunners continue to struggle to land him.

The 22-year-old has emerged as a top transfer target for Arsenal. Just as he is a priority signing for the Gunners, he is also a top target for other teams.

Arsenal has had an initial offer for him rejected and they are expected to return with a better offer before the transfer window closes.

However, they might miss out on signing him after Aulas revealed that they are not the only team looking to sign him.

The French businessman has been outspoken about the midfielder’s transfer and he even claimed earlier that he doesn’t expect the Gunners to be able to pay the fee required to sign him.

He has now said that three teams are looking to sign him, but none of them has been able to offer their valuation for the midfielder.

He was quoted by GFFN on Twitter saying: “We know that three big clubs are interested in him. 2 in the short-term, 1 in the long-term. Not much has happened. All the clubs can’t give us financially what Lyon wants.”

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  1. This reeks of a club keen to sell but keen to play tricks to try to get an auction between possibly interested clubs. Nothing inhis statement gives any reason therefore to make us believe him when he claims othe clubs are serious. He would say that wouldn’t he, as the saying goes!

    Being a cynic in business matters helps me get the truth more often. I never believe what football finance people say just because they said it. I either believe because it rings true and makes sense OR, as in this case, I disbelieve it.

  2. When you’re lucky to have a breakthrough player in an average team and you’re desperately in need of money, you do things the way of OL president by keeping the selling club at hand bay to make ppl believe you’re not selling or ready to sell to the highest bidder.
    Just imagine he has been quite since the transfer opened but 2weeks to it been closed he start talking about Arsenal and saying they don’t have money or the player is bigger than playing for Arsenal to get money bag clubs to start bidding for him so he can meek as much money he can from the sale of the player.
    By that tactics he keeps Arsenal at hand bay while opening doors for more ppl to bid for the player.
    In as much Arsenal will do better having Aouar in the team would be made overpaying for him putting the Covid-19 pandemic that’s as lead to over 55ppl losing there means of Life hood.

  3. Aulas is bluffing or to put it bluntly, lying. No other teams apart from us have been mentioned before but having said that, I believe it’s touch and go whether we get him and he possibly stays put. All the know it all’s saying it was a done deal a week ago have also been bluffing. There is still a long way to go on this deal to make it happen.

  4. I definitely think we will sign Aouar before the end of the transfer window, it is the signing of Partey which I am not sure is going to happen.

    I feel like the rumours about Auoar agreeing personal terms are probably true but both Arsenal and Lyon are playing a game of cat and mouse in the media to try negotiate a better price.

    Lyon signing Paquetta from AC Milan yesterday shows the true picture doesn’t it. Lyon know they will sell Aouar before the window shuts, they are just holding out for the best possible price from Arsenal – and in the same way Arsenal are waiting until the end of the window so that they don’t end up over paying for the player.

  5. Read somewhere that the player is in London for a medical (Dunno how true that is).
    We’re likely going to sign him but the question is, will that be enough?
    We lack steel in midfield, yet we want to sell Torreira.
    Not too excited yet.

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