Arsenal stuck in time loop? How to break it?

The new Premier League season is just a single match day old and already it all feels so familiar to us long suffering Arsenal fans. The sense of Deja Vu is back with a bang but how do the Gunners get out of this recurring nightmare?

A strong finish to last season and great start to the summer with the big money transfer capture of Granit Xhaka. More signings seemingly on the way with Wenger and Gazidis talking up our financial fire power. A strong pre-season in which it looks like Arsenal can beat anyone even without the new players we are hoping for.

Then it all starts to fall apart, as no more money is spent, with the club starting to sound like a poor urchin that just cannot keep up with the big boys, injury problems start to mount and make the squad look even more in need of help and then an opening day defeat leaves everyone suddenly talking about crisis.

Now a lot of us are expecting the same old story, with some purple patches of play along with some inconsistency ending in a top four finish and getting out of our Champions League group but failing to go any further and another year without a trophy.

We can all see it happening but how do Arsenal and Wenger change the pattern? By doing something differently of course. Why not surprise the fans, and the players at the same time, by joining the others and splurging what we all feel is too much on a player or two. Maybe an early substitition or two would shake things up, or a change in the training regime. Whatecver it takes to change the mood and the feeling of being stuck in a time loop.

Is Wenger the only one who cannot see that something needs to change in order to produce a different outcome?


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  1. the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results…

    by this definition, wenger and the arsenal board are clinically insane, and should be committed to a mental asylum…

    1. Wenger does the same thing and ALWAYS finishes near the top. Name me ONE other manager that has made the Champions League 20 years in a row?
      I like those results. You think Koeman (or even Mourinho) will match that?

      1. That’s all well and good Sir, If you enjoy the trip to the Olympic games, without actually winning any medals! ?

        Even Rafael benitez has won the Champions league trophy more times than we have reached the finals.

      2. 20 years in a row without winning the ucl trophy, getting knocked out at the round of 16 every time, ur happy with that really, at least mourinho has won it

        1. And exactly how many teams have won it in that time? In the EPL we have Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool. So other than Ferguson, Benitez and Di Matteo, all the Premier League managers in the last 20 years are also rubbish?
          You are spoiled but the fans of teams in the EPL that havent even made it to the Top Four are jealous as hell….

      3. I’d rather win the PL a few times in the past decade or so like Mourinho or Ferguson rather than finishing ALWAYS near the top.

        I’d bring Koeman in the blink of an eye by the way

        1. Not me as a player I know if you finish near the top every year it is on me and my team mates if we don’t finish the deal.

      4. The problem is that we always seem to do the bare minimum to get top 4. we never address problem areas until it’s too late and we never learn from our mistakes. In short we are complacent and do not even try to compete for the league anymore, hence we do not compete. The only way to change that is to at the very least change the manager as wenger has shown he has no intention of changing. For a man who claims to hate losing he sure seems happy to do so.

      5. The point is that it would take relatively little investment, compared to the huge amount of money we as fans put into the club to recruit people in appropriate positions to make us contenders for titles, but Wenger and the board refuse to do it, preferring to put money into players who we already have an excess of. How frustrating is it, to continually see the prize within your grasp, yet constantly whipped from under your nose, by pig headed unfathomable intransigence.

  2. Well let’s see what has remained the same in the past ‘loop years’, shall we?

    Players? Hmm no.
    Staff? Hmm yes, and I’m sure we have some rotten tomatoes to be plucked..
    Board? Unfortunately yes.
    Manager? Biggest yes.

    How to break the loop?

    Resign the manager, get a new owner, change board personnel and purge the training staff (dinosaurs like Wenger get the sack, I’m talking to you Tony Colbert).

  3. We hve so many problems bob.haha how do we solve them?
    1.the team lacks the hunger in the pitch.we so flat and we lack bite and in modern football u cant win any game without that bite may i take a word from wengers vocabulary “character”.our players when in the pitch dont hve that character.
    2.we need a striker,a winger, a centre back.only then will webe able to compete for the title.if we get a cb and a striker then we are gambling again i don’t see just this 2 additions bieng enough to make us fight for title but top four yes.unless its a world class striker then ni way will only a striker purchase make us fight for title that is a big fat lie.we need more.
    3.what is going on?? Something is rotting over the emirates how can bolasie go for 30 millin and we are penny pinching.a club of arsenal stature spent only 35 million and based on the activity in the market do they wana tell us that everton,spurs,liverpool hve more money than us?
    What i hve cme to hate about our management they always say when a right player is available only then will they act.well this transfer market we hve known they frauds coz i can name a full team of players that were available and they were better than what we hve by a mile.i think this is a way for them to fool and lie to us and keep all the money in the bank.i dont get how we expect to get a world beater one week before the window closes.that is unreal as who will sell there best player when market is almost shut??
    Ozil was once in a million i don’t know why wenger is waiting for another wenger scenario thats like luking for a pin in a desert.i fear due to negligence by the management we now will hve to do with players who will not add much to our squad or will be similiar to theplayers we hve.
    Our club dont value the expense of trust and we always give it in the cheap sadly.lets hope for additions a striker, a cb,a winger and i hope we dont get mediocre players coz at this time who or which team would love loze its best player now?
    One love gooners

    1. i mean ozil scenario.if i might add has anyone noticed all the characters,and qualities that wenger always keeps talking about in press conferences are what the team dont hve at all!!! So whats up with that?

  4. We cannot ask a 66 year-old to “change” the way we need. New blood is needed. I can see Wenger being a good director of football

    1. I can’t think of anything worse than wenger as director of football. They oversee transfers and recruitment and we’ve had enough of that to last a life.

  5. how the hell is this club gonna be saved when some fans are happy finishing 4th, are happy qualifying for the ucl without ever getting out of the round of 16, some of the fans are also the problem nothing the board or wenger those is wrong to them, their reason being he made us what we are so lets let him ruin the club no matter what he those we can never question him for what he has done. God help us

  6. Our players are so overrated
    I said mahrez is better than sanchez and ozil but i was really thumbed down.
    Chambers made a better start to his arsenal career than holding.
    He was our player of the month I remember when he began.

    Bellerin is not barca quality yet.
    We need to start building a good enough
    squad and not singing praises to players who are not worth it.
    In all honesty pogba and gundogan are better signings than xhaxa.
    Why did it take us too long to buy mustafi?.
    Why havent we gotten lukaku or lacazette?.
    With an exception of sanchez all our wingers are squad players why didnt we go after mikki and he was available on a cheap?
    Sadly only a few of us see this but with time most of us will start realising this.

    1. @Ramterta, I have seen this comment before as well. Please explain me how Mahrez is better than Alexis? Based on one season? Sanchez was also star in his first season with us. He didn’t win PFA as Arsenal din’t win the PL as simple as that. Mahrez is good player but we need to see how he performs this season.

      Regarding Xhaka, he was MOM in 3 games in Euro if I remember correctly. His only fault was missing penalty but CR7 and Messi missed PK as well. He has just played 20+ mins for us in PL and you have already made your mind that he is not good.
      Pogba is definitely better player but Arsene will never pay 100+ million for Messi let alone Pogba.

      I don’t care if Bellerin is Barca quality yet or not as I don’t want to sell him to them. For me he was the best RB in PL last season and I want him to repeat same this season as well.

      On other points I agree with you.

      1. Yeah, Sanchez has had several solid seasons, in La Liga and Premier League.

        Right now Mahrez is just a one season wonder.

        And Bellerin is the best right back in the League. That’s good enough for me, don’t give s***e about Barca.

  7. We talk about teams below us being jealous of consistent top 4 finishes but there is nothing worse than be the almost enough team, especially when we can all see what is needed to just go that one bit further. Ot did anyone see the photo of Ramsey glaring at Wenger? Scathing stuff. I can’t believe still we have not seen a photo of cb landing on London for a medical with us? I know kos is back next game but still! I also understand that Wenger has has to has to be seen to be looking at other cbs even if he’s set on mustafa otherwise Valencia will name there price. Dither and delay too much though and someone else will pounce, plenty other teams lookin for cbs

  8. Arsene Wenger has lost that strength and mentality to win. So , if you’ve high hopes ahead of the season, be prepared for the usual.

  9. 1) Appoint Wenger as a strategic director or something like that
    2) Get a new manager, who can install some steel into the team and set titles as a clear goal
    3) Give the new manager a decent budget to form his own team

    I have a lot of respect for, what Wenger has done. But I don’t think there is any way he will do the neccessary to change things and lift the spirits. We are in serious downward spiral, and it needs to be stopped now!

    1. Why must we look for a place for Wenger to remain in the club? Why can’t he be fired the normal way and we rid ourselves off his nasty “we are too cheap to pay the asking price loser” attitude and influence ? Personally this past decade and a half I’ve had just about enough of that righteous inept dinosaur.

  10. Wenger was a man ahead of the rest when he started but is now a dinosaur supported by a board who are focused on revenues with little interest in fulfilling the reason Arsenal exists, which is to win titles.

    Wenger has said his focus is on defence and he will look at strikers when or if they beome available. This is absolute tosh as most players are in contract and buying teams force the issue by making offers clubs can’t refuse. If he really wanted a Lewandoski or Aubameyang he would go and say here is 60 mil, no,ok here is 70 mil. Get with the times.

    He has had since May and he leaves it to the last minute to strike a so called bargain or say well.i tried. Everton lost John Stones and replaced him with Ashley William within days. Wenger In the meantime is found talking about other players but not actually doing anything. I wonder if we actually have other people who deal with transfers.

    Same crap every transfer window

    1. If Wenger really wants his target, the deal gets done straight away! You only have to look at the signings that are done on the final day of the transfer window, to know that.
      So It’s plain to see that our transfer activities, are mainly done half heartedly! With No Real intent! In other words its a scam to trick the fan’s into beliving that Wenger is trying!

  11. Sorry Admin but I would put money on Koeman (nice guy) and Mourinho ((ar$hole) winning it before Wenger ever does!

  12. I still cant understand how Campbell offended wenger ?
    ADMIN COMMENT – *** CALM DOWN *** lol (sorry but no one else can see what he wrote)

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