Arsenal stuck with out-of-date Wenger, but look what Pep has done to Man City!

Arsene looks so out-of date in the modern game… by KM

Hello fellow Gooners. Straight to the point of Saturdays fixtures. We barely managed to beat Southampton, being literally gifted a penalty and spared by Shane Long. It’s going to be a really tough season and I hope people understand that before they get brought to the ground when a team takes the chances we gave away today in another game.

There was much hype as both new signings came on for the game and both didn’t have the perfect game. Mustafi failed to intercept Southampton’s attack leaving Monreal to make a reckless challenge that cost him a yellow ,and Cech was unlucky as the free kick bounced off his back and into the net, but honestly we were not good.

Southampton enjoyed a good amount of the possession in the first minutes, but we equalized through Koscielny who scored a great acrobatic shot after a corner kick mayhem in the Saints box. That concludes the first half, but in the second we didn’t make too many chances either and Southampton forced a double save from Cech where on the rebound Long spared us as he did when he was 1:1 with our goalkeeper.

At the end we were awarded a lucky penalty to be honest, because Koscielny had a head injury which referees should stop and after that I wouldn’t be too happy if such a penalty was awarded against us. We have to be honest, we didn’t deserve the win, but Santi slotted it in the middle to give us three points we just couldn’t afford not to get.

Lucas Perez didn’t excite me as much as I was hoping, but let’s not rule him out after one game. Still I wasn’t happy that he spent so much time on the wing, rather than in the box. Sadly Giroud is the only striker we have that really wants the ball in the box… So overall we made changes due to internationals and having PSG in mind too, but we again we arrived late for the game. I don’t know what is going on when a break comes, but after that we are so slow with our momentum, just like at the start of the season.

For me though, the biggest conclusion after watching that game and United vs City is how far behind Arsene is. The way the Citizens dominated United at OT was spectacular, because this is not Van Gaal’s United anymore. More interesting is the fact that apart from Nolito and Bravo, it was same old City players playing an entirely new game.

This is entirely down to the manager. Sterling looks a beast, after two consecutive difficult seasons. The passing was sublime and too good for United and City missed Aguero, let’s not forget that. Pep talked to the players, explained his vision and it’s working out. With us, it’s same old Arsene with the same old Arsenal fragilities. If we had failed to beat Southampton, that would’ve been their 4th consecutive undefeated game against us.

They are one of Arsene’s many bogey teams and we’ll suffer this season. Our squad is not that inferior to the Manchester clubs and Chelsea, but our manager is. The talks about his successor don’t just lurk around for nothing. We’ve given him years of complete freedom and it hasn’t worked out.

I’m not sure Eddie Howe is the man, because United gave us a prime example with David Moyes and why a top club needs a top manager. Apart from one good half against Watford, we’ve been plain terrible and PSG will be a tough game, you can be certain of that. Arsene doesn’t learn lessons, he’s above such things. I’m hoping that PSGs rocky start might help us to a lucky point, because performance wise I’m yet to be impressed.



      1. Just in case: TL;DR = Too long , didn’t read.
        Budd obviously feeling very tired after making a few comments on the previous articles. Aww bless him ?

  1. This time round surely we have a good squad,its all about mentality and tactical….Why cant we play more direct game?we pass too much without purpose which is easy for opponents to defend,our build up should be alittle fast so that opponent defenders can make mistakes,but man we are too slow..

    1. honestly some of the interplay between de bruyne silva an nolito was incredible

      we need to be more direct this pass pass spin …pass is frustrating

      1. we need to pass much faster. And stop playing braindead players on the wings that limit our options. There’s no reason Ozil, Cazorla cannot match the level of passing KDB and Silva do, they’re just as talented. And Giroud is not good enough of an excuse anymore since City played like that without Aguero. Arsenal need to wake up in time for PSG or we’ll get embarrassed. Doesn’t matter how mediocre PSG have been, they have a good home record in UCL, and a ton of talented players who can make things happen on their own.

  2. I enjoyed the game between Liverpool and Leicester yesterday. I love the direct play by Liverpool. We play like that at times but we should also have another plan for teams that like to sit deep and make it tight for us.

    The squad looks really decent. I love the strength on the bench. We need good tactics, mentality and the desire.

    1. sturridge an mane could be formidable partnership

      our tactics need to be finessed somewhat. so many good midfielders , new striker defender
      we have bloody psg in 2 days…wenger left it bit late to sign lol

  3. Hi Konstantin, should I expect one of these articles everytime Arsenal WIN ugly.
    If you want to be taken seriously, by anyone, don’t say things like “Sterling is a beast.”
    Sterling is no beast.

    You then go on to say our squad is inferior to ManU’s…….REALLY?????????

    Arsenal WON ugly. That’s the stuff of Champions.
    Southampton played above themselves, as the next few weeks will prove. Van Dyke and Cedric had amazing games. They defended as if their lives depended on it. You can’t coach that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Arsenal WON ugly…………………Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Up the Gunners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. van dijk was looked at when he was at celtic. missed a trick there- he cost 11 mill, 24 yrs old,
      has been played really win back end of last season an start of this.

      then again we have gabe- he has all the tools, dont care how people dont rate him, he is a beast and will get his concentration back

      up the gooners

    2. Sterling has been City’s best player so far this season and already has picked up a player of the month award. A vastly superior player compared to last season, so he has been a beast. You must only watch Arsenal games if you don’t think he’s been great this season.

      1. @ RSH..
        You see I just laugh at people who make early season conclusions on any team/player….

        Lemme start with Sterling,I don’t care if he is the MVP so far, what I know is that he is rubbish and will soon return to his rubbish form…(As all English players do..they flatter to deceive)…

        Those that are praising City,United and Chelsea and condemning our wins against S’ton are deluded…City got lucky in their first game, Chelsea won two matches in stoppage time and United almost draw against Hull with all their investements….

        Look, it is early days, nothing is certain for any team/player for now,for now just get the 3 points any how possible..I love my Arsenal…

        1. It’s obviously an early conclusion, but saying Sterling hasn’t been good this season is simply wrong, there’s no other way around it. If you want to talk about how he’ll do the rest of the season then that’s an entirely different discussion.

  4. “Look at your neighbour, he bought a Ferrari and got a brand new house, and look at you!?”

    You remind me of a bitch I know.

    Wenger got the result and thats all that matters. In a few years, nobody will know how we won except that its recorded as 2-1 to Arsenal.

  5. Hahaha @ Konstantin ?
    Will you still moan if we end up winning the premier league or even the champions league? ?

    We beat a Southampton team who we haven’t even managed to score a single goal against in the previous 3 meetings and yet you’re still moaning lol. I thought I was bad but I tend to ‘stfu’ when we win lol ?

  6. IMO, we would have won earlier if Giroud had started the game, against parked defences, no one is as good as Giroud….

    For me, Giroud remains an essential part of our team whether you believe it or not…
    And I don’t care what any idiot has to say, we WON period!!!!

    1. Hahaha, trust you to notice that, mate. ?
      Would you care for some salt and vinegar? For that chip on your shoulder. ?

    2. @jamaican_gooner
      I spotted this way back. They stopped calling him names, but their ukip bigotry still shines through…

  7. As for being stucked with Wenger, indeed we are stucked as all top level managers are gone,but we know Arsenal does things in a different way,even if top managers were available,we may just go for the unknown,someone that will embrace Wenger’s believes.(Wenger’s replica)

    Whether Wenger is good enough or not or whatever his flaws, he really has to go this summer.

  8. Sterling a beast, Ive heard it all now. The term beast goes to aggressive no nonsense players. Sterling is a woman with his flimsy little arms flapping about. He’s tricky, and dangerous if you give him time and space, but no beast. City look worse at the back than any top team, which was probably expected. They are very good in attack, but so are we. This league isn’t like Germany and Spain, a tough defensive unit is essential. Bayern had that unit, before Pep went and dismantled the best all round team Ive seen in an age. We may finally have that strong back line we all cried out for. I’m quietly confident things are looking up.

  9. Calling sterling a beast i agree is over the top and by your definition we have none in our team then. As far city dont jump the gun- they have new players who are just bedding in. So once they are tuned they may just run away with it. Only time will tell. Saw liverpool yesterday and they look 10 times our team. As far as these the first few weeks go Arsenal will compete with 3-4 other teams for the 3rd/4th spot unless alexis matches messi/ ronaldo’s level as he claims. Pep and Klopp are way ahead of Wenger in terms of tactics and getting the best out of the team but also may be have a shorter shelf life.

  10. I used to get really p….. off, listening to Graham Souness saying Arsenal are so easy to play against. He has said it so many times. Unfortunately he is right. We have played 4 games, and we have given so many chances away. Just like we have every season for the last 8-10 years. Wenger just can’t teach the players to defend high up and it gives us 2 problems.1) We don’t get enough “easy” goals form the opponents mistakes, 2) Even very mediocre teams get plenty of chances against us and usually also goals. So we will drop too many points
    I agree with the article. It is not about the players. It is about the manager.

  11. Can we wait a few more games before the Man City circle jerk? They might be the real deal but we’re lucky in their first game and very fortunate not to be 2-2 yesterday with their goalkeeper sent off and 20 minutes to hold on.

  12. Arsene doesn’t learn lessons, he’s above such things. – Really ! well he’d better start learning or us Arsenal fans are going to have to deal with a lot of crap and heartache until he’s gone.

  13. Konstantin, don’t take this personally, but you’re an idiot. Now that I got that of my chest, I’d like to know how someone who calls himself an Arsenal fan can write garbage like this, and especially after the team wins. “Sterling is a beast” – that made me laugh. “The way the Citizens dominated United at OT was spectacular…” – did you watch the whole game, or just the first half? City were lucky to hang on to the result. I hate JoMo, but he was right about some shady officiating. Bravo had a nightmare of a game, and for me that challenge on Rooney was a penalty kick. Now take a chill pill, and relax. The season barely started and you’re already slating Wenger, and the boys for what I see as a shaky, but decent start to a season.

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