Arsenal succumb to London Derby loss – Deservedly Hammered

Unai Emery has paid the price for his tactical failings today, giving his Arsenal side a lack of personnel in attack, and clearly not enough to keep a clean sheet also.

Arsenal had lined up a little defensive for my liking, but playing with a back five is the managers decision, and early on in the match I was struggling to figure out if it was the right decision or not.

We started the game very much on the back foot, with the Hammers very much piling the pressure on us. Whether Emery was expected a tough game and our defence needed that extra, or whether we are shooting ourselves in the foot by giving away the possession due to a lack of attacking players is up for debate.

After 15 minutes however, we finally started to get the ball into Lacazette and our forward players, and are at least giving as good as we got.

Lacazette ran straight through the West Ham defence to give us our first clear-cut opportunity, but unfortunately as close as we got, there was no goal to come in the first half, and once again, we fail to take any lead into the interval.

No changes made at half-time for a change, and we go again.

Unfortunately we didn’t start the match off well, while West Ham very much continued with their impetus, and begrudgingly opened the scoring from a corner. We now have a job to do…

A lot of the time, a goal would be enough to bring enough life into the team, but this team is looking defeated and are a shadow of the team that went over 20 matches unbeaten, and I’m struggling to find out just what is wrong with the mentality.

Our team failed to make any real clear-cut chances, and I have to admit, deserved to lose this match.

Is Unai Emery playing too negative? Are the players not good enough to defend with four defenders? Are our players lacking in fitness or is this seriously a confidence thing?

Pat J


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  1. Brilliant job.

    Tell me one thing Emery has definitely improved since arrival 6 months ago?

    Defense? Nope.
    Attack? Nope.
    Midfield? Nope.
    Goalkeeping? Nope.
    Tempo? Nope.
    Passing? Nope.
    Mental strenght? Nope.
    Physicality? Nope.
    Tactics? Nope.

      1. You’ve tailored your checklist to show 100% and hatred for Emery without looking at it in a fair way
        I’m ALWAYS suspicious of any list that goes 100% one way. it shows Unfairness and an agenda. Managers are rarely 100% failures at everything like you are making Emery out to be

        Emery has improved defensive midfield by miles by getting Torreira and Guendouzi. Something Wenger would never do and hadn’t done for over a decade

        How do you expect Emery to improve the team to your lofty standards within 6 months

        Fact is last year we were 6th place. Now we are better than United and 5th and it’s still possible to get 4th. We also went on a huge non losing streak that Wenger didn’t do for over a decade. He has got better results with Wenger’s men then Wenger did. Of course he has been an improvement

        Emery should be judged by the end of the season or if he has a string of bad results

        1. ForeverGooner, exactly right. People forget that nothing is static; the money in the EPL is such that the overall quality of the teams previously below Arsenal has improved. You can’t just run onto the field to win; the team has to turn up mentally and physically.
          Unfortunately the quality of Arsenal players relative to the quality of players in other clubs is in decline. Emery doesn’t coach Lacazette and Aubameyang to miss clear cut chances. Aubameyang, in particular, was an oxygen thief today. Without an injection of funds and a change of player personnel, Pep Guardiola couldn’t coach this team to fourth place, let alone the title.

      2. In 2008, a friend told me that with the way Arsenal were being run – tight-fist with cash – they won’t win the League Title in 20 years. 11 years down the line he is still right.
        Now, I begin to see and understand what he saw and understood then.
        We reached 2006 UCL final not because our strikers were deadly in front of goal, but because our defence were exceptionally good and stood on their toes.
        I can now conclude that strikers win you joy in games but defenders win you tournament or competition in the long run.

        We have only ONE good defender in our current defence set-up. Others are:
        1) rookies e:g Maitland-Niles who’s still learning the ropes
        2) Aged and / or injury plagued. Lichsteiner, Monreal, Koscienly.
        3) Average. e:g Bellerin. He is speedy. Making him a winger would have given him a better career. He would never get Spain regular shirt because his main duty of defending is poor. We overrate him because he is about the best that we had since Sagna.

        1. sanmi. That 2008 you mention was the very year that I began calling for Wenger’s head I could clearly see way back then that he had not the will nor dynamism to change things that were not working. A decade on and it took the NEW regime to fill the decade long DM hole filled by WENGER only with mediocre “refused to stay in position Song” and ” simply not good enough Coq”.


      3. Profit for Kroenke – Yep
        Freebie payout for Ozil – Yep
        Happy BOD – Yep
        Premiership “challenge” over – Yep

      4. Solution ? Wenger in!
        Would prefer mourinho even for a season, he delivers, gave utd. The Europa.Just a thought.
        Well, mid table is our level, lets get used to fighting it out with everton, wolves, hammers for 6th and 7th place.Forget the top 4, now i know why Wenger considered top 4 as a trophy under Stan and was fighting for the league before.Really not dissapointed today.Thanks Stan!!

  2. Why did we lost points again?

    1. Team has been pushing above their fitness levels so they did fall down a month ago. Tactis Emery was intoducing demanded high preasure and lots of running, but ex Wenger players are not made for that?
    2. Emery is already aware of no money to buy new players and that we have no chance of getting top 4, so he is giving Guendouzi, Niles and Iwobi their time to learn. Guendouzi was bullied by Noble a lot, Niles overunned by everybody and Iwobi started to play in the last half an hour
    3. Emery tactics are totally wrong? And lacking creativity in the attacking area, missing Ozil, Mkhi and Holding on injury is not helping at all

    next Chelsea, I have a very bad feeling about that one, but at least we would be calm with no chances to shine till the next season and a new start

  3. Really disgraceful performance today, weekend is ruined for me….
    We basically played all the game in our own half, too many back passes, lack of urgency and failure to take the little chances we create killed us..we got exactly what we deserved

  4. We are a crap team and crap club now. We must face the reality.
    As long as kronkoe will still in the club we will never win anything or play champion league football.

    1. I dnt know how that can be done. There will be always “tourists” and tourists and fans who use to support Arsenal no matter what (got used to humiliation).
      I hope that over the next few transfer windows Raul, Sven and Emery can turn the things in our favour with buying smart and making good players very good.

    2. Yes the only answer stan is empty seats..and maybe one more idea….I feel mustafi is better than laurent kotschen….

  5. How many more goals has this Xhaka got to give away before we get rid of him. Arsenal are now in serious decline and 6th place will be a struggle.

    1. Kenny … Xhaka’s liabilities have been obvious for the last 18 months … Getting rid of him was one of my tests for Emery instead he plays him at any cost including out of position … For me it’s a measure of his ability to manage a top EPL club and I am now firmly in the doubting corner

        1. Agree with both Rkw and Maks, the surprise today was Unai actually took him off. Hopefully at last he’s finally seen what a liability he is.

          1. Sorry to go completely off topic but it’s something I’d like to put into perspective and get off my chest. I’m sure most people has seen this wimp Andy Murray crying his head off on television because he’s retiring. Looking for sympathy this wimp should look at the real world and open his eyes to the millions of people who find it hard just to make ends meet. My message to multi millionaire Andy Murray is wipe away you’re crocodile tears you a*sehole and check you’re bank account, no intelligent person gives a damn about you retiring.



              If our club had eleven players with a fraction of this man’s fight and will to win we would not be where we are now. A REAL man understands why a LIFELONG COMMITTED sportsperson cries from frustration and in public. That YOU make fun of him says much about you , to your detriment too. I strongly suspect that emotion shown publicly frightens you to death. And little could be more damning, frankly!!!

              1. Sorry Jon , can’t have people with crocodile tears looking for sympathy when there’s far more people in the world that deserve it. YOU MIGHT SUFFER HIS FAKE TEARS BUT I DON’T. Be serious Jon , he’s only retiring, it comes to everybody, but I don’t see them all crying. One more question, tell me another very very rich sportsman who cried he’s head off because he was retiring. I didn’t see Dennis Bergkamp or Thierry Henry to name just two, can you tell me?

                1. One other thing I forgot to tell. Whenever he’s been successful he’s never wrapped he’s self in a British flag always a Scottish flag regardless of all the support he was given by the British people. YOU WANTED AN AGENDA, YOU GOT ONE.

                  1. I hope this doesn’t spoil our friendship Jon. We’ve both always agreed that sport is about opinions, you’ve got yours and I’ve got mine

                2. kenny I suggest we leave it at what has already been said by us both. I stand by every word I wrote and fail to see WHY it bothers you so much that you need to mention it at all on our Arsenal and football site. A man without compassion is far from a real man in my view and that is all I want to say.

                  1. You say “a man without compassion” I wouldn’t usually talk about this but I’ve donated monthly for twenty years to the NSPCC and Cancer Research. THOSE PEOPLE I HAVE COMPASSION FOR NOT MULTI MILLIONAIRE SPORTSMEN and that’s my final word on the matter.

                    1. No compassion from me he gets a shed load of cash for hitting a ball over a net … sad state of world when it’s headline news … that said he provided some great sporting moments!!

  6. The players a clearly not good enough and we have been told there is no money available to buy players only more shit loan deals. I for one won’t put one penny into the club again and we should boycott our home games until we know where the money is, so don’t be a sap don’t go to the game next Saturday and show the board we won’t be lied too

    1. Pls, stop complaining about us having not good enough players, u actually believe we don’t have good enough players to beat West Ham?, cos it’s an away match?

      You really believe the team they fielded today is better than ours?

      Personally, for this loss, I blame Emery, if a team loses cos of one player, it’s that player, but when the whole plays nonsense, you blame the coach.

  7. I’ll make this short and sweet.. Pathetic! Absolute rubbish! This team is bang average with a manager that doesn’t really know what he’s doing! Pointless us fans getting stressed any more, we should be used to these limp performances and nothing is going to change anytime soon! Enjoy your weekend and forget that horror show.

      1. I don’t watch it anyway Sue but for those that do it’s very good advice ? I’m strangely not angry at all.. I accept we’re an average team not much better than West ham if even better at all! Chelsea will end any threadbare chance of top 4 next week! On a positive note I refuse to let that team get me down ?

        1. Fishing it is then ? I got to work & one of the patients (in his wheelchair) wheeled himself down to where I was… and said you scored…. but it was offside!! And started laughing!!! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!! ??

            1. Haha sounds appealing Sue ? think I’m gonna have a snooze on the sofa instead ? haha well your better off at work than watching that rubbish ? oh yeah the nephew won’t let you hear the end of it lol we Arsenal fans can take it though we can take anything even 8-2s ?

              1. Enjoy your snooze just don’t have any nightmares about the match!! Yes he’s loving it!! I had to burst his bubble & say we’re crap!! The way we’re going, we’ll lose to anyone!! ? yes we’re hard-core now (5-1 x god knows how many, 6-3, 8-2… what’s a little 1-0 ?)

                1. Conceding 1 goal is a good day in our defence ? you ain’t wrong, I can’t see another away win this season just so poor away from home, but poor at home too ? that’s the way Sue you just belittle rival fans by saying yous beat an average team get over yourself ? haha a day mare! Bloody TV woke me up, I swear I turned it down ? I’m being haunted! Better not be my old man he knows I’m not very humourous when the gunners get beat ?

                  1. Maybe he’s checking you’re alright!! ? ‘not very humerous’ love it! Funny that – I get like that too, i wonder why ?

                    1. Ghost dad checking in you think? ? Wake up to Chelsea winning as well haha so glad Saturday is over ? years of high expectations never met? Years of experience? Haha

                    2. ? haha maybe!!
                      So just to finish the weekend off in style, what’s the betting the spuds do United later, just to rub salt into the wound!! The wound that is not healing ?

                    3. Can they both lose ? A utd win and this miserable weekend gets worse Sue we end the weekend in 6th ?

            2. Don’t know what you do Sue, you sound like a nurse or maybe a Sister in a hospital. Whatever it is, you’re one of the many Angels in our society

              1. I work in a community hospital for the elderly Kenny… seeing to their every need! Unless of course they’re a spud (only joking ?)

                1. Aw sue, I knew you are a good woman. To be honest I have a better news that will keep me off Arsenal’s woeful performance. I heard my baby’s heartbeat this week and it has driven me crazy since. But the irony is my partner is Pat, and he his a spurs massive fan. He promised to make me sleep in spurs’ shirt before we will do the adult’s stuff ? ( I hope you know what I mean) so i decided to us his name here. He will be on my case all weekend!!!!

                  1. ? that is so sweet & precious! Make the most of every second…. so pleased for you both ? when is the due date?
                    Oh no you definitely don’t want to be wearing that ? that would be torture!! Plus don’t let your baby wear it either!! If I ever see a kid in a spurs kit, I say It’s child abuse ??

                    1. ?, dear sue, you make me cry and laugh at the same time. Isn’t that lovely. Thanks as a matter of fact we are expecting 2 babies (a boy and a gir) and that is me done. So we can share equally or I can have the two to myself. ?. Except no one will want to join us now that spurs is doing better. Today’s result was really poor. I will tell him you sent a gunner’s love. Am sure he will throw it back ????

                    2. Wow twins, one of each! Amazing! I loved every minute of being pregnant (all 4 times) but never had twins… keep us posted on how you’re doing!
                      That really is good news – 2 more little gooners coming into the world (tell him they’re not allowed to be spuds ?)

  8. We need to buy 3 players this January. Two quality Wingers and a defender. Emery. We need pace and composure. Guendouzi still has a lot to learn. Buy Quality players Emery or loose your job. We need to improve on our defensive play. A game we should have won in the first half

      1. You are right. But Emery should voice out what he wants. Liverpool spent 75m pounds on a defender. Emery should demand for top signings his January. It is key we make top 4 this season.

        1. Emery has at least come out and told the supporters the truth; that no money has been made available to him in this transfer window. He has not said that there are no players out there, who would improve this squad!

    1. We need to buy 3 players but we won’t because Kronke is content to let this club stagnate. I don’t like the scousers but they identified what they needed and spent big on 2 players, all credit to them, can you see Kronke doing that….

    2. I cant understand why some posters here are bagging guendouzi? He is young and even though I disagree with emery’s tactics and selection at the moment, I like that he is giving guendouzi a go and with one season, will turn out to be a superstar. The kid has passion and a football brain, sure..sometimes it doesnt work but hey he is young and its his first 6 mths in the epl, he will get used to the pace. He has energy atm, but with players like xhaka next to him, will not learn but at least under emery still has a chance unlike wenger…notice how under wenger, reasonable players after their first season with us, deteriorates? ozil, kola, even mustafi and xhaka

  9. Tell me the next set of comments are from fans who even cared. The games we win are nothing to write home about, the games we lose? Well you’re going to have to expect it every week. It’s called apathy, and what it does to a fanbase can ruin a football club for good.

  10. Well that wasn’t hard were it? For West Ham. We were drawing and winning games in our recent unbeaten run that we would of lost under Wenger and I thought we had Arsenal had turned a corner in that respect. But we haven’t have we? The whole team is moving like Ozil, ‘lazy’.

    Our real problem though is Silent Stan. He has to go for Arsenal to progress

    1. Arsenal’s off the ball movement while attacking was at the level of schoolchildren today. Disgusting.

    2. Owner is not the sole to blame.

      £35m for Xhaka and Mustafi each. In comparison:
      £32m Kante, £27m Torreira
      £35m Rudiger

      They are average both. So Wenger did spend money, but he spent it unwisely.

      But Emery hasnt done anything eithet. At least Klopp won City, Chelsea with ease when he took over, and he had Henderson and Lallana in midfield!

  11. Nasri is probably better than any midfielder we have. I’ve always liked Nasri. Today again he should’ve what an amazing player he is albeit older now. While we have Ozil, Ramsey, Iwobi, and Xhaka.

  12. Its 80 mins, we are 1-0 down and all our players are passing the ball sideways or backwards. Would be curious to see how many touches did Auba have today?
    And the only person who can make something happen(Ramsey), is leaving us. Only Iwobi looked like he could do something. In the midfield only guenduozi shows willingness to accept the ball and drive forward. This squad needs a major overhaul. I guess we are in a poorer position points wise after the same number of games compared to last season.

  13. I have been watching arsenal under Emery and I can say we have really gone backwards. Wenger understood that with these type of players you play total football no hand brake. And even though we didn’t win major silverware recently we produced some classic/exciting games. I haven’t seen any under emery. The guy must go. These players have produced great games under wenger!!!

  14. Arsenal is dead and an American with a mustache has kill it.

    Wenger is at fault for protecting this evil and know that the fatman is gone there is not single thing one can di

    1. At least he is telling us the true facts of the constraints he is working under and not running interference for the owner.

  15. Some blame needs to be placed on the players. AMN was awful, Xhaka mistakes again, too slow in build up, and they showed the intensity and desire of a sleeping baby.

    Weak effort from players, and Emery with a setup and tactics akin to a sheepish teenager playing FIFA19.

    Sad part? No one will suffer any consequences. Not players, not manager, not owner. Just swallow the lies told to you, hand over your money, and just forget about ambition and glory, our owner is not interested.

    1. Not to diminish West Ham today; they were better team, more intense and outclassed us by a country mile.

      Curios to see how Emery spins his failings today.

      1. Durand, it is not like these players are playing for peanuts. “Highly paid” yes, “professionals” you’ve got to be joking.

  16. Time to start panicking and calling for sackings now. Grrrr! Can’t believe Xhaka and Iwobi aren’t good enough to get us top 4. Shocked.

  17. I dont see us progressing with Emery. We shall cry more. The bench showed he had no zeal to attack. Only Ramsey and him knowing he is going cant risk his legs. Where is Ozil still tactical. Enough of this nonsense Emery or you pack and go

  18. Let me tell you the difference between spuds and arsenal.
    The spuds will still have their team 5 years to come.
    It will be a miracle if any of our players will be at the club next year

  19. is Unai gonna take arsenal to the next level? I strongly doubt it but I will judge him after he gets his players.

    On a lighter note, Unai facial expression is beginning to look like the latter Wenger. That’s no good news.

  20. Iwobi was our best player and honestly deserved not more than 5/10.
    We clearly need a midfield enforcer, a solid defender to pair Sokratis and intelligent wingers.
    Not a fan of Ozil, but the game needed his supplies today.
    One, two steps forward, 5 steps backward. Hope our summer deals address this obvious loopholes.


  21. Defeat like today is definitely not acceptable for a team looking to make top 4. What has emery improved so far? I think he way out of his league with coaching job.
    Lacazzete is way better than Aubemeyang on the wings, how long will it take emery to figure this out.
    Playing 3 at the back is not good enough, we play better when we switch back to 4231.
    Leno has seems to lost his sharp reflex

    1. Wenger was as much to blame as Kroenke. Wenger protected Kroenke all the way.

      If you protect a criminap, you are a criminal as well.

      And lets not forget:
      £35m Xhaka
      £35m Mustafi
      £17m Perez

      Brillian business by Wenger.

    2. Yea coz Wenger was such a saint himself! Holding the club ransom over a new contract and destabilizing the team just to earn himself a bigger payday. In fact, he is to blame for all these contract stand offs, he taught Ramsey and Ozil how it’s done!

    3. Wenger frakked up things with transfers and buying players that are not good enough. It is a great to see how you still cry about him sacked. Ha ha ha

  22. Stop blaming the manager we all know that we would not have done any better if any other person was in charge

    1. So who should be blamed, we might need to spend to get players to be able to win the league, but if you actually believe we don’t have enough players to beat West Ham, then, you’re a joker.

      This team lacked creativity, how many chances did we create throughout, you left your most creative player out of the squad cos of tactical reasons or cos he isn’t hard working, can you imagine?

      You’re now saying we shouldn’t blame the coach, who should be blamed then?, tell me, who?

      1. how about you stop trying to blame somebody and just stick out the rough parts. If you thought this season was going to be easy then you were kidding yourself. We’d still be struggling even if we got somebody like Allegri. And this isn’t to stop you from critiquing Emery’s decisions, but it’s better to be realistic and level-headed than reactionary just because your expectations weren’t immediately met. Pep finished 3 points above us his first season. Klopp finished 8th when he started his first season in October. Overnight success was never going to happen and it rarely ever does.

        1. Emery got his tactics wrong today. Decided to change formation in the latter part of the game but too late. Iwobi tried hard and Ramsey made a marginal impact when he came on. Zero creativity.

    2. People love to forget Pep Guardiola finished 15 points behind the champions his first season. And this was with FAR better players than what we currently have now. First seasons are hard. Obviously we should still critique Emery, but people shouting for sackings already are just being ridiculous. Panic always ensues the minute Arsenal drop any points, it’s silly. Anybody who actually thought we’d automatically become a top team immediately after losing a manger of 20+ years was living a delusion. It’s going to take time to rebuild the club, and maybe Emery isn’t the right man, we’ll have to wait longer to see, but to draw conclusions this early that we are essentially doomed and will never be good is highly reactionary.

      1. And Conte Won the League with Chelsea in his first season. Chelsea finished 5th the season before Conte came. No excuses. We need very fit and strong defenders. Two quality wingers and a no nonsense Coach like Conte. He built a Chelsea team that was strong defensively.

        1. Sooo you expected to win the league with Emery? Sokratis, Koscielny, and Mustafi were going to do this along with the magic of Iwobi. Alright. This squad is crap. Simple as that. Chelsea has not had a crap squad since they’ve gotten rich. They only thing they’ve struggled with is getting along with managers.

      2. Couldn’t agree more RSH and this board would
        be much more enjoyable to read if there were
        more posters who shared your level headed
        perspective and rational about the current
        state of AFC. I understand the contempt and
        exasperation from the fans but not sure
        exactly what they expected.

        I have questioned Emery on many occasions
        this season but it is abundantly clear to these
        eyes that Arsenal currently have a collection of
        overpaid and overrated players that play far to
        many meaningful first team minutes. Xhaka,
        Mustafi, Miki and Ozil quite frankly dont have a
        future at the club and feelers should be subtly
        put out to potential suitors for the summer. It
        also wouldn’t surprise me in the least if one of
        or both Laca and Auba hand in transfer
        requests if Arsenal predictably S the Bed in the
        Europa League.

        AFC are definitely at a crossroads and perhaps
        it’s time for Emery to start bleeding more
        of the young players into the first team
        especially if Kroenke continues to criminally
        neglect his ownership responsibilities.

      3. Also to remind u that konte won the league in his first season with a team that finished 10th the previous season, Wenger was in indeed a genius!

        1. Uchman, please compare the respective squads; Chelsea had dropped tools under Mourinho, but the players were far better, particularly in defense and midfield, than what Arsenal have.

  23. This team needs a good coach and manager. The team finished 6th last season, reached carling cup final, Europa league semis; this shows we are not totally shambolic, with the addition of Leno,Matteo and Toreira, we should be drawing this kind of games at the least. Think Emery needs to work on his tactics. This is not PSG that would win games in ligue 1 with little effort (good tactics) from manager or laliga that is less competitive to EPL

  24. Lol…
    Oh Dear Pat, I just saw your comment on the other article. You and I and a few others know what’s wrong with this team and what needs to be done.. but once you say your mind people say stuffs like you a plastic fan and that the coach is still in his first season.
    I still ask, Is it until we find ourselves in the relegation zone before we start questioning Emery?
    What style or pattern of football do we play??
    Has Emery made any difference with his tactics??

    1. Lol. We are not playing, we don’t fight, we don’t create, we don’t defend. Too many things wrong with Emery’s understanding of premier league. When Pep came, Man City did not remain in the same position or moved up 2 points, the process was there for everyone to see, and everyone knew it was only a matter of time before they win serious competitions. I wish us good luck and I wish you a happy weekend if possible.

      1. pretty unfair to use Pep’s situation as a negative against Emery. Any manager would have done better with City’s squad. Not the mention that summer they bought Gundogan, Sane, Stones, and Jesus. No other team besides PSG could even pull off a transfer window like that. And that season they still only finished 3 points above us.

        1. The honest truth is that Emery isn’t the manager we need. He got the job because he agrees to low spendings, he wants to improve the players we have but that isn’t translating. He hates Ozil because of defensive work rates but his present players aren’t doing that. So what is happening? He said he left Ozil out for tactical reasons but today’s performance is one of the worst in the history of the club. No creativity, no defence, milders were poor, corners were poor, passes straight into the opposite goal keeper, am sorry but there isn’t anything good about the performance today except you want to tell me that West Ham has a better team than us. We didn’t lose to a top 4 team, we lost to West Ham playing very badly, very very badly. Emery is to blame. Please try and analyse the game today and see how bad it was. Teams lose playing well, but this type of performance does not go to top 4.

      2. Exactly Pat, we don’t attack clinically, we don’t defend, we have no style of play..We constantly use 5 defenders and 2 defensive minded midfielders against small teams and still we struggle to win, and folks think it’s not time to question Emery? I’ve never been a fan of the whole 5 defenders thing, I don’t know why we are okay with being that top teams in Europe play with 5 defenders in games?…. Like people used to say, we don’t need Ozil..Lmao..We have enough players to do the creative jobs, it’s so easy to hate on him because of his wage. I bet you a thousand dollars, if Ozil had played today, Over half of fans on here will say it’s his fault he’s getting paid that amount and he’s not scoring goals or playing like Messi..of cus the coach will have his own tactical reasons excuse. He insists on playing from the wings when he doesn’t have the wingers to do so… what a delusional man and a set of brainwashed fans. Wait till you find yourselves in the relegation zone before you question his tactics. oh Pat I’m gonna enjoy my weekend, like ive said a month ago, I don’t expect winnings from Arsenal anymore so I’m no worried or hurt when we lose, I won’t care what happens until we Spend enough money and sign better players

        1. Eddie, if Emery walks or is forced out, who would Arsenal, given the current constraints, be able to attract to manage/coach this Club?

  25. Emery inherited awful players, and has had an injury crisis almost all season…what do people expect? This is the fault of Wenger, Gazidis, and co.

    1. What gives me hope is Emery’s record at Valencia. He walked into a club with around half a billion of debt, and had to constantly sell his best players, yet performed wonders! After 6th in his first season, I think it was three consecutive 3rd place finishes. Only Real, and Barcelona were above them, and we know how difficult it is to finish above those two.

      Patience people!

      1. he needs an eddie grant song and a whole lotta love from the greedy yank … not getting either … we will be overtaken by the mancs by end of the month and fending who ever emerges from the pack of mediocre teams hoping for a shot at europe

    2. Emery had made a few head scratching tactical
      decisions in his short tenure at the club and
      unfortunately he cant be excused for the poor
      form of the team and certain players atm but I
      wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of
      the current lack of collective talent at the club.

      Who honestly believes that this group of players
      is good enough to seriously challenge for a top
      4 finish?


      Mid table talent at best, regadless of who’s
      pacing the sidelines.

  26. Today i do not blame kroenke or emery or the players. I blame every single arsenal supporter that showed up at the game after hearing we have no money on transfers we so desperately need and saying kroenke out. You say kroenke out yet u pay cut-throat prices for his tickets? shame on u lot for supporting this scrooge we have as owner. Till he starts feeling heavy loss via stadium boycott, he won’t give a rat’s ass about our club. Stop attending games if u want to see change. make that sacrifice, it won’t kill u

    1. Are you for real pal?And it shows what YOU know about football.I paid £26 for my seats today as did ALL AFC Away scheme members.But that the point you idiot.It was an AWAY GAME.West Ham get the money not Arsenal you FOOL.
      And yet YOU feel myself and the other 3500 Fans who went to the game are to blame for the loss do you.Did WE pick the team?Did we train and coach the players all week?Did we decide on the tactics?And YOU sat Its OUR FAULT.
      Pal there are some idiots who post comments on this site.You are up there with them.

      1. What did you honestly expect before this game mate, that we were going to do wonders just because some average players have returned to full training or sth? It was obvious today to see that our players didn’t play at their best, I would personally be very worried as a player to hear my manager saying we can’t find money for transfers showing such a luck of ambition, whereas Chelsea is about to sign 2 high-profile midfielders in order to make sure that they play CL football next year. It’s pretty obvious where all this is going to lead to, isn’t it?

        1. What I expect is this ridiculous notion of supporters boycotting games to show Kronke and his Board what exactly?And this idiot saying it was the supporters fault for us losing the game because we bought tickets and attended the match.If Arsenal had WON 16-0 would he have said the only reason the team won the game was because of the 3500 supporters who turned up?Of course not.
          It has been written on this site on far too many occasions that supporters should just not go to games to show the board how much power the fans really has.These are most likely posted by fans that rarely attend or have never attended ANY Arsenal match in their lives.I accept from our Worldwide support the very reason why you have never or only rarely attended games.But I SUPPORT ARSENAL FOOYBALL CLUB.I was there today watching that utterly inexcusable performance and voiced my anger throughout as I always do.But not attending matches?It won’t be me not going as long as I have that final breath in my body.
          In regards affecting sales of merchandise and refreshments?Now that really is something that can be made to happen with the right planning.However will it prevent me buying the replica kits and other stuff for my two grandchildren?No it won’t.
          There are ways to get stuck into Kronke.But let’s just give Emery his “Free Pass” season before making judgements on the Manager AND the Board.If we endure another mediocre season of Sixth Place and Europa League Football next season is that really too much less than we could have reasonably expected?
          The end of the season is final judgement day as far as I’m concerned.We could finish Fourth and win both the FA and Europa Cups But I would still expect investment into this Club for better players than some we have that will NEVER improve no matter who coaches them.

          1. Phil every ounce of respect i used to have for u and your comments died today because u decided to stoop so low in using abusive words. It’s a very stupid thing to do when u hear the truth. The truth doesn’t have to be sugar coated all the time. and i just told u the truth. Rather than be a man and listen and move on. you decided to be a pussy about it and whine like a suckling baby. Today u just proved how senile and common sense deprived u are by spewing the thrash u just did. You want change at the club but you’re too cowardly to do anything about it by boycotting anything arsenal till change is effected. you succeeded in being the ultimate FOOL wasting 20+ pounds on tickets when your money yields no return. you are of all men the biggest of fools. How can you put your money in something and it’s not being used positively. it takes only a stupid man to venture into such. Your folks should have taught u better. Just less than a week that a club says it has no money to buy players we desperately need. What do foolish fools like yourself do? waste more money on an unambitious owner. Says alot about your stupidity and senselessness. when even Bournemouth somehow finds the money to spend. all we can do is loan and we want change?. Run along and go cry to your mom, you Foolish Child

            1. @kstix-firstly YOU are just the type of person and “supporter” who I have absolutely ZERO respect for.And as a “Fellow Poster” on this site YOU are exactly the type I detest.You failed to acknowledge the singular point I made that the SUPPORTERS in that stadium today were not responsible for the defeat.
              I would suggest that I myself,like thousands of fans turn up to watch and SUPPORT their team through thick and thin,rain or shine,good times and bad.We are in a very difficult period.Of that there is no doubt.But not as bad as times in the mid-seventies AND early to mid eighties AND mid nineties.If you were around in those times you would really understand how what we are going through now is transitional.
              I like many thousands of others were there each week HOME AND AWAY supporting our team.What would be the position of Arsenal Football Club these days if myself and all the other thousands of supporters had done what you suggested and stopped attending matches?I will tell you.Arsenal would likely be ground sharing with Barnet and looking forward to London derbies with QPR and Brentford.
              I called you an idiot.That was far too small a word for you but as you are obviously possessed of a mind the same as a five year old it’s probably the only thing you would understand anyway.
              In regards wasting my money I would only say that it’s my money to do as I wish with.I am retired at 62 and have been for over 10 years.I enjoy a very very comfortable lifestyle that allows me to do things with my life as I choose.Other than my family it is Arsenal Football Club that is the passion of my life and always has been and will be.
              And if it was a League derby against QPR or an up north trip to Rochdale next week I would be there.SUPPORTING my team.SUPPORTING my Club.And if I And many other thousands of others had not done so all their lives over the past 125+ seasons then there would not be an Arsenal Football Club for everyone to support.And yes that includes IDIOTS LIKE YOU

              1. kstix, you complain about Phil calling you an “idiot”, yet in your response use words such as “stupid”, “pussy”, “whine like a suckling baby” and question a persons manhood, without knowing anything about them. You are a hypocrite.
                From what I know about Phil he has spent his good money and time following Arsenal through thick and thin over many years. Many of us have seen more dire times than this; the concern is that without investment those days of mid table mediocrity will return.

            2. kstix there are certain rules about posting on this site and you’ve knowingly broke many of them. We have all been calling out the “plastic fans” during Wenger’s time at the club, who would not listen or understand why Wenger and Kroenke had understand still have to go. Phil is a real Arsenal fan in and out so I wouldn’t call him names like you did. We all want our club to compete for major trophies and be among the best in Europe, but we have to come up with a plan on how to make things change and not just blame fellow supporters. Emery’s tactics were outplayed yesterday from a very resilient West Ham and he needs to learn a lot about the Premier League. Had we had Torreira and Özil in the pitch yesterday we may had won it. He needs to take the blame for the loss and learn to be more diplomatic when talking to the press. He has done really well with this squad, but he needs to demand some real spending, also in January, like Sarri demanded a cover for Jorginho and he is now getting two promising midfielders.

    2. It’s not like we expect that suddenly we are going to start playing some real football and fight for the top 4, when we all knew that our luck was going to end at some point. This year is going to end unsuccessful and only with miracle could we win the Europa League and quality for the CL next season. The man said it himself, there is no money for transfers so there is no need to expect anyhing more than a 6-8 place in the Premiership and a quarter-final exit in the Europa League. Call me a pessimist but that’s the way I see things at the moment.
      PS. If we don’t play Özil sell him or loan him away this transfer window, can’t understand how we keep paying him his wages if he doesn’t play at all.

  27. Emery is the only coach is see playing against a 10men defensive team Nd still yet brings in an holding mid-fielder Nd a defender. while he has Ozil Nd milkitayarn on the bench, playing Abu on the wings.The game was crying out loud for someone like Ozil Nd yet he snubs Him. someone should just tell him #EmeryOut# is been typed in the corner and it’s about to be let loose on him , if he thinks he can handle the Arsenal fanbase negativity he better think twice.

  28. If I am Ozil at this point, I will just sit back and enjoy the ride. His track record is better at Arsenal than Emery. So one of them is enjoying this more than the other. Am sure there are many players in many teams that do not agree with their managers but they but somehow find ways to make things work. I know this will be tough for everyone but please try and have a nice weekend!

    1. Lol, I’d be enjoying myself also if I were Ozil, if he actually wants ozil to be marking like a cm or a dm, then he’s wrong.

  29. We can all agree there is a process and process generally takes time, but it is the players priority to play for the fans. To fight for the honour of the badge. To fight for each other and demand they win points. It’s not a given.

    The manager looks flatter then previous games, the club has continuely been given stick for looking only at loan signings and grief for letting Ramsay go.
    It’s all part of the longer process but I say in such times – fans need to support the club…but when they play like today…how can you support??!!

    The players need to stop thinking playing for arsenal is a luxury and start thinking it’s an honour you fight for!

  30. Told you after week 2 Emery out and you all thought it was sarcasm. In it for the money just like the rest of them. I’ll bet anyone on here that Arsenal do not finish higher than 6th this season and will not win Europa.

    1. Bob2, as you appear to be a person of great footballer interlect, in that after week 2 you had assessed that Emery would be a failure, who do you want Arsenal to employ to replace him, given the constraints that manager will be expected to work under?

  31. I’ve seen some fans here saying we shouldn’t complain about auba missing chances cos he’s our top scorer. So is it time to start now?

    I derive my opinions from stats so I’ll guide us through some of them. according to Auba has missed 15 big chances this season. One of those chances was against Chelsea while the score was 0-0, we ended up losing that match 3-2, another of those chances missed was against Brighton while the score was 1-0, that match ended 1-1, then he missed one today while that score was 1-0 and we lost the match.

    Now a big chance according to sqwuaka is a chance that a player is expected to score due to the chance being a one on one, the proximity to goal and how much pressure opposition players are putting on him.

    To put that in perspective, if he’s converted only the big chances he’s has this season without scoring other average chances, he’d have had more goals than he has now, that’s how much he’s missed chances, so for those that think we shouldn’t blame him cos he’s our top scorer, lemme know when it gets out of hand and we can start mentioning it.

    Thank you

    1. I’m not a fan of Aubameyang I’ve said he misses too many chances and his workrate is poor his record in big games is appalling

      1. The top striker in the premiership and you are not a fan of him?
        Let’s sell him and bring Perez back, wherever he is.
        The problem is not Aubameyang – its the ten other donkeys that play behind him.
        Aubameyang is top quality – If I were him I would be looking to move on. He is wasted at Arsenal…

        1. The problem isn’t him but the 10 donkeys behind him?
          It’s the 10 donkeys behind him that made him lose 15 big chances, right?

            1. Aubameyang should be out of sight for the EPL top scorer and Arsenal would have dropped less points. Lacazette is also not without fault, but works harder for the team.

  32. Emery out..he is an overated mediocre manager ..his tactics, player selection and ego dealing with player like ozil cost us the match..and he look more clueless then wenger..

    1. I am honest in saying what I feel – I praise Arsenal when they play well, even if they lose and am critical when they let themselves down. I say it as I see it and don’t hold back. It upsets people on here. I couldn’t care less about that. I don’t hide and am honest in what I say, which is more than can be said for those who have multiple identities on here…
      Regardless of whether I am praising or being critical Arsenal are my team….

    1. Lol… Jah Son why should I watch my back?? I’ve been asking certain questions about Emery and I will continue to do so

  33. Ahhh another season under the Kroenke self sustained model..

    We will always be also rans whilst we do this.
    Unai could make a difference if he could shape a team like he did with Sevilla but you have to have the right players..and we can’t get those because although we are one of the richest clubs in the world we cannot spend money on rebuilding.

    It’s another long term project with loanees with ‘potential’ for the future as is the AFC mantra.

  34. All those beautiful goals that we scored at the start of the season when the players were trying to impress the new manager are all gone. And the managers fight against Ozil continues. So question is will Ozil captain our next home game?

  35. @Sammie, so what’s your point exactly are you saying we should start benching aubamayang because I really don’t understand your argument.

  36. We lack a Cazorla type of player in the middle of the back to control games and take pressure off the team. That – and a world class winger (left or right) should be our priority for the summer.

  37. Someone ought to tell Emery that if you want to play wingers you need to have wingers.
    And perhaps throw in some defensive coaching.
    And may be sign some creative midfielders – Xhaka can barely be described as a central midfielder much less a creative one.
    Some tactics might be useful as well – like defending when we are under pressure, breaking at speed – no, wait you need good players for that – Kolasinac, Iwobi and Xhaka struggle to put one foot before the other.
    Actually – the best idea would be a new manager – no, wait a COMPETENT manager.
    Being passionate is fantastic when you have the players and tactics to match it. Otherwise it just looks rubbish, which is pretty much what Emery’s Arsenal is – rubbish.
    I must admit, I am not surprised that Emery has failed. I expected it because the cheap option seldom is rarely the best one.
    Arsenal took the cheap option with Emery.
    I cannot imagine too much interest for the remaining premiership games – Arsenal fans have grown tired of paying good money and wasting their time to see this. Half empty stadium will make Kroenke rethink whether Arsenal is such a sensible investment – especially with players like Ozil pocketing £350000 a week for having an “injured” knee.

    1. I am sorry Me but did you honestly expect more from this season given our squad strength and a new manager? IMO it is unreasonable to expect major improvements in the first season a new manager is in charge in a situation like ours.

      To write Emery of and to say he has failed is a bit impulsive IMO and hints at a lack of understanding of what we are dealing with at Arsenal.

      1. The manager is paid to ensure a level or performance and is paid to manage – this includes providing tactical intelligence and ensuring that the players understand and are drilled to perform what is asked of them.
        In any walk of life if a manager fails to perform he is removed.
        Emery is no different…
        I see no difference between him and Wenger last year.
        But that is just my opinion…

        1. Unfortunately, I and probably others disagree with your opinion of Emery. He is not Merlin the Magician. To make statements about him signing wingers and a replacement for Xhaka, when Emery has stated that no money has been made available for transfers is ridiculous.
          If Unai Emery decides to walk or is forced out, which manager of equal or better pedigree to Emery would you expect Arsenal to attract?
          I expect there may be be “yes men” managers out there, who are prepared to take the money and not rock the boat.

  38. I console myself that I was realistic enough to see this perf and result coming and nadvised those who bet to lay Arsrenal(bet against us winning). Consequently, I made a substantial sum by backing my judgement. Not wearing rose coloured specs as so many, a large majority too, wear on here is a big financial help when betting.

    Almost everything was dreadful today – a dreadfully wrong start selection and leaving Torreira out was huge and a rather silly mistake. It shows what a paucity of creative players we have here. Only Ozil and Mkhi, neither of whom can be remotely relied on. Neither were available(AS SO OFTEN WITH CONVENIENT INJURIES BY OZIL) and we had zero creativity. As a realist, I have been saying this for ages to the rose coloured specs brigade. I usually put my money where my mouth is and make money, as REALISM HELPS SO MUCH.


    1. No matter how bad we are playing.
      No matter how useless our tactics are.
      Not matter how incompetent our defence has become or the apparent lack of any clue from the manager.
      No matter the lack of ambition from our owners or incompetency regarding players contracts.
      No matter ALL of those things.
      i would NEVER bet against the team I claimed to support.
      You come on here and judge, act as the moral majority and question loyalty of people on here, myself included.

      1. I also bet against arsenal and had Southampton and Watford in a treble .
        Which means on my 10 pound bet I just made 420 pounds profit so for me that makes up for arsenal losing and as made my day so don’t come on here all high and mighty telling fans what we should do and shouldn’t do ,because from your endless posts on this discussion and the constant slagging off our team the only thing I see as disgraceful is you

      2. ME, YOU CLEARLY KNOW ZERO ABOUT BETTING I DO NOT BET AGAINST MY CLUB EVEN THOUGH I BET THEY WOULD NOT WIN TODAY AND WAS RIGHT. I bet against them winning; something completely different. BETTING AND SUPPORTING ARE TWO ENTIRELY SEPARATE ACTIVITIES. Only non bettors, like you, cannot understand this. All I did was to use my realistic and shrewd prediction of the likely outcome to make a sum of money from rich bookmakers, none of which are key sponsors of Arsenal. So my making money harms Arsenal not in the slightest. REALISM! EVEN THOUGH REALISM CLEARLY FRIGHTENS YOU!!!

  39. I am starting to feel like the cousin of Sam P. I might be the only one on here not outraged or depressed.

    Didn’t we always know it was going to take time for the transformation process to take hold (if at all)?

    Yes, we played uninspired. But our team has lacked creative input for quite some time. Ramsey coming on didn’t change that and Ozil might not have changed either.

    It is going to take time for Emery to be able to put his stamp on this team. More than half a season. We have had some uplifting results this season and some downers (like today) but to me it still does not feel like last season.

    Maybe Emery is not the guy, maybe he is but he won’t be able to lead us to major trophies because he won’t get the players to do so. Who knows at this point? But to me it is too early to write of the new project as a failure.

    We will have more ups and downs this season, be prepared.

    I liked seeing Guendouzie play. I really think he is going to be a great player if we can hold on to him. I hope we will see more young players getting chances.

    Remember the struggles of Klopp and Pep when they arrived in the PL. It takes time to turn around a situation like ours.

    1. We have some top quality young players – Guendouzi, Maitland Niles, Smith – Rowe, Saka, Ameachi, Nketiah, Sheaf, Willock and Nelson (next season)
      On one hand you have young, very talented players who have to develop the experience and on the other hand you have experienced players, over paid, living in a comfort zone with (in my opinion) less talent than the young players we have.
      Top four is becoming increasingly out of our reach – now would be a time to blood these players.
      I am, for one excited to see players like Saka, Smith-Rowe and Nketiah more often – certainly a lot more often than seeing Xhaka, Iwobi and Mustafi.
      The long term future IS bright – certainly in midfield and upfront. We need to give these players the chance and move the dross on…

      1. Me – Could not agree more on giving the young players more minutes in the PL to speed up their development.

  40. The best time that a coach can stamp his authority is when he is accepting the job. I think one of the reasons Emery was chosen was the that he didnt demand much from the board and the Ugly American. To be honest with you, he looks like a young version of Wenger.

    He was too eager to get a job I think.

    1. think that is right … i recall that arteta was rejected because he was demanding resources … basically we are going the way of milan … putting a corporate predator in charge of a football club is despicable imo but sadly it is the age we are in … but putting a corporate predator with no interest in the game is a recipe for disaster and that is what we have in charge of AFC … worse hes a ffing feudal corporate predator bequething the running of club to his ffing offspring … needs to change and only the fans can make it happen

  41. The fact that a player should be blamed doesn’t mean he should be benched, the fact that a coach should be blamed doesn’t mean he should be sacked, I just used that post to show us how many points we lost cos of the chances he missed and why he shouldn’t be exempted from blaming.

  42. Once i used to be fired up before Arsenal games. Now I watch the games full of fear of loosing. Board doesn’t give a fcuk, and we are supposed to be happy about the state of affairs at the club!? Is this what supporting is about? Watching lazy b*stards walk the pitch with no dignity!? I could just explode.

    1. Hey man chill out, I can really understand your feelings but we have been seeing this play all those years with Wenger, so don’t get that much excited before a match, cause with AFC Arsenal you can never be sure nowadays. I would never put a bet against my team out of belief, but I wouldn’t bet currently for them either…

  43. We need players on the flank who are able to really dribble, hold the ball, take on players and not just pass the ball and run. We also lack of creative players in the center and defense needs to strengthen as well. If not i think the way we have been playing are too predictable making it easy for our opposition.

  44. Our defense has been a liability for years. In 6 months Emery has done little to fix the problem. Torreria has an impact, but thats due to players quality not Emery coaching or tactics.

    Xhaka still making bone-headed mistakes, Mustafi same old performances, wingers caught out bombing forward, midfield still struggle to control a game. At what point do we start holding manager accountable?

    Read a lot about Pep and Klopp at their beginning. Difference is your saw their style and philosophies being implemented on the pitch. They COACHED up players, benched underperformers, and improved players they could and sold off the rest.

    With Emery Xhaka, Iwobi, Mustafi still feature, they still continuously repeat same foolish mistakes. Emery at odds again with a player, to detriment of the team. Ozil should have started or come on as a sub at the least. We had zero creativity, and Emery states “tactical” bullshit. Reminds me of “cohesion.”

    The setup was wrong, player selection was wrong, and the tactics were non-existent. Shocking that we can’t get a handle in a game vs West Ham. Chelsea, Liverpool, Utd, you could understand; but being outclassed by West Ham is a problem. Whether home or away just avoids the larger issue.

    1. Ozil was unfit, or so he claims! Or to be more precise, not yet match fit. As such, he was left out of the squad, so could not come on as sub. I am becoming puzzled by Emerys’ regular strange start elevens and with who he leaves on bench. Torreira snd Ramsey should have started . Also Bellerin for width and speed, as long as we were having ,as we did, ALL those OTHER defensive players in the eleven. No midfield creativity whatsoever and zero support for our two strikers.

      Emery has been left a bad hand to play but is playing it oddly, at times.

      1. According to a statement from Emery this morning to the press association Ozil was fit and well but was left out for “tactical “ reasons. I agree that Rambo, Torriera and Bellerin should have started, we had zero creativity and whilst a Iwobi was busy he wasn’t decisive. Another mistake from Xhaka and an assist from that little weasel Nasri. Made today even worse.

      2. I too am mystified as to why he keeps leaving out Torreira, and as for saying Ozil was left out for tactical reasons, we’ll if we can’t play him against West Ham who can he play against. We are paying him a fortune to be a part time player….ludicrous.

  45. Lots of frustrated fans out there but when you are in the twilight years like me life is too short to worry about a football result, particularly when the writing has been on the wall for some considerable time.The legacy of Mr Wenger is a squad bereft of quality in vital areas.A major rebuild is obviously required but in the absence of an Owner dedicated to this cause I’m afraid we can expect to witness many more losses to pretty average teams, no disrespect to West Ham who deserved their win.It will take some time to turn this ship around so let’s calm down and see how Emery responds to yet another dismal display.As Me rightly suggested now is the time to give our youngsters a chance .

    1. Sage advice Grandad. This rebuild ride is going to be bumpy and I for one am prepared for the ups and downs. Just wish I could work out Emery’s tactics. I know most were happy to replace an idealist with a pragmatist but honestly I have to admit I’m missing having a more consistent “style”

  46. Its not manager fault if our own player who cant even defend to save there career kola and mustafi been doing the same mistake again and again in defence .we have the worst i mean worst defence and our creativity in midfield is not good compare to our top 5 rivals..really bad its like our players are not even interested to play for us they are just happy with there pay day .it really hurts now all this year same problems there is no room for excuse anymore it really embarrassing now..

  47. Maybe, Kroenke will allow us to bring in the needed players to fight for the top 4 after this loss, so painful but we will still absorb it as usuals.

    January transfer
    1. Central defender with confidence
    2. A creative winger
    3. Another CM to replace Ramsey

    Without the above , there will be no top 4

  48. Just home from the worst stadium in the league, and I would have said that if we had won, awful view. Embarrassing performance, what’s happened to our passing, we can’t find a team mate, unless we are psssing back that is and we pass backwards more than forwards. No heart, no passion, no nothing. For me this was worse than the Liverpool game, at least they are a decent team, but West Ham for effs sake!
    By the way their goal came from a free kick, not a corner so at least our record of not having conceded from a corner is intact. Talk about clutching at straws to find a positive ?. Top 4? Little hope of top 6.

  49. A lot of frustration about the tactics and system being used but I am still adamant that working on 3 4 3 is our first step towards everything else we want to playing 4 3 3 or 4 2 3 1. Once mastered we can dominate because the tactics is to dominate 4 3 3

    It was the first time Mustafi Sokratis Kosc played together and we are more then half way through the season.
    I think the new methods have taken their toll on these players. ..

  50. 5 man defensive set up against West Ham and no wingers or creative influence from the start. It was an uphill fight from the beginning.

    Did I mention 5 man defense with defensive midfielders too? Puzzling set up against West Ham to say the least. Only Emery seems puzzled by lack of creativity or directness.

  51. On a positive note, Arsenal didn’t play so badly. It’s just that they were unfortunate today and with arguably questionable refreeing.
    WestHam was at home and wanted to make a statement motivated by two former Arsenal players in their ranks.
    No defeat and lost points are pleasant, but maybe they can make the management change their mind on the decision not to do business this window. It is still January so business can be still be done seing the state of affairs. I prefer the defeat(s) now than latter when the window had slammed shut.
    It is understandable if fans begin to panic because we have serious matches coming up, but for me I am confident (I don’t know why) that Arsenal will respond well to this defeat and come back stronger than before.
    So let’s not be sad overmuch because it came at a good time.

    1. Didn’t play so badly! Do you have a Specsavers near you? If so, make an appointment asap.
      Arsenal were terrible, absolute gash.

  52. I hope Man U absolutely tear spurs a new one tomorrow.
    Yes MU will go above us but wtf, we ain’t getting top 4 and I detest spurs.

    1. Unfortunately as much as anyone hates Spurs it looks like the time has come where the roles
      are been reversed. Arsenal seems in a downward trend in terms of players/manager and club
      management. Spurs in the other hand have managed to bring in one of the top 5 manages in world football / have a very deep team and are playing some great football with an outside chance to win the league. None of the above holds true for Arsenal at this time.
      We hired a manager that could not manage bigger players and obviously he has found a way to
      create an environment of self ego vs what is best for the team.
      Whether some fans agree or not about Ozil’s work ethic one thing is clear. He is needed in the group and also UE has played head games with Lacazette as well.
      The system is wrong and the fact we went on a winning streak was mod=stly due to the fact the players worked harder to adapt and got lucky also with some results.
      The deterioration of quality chances and the obvious lack of tactical set up is due to UE been
      short sighted and stubborn as he continues to milk the fact we won before.
      This is not much of an upgrade from Wenger but given the fact United also went thru similar
      problems this will be a wait and see approach.

      I hate to think we switched spots with Spurs but from an objective view it looks like top 6 will be
      an achievement considering the second part of the season we have more away games (I think)

      This was a must win game and Emery blew it as he blew the Brighton game before Liverpool.
      These 2 results long with the Southampton fiasco may have determined our fate.

      Call Diego Simeone now!!!

      1. And look forward to him laughing in Arsenal’s face.
        Simeone and Emery have a mutually respectful relationship. There is no way Simeone would leave Atletico Madrid for Arsenal after observing what Emery has had to put up with, particularly the lack of financial support in the transfer market from the owner.

  53. Arsenal is becoming synonymous to disappointment. Stingy board of directors, entimental managers, and average players is a balanced equation for failure in sport.

  54. This team is becoming a big joke. The moment I saw the line up, I just decided to use the time for something else. I expected us to play a boring game but I still thought we could win. This is very bad

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