Arsenal summer transfer plans already at risk from Man United?

Maybe Arsene Wenger will already be having second thoughts about pursuing this Premier League player that has been the subject of plenty of Arsenal transfer rumours this season. Because after a brilliant start to his debut season in the EPL, the Watford and Nigeria international star Odion Ighalo is having the same sort of dry spell as our own centre forward Olivier Giroud.

We really could have done with him finding the net yesterday because he had a few good chances and a goal for Watford would have taken points off the league leaders Leicester City. Ighalo has already netted 16 goals from his 26 league games and his all round game has been very impressive.

If the Arsenal manager really is interested in signing him, though, and decides to follow up his transfer interest in the summer, there have been positive noises coming from the Watford boss who accepts that his star might leave. But there is now some bad news as well, as The Mirror is reporting that Man United are also interest in the £20 million rated hitman.

And if they do enter the transfer battle then Wenger may as well not bother, because Ighalo has already admitted that he followed the club as a kid and would be delighted to play for them.

He said, “I don’t think I will be moving but I’m not sure I’d say no if United called.

“They were my team growing up. I loved watching Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke on TV. They were my idols and playing at Old Trafford has always been a dream.”

Would you like to see Ighalo come to Arsenal? And if United do sign him who else should the Gunners go for?

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  1. So, not getting IghaLo is Risky huh?

    The Likes of Aubameyang, Lewandowski will be poached away by cheaper teams while we sit and watch doing nothing!

  2. I dont think Man-U are interested in who we are after, we are looking for 10 Million pound man Man-U are looking for 100 million man, we should worry more about midd to bottom table clubs who now have money to spend thanks to the TV rights,if any descent player are linked with us is a media hipe or we offer way below asking price,

    the only thing that makes any seance is that the owners are going for profit so they can sell the club/shares at a high price,

    1. it feels like football has changed there are owners who are in it for the glory of wining trophies no mater what it costs and there are others who just see it as a business and Arsenal is the later,

      i suppose you will get a surprise once every 30 to 40 years like Leicester and spuds

        1. lol

          NY-Gunner your always there to put us right thanks, where would we be without loyal fans like you,

          you made me realize after 40 years that i have been supporting a business and not what i thought was a competitive sport team,

          i thought football become a business when club chairman’s or owners try to generated income to spend on players so what happened and why no one told Roman Abramovichi or even the Zayed Al Nahyan they keep spending, i suppose they are not a good business man

          1. @Tas
            Their good businessmen, with no board members to answer to per se, since they use personal capital…Once more with feeling, keep up.

  3. in jeopardy??!!what are you talking about?
    Manchester united cannot poach over 30 worldclass players.
    There is a long list of players available capable of fitting at arsenal.
    Its only the manager who needs to do more in the market

    1. I agree there are a lot of players who lift Arsenal but that is more because of the fact that we have many average players rather than there being 30 world class players available.

      I am at pains to name even 3 possible world class strikers that could be available. Lewondowski is one but would not come to Arsenal if he were to leave Bayern, Higauin at 31 is too old, Aubameyaung is an exciting player who I would love to see at Arsenal but is at the level just before being world class IMO. Benzema? Perhaps, but would he come from Real Madrid to Arsenal? Doubt it.

    2. Arsene needs to spend less time in french ligue 2, and more time watching CL and other big tournements.

  4. To me the likes of Ozil and Sanchez were “proven” players in as far as a player can be proven before he arrives in the PL.

    I would like Wenger to buy an other proven player this summer, preferably a striker who can score more than 20+ PL goals. Ighalo is not that player although he could turn into a success. it is always risky to buy a “project” for a crucial position. Wenger loves projects though so who knows.

    I do think we will be beaten all summer long in the transfer market by the likes of City, Man U and Chelsea. All three of these teams are more decisive in the transfer market then we are to begin with, and if you add to that the fact that they will likely give there new managers a nice budget to buy new players (strikers as well). We can forget competing for players these clubs want.

  5. There are no risk involved in not buying Ighalo. If the story that Wenger is interested in him is true, that means Wenger is going for the cheaper option again as usual and not necessarily quality.

    1. The only risk is buying someone who does not contribute, but also takes the spot of someone who could have, like Aubameyang and Lukaku.

      1. I don’t think Lukaku is world class, but I would take him in a heart beat over Giroud. He is a better finisher, faster and more physical and PL proven.

  6. We will fail to move forward in the UCL. Then the board/Wenger will have another good excuse not to spend and the cycle will continue. Top Players will not want to come to Arsenal because of their lack of UCL (at all , or if waiting on qualification by which time the best would have already been signed).

    Ozil/Sanchez et al may decide that the dream sold to them wasn’t all it was made to be after all and may attract them to search for a new adventure.

    We will sign as a consequence lower quality and will give youth some opportunity (not all bad you say, but more time will be needed for ‘potential’ to be reached all the while handing an advantage to opposition).

    We could sign better than the guy mentioned in the article but we won’t unless it’s done as a tactic by the board to get the fans off Wenger’s and their backs for a bit and to conceal their true lack of ambition.

    1. We will give youth some opportunity you say.

      Our youth program or academy looked promising in a time where Wilshere and Ramsey showed early promise after Cesc did extremely well early on. But what has happened to our academy? What have they produced since? Not enough IMO. Iwobi might be promising but how about all the other promising players what happened to them? Coq was only discovered by accident and would have been sold had it not been for an injury crisis. Gnabry showed some promise as did a number of other young players but most have been dispatched since. Not even Chambers gets the amount of playing time you would hope would be invested in our future. Instead we keep seeing Flamini come into the squad.

      It is hard for me to see a real drive to bring through young talent the way we used to.

      1. I couldn’t agree more. Just a proposed scenario and not fact. The point is if we always have potential class strikers and not finished articles who have already learnt their trade we can only buy suffer.

        Our youth production line has hardly been prolific but then what has..

      2. Agreed af – Zelalem and Crowley were supposed to be these world class talents, but where are they? Not even good enough to get a go at first team football in the FA cup…

  7. We like to window shop only. Loads of them up Londons west end.Looking but keeping their hands in their pockets. Not invented by Wenger but endorsed by Wenger.

  8. IF Wenger stays he will be forced by many to look for and purchase either an established WC striker (which is a rarity) or a very promising young striker to replace Giroud who will turn 30 this year. Realistically Aubameyang may be the only established prolific striker we have a chance to bag but he will come at a hefty price. I believe we should instead go for Lukaku who is a young and already established striker in the EPL, plays as a lone striker and would be a great replacement for Giroud.

    Many may disagree with this but i don’t think we should write off Sanogo so soon. He shows moments of brilliance, fits our game and i think what he lacks the most is confidence in himself. He is obviously not what we need right now but i think he could become a great striker in a couple years.

    I truly believe Lukaku to be our best option forward to purchase this summer realistically and he could go for 40-60m. That is definitely a lot of money especially by Arsenal standards but it could be possible.

    1. Sanogo? moments of brilliance? the guy was free, failed miserably where he came from, his first touches are awful, he can’t run 10 meter with the ball, he can’t shoot straight and he falls when presented with a goal scoring opportunity. Where you really talking about the same yaya sanogo?? Or his hat trick in pre season still runs in your mind?

  9. Going on past evidence and noting that the “proposed war chest” is 75 million (ironically the same as it was last summer) I would say that we’ll likely get a striker but it wont be a top class one it’ll be a lasser known player who Wenger will want to be lauded for if he turns into a 25 goal a season striker a la Henry
    Dont expect any earth shattering buys cos the majority of that huge cash boost from BT sports will make its way to the boards private accounts.
    What we really need is a huge clearout of the dead wood and that includes not just the over the hill players but also some like Walcott who are just barely turning up for 130 K a week.
    BUT what we’ll get is no profit on Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky and maybe only one major purchase to the tune of “there are no players out there for sale who are better than what we have” or “we tried to sign the player but the club he was at asked too much” or a desultory offer for say karim Benzema of 35 million and one half pence, just to piss the club he’s at off enough to refuse to sell full stop.
    Same Wenger same board same Kroenke same Gazidis same result

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