Arsenal superstar accused of being carried

Tony Cascarino has claimed that Arsenal have been ‘carrying’ Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, whilst adding that he is ‘up there with the best’ when he wants to be.

The striker is currently struggling for goals, with his (and the club’s) only goal in the last four Premier League outings coming from the spot.

The team as a whole is creating very little for those up top however, although you could argue that certain players can make their own opportunities.

Cascarino has accused Aubameyang as choosing when to play however, claiming the goalscorer ‘confuses’ him.

“Aubameyang always confuses me. I have to be careful how I choose my words because I know he’s so much better than what I’ve ever been,” he told TalkSport (via HITC).

“He’s a great player when he wants to be and up there with the very best, but when he doesn’t it feels like you’re carrying him. He’s on the fringe of a game.”

The Gabon international has seemingly lost form shortly after signing his new contract, which isn’t a point I like to bring up, as I personally believe the team is currently working too hard on stopping our opponents, than winning games.

Aubameyang has been amazingly consistent in front of goal ever since making the switch to the Emirates from Dortmund, and his failures of late, which have tied into the entire team, is his worst run of since joining almost three years ago.

Does Aubameyang choose when to bring out his best game? Or do you agree with me that the team is simply not doing enough to help the 31 year-old?


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  1. Whoa ..Now Auba…

    Can’t u see all attack has a pb?

    No one to pass the dem ball in defensive set up Arteta plays team.

    Leave players alone. The tac tic where and how he plays him or Saka is wrong, as it is to play Willian,!

    Auba is one is no LW but Saka best one in UK. He is our CF first choice or also good coming from right wing.

    Either way, we need a player to feed forwards. We have many options to balance team, but no coach!

  2. Cascarino has a fair point as Auba is not a consistent hardworker and in some games he is as invisible as Ozil was when he used to wear our shirt in games.
    Auba has been a massive disappointment, esp in lack of effort this season and this cannot be allowed to continue.
    Play for the team or be left out is what I always say with all lazy players.

    1. Jon Fox if someone as Intelligent as you, cannot see the the team is really suffering because of the coach tactics then I don’t really think you are as Intelligent as you think you are. If anything Aubamayang has been the one carrying this team since we signed him and as much as I dislike ozil, it’s not for his laziness it’s because I believe he has been finished for over 3 seasons.

      1. LENO HAPPY it is irony in a great degree when an inpatient man like you know demands virtually instant success and fails to see the shambles MA inherited and the enormous progess already made-including two trophies in only 11 months – and actually blames this wonderful managers coaching. That you think I am not intelligent, whenit is you who are wilfullY blind to thr great progress and immature enough to demand INSTANT SUCCESS, is ironic beyondrational belief. I will not bother replying to you again as it is pointless talking to an empty head!

        1. It’s those two trophies claim again Jon, what is going on with the Cs now being a trophy?

          I think Patrick answers his own question really, when he states that “the team as a whole is creating very little for those up top” – that is what we should be thinking about and how ironic that both Lenohappy and Jon Fox ignore that glaringly obvious point.
          Also both of them have majored the view that every player should play their part both defensively and in attack, Aubameyang doesn’t fit that criteria in any way shape or form… surely if he’s not getting the service to score goals, we should see him back helping the defence and/or looking for the ball himself?
          Just like Henry used to do!!

          1. Funny that, Ken, how it was always a ‘glorified friendly’ and not regarded as a trophy…. until now 😂😂 When it suits hey?!! 🤪

            1. Sue, you recently said that you have a good memory and so it seems.
              I just want a level playing field when comparing anyone – and so do you 💯%

  3. The media’s embellishment of football is becoming unbearable… constant swing of opinions on a match to match basis, spurs for example, couple good wins and sky sports pumps out 3 different articles about them winning the title lol, auba has 5-6 games in a rut and now hes being ‘carried’. And its seeping into fans making them ultra critics, we win at O.T and us fans get super carried away with it, then lose the next game and then it’s all “arteta out!” Honestly its exhausting.

      1. These are the same players who were doing well just the other day. Auba was carrying this team on his boots the other day. All these players can’t become useless overnight. Don’t skirt around the problem. The problem with Arsenal is Mikel Arteta. He thinks you win be the number of back-passes made. 90% of arsenal passes nowadays are to the keeper rather than scoring the other end. How do you win by facing your goal instead of the opponent’s goal? That’s why Auba is not scoring. He has been reduced to back-pass instead of attacking. It’s the style of MK. So the problem in Arsenal is MK period!!

  4. Being played out of position will do this, his being played out wide which limits his options to Rome free and run at defenders from anywhere he wants to, plus the lack of creativity is also not good for him…

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