Arsenal Supporters Alliance make demands, including headphones ban for players

In a statement posted by the Arsenal’s Supporters Alliance, the Arsenal team have been issued several demands, one of which relating to players arriving for matches wearing headphones.

The statement calls for Arsenal’s players to make a ‘genuine engagement with supporters’, as well as bizarrely suggesting that the captain will choose the ‘sleeve length’.

Do you think that all of our players wearing the same size sleeves will actually have a considerable impact on the team’s performance – is this the kind of issue that we as a fanbase should focusing on?

As per BBC Sport, Arteta has been handed a three-and-a-half-year deal by the Gunners, this will be the Spaniard’s first managerial job.

Check out the statement below:

The statement also calls for the team to arrive at matches in suits and without headphones on.

The Arsenal Supporters Alliance add that the team should applaud ‘all sides of the stadium pre-match’ – it’s unsettling to see that such an otherwise standard gesture of respect towards fans is being demanded for.

Arteta will take charge of his first game on Boxing Day as we travel to Bournemouth.

We’ve only managed to win one of our last 13 games across all competitions and a solid run over the Christmas and new year period would give us a fighting chance to seriously challenge for a top six spot this season.

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    1. Sleeve length should be the decision of the player, for each individual’s comfort.
      As stated above let’s just give Mikel Arteta as head coach, the opportunity to in still discipline in the Arsenal squad.

  1. Arsenal fans can be so dramatic!
    How about Arteta banning all PlayStations😒😒
    Might as well select the color of Jersey the team play in

  2. They can arrive in anything they like if they go out and blow the opposition out of the water. Their attire is not my concern but what they do on the pitch is. Ronaldo manages to arrive with headphones on and a track suit and still perform, its about what you do on the pitch.

  3. The issue regarding the sleeve length is a tradition that goes back to the seventies if not sixties. If Arteta is attempting to bring back the The Arsenal Way as a discipline then why should he be castigated for this?And I can assure you Flamini would never have made it out of the changing rooms in the days of McLintock and Adams if he tried that nonsense. Even PV4 recognised the value it brought to the Club and insisted on the tradition being carried on under his own captaincy.
    FFS-I would welcome the return of the Metropolitan Police Band of it resulted in an upturn of form and resulted wins.

    1. Highlight of halftime Phil, especially when the Drum Major(?) tossed the mace(?) and everyone hoping he would drop it.

      1. I`d prefer instead of tossing the mace……….Stan Kroenke leads the band and tosses his syrup into the air and a buzzard flies down and goes in for the kill of the air bourne hairy beaver!

        1. I always got annoyed when they marched past the A-Z of half-time results rather see them back than worry about headphones!!!

          The thing is GB, in the”old days” you could meet some of the players in the pub…but it was the awestruck fans who always bought them a pint (or two!!).

    2. Agree, Phil. It may seem petty to some, but it’s more about respect for the captain and club traditions. Arsenal is already losing its identity as it is.

    3. How about a return of the great David Dein too Phil! I too used to love the Met Police band! I remember when the leader dropped the baton twice in one half time. I am old fashioned and liked their music too and Alex Morgan, the singing tenor. Hope you and I can put our silly quarrels behind us now and start again. I said some dreadful words and am sorry. I am resolving to either be much kinder or leave altogether, as I wrote on here to Ken, earlier today. Don’t like all this arguing and it doesn’t do any of us much good. Stupid male pride, certainly on my part! Sincere wishes for you and your family to have a Merry Christmas!

  4. So, captains choosing sleeve length is a tradition at the Arse. I recall a interview with Tony Adams saying if the team hadn’t performed in training he’d make them wear short sleeves in the next match if he knew it was going to be freezing rain just to make a point. Shame we don’t have a captain all the players respond to and respect!

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