Arsenal Supporters Trust delivers a statement on redundant staff

Arsenal Supporters Trust has lent a hand of support to the Arsenal staff that the club has decided to make redundant.

The club has just been forced to cut down their staff as they seek to save money due to the coronavirus pandemic.

They announced that 55 of their staff will be made redundant in a move that they have no choice but to make.

Among those that will be affected are the leading scouts at the club, and the Arsenal supporters trust had expressed their regret that this had to happen.

They tweeted that they had expected the pay cuts that the players and executives had taken to have been enough to cushion the impact of the pandemic.

However, that hasn’t been the case. They added that the redundant staff have to be given all the support that they need including their redundancy packages, and they have made the decision to speak to the club regarding that in the coming days as well.

Their tweet read: ‘AST is sad to see the news that 55 members of staff are to be made redundant. Arsenal players have contributed to savings at the club by taking voluntary wage cuts. We had hoped these savings would be used to ensure all Arsenal staff are looked after in these difficult times.

‘It is also really important that those staff let go are given as much support as possible in terms of their redundancy package. We will be contacting Arsenal to stress these points’.

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  1. This is a text book example of how this pandemic is not the great levelled it was suggested to be. More than just creating inequalities, it amplifies the ones that already existed.

    Having said that, I can’t believe that Arsenal are the only club looking at redundancies and can’t help but wonder why AFC is being held up as the poster child for football establishment greed (which we all know exists but choose to look the other way most of the time, myself included)

  2. The crisis is not over yet. Fully expect other clubs to follow suit sadly. In the end plus must exceed minus to survive for all. And for a football club it is not really a good option to sell players just to keep up with running costs.

  3. it is definitely a sad day for all of those who are affected and my thoughts go out to all of them.

    I am abit shocked tho, like many other people that we can sack 55 non playing staff members and still make new signings, i would have thought that keeping your house in order first would be the no 1 priority

    1. It is hard to disagree from a purely humanitarian perspective, but without the new signings then the future of the club would be more bleak. The jobs only exist because the team exists.

  4. Should the players & staff be surprised over this ugly dev? Really? An unverified narrative was out there that Ozil & 2 other unnamed players demanded to know how the savings from their salary cuts would be utilized for the benefits of the club, when the proposal was made out to them in the peak of the covid 19 leading to the lockdown & the eventual suspension of the league. While other players complied without asking questions, Ozil refused to budge without his getting the answer. While his contemporaries became good boys for complying, Ozil suddenly became a bad guy, ostracized, and frozen from the squad without any credible reasons, advanced by the coach nor the Mgt, apart from the glimpses of speculations made out, here & there by those numerous pundits & fans alike. One may therefore be forgiven, if he attributes Ozil’s saga to his noncompliance to the demand of his salary cut. Probably, If his contemporaries had tallied awhile & spoken with one voice as Ozil, the latest dev. in the club wouldn’t have come to them as a surprise, since the Mgt would have been forced to take them into confidence & perhaps avail them the template of the reforms, showing the course & shape the reforms would be pursued by the club. This could have guided the players take an informed joint decision as a unit. The whole lot of the Arsenal players however did not go with the simple dictum that says, ‘look before you jump’. They threw caution to the winds. The end results is what is panning out now. It may be just the beginning of worse things to come. The Kroenkes don’t appear to give a hood to Arsenal, nor the EPL in general. They probably see their investments in Arsenal project purely in business prisms, just in this for good business returns, nothing else really matters. Afterall , soccer as they call it, is never their No.1 sport so, never No.1 priority, so, why bother? As they say – ‘He who laughs last, laughs best’, Ozil should have the bragging rights to laugh, but I believe hel would not, because of t the gravity of the situation. Afterall, his charity projects would at least not be suffering for his not allowing the cut in his wages for the benefits of the owners of the club rather than for the club. Hmm, just musing. My thoughts though. Only soliloquying.

  5. @ “BaaH”

    You succeeded in making me amused at what you are attempting…Though not for making light of the well-being of the 55. ” Anyone who continues to make money off the Arsenal brand should….”

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