Arsenal Supporters Trust trying to force Kroenke into one more AGM before Full takeover

With the beginning of the season seeming to be the perfect time for Stan Kroenke to quietly complete his full takeover at Arsenal, with all the headlines full of the transfers and opening game discussions, it seems the Arsenal Supporters Trust are aiming to take legal advice and try to delay the takeover so that Kroenke will have one final AGM where he can feel the ire of the Arsenal fans who are set to lose their shares to the American by cumpulsoty purchase.

The Standard reports…

The Arsenal Supporters’ Trust are set to reject Stan Kroenke’s offer to buy out their members’ shares in the club and are seeking legal advice to challenge the compulsory purchase aspect of his takeover.

Kroenke Sports Enterprises (KSE) last week announced to the London Stock Exchange they had bought Alisher Usmanov’s 30 per cent stake in the club for £550million, triggering a formal offer for the remaining shares in the club, worth £29,419 each.

The American businessman now owns 97.14 per cent of the club, with the rest owned by around 400-500 private shareholders, who are all considering whether to sell quickly or put on a show of defiance. The existing purchase offer expires on August 28.

Takeover law dictates that Kroenke will complete his sale regardless, so any move to reject his initial offer or mount a legal challenge will, in effect, only be a symbolic gesture. However, the AST believe it is possible they could instigate a sufficient delay to put pressure on Kroenke to hold one final Annual General Meeting later in the year.

An AST spokesman said: “The AST are minded not to accept the offer and are seeking legal advice on the merits of the compulsory purchase intention.

“While this may be a futile last stand around custodianship, transparency and supporter involvement in ownership, the AST and many of its shareholding members are not going away without a fight.”

Kroenke will be desperate to get Arsenal registered as a private company as quickly as possible, so it is a bit like Cuser’s Las Stand, especially when up against the best lawyers a billionaire can buy. But Oh, wouldn’t be good to get him under the spotlight just one more time…..



  1. Innit says:

    No point
    Kroenke will own Arsenal outright
    It’s over Johnny. It’s Over!

  2. pires says:

    Make him understand that he has to spend.Otherwise he will face protests.

    1. Sue says:

      I can’t see him losing any sleep over that!

      1. McLovin says:

        Can we wish his health to deteriorate for the sake of this club and the millions of fans?

  3. John0711 says:

    Stop with all this BS stop attending and spending money
    Or shut up and get on with it

  4. Aardvark says:

    It’s pointless, what protests? There will still be a queue for tickets. Can’t we just give him a chance to show us this year his intentions first?

  5. msty says:

    FFS we cant stop the inevitable lets hope Emery get the best out of what he has on his disposal. i hope to see some changes for the next game beside any line up with xhaca Ramsey and ozil to play against a decent side(Leicester everton etc) not even the big boys wont get a win… too soft hearted bunch lacking grit….. if 2 of those 3 starts against Chelsea Emery will feel the heat of the fans, forget about giving him time he needs to show he learnt from mistakes.. FYI his team selection was poor in the city game and that cost us the game

  6. barryglik says:

    “Cusers las stand”.
    Well we know how that ended 🙂

  7. John Ibrahim says:

    usmanov considering Everton investment…..

    a major clean out wenger, gazadid and usmanov gone

  8. Tom says:

    Firstly, I am far from impressed at the last AGM when Silent Stan chose to put out a statement in the press prior to the meeting and did not directly speak to the supporters trust (instead referring to his statement)

    Secondly, I manage several European manufacturers here in the UK and Ireland and one of them is owned 50% by an investment capitalist firm and 50% by the founding family (4th generation) and growth cannot be achieved without the family investing (which they cannot do)

    Why should Stan be investing all if he only gets 60% return (all while the other 40% reaped the benefits)
    By owning 100% is he more likely to invest more? I think it’s only fair we demand such requests- even if that’s towards increasing operation costs (to obtain more turnover).

    I don’t know the structure at arsenal but our new backroom staff is better now then 2 years ago. We have a sporting director now which Liverpool and City have seen benefits from- while Man U themselves are looking to appoint one (now seeing it’s benefits). A manager can’t do it all in the modern game.

    Stan should be careful what he wishes for, he will be 100% accountable for arsenals future success (and failures)

    1. McLovin says:

      “Stan should be careful what he wishes for, he will be 100% accountable for arsenals future success (and failures)”

      Thing is, he cares little for success if his teams bring PROFIT. We can see this by taking a glance at this US-based clubs he owns. None of them are really succesful, quite the opposite.

      1. ozziegunner says:


  9. Uchman says:

    watch out the hypocrisy in this group, any day we win a match, emry takes the glory, any day we loose wenger takes the blame,!!! before the start of the season every one here was super anxious and super excited, and the expectations was so high, buh after we got humbled by man city that it even took a great performance from Cech to avoid a total embarrassment every one now is blaming wenger for living a mess!! no amount of propaganda and lies will change facts,I laugh atimes when I read about the hype of ghendouzi, WTF, dude had a baptism of fire on Sunday, he caused us the first goal, gifted Aguero a great opportunity to punish us, was very terrible in positioning, being dribbled like he doesnt exist, very lausy and clumsy, yet dude is always bn highly rated, WTF, the easiest targets now is xhaka, iwobi ozil,ramsey mustafi and Cech, every defeats now revolves around them but the glory of every win will surely go to some else, hypocrisy is a very terrible disease,

    1. kev says:

      If the was a medicine for class I think it should be given to some people here.Someone is probably gonna come back insulting you for stating your observation.Some of our players are massively overrated it’s unbelievable.I look at the players of some other teams and see them as normal but when I come back to compare them with ours they are even better.I just hope Emery doesn’t also overrate some of our players in his mind too.Hopefully he plays our best lineup.I hope people realize this is the EPL and not just any league.

    2. Angello says:

      My brother, I agree with all u said except for Guendouzi, u either was watching another match or you have a personal beef with the lad.

  10. Innit says:

    We just need to hope he invests enough money In players but from the other teams he owns with his wife (daughter of the owner of Wal-Mart), Stan seems to be totally into the profit side than trophies. Stan knows he’s got Arsenal fans by the balls! He knows fans will continue buying season tickets, matchday tickets, merchandise and sponsors’ merchandise.

    The Glaziers and Abramovich have a good balance of making profit and winning trophies. They care about the Club’s reputation and history too, well at least more than Kroenke. Remember Kroenke took the St Louis Rams from St Louis to LA to become the LA Rams! Money is more important to him.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      the glaziers rely on utd heavy merchandising and commercial income…

      man utd is a global name especially in Asia…people are willing to shell out even 200 to 300 for a utd shirt…

      as for abramhovich….his source of funds are………well….its for everyone guessing…

  11. JJPawn says:

    I will give him through January to see if he allows transfer funds. If not, I am out.

    It is football, and I love Arsenal for its unique relationship with us over the years, but especially under Wenger when we self-funded a stadium and built a brand.

    If the US buyer is just using Arsenal to make money, most of us should stop watching and move on.

  12. Jeremy says:

    We are not going down without a fight.

    I dun think fans are that dumb. Will people pay top dollar for tickets to watch hopeless team.

    Kroenke better wise up if he is just here to milk fans. Fans had walked out last season, surely they won’t hesitate to stop paying.

    He may end up wishing he never set foot in Arsenal FC.

    1. Patrick_G says:

      I agree 100%, this is now a catch 22 for Silent Stan. Because the fans are pissed of with him already for years in fact. So there’s a big chance he will lose lots of money from Arsenal if fans and commercial deals finance gets less.

      He is now 100% at risk, the club is valued at 1.8 bilion, and if things go south, then he could soon be valued at 500 million, and that is a loss I dont think he would like.

      So investing is integral for further stability and success for him and the club. Lets wait and see.

      But most importantly for me, is that we need to manage our players contracts and buy the correct players (besides the amount) – sometimes its also about the players attitude and mentality not just skills (example – Lichteiner).

      1. Jeremy says:

        Time to show him who are the real boss of Arsenal FC.

        Just one season of poor gate receipt, good lesson that he will never forget.

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