Arsenal supports Henry over his social media decision

Arsenal has thrown their support behind Thierry Henry after their club legend quit social media in protest at a lack of action from the owners of the platforms with regards to abuse and bullying.

Racial abuse and online bullying have been commonplace on social media for a long time now.

Players now get abused every other week and social media companies have been asked to do something about it.

Their responses have been weak and it seems to enable the abusers to continue their actions.

Some players have had to even abandon their social media accounts because they simply get too much negativity.

Henry took it a step further and announced that he would delete his accounts on the platforms.

The Frenchman followed that announcement with action and when Arsenal searched for him on Twitter, he was gone.

The club then posted a screenshot of the search result which said his account didn’t exist anymore and caption the post: “This shouldn’t have to be the answer”.

Henry’s action is the first big step by a top former or current player in the game and it could soon become a movement that will see clubs and their players leave social media if things don’t change.

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  1. If the club support him by doing the same then that is a statement, otherwise it is as futile as taking the knee which is only aggravating people. When kapernack did it, it was during the national anthem, that was a statement.

  2. Social media is a minefield for unwary people, whether or not they are players. Gareth Southgate has also come off it and he is also wise IMO. You need thick skin to risk the hatred of morons and Neanderthals. If you can develop or just have a thick skin, then it is a valuable tool but still a dangerous one.


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