Arsenal switch attention from Suarez to another Barca outcast

As the end of the winter transfer window approaches Arsenal are casting their nets far and wide for players to bring in on loan to help us get to the end of the season in reasonable shape, but they seem to be having little luck so far. It looks like the deal for Denis Suarez has hit a brick wall, so now they have reportedly asked Barcelona to loan them another outcast in Malcom. The Sun reported this morning…..

ARSENAL are on red alert for Barcelona’s Brazilian misfit Malcom — and hoping for developments before deadline day.

The Gunners asked Barca to let them have attacking star Malcom on loan during their talks over midfielder Denis Suarez.

Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde has been ignoring former Bordeaux star Malcom, 21, this season but the club hierarchy still rate him highly and are reluctant to lose him.

That may open the door for a loan before the window shuts to keep him sharp for a return in the summer, while also putting the winger in the shop window to keep his value up.

Barcelona are dithering about Malcom’s long-term future and would demand £50million for him if they sell, a fee Arsenal would consider paying.

There is no doubt that Arsenal could seriously do with an out and out winger, but I’m not sure Malcom is the answer. What do you think?



  1. How any Arsenal fan with a functioning futbol
    brain could question the necessity of adding
    a talent like Malcolm in a glaring position of
    of need is beyond my comprehension. He
    may not be able to get a run in the Barca 1st
    team atm but his skill set on the wings is
    something that AFC desperately needs and
    the Brazilian imho would immediately slot
    into the starting 11. His pace, direct approach
    and willingness to take on defenders would
    add a much needed dynamic to a rather
    predictable Arsenal attack atm.

    If Barca are willing, AFC shouldn’t think twice
    about acquiring his services.

    1. Actually he is not quick, but he is skillful and willing to challenge the opponents, just like Sanchez in his prime

      Currently only Iwobi is willing to do that in the team, so Arsenal need more attackers like Malcom

  2. Ah excellent news! Malcom is a fine talent and would be a masterstroke if Emery could pull this off. It is also worth noting Ernesto Valverde is not having anyone breathing down his neck for his “treatment” of 40M man Malcom. The reality is players get benched when they do not fit the coach’s plan. Valverde can be thankful there are no know-it-all fans at Barca ready to remind him at every available opportunity who he is or isn’t allowed to bench.

  3. Good if they choose Malcom instead

    Malcom is not as quick as Mbappe, but he is a specialist inverted winger. He is also a left-footed attacker, which could balance out our predominantly right-footed squad

    Actually I’d prefer someone taller and quicker like Sarr, to dominate the opponent’s fullback, but a natural winger like Malcom is better than getting another CM

  4. We were in for this fella 12 months ago then Wenger said he was “not ready”! Now that he got to Barcelona he’ll be demanding a much higher wage than he would have accepted if we had got him first…

  5. arsenal is increasly starting to look like aclub lacking ideas. why can’t they address the midfielder and backline challenges we have had for over last ten years? we need wingers yes, but those we can get from our academy.get a Cazola like ballplayer, get arigth. and Central defenders…how come Liverpool identified and fixed the issues they hard? even during Wenger last three years, these were issues.address them heading.

    1. Denis Suarez could be Cazorla 2.0, but there seems to be a problem in getting him

      Probably because Arsenal’s current wage bill is already bloated

  6. All these rumours popping up… how long has the window been open???? We’re now into the last few days…. I’ll be majorly surprised if we sign anyone (yes even on loan)

      1. Or a bloody panic buy ? someone that we don’t really need (Arteta springs to mind ?) still can’t find any concrete news on Kos or Sok!!

        1. After that 8-2 horror show at old Trafford ? soks and Kos should miss Cardiff Sue actually I’d be surprised if Kos was fit for City, Soks could be back ?

          1. One article said Kos MAY miss 2 months!! Didn’t mention Sok…. just gets better & better doesn’t it?? All of our defenders are dropping like flies & we’re supposedly in for attackers!!

            1. 2 months ? Jesus we’re losing at least 2 players every game, and there long term injuries! might have to ask Keown out of retirement ? yeah that’s Arsenal for you Sue, if we need forwards we’ll be looking for defenders ?

              1. Haha I bet Keown would do it out of the goodness of his heart ?
                So Mavro might be thrown in on Tuesday? And if we lose anymore to injury.. surely some of the youngsters will have to play?

                1. Haha no doubt he loves the club ? and would still be better than Mustafi ? not good Sue he hasn’t played one single game all season ? that’s the options we’re left with I actually like Zech Medley I think he should be drafted in ?

                    1. Reason being Sue I thought he was very confident against vorskla and I know it’s only vorskla but the boy can play as well ? either way we will be calling on the youths sooner rather than later! The good old self sustainable model is working a treat Sue ?

                    2. My nephew messaged me last night after the hammers lost… he wasn’t happy.. I said welcome to my world mate, it’s all doom & gloom at the Emirates too! I said I’d have rather lost to Wimbledon than the Mancs ???

                    3. Haha me too ? was kind of embarrassing for West Ham but does AFC Wimbledon even have any supporters? ? They aren’t quite the crazy gang are they haha. What about the son in law Sue ? Did you lock him out? Pretend you weren’t at home??

                    4. I was shocked they lost especially after seeing their team!! Poor sod… I said to him it is crap going out so early… there’s always next year!!
                      There’s only one Vinnie Jones!! ?
                      That’s today John… not looking forward to it…. might have to slap him!! He certainly loves to rub it in! My daughter has to play the peacekeeper ???

                    5. It must be tough supporting West ham though Sue.. they don’t win trophies, they had they’re chance in 2006 but Gerrard had other ideas ? Mean Machine with that winner at Highbury ? doesn’t every utd fan lol. It’s gonna be a long day for you then Sue I hope your daughter tells him to put a sock in it ??

                    6. Yes it must be tough.. all they have to look forward to is a relegation battle (apart from when they had Payet!) Bless him, he does love ’em!!
                      Bloody United fans… Friday I was out with my dog, this van slowed down the window opened & this guy shouted glory glory Man United!! I was tempted to raise my middle finger ???
                      He can’t say a lot to my daughter as she’s a City fan (far superior ?) he’s trying to brainwash my little grandson (He’s only 4!!) That would be child abuse putting him in a United top ????

                    7. You should have told him to f off solskjaer will be in dancing on Ice next year ? yeah good little player Sue kinda flopped in France though but I heard Arnautovic signed a new deal so that’s good news for them ? you the only Arsenal fan then Sue ? We play City next Sunday so your probably gonna get a bit more stick ? oh that goes without saying you might have to step in there Sue, put a stop to it ?

                    8. My youngest son is a gooner too (He comes with me to the Emirates) and no I didn’t brainwash him ?
                      Haha dancing on ice – that’d be brilliant!!!
                      How about your daughter John, does she like Arsenal?
                      My daughter likes Arsenal… just not as much as she likes City! Her little boy is a mummy’s boy so he may go for City!! Yes I’m not looking forward to next week.. she never rubs it in, but I just don’t like a thrashing & I think that’s what might happen!!

                    9. Brilliant! He’s chosen well Sue ? if I had a son he’d be a gooner whether he likes it or not haha. My dad was a Leeds fan but luckily I didn’t follow suit ? No Sue she doesn’t like football neither does her mum and she just wasn’t having it but I did try lol. Ah so she’ll sympathize with you after we lose to City ? anything but utd is a result Sue so hopefully City ? yeah Troopz from AFTV predicted 6 I think, I said 5 or 6 and with no defenders it’s worrying! Haha Mourinho might as well just sign up to it now he’s doing nothing else ?

                2. Leeds are doing well (your Dad would be happy!) I’m not that keen on them though… looks like they’ll finally be promoted!!
                  Saying that we have to get past Cardiff first ??

                  1. Not many non Leeds fans are Sue ? but yeah they’re probably playing their best football since the David O Leary days and I’d be surprised if they didn’t get promoted this season. They’re a big club they should be in the premier League. Haha I honestly don’t know how that’s gonna turn out, it could go either way, hopefully it goes Arsenal’s way since your going to it ? or it’s a miserable trip home Sue ?

                    1. So my Grandson greeted me with a thumbs up & said Sanchez!!! ??
                      I used to like watching them back in the day thought Viduka was good.. didn’t like Batty or Bowyer!
                      I don’t fancy a miserable train ride home!! Have to be happy for my son… even if I do feel like having a major meltdown ?? so fingers crossed we’ll be ok!!

                    2. I bet you didn’t like watching them when hasslebaink scored that diving header against us that more or less blew the title for us ? or when rod Wallace knocked us out of the fa cup in 97 ? aww haha that was nice of him Sue ? since its Cardiff it should be ok then again nothing seems to be going right ? I hear we’re after Cahill again, I can’t believe I’m saying this but I would take him right now, it’s Cahill or no one ?

                    3. Haha you don’t have to remind me of that ? ok I didn’t like watching them that much ? Well Sokratis is out for a month – that is a real bummer….. Cahill? Imo nothing to get excited about, but desperate times call for desperate measures!!

                    4. Definitely nothing to get excited about agreed.. but we could be going to city with Monreal and Xhaka at center half that’s a bad dream come true ? when they beat us ?

  7. What about Messi and Neymar as well?
    And the Liverpool back four for good measure?
    Arsenal have zero ambition and are bankrupt.
    No new players coming in.
    What top player would want to sign for a club in terminal decline anyway???

    1. Leon, in the same vane as your comment regarding what top player would want to come Arsenal, what self respecting top line coach manager would want to follow Emery to the Emirates if he leaves?

  8. We seem to be linked to a different loan player every other hour. I can only hope it’s just click-bait and we actually have a more focused approach rather than a scattergun approach that reeks of desperation.

  9. It is now already JAN 27TH with no rumour whatsoever about ANY proper defender being chased , despite our grotesque defence and grotesque injury list in defence (mainly). It is just possible, I can see, that IF a midfielder/winger is avail on a loan for peanuts , and it REMAINS a big IF, that we may, just may, sign someone. But any half competent or vaguely caring human owner- which we don’t have, as we all know – would swiftly address the ongoing tragedy of the clowns we have throughout our outfield defence and inject £200 million TODAY to rectify this joke situation. So let us be absolutely clear where the BLAME lies. KROENKE!!!
    Against Cardiff we will have Mustafi and possibly a half match fit Mavropanos at CB,with Sokratis, Holding and Kos all again missing, Holding for the season and Kos for many weeks with his broken jaw. Do us all a favour Kroenke and sell our club to someone who cares and loves it. You parasite, leech, scumbag and corporate piece of filth!!! Then go and jump in the Pacific Ocean. If you need a push, I will be there on the first plane to gladly do the job and with great relish too, that someone should have done at your disgusting birth!

      1. John perhaps we can both push him in together! Imagine the joy the moment he is finally gone from our club. Just hope I live long enough to see it. I could then die happy.

        1. Right into the Mariana trench Jon! I’m with you ? we all thought the same about Wenger but he was eventually ousted, I don’t see that grubby little parasite being here indefinitely! If Arsenal stock begins decreasing which it will because we are on one hell of a downward spiral, sponsorship deals aren’t so lucrative anymore.. he’ll sell up… Money is the only thing that cretin understands.

          1. Unfortunately apart from Cahill there doesn’t appear to be any CB’s available on loan.
            Medley’s opportunity may now come.
            As loans are the only possibility as truthfully told to us by Emery, it looks like a wide player like Peresic or Malcolm or a CAM like Suarez are the most likely acquisitions. Time is running out for even these to occur.

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