Arsenal switch striker focus to £26m Serie A hitman

It looks like Arsenal have dropped out of the race for Gonzalo Higuain as it has been revealed that Juventus have now entered the bidding, and are willing to match the asking price of an incredible £80m. I can certainly see Wenger losing interest quickly at prices like that!

So today the Independent is reporting that the Gunners have now switched their attention to the AC Milan hitman Carlos Bacca.

The 29 year-old is available for the much cheaper price of £26m, which is how much it is believed that West Ham offered recently, but Bacca is setting his sights on a higher level. “It’s my dream to play in the Champions League and I work every day for that. I want to play in it with Milan, but unfortunately we won’t be doing so,” Bacca said this week.

“It’s one of the subjects I’m talking about with Milan – that we’re not in Europe and I want to play in the Champions League.

“It depends on Milan’s project this year, on the new investors and the players that arrive. Then we’ll make decisions.”

That sounds like Bacca would jump at the chance to play for Arsenal, but considering his age and the fact that he scored 20 goals in 42 games for Milan last season, would Bacca be much of an upgrade on Giroud?



    1. Is it just me or do i find it ironic that he gets rid of Henry as U18 manager because he was made choose between his television work and the coaching?…. and so
      what We must ask is…what has Wenger been doing apart from his work with French television. Sod all is the simple answer.

      For years now we have been crying out for a striker and a centre half …with the usual ham fisted and desultory attempts at getting wither.

      Again this year the names of Higuain and Draxler have been trotted out ad infinitum with no
      intention in the wide world of buying either.

      I do believe at this stage that Wenger has a “wish list” in alphabetical order which gets trotted out to the rags in
      the newspaper industry and the general Arsenal fans are stupid enough to believe it.

      All the while Wenger makes his 8mil per yr making sure that he does not spend too much of Kronke’s billions and all the while we carry on through the turnstiles paying the dearest ticket prices
      to watch mediocrity.

      Well not this year
      Stan or Arsene. You can stick your
      parsimony up your collective A****!!!.

  1. NOGOLO KAnte to Chesleas CONFIRMED! Everybody do purchases except us What is Arsene doing?!?!?!? Where is he? Leicester now finished, go purchase MAHREZ sell WALSHOT!!! What is he doing, SO FRUSTRATIONS!!!!!!

    1. Ranieri believes Mahrez is going no where. I’m sure an audacious bid won’t stop Leicester from selling. Let’s get a decent striker, defender and winger. Then we’re good to go.
      I just don’t understand which team is bigger between Arsenal and Leicester. If we do put in a bid and it’s left for Mahrez to decide like the Vardy case and he picks the former ahead of us then I’ll agree that we’re only big on paper.

      1. Not a single player is going.. to Arsenal. Why?

        Because Wenger bids so low that it insults the other clubs.

  2. When you think about it, the 80m in euros, well if Pogba is worth over 100m pound?. Midfielders are easier to come by, especially CM. Juventus offering just under two thirds of the Pogba money is a fair deal. Higuain has shown what he can do in Italy, and it’s worth a hell of allot more than what Pogba has shown. I don’t know if it will happen or what, but Juve will want to make a statement if Pogba goes. What about the other Juve strikers, Higuain would start, it might be that they want him to play alongside Mandzukic, if so we should try for Dybala.

    Not keen on Bacca, he’s strong fast but hasn’t got many years left. Would he improve at Arsenal, or would he even be an improvement.

  3. Yawn…. We have been here before where we are linked to so many strikers but end up buying None or we get a young unknown promising striker..

    I doubt Arsenal will sign any other player. Unless Wenger proves mi wrong.

    Let mi just sip my water peacefully. Arsenal transfer dealings don’t seem to-go well

  4. Well, If we don’t get a good striker or dont get a forward at all, at least there are clubs who had the sense to get good forwards. So at least we will get to see Ibrahimovic, Janssen, Mktharyan, Batshuayi, Nolito in the Premier League

    1. Why Arsene cannot purchase these striker??? WHY! All he do is put head in sand and wait to end of transfer market!!!! SO FUSTRATION

  5. Why haven’t we already bought a striker? I thought we’ve had the same problem for the last two years….

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