Arsenal table an official bid for young forward but need to up offer

It is being reported that Arsenal has tabled an official bid for 20-year-old Alexis Claude-Maurice, who currently plies his trade with Ligue 2 side FC Lorient.

There is a very good reason to believe that the reports are true because the man who first broke the news that Matteo Guendouzi would sign for Arsenal is now the person claiming that we have gone back to FC Lorient for another one of their top youngsters.

Mohamed Toubache-TER proved his credentials when he broke the Guendouzi story and has now revealed that Arsenal tabled a bid for €7 Million, which was subsequently rejected.

But the good news is that he is also claiming that we will be going back in with an improved offer.

Another positive is that Claude-Maurice is reportedly desperate to sign for us, he has been attracting suitors from all over Europe but has his heart is set on joining Guendouzi at Arsenal this summer.

In Fact, Claude-Maurice was in London this week visiting Guendouzi and the signs are clearly there that all that is required to make this deal happen is for the clubs to agree on a reasonable fee.

While the youngster is not one of the top-class players we desperately need he is clearly highly talented based on reports and hopefully will progress under Unai Emery as his friend has.

But I am slightly concerned that in buying these young French players we are ignoring our own exciting academy players.


  1. Better use that money to get Chukwueze

    Chukwueze is hunted by Liverpool, same age as Claude-Maurice, has been playing in one of the most competitive football league and could make a good Nigerian partnership with Iwobi

    Liverpool seem to be determined to sign all excellent and young inverted wingers in the market. We must stop them from getting another Salah/ Mane

    1. FFS Liverpool can get all the inverted wingers they want, we all know our main problem I’d our defense but every minute of the day you’re always about getting wingers, never seen you cry for defenders the way you cry for wingers.
      We need to sort our defense first then we can get a winger or two, I don’t mind spending all our transfer fee fixing the defense and midfield this season

      1. Agree about defenders, but our midfield is okay

        We don’t need fancier midfielders, because we already have too many of them

        We need more high impact players, such as wide players (wingers, fullbacks) and tall CBs

        1. The defense is the highest priority; however Arsenal need a tall imposing hard driving midfielder to stop Arsenal being bullied. Additional width is the third priority.

        2. Arsenal have zero creativity from the midfield if ozil is not on his game, so yes we need an orchestra in the middle of the pack and if not we need an outlet on the wing. The defence is the priority but if we can we have to take care of the other problem areas.

      2. Our defense isn’t the major problem, it is the wing that needs urgent fixing. Have you noticed we have zero wingers in the Arsenal first team? Having to watch CAMs playing out of position on the wings for 1 full season was torture and for that our priority should be 2 wingers (Chukwueze and any other winger) so that Iwobi can progress in his number 10 role in peace.

        1. Are you blind? Of COURSE our main problem is defence and has been for very many years past too. How you can say otherwise is ASTOUNDING!

  2. Not just ignoring our exciting academy players but exciting players in general. If we get back to CL what’s the ambition with unproven or cheap solutions added to squad?

    CL is just more money in Kronke’s pocket, not about competing for trophy. Rd of 16 exit pays more than Europa league title. We are miles off being competitive in CL, saddled with an owner lacking ambition, and too many mediocre players.

    Getting a trophy is a good end to the season, but much to do in the Summer.

    1. cheap and unproven you say? oh Pls remind me how much it cost Monaco to get mbappe? and liverpool to get Alex Trent Arnold?& Robertson? how much did Leicester get mahrez from le houvre? (or whatever) you guys Ned to begin to see its not about the price tag “all”the time but the genuine quality and potentials of the target. so far I’ve been impressed with the talents linked

      Alex Maurice

      I say bring them all if possible I “personally” believe they are all better than what we have from our ranks at the moment maybe except for some few like saka,mavropanos & Nelson

      1. You cherry pick players, Ziyech and Fraser at £25 million I wouldn’t call cheap. For every Mahrez how many cheap options failed and went belly up? How many cheap players did Arsenal get that strengthened us?

        Price tag is no guarantee, but quality costs money. Auba won golden boot, Laca been solid, Leno better than what we had.

        I get your point, but for every Holding we brought in, how many cheap stop gaps failed?

        It’s more than “talent” and “potential” that you talk about; it’s about a track record of quality. Let Leicester city gamble, we need quality; a couple at a time if need be.

  3. Paper talk today;

    So Maurice from France, 20yr old winger, still need an exp winger. Played alongside Guendouzi at Lorient. £8m range

    Rabiot on a free, massive wages, Ramsey replacement. From France. Basically takes Aaron’s wages plus bonuses.

    Samuel Umtiti from Barca,also French, interesting one but Koss could be leaving for Italy. £40m apparently.

    Saka will be in 1st team next season, travels to Wednesdays Final. Another young winger to add on with Reiss Nelson returning from loan.

    Just from that lot that’s our £40m or so budget spent then whatever we make from sales or save in wages in the likes of Elneny, Mustafi, Leichsteiner, Jenkinson, Cech, Ramsey, Welbeck & whoever else leaves.

    GK – Leno Martinez
    RB – Bellerin (Sep return) NEWRB
    LB – Monreal Kolasnic
    CB – Holding Mavro Sok UMTITI Chambers
    CM – Torreira RABIOT Xhaka Niles Guendouzi
    AM – Ozil Mhiki Iwobi
    RW – Nelson Baka
    LW – Maurice NEWLW
    ST – Auba Laca Nketiah

    With sales we could probably bring in a RB & LW without breaking the bank as we know we wont. Unless we get UCL football by winning this final then targets may change to higher calibre. I have said before new winger should be Mahrez from City, deadly attack with Auba Laca Mahrez mixing it up in those front 3 positions. The Rabiot rumour I believe we have to win the Europa league for that to happen as alot of big clubs will want him I’m sure.

  4. No no no… Claude who? ?

    Instead of trying to prize him away and going back with an improved offer with money we don’t have that could be better spent elsewhere, let’s give our very own Nigerian boy Amaechi the chance to impress. The kid is tearing up the u23 already and I think he’s ready to roll with the first team without going out on loan like his fellow countryman Iwobi.

    1. Perhaps if Claude- Maurice changed his name to Iwobi you would then love him! And even more so if he took up Nigerian nationality! And still you seem to think Gooners who simply don’t rate him , which I dont either, have something against being Nigerian. What we are against is inverted and silly nationalism and sticking up for a fellow countryman just because he shares your own nationality. Beyond pathetic! There have been dozens of Arsenal players who were English who I did not rate without giving their nationality a single thought( me being English). The same definitely applies to most fans from any country. But NOT you , sadly!

      1. Lord Jon the point of my post is to encourage our academy products more, how did you miss that?.

        I didn’t see anything special about the kid when I looked him up and to think we have somebody whom I believe is much better in Amaechi, so why spend all that money?

    2. Arsenal is not nigeria academy
      We dnt need another crap like
      Iwobi in our rank ur amaechi
      Can con to championship let’s
      See how he fares arsenal is not
      A feeder club

      1. Chinonso is that you calling Iwobi crap? Lol ?

        E get wetin I for tell you now but make I leave am

        1. I’ve been following things on here for a long time without contributing. Sincerely, I’am so embarrassed reading comments of some Nigerians on here. Why being so sentimental in your contributions. Not mentioning names.

  5. Ryan Fraser and manolas rumor is gaining speed, 3.9 and 4.0 on whispers. 2 good players in 2 positions that we actually require upgrades. Whether you like the players cited or emery or the new management, it has to feel good that arsenal is correctly analysing weakness and trying to fix them.

    Previous regime would have seen yet another number 10 to add to the ridiculous amount we already have and no freaking attention to the defence. It’s progress slow but still progress.

  6. Guendouzi was a fantastic find, and who’s valuation has already gone up. Let’s try again!

    1. “Guendouzi was a fantastic find”? You clearly have no clue: today’s game needs “Acceleration & Sprinting Speed” as basic requirements even in defence. Guendouzi has NO Acceleration or Sprinting Speed at the level required to be a d-Mauriceefensive Midfielder and on top of that he[Guendouzi] has little ball control, balls bounce of his feet like on a trampoline, and he loses possession to opposition too often and then runs around like a “headless chicken” in attempting to retrieve the ball and commits fouls often and in dangerous areas; And “Guendouzi was a fantastic find” ? Go to Specsavers!

      Sell Guendouzi and sign Alexis Claude-Maurice, who is a good prospect. Samuel Umtiti(CB), Hakim Ziyech(AMF), Hirving Lozano(RW/LW/ST) and Keylor Nevas(GK) should add to the First Team, which will make Arsenal challenge for all honours next season.

      1. You flipping idiot! If you don’t think Guendouzi is a find, you are in the wrong sport.

      2. Complete nonsense! Guendouzi is certainly still raw with holes in his game BUT if you cannot see he is talented, and still very young, then it is YOU who needs Specsavers, my myopic friend!

        1. Just like Iwobi ?

          Anyone that cannot see he is talented, and still very young needs Specsavers.

          1. OK you win, Iwobi is the best Arsenal player of all time!! Now give it a rest PLEASE.

            1. Only second best of all time. If you ever saw Gus Caesar you would know he was the best player of all time. I don’t know your age but oldies like me remember him only too well. Though we would rather forget him!

          2. Is iwobi ur cousin cause u seems to see him as zidane

            Pls we should take out few of our time to watch good

            Teams playing football and come our players with there

            Only then we will know what we have and what we don’t

  7. Omar ,everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if you do not feel Guendouzi is a talented young footballer, you are one of a small minority of Arsenal supporters and are at odds with the Arsenal Manager and the French National team Manager both of whom know more about professional football than you?

  8. Guendouzi is really good and talented for his young age. He has a few years to get even better before he reaches his prime

    Very good signing

  9. My previous comment is about Claude Maurice and how he resembles Sterling.It seems as if I’m talking about Gendouzi due to the trend of negotiations.Gendouzi of course one of the telented players who has got the potentials that will pave the way 4 him to be one of the bests worldwide shortly.

  10. My previous comment is about Claude Maurice and how he resembles Sterling related to the main topic .It seems as if I’m writing about Gendouzi due to the trend of negotiations.Gendouzi of course one of the most telented players.He has the potentials and attributes that will pave his way 4 him to be one of the bests worldwide shortly

  11. I saw a 10 min video of Fraser and hardly beat anyone by dribbling, he takes a lot of free kicks and gets the ball in early from open play to the strengths of Bournemouth playing style, not sure he will suit Arsenal and their possesion football !
    The player concerned on this post looks good potentially and is cheap, so maybe worth a punt compared to Fraser who would detract from money being spent on over areas such as defense.

  12. Guendouzi came from French league 2 and performed so well in his 1st season in Epl…
    If u think his not talented then u have no biz watching football cause u no nothing abt it..

    As for iwobi he is as useless as a garbage

    1. Garbage is not totally useless… You can always get something to refine from it… There is still hope for iwobi… My last chance is next season

  13. Been reading comments here for five years, my friends call me crazy cos of it. I’m Nigerian and I know Iwobi is GARBAGE and shouldn’t play for a team like Arsenal. I love Samuel Chukwueze?.. That guy been bursting my brains since I saw him play against Real Madrid.

  14. Fellow Gooner I really don’t understand the hate on Alex Iwobi, clearly I would say the lad needs some improvement in the final third but honestly the guy got some potential and talent. In as much as you call him garbage, No player in our squad has completed more dribbles and take ons than the Nigerian born player he might not be the best @ 23 but he is certainly doing a pretty job out there

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