Arsenal table bid for defensive target and obviously it is too low

The problem with having a low budget is that you are very limited in what you can do with that budget and for Arsenal, the solution is to bid low and hope for the best.

According to the media, that is exactly what happened with Celtic left-back Kieran Tierney with Arsenal tabling an offer of £15 Million, ten million below the Hoops asking price of £25 Million.

The bid was rejected out of hand and it is the second such offer that the Gunners have failed with.

Arsenal initially offered up Carl Jenkinson, Jordi Osei-Tutu, Emile Smith Rowe or Eddie Nketiah in some sort of swap deal but that appears to have been rebuffed thus the straight cash offer.

So, in conclusion, we offer a swap deal, no good, then we offer up £10 Million below the asking price, no good either, so what next?

Well, the same report is claiming that another bid is expected within the next few days so it is a case of wait and see.

But I sense a pattern here, there have apparently been multiple bids for William Saliba, Dennis Praet and Joachim Andersen just to name a couple and while that is fine, you never go in with your maximum first time out but Saliba’s club St Etienne are losing patience and Tottenham have moved in on Joachim Andersen.

There are other examples and the feeling that I am getting is that whoever is handling these reported bids is struggling to get to grips with the process.

All this dithering and low balling is letting other clubs in and annoying the clubs we want to do business with.

Celtic named their price, either bid close to it or not at all because when you offer just over 50% of the asking price you give the impression that you are not really serious.

Anyway, another bid is expected for the 22-year-old left back, let’s see if Arsenal are more serious next time around.


  1. Whoever dealing with transfer and scouting at Arsenal are clueless. Unwilling to pay more for Luis Suarez, but paid 35 M for Mustafi without hesitation

    If Celtic wouldn’t budge, no problem. Kolasinac is still on long term contract, Maitland-Niles played well on the left side and I bet we have several young LBs waiting for their promotions

    1. I think we can survive for a season without getting a LB.

      To me, CB, replacing Ramsey and winger is more important

      We are awful in the winger department

    2. This is exactly our problem.Other clubs know the problems, they fix it!We accept that we can turn it around or some make shift short term solution will do, etc.In short we compromise. Honestly Nacho is past it and Kolas is too mentally weak to handle stress/pressure and idiotic decision making. We need reinforcements in LB,CB,RB,Wings, we know it, but will not fix it. Fraser/Carasco deals? Anderson/Saliba deals? Hopefully the answers will be revealed on 1/7/19.
      No hard feelings GAI, just my opinion

      1. Monreal is slower now, but I think Kolasinac is still pretty good as an LB

        If I’m not mistaken, he was voted as the best LB in Bundesliga before joining Arsenal. Don’t know why Schalke let him go freely though

        I agree that Arsenal require better fullbacks if they want to create more assists and to defend better on the flanks. But there are more pressing needs in winger and CB departments

        1. @gotanidea
          So because Kola was voted best LB in the Bundesliga seasons ago means what in the EPL?
          Xhaka was one of the best in the German league too.
          Mustaifi had some of the most impressive stats in Spain and still has the best Stats as our best CB. But you believe he is?

          What players did in their previous lives means nothing to me until they can demonstrate it at Arsenal and EPL.

          Kola has been here for enough seasons and has been so poor defensively. He is poot at the only reason we bought him for.

          1. I hate criticising Arsenal players but Kolasinac is one of the worst defenders I’ve seen and even when attacking, holds the record for most pass backs ever made!

  2. Comment deleted for the inability to post your opinion without calling people idiots

    Either make your point without personal insults or do not comment at all.

    Thank you

    Admin Martin

  3. OT
    Mkhitaryan makes £180,000 per week
    I actually didn’t know that until now. More than Lacazette
    Ozil is bad with £350,000 but together
    £530,000 per week for mediocrity
    That’s a lot of money

    We need to change our financial policy lol

  4. 9 days until 1st of July – that is when I’m hoping we’ll start seeing results!! Got until 8th August.. no need to panic just yet ?
    Surely we need to sell a few more though… Koscielny going to Lyon??

    1. Yep, heard the Lyon rumours too! Bet we’ll get another truckload of footballs for him and this time if we are lucky, Lyon might toss in a few nets as a sweetener for the deal. El Nens and Kosch will set us up with training supplies for a good number of seasons.. still better than them walking out for free though!

        1. Haha. I doubt Fekir would want to make the step down to the Farmer’s League.. maybe for crazy money he would, that’s if Liverpool don’t take him first. Besides, last I heard of him he was priced at £60M

  5. Maybe we aren’t offering the full fee coz we can’t afford it??? How come nobody seems to want to take into consideration the rumoured £40-45M budget? If we spend £25M on Tierney that’s half our budget gone. We still need a RW(Micki is finished), RB(Bellerin still out), LB, CB and CM(Ramsey replacement).

    1. Jeez when you put it like that, makes me wonder how many players we’ll actually buy.. 2 at the most?? A few freebies??
      I’m amazed at how much money we’ve freed up in wages with Rambo etc gone..maybe 1 or 2 more to go??

      1. Carrasco and Fraser are being priced at £25-30M a piece. Then we have the Praet and Andersen duo going for €45M. Then the Saliba rumours… we can’t afford them all and will have to either get some on the cheap like we are trying to do with Tierney or get them freebies.

        I believe we are saving about £370k a week with Cech, Lichtsteiner, Welbeck, Ramsey gone. If jenks goes that will be another 50K saved. That can allow us to sign a few quality replacements.

        1. That’s crazy money!! I think you’re right about Fekir.. if he doesn’t end up at Liverpool, I will be amazed!!
          All these players we’d love to sign QD… in our dreams hey?! Only time I’ll see my dream team is watching my son on Fifa ??

  6. By selling ozil and Mkhitaryan We save 27 millions so even if we sell them for 10 million each that amounts to 47 million

  7. Shows a rich club with cheap owners with no ambition beside keeping all the money, profits. Ridiculous!

    It’s not about spending loads of money but identify and sign 2 top players at each Windows as Liverpool done pas seasons. Balance finances by sells.

    2 main position we need to beef up first, are CM and CD, with two beasts.

    Dombele and Koulibaly and call it a day. Costs 150M.

    This shows ambition to Auba, Laca, and Ozil will now be top players he is and not depressed, fed uo as de all.

    Sell Miki, chambers, Jerkinson, Elneny,Sokratis. Bring young 1LB 1RB and Frazier. Then let’s have our young players, devellop as Niles, Bellerin once or Fabregas, Song, Ramsey, sceszni Van Persie and many…

    If we don’t sign 2 beasts, we cant compete but lose players as Auba, Laca will follow…

    Arsenal was great, now a snake bitting its own tail and al body.

    All the work fondation and legacy Wenger built is being destroyed. He got us a stadium paid for Android was denied funds promissed to him when stadium built for. Owner being cheap had us miss on Suarez and Kanté. A huge mistake, turning point!

  8. Dont know too much about this player other than the comments on here at how brilliant he is supposed to be. If he is so great then here we go again in insulting other clubs with insulting offers…………although I must say that I haven`t heard anything from the mouth of Orstein on any transfer rumour in this window, but just saying it was true and did come from the man that Wenger himself used to worship, then we have say it`s so Arsey !………………we use the term to belittle them tossers down the road that it`s so Spursy, well we need to have this saying about our clueless management above Dick………….it`s so Arsey !

  9. Sounds about right. Talented player, Arsenal move at snail’s pace, and then make insulting offer.

    Almost as if Arsenal don’t want to do business at all. Just so they can say, ” hey, we tried.”

    Raul is fantastic; low ball bids, scatter shot approach, extensive contact list.

    We are lucky to have him, big difference from Gazidis aye?

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