Arsenal table massive bid for Alexis replacement?

The uncertainty over the future of Arsenal’s Chilean superstar Alexis Sanchez continues, and it seems to me that without any positive vibes coming from the 28 year-old it is becoming more likely every day that he will be moving on again this summer. The fact that he has never stayed more than three years at any of his previous clubs hardly fills me with confidence either.

Also the fact that Arsene Wenger is working “24 hours a day” to bring in top signings makes me think that he wants to have a special replacement for Sanchez in place before announcing the departure of our Duracell bunny. So today’s report that Arsenal have made a massive bid for the Columbian winger James Rodriguez has not come as a surprise to me at all.

The journalist Jose Luis Sanchez has said on Spanish TV that Arsenal have made a substantial bid for Rodriguez, but Real have rejected us as the price is short of Real’s £69.8million valuation. Rodriguez joined Madrid from Monaco for a similar price just three years ago, but with the Spanish giants amazing array of talent he has found it hard to pin down a regular spot in the starting line-up, and was restricted to just 22 La Liga appearances last season.

Rodriguez will know all about Arsenal from playing with David Ospina for the Colombia national side, and even more so as he is married to the Arsenal man’s sister!

Do you think he could be a worthy replacement for Alexis?



    1. madrid rejects would have included di maria, khedira, higuain, wouldnt have minded any of them and ozil is a good player not the next balland’or winer but is a good addition to any team

    2. yagoonersya, you are 100% right. The problem is that the majority of Arsenal fans see 1 or 2 nice passes every 3-4 games and think he is great. I don’t know if they love him because he is an ex Madrid player or the price tag or if they think he might do something special but I think he has been a massive flop for £42million, 1 good year in 4.

      A lot of the fans want Walcott and Giroud out but their contributions in goals/assists per game were better than Ozil. The four teams in front of us have better number 10’s, even Sigurdsson had more of an impact playing for Swansea this year. He goes hiding in the big games and I’m sorry, but he represents exactly what Arsenals midfield has been like for the last 10 years, spineless. He is suppose to be known for his assists but I would much prefer Fabregas. I would like to see a stat of how many goals that went in from Ozil not pressing and/or chasing down the ball.

      The majority of pundits agree with us that he isn’t world class and the fact that not one club has been mentioned of wanting him for next season says a lot. He said in his last interview that his family want to move back to Germany and that his preferred clubs are Bayern, Dortmund and Schalke. He will move on a free next summer and I can’t wait for him to go.

  1. We’re all the true fans trust Wenger’s judgment and have no doubt he james le bron will be a great addition, that suggests that Wenger, at last, has acknowledged that not all the world’s problems can be solved by neat, slight midfielders with nice hair. Arsenal’s May uptick this season felt different to what had gone before because it involved such a radical structural change, such an admission from Wenger that his tactical outlook required modification. The signing of Kolasinac suggests that the process of reform, a return to a more physically aggressive Arsenal, is continuing. Kolasinac too will form part of a solid defensive core and given his age will only get better with each passing year. The best in his position in Germany? For free? I’ll take him. This guy is a 23 year old with five years experience in the Bundesliga, hardly an unknown youngster for the future. We’re looking to offload Gibbs, who’s been treading water for at least a year now, and Kolasinac looks like he fits the bill. It’s basically a zero sum signing, which will have no bearing on the rest of our transfer window. Good to see Wenger finally going back to a focus on recruiting real men who wont wilt or reach for the hairspray when the going gets tough. Mustafi carried some great form coming into the club, the momentum helped by a large portion of Arsenal supporters treating him as a minor saviour, the “finally” answer to years of apparent defensive weakness. But a couple of below-par performances at a time when the mood around the club turned acutely toxic, and he seemed to get dragged down by it all, then got injured. I’m hoping he finds the form he had in Italy again and provides good competition for the middle position. It’s nice for Arsenal to have options worth a damn. There is an unconventional element to Kolašinac, especially going forward. He is an improviser, and difficult to categorise within a single style because he is so capable of changing with one move to the next. There is such variety in every aspect of his attacking play, as his technical ability allows him to provide a range of crosses and in turn act as a goal threat himself at points. His runs are unpredictable, offering width and a narrow threat as the situations call for it, and keeping up with him or getting the ball off him can be most enviable of tasks for opposition defenders.


    1. Why people are so optimistic ?
      This feel has always been there since 14 freaking years.

      1. We should put you on bargain backyard sale of useless fans, see The Glass Half Full Or Empty? Why Optimists Are Happier?

        Expecting good things to happen will lead to taking actions that produce positive results. Expecting only more bad stuff to come your way will keep you from doing the very things that might have minimized or avoided just that. Where pessimists see problems, optimists find opportunities. If you change the way you look at your problems, your problems change and transform into a rich array of opportunities to grow, learn and discover inner resources you never knew you had. LIGHTEN UP, dude, So what are you waiting for? We all know it takes more muscles to frown than to smile – start laughing and increase your beauty sleep. You’re being wilfully dense if you’re prepared to ignore the fact we’re after. mbappe. Whether we get him remains to be seen, but we’re legitimately trying.

        Massive difference telling people to accept reality than it is telling people to moan like you all the time, it’s awfully rich listening to someone talk about being a fan when they declared they no longer support the club because Wenger signed a new deal. Keep up princess.

        Your Wenger rhetoric is boring, we true fans rather stayed positive than your constant negativities about Wenger. Bore off and go down to lane might help you from suicidal thoughts.


        1. Kudos yourself Jbut !! You said it so well.

          Please let’s drive these non supporters as far away from our great club as possible. I have been supporting / loving Arsenal since 1966 but NEVER before, despite all sorts of ups and downs, have these pessimistic, “the world and Arsenal owes me success” type hanger oners infiltrated our club.

          You know almost zero compared to our great manager and ownership.

          Message Is clear to them – Kindly desist or feel free to F O

          1. should everyone in here have the same opinion just like you 2 people? everyone have their own opinion so no one should F O, and no one cares how long you’ve been the supporter, it doesn’t matter to us. just share your views and people will comment according to their own views.. but you are not a better supporter for being yes-boss type of a fan

            1. It’s not about having the same opinion as each other but opinions have to be at least fair as we know they have very little to do with fact most of the time which is why they’re just opinions.

              The majority of people that subscribe to the forum who believe they have extra special knowledge about all things Arsenal and football in general, really don’t know anything that isn’t just based on second hand information, assumption, supposition etc.

              I can see Jembuts’ point as he writes comments based on his opinion to which the Anti Wenger group are straight on his case and the old lines just roll of the tongue to criticise him…….i.e what’s he been smoking, delusional, accepting of mediocrity. The same criticisms that have been doing the rounds.

              Bran invites him to share his views but only sees them as an opportunity to criticise and try and raise a few laughs amongst his own followers. Wouldn’t it be better to just read the posts and if you don’t agree with what’s said then just make no comment at all and choose to answer comments for which you have actual factual knowledge as opposed to blind cynicism !

              1. Or………… the absence of anything factual. At least make comment or opinions known which are at least fair and objective !

            2. And then they talk about being a plastic fan. It’s us who buy the expensive merchandise . It’s us who buy the freaking tickets of every home match and now we. Can’t even complain . Just go to the website and check the ticket prices. Arsenal has the most hardcore fan base in England and the most costly tickets in Europe and still we can’t even complain huh ?

        2. No one and by no one I mean Mr Wenger too isn’t bigger than our club and it’s the time to change. I’m sick and tried with everything thats going in the Emirates. I mean the whole board chairman coach manager everything has to change if we need to be a force to reckon with again just like the 90s and early 20s

    2. Zidane has won the Ucl twice in 2 years as a Manager, Albeit with a better team.
      Wenger has had 20 years in the same competition without success yet you say in Wenger you Trust!
      Poor You!

      I doubt if Wenger would have at least once if he were Madrid’s Manager in the same period of time!

  2. Just saying Costa is openly available now ? worth a cheeky 35-40 bid surely most likely won’t be accepted but would open his eyes up to a move to us

    Could replace the Suarez we missed out on lol

  3. Another player Wenger can add to his almost signed list

    Specialist in failure strikes again

    1. I try not to be insulting but you are a total !mbecile. Arsenal fans are brainwashed to be negative by biased medias and many low IQ pundits whose showering the constant negativity surrounding our beloved classy team. Supporting the club, the players, and the manager is the decent fans should be all about. We should put you on bargain backyard sale of useless fans. Telling true fans to stop living in the past, all the while bringing the past to slate Wenger, bunch of hypocrites, very slow and with some caution people are seeing improvement and potential, we are getting better whether you like it or not.

      Sing with me now, One Arsene Wenger.

        1. 3 FA Cups in 4 years is not exactly specializing in failure

          I want Wenger Out too but be fair

  4. When will he finish building the tower of Babel?
    Everyday there’s always a collapse part that needs rebuilding smh in awe.

    1. Wenger believes his approach to squad building requires greater skill than buying established players, but is not concerned that his rivals in the Barclays Premier League will try to muscle in on his territory. “YOU’RE NOT FIT TO WEAR THE SHIRT”. The whining Arsenal fans like yourself chanted to Bellerin.

      Who could blame him for leaving, he received no backing from the fans when he was struggling so why should he show loyalty…. Better to go to a club where his skills, ability and 100% effort will be appreciated. We should put you on bargain backyard sale of useless fans. The attacks on the management and indeed on players only ever have a negative effect, so quite simply the negativity that I have called only makes things worse. Go support other club if you hate our club so much and you won’t be missed.


      1. “Better to go to a club where his skills, ability and 100% effort will be appreciated.”

        Hate to break it to you but Barcelona is definitely NOT that kind of a club, quite the opposite.

        He will be booed By his own fans even when’s doing well at Barcelona. See: Fabregas.

        1. The vitriol people give Wenger and the club is embarrassing, while we true fans have no doubts that he’s capable of producing a title winning side again (emphasis on the again because its worth noting he’s achieved it before), it’s not something that can be ruled out with the level of arrogance some are keen to display like you. Just because you repeat yourself adnoseum doesn’t make it so. Underneath is still wrong. People linking every flipping thing Arsenal does to Arsene and his percieved failures and then become hypocrites in saying people are fools for making everything about Arsene? There are some big ‘ifs’ that need to fall our way in order for us to compete for the title next season. If all these happen, I don’t see why we can’t compete all the way:
          1) We renew the big 4 question mark players (Alexis, Ozil, Oxlade and Bellerin). It has to be renewed deals because if Alexis and Ozil stay for their final seasons but doesn’t renew, that will be a massive psychological negative and will scupper our title challenge.
          2) Signing 2 of the following 4 players: Lacazette, Turan, M’Bappe and Mahrez to join alongside Kolasinac.
          3) Offloading fringe players like Jenkinson (no way we get more than 4 million for him, forget 10 million!), Debuchy etc.
          4) Santi Cazorla gets his fitness and confidence back quickly.
          5) Further improvement from 2nd year players (Mustafi, Xhaka and Holding)
          6) Maybe one or two youthful players breaking through to the first team squad (Nwakali, Malen, Nelson?)That’s a lot of things that need to fall our way in order to compete for the title but right now all of them are a possibility, if not a probability.

          Players move on like Bellerina they’re not dependent on one another and to be frank if we sold Bellerin he’d really not be all that difficult to replace based on last season – Ox has his spot in the side at present anyway. He’s staying though so its moot.

          Sing with me now, One Arsene Wenger.

          1. ?? I thought that Wenger was delusional, But Hey! You take it to the next level… ‘White coats with extra long sleeves’… Get Well Soon, buddy ?

            1. @Fat boy, you stole the very word right from my lips, this guy is surely high on those cheap stuff Wenger is smoking @ our Training ground.

          2. “while we true fans have no doubts that he’s capable of producing a title winning side again”, delusion at its best, you call yourselves true fans, who are the rest of us then? lick**g that old man’s arse does not make you a true Arsenal fan, it makes you a true Arsene fan. differentiate between the two.

          3. To me, it is unfair to Arsene and the fans to speak about winning the title. It is just not a reasonable expectation.

            I think the reasonable goal should be to get back to the CL places, which hopefully should be a top 4 finish. This will be hard enough as it is.

            Speaking of winning the title will only divide the fans. If we are still in the title race come April 2018, by all means, lets dream about it.

            Flaunting it as a serious option will only invite ridicule next January.

            I for one am tired of the divided fans base. I have pledged to do my best not to criticize Wenger all day long I have not done so. But repeating the mistakes of the past were we never came close to the PL title yet kept putting ourselves forward as title candidates over the last 3-5 years just invite internal friction.

            Let’s learn from the pasta keep title talk to it the time of the season (April) when the title race really starts to separate winners from losers.

      2. Shut up muppet, you’re probably only 12 years old from Nigeria and never even been to a game!

  5. Arsenal should go for varane from real Madrid, talasso from Lyon, laccasatte also from Lyon, buy a good competitor to check in goal keeping

  6. Jembut , you gotta get out more fella!

    Honestly, take a walk outside, breathe the air and enjoy he view – it will help, a bit..

    James should be bought. Yes he had a huge price tag (not his fault), and yes he sat on the RM bench (again not his fault) but remember this kid set the World Cup alight with some amazing skills and all round ability.

    So , no he is not a direct replacement for Sanchez, but he could be a demon on the wings ala overmars..

    1. So Ar$e goody, the Wenger pouting is going to continue for the next two years then? Lovely.
      No you’re definitely pouting dude, neither you or your whining brigades can bring yourself to be at all receptive to incomings at Arsenal because of Wenger. If he bothers you so much just don’t bother following the side, most fans can accept the situation and judge things on an individual basis. This caveat with every move we make is boring to read. We get it, you don’t like Wenger. He’s staying though so make peace with it or clam up a little. Being a fan of anything relies upon a level of optimism, if you dont have that then why bother at all? Same type of person who would bellow its Arsenal fc not Arsene fc, well act like it.

      Sing with me now, One Arsene Wenger.

      1. Sing with me now:

        Da do do do da da da da
        That’s all I want to say to you…

        #Praise the lord wenger

  7. In lighter news… Arsenal fan meets Mbappe:

    Just met Mbappé & asked him, “if your joining Arsenal, you must score against Tottenham like Henry, 2002.” He said, “who is Tottenham?”

    What a troll! He’s acting like a Gunner already!!!

    Sign him up Arsene you legend.

  8. A hardworking Alexis for a normal not so hard working James? why can’t Arsenal give Alexis what he needs, show ambition by buying world class players and leave the rest to God? I’m sure with quality additions and a little bit of ambition can make Alexis stay, with him in our attacking system with the new quality players, I’m sure we won’t be the laughing stock come next season

    but they’ve always sold better players and replace them with normal or average players, that’s why 4th was like a trophy to most of the deluded fans and their master..

    1. The Words “AMBITION” & “ARSENE” are Directly opposit to Each other.

      How do you explain a situation where a bid of £35M was rejected for a player, then few days later Wenger shows up with a £29M, £6M lower than what was formerly rejected.
      Yet Some A** Lickers would come here and start singing his praise.

      What an A**!
      A total disgrace!

      Our Behavior in the Transfer Market really Mirrors Our attitude on the Field of Play all Season long. We labour to buy second rated players in the same vein we labour to beat Everton, Wes Brom, etc what a shame!
      How do ever plan to win the Ucl or Epl with that sort of attitude?

  9. I have seen James R play many times. He is fast and not a bad player. To me, he would be a nice addition to what we have. Three years ago he was a bit inconsistent but that could have been age related.

    I would be happy to have him at the club (although to me the prices mentioned are a bit high). Personally, I would be disappointed if he becomes the replacement for Sanchez.

    Sign James and a great striker and Sanchez could not be missed too much. Sign James, sell Sanchez and don’t bring in any more goals and we might miss Sanchez IMO.

    Probably not a popular idea but sign James and exchange Sanchez with City for Aguero.
    Sure Aguero is not as durable or versatile as Sanchez but he is a better nr 9 and with James R next to him, not a bad combo.

  10. Anyone who is backing wenger is a fool I’ve supported and followed this club do 30 years we need a change but unfortunately the fa cup final saved him this transfer window will be exactly the same mark my words

  11. James Rodriguez is not a replacement for AS7, he’s virtually irreplaceable. Imagine if we’d have had Suarez and AS7 together ….. would’ve been like the Duracell bunny on speed.

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