Arsenal tables an improved offer for Kai Havertz

In their pursuit to swiftly conclude the transfer saga, Arsenal has reportedly submitted an enhanced bid for Chelsea’s German attacker, Kai Havertz.

Havertz himself desires a move to the Emirates, and Chelsea is open to the idea of selling the talented player, provided the right price is offered.

Chelsea previously rejected Arsenal’s initial bid, which was believed to be approximately £50 million, as they deemed it insufficient given Havertz’s value.

However, the Gunners remain determined, and according to a report from the Daily Mail, they have returned with an improved offer of £60 million.

This new proposal is said to consist of £55 million upfront, with an additional £5 million potentially payable in add-ons. Arsenal hopes that this revised offer will be enough to secure the services of the Champions League winner and bolster their squad.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Havertz is a good attacker and has had some brilliant games on the books of Chelsea since he moved to Stamford Bridge.

We would love to see our team sign a top-quality out-and-out striker, but Havertz can do a good job up top for us, even though he must fight for the right to play often in the team.

This is because most of our attackers did well in the last campaign and would maintain their spot in the team when everyone returns for the next season.

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  1. Rice is not worth anything over 60 mill and buying another chelsea reject is not reassuring at all.
    I’m worried.

    1. Agree – a cheeky bid is one thing, but i hope we drop this soon and focus on getting someone we really need. I do think havertz is a good player, but i can’t see how he improves us given the current makeup of the squad.

    2. I agree. When the transfer fee is too high it puts too much pressure on the player.

    3. I think Caicedo Would make a lot of Sense if we get him at 70 Million and retain Partey and extend him one year and improved salary and may be sell him Nest summer for even over 25 Million. But I think Rice is overpriced though talented.

  2. Rice and Hervetz are not worth more than 100m combine.

    50m for each. The clowns in charge of players purchase at arsenal should be chased out of the club if they pay more than a combined fee of100m for those overrated players.

    1. I don’t agree with you that they should be chased out. I think they should be arrested and tried in court for conspiracy to defraud our club. Another Chelsea reject? Oh my God

      1. They paid 12m for jorginho on 6 months left on his contract but the dipsticks and naive fans here jumping for join saying what an amazing deal that was, we saved ourself money by no upping our bid for caicedo by 10m in january ,now we about to donate chelsea another 60 m or so for a useless player. Edu and the board on bohlys payroll ???

  3. Chelsea are desperate to sell, they have to sell a bunch of players. This is getting ridiculous now considering….

  4. Are Arsenal going to be next Chelsea? Through different media we have been linked with host of players. It’s not understandable we are paying over the odds for a position which is not utmost necessary. Yet there is no signs of any player going out. So are we again going to have same bloated unstable squad? So cycle is coming back and it’s inevitable that our important players will again leave for nothing with no return. In attack we have Jesus, Nketiah, Trossard, Balgaun, nelson, Saka, martinelli, ESR, among others yet we want to buy more attacking players without selling anyone, so can we keep all of them happy? What will happen to their valuation if they won’t play regularly.? It’s early to say but current Arsenal management is not so assuring.

  5. In my opinion this is a player of a mixture of Van Persie and Oxil.

    We should prioritize other areas ahead of Havertz.

    1. You couldn’t be more wrong. Havertz has a great injury record and he gets about the pitch in a hurry, pressing, making runs, recovering balls. Nothing like the 2.

      1. Frank- In my opinion if a player is a combination of Ozil and Van Persie, that a massive compliment.

        Just think there should be signing like Rice and Timber first.

        Anyway they are indication that this signing may already wrapped up

        1. Sounds like all the negativity on here may have influenced my response to you – Gunsmoke.

          You can’t always get your main priority signings through the door first. I bet the situation is quite fluid in terms of transfers from start to wrapped up.

  6. I am so uncomfortable with this Rice (£90-£120 million) talk. And now from out of nowhere we are willing to pay £60+ million for Haverts? An unwanted Chelsea payer.
    But we never get anything for our own unwanted players.

    And I am also hearing that we are going for this young Dutch defender called Timber. Our £30 million starting bid has been rejected. Ajax are holding out for about £45-50 million for him.

    The Rice and Haverts signings might turn out to be a master stroke from next season but I am very uneasy about spending this sort of money on okay players.

    Or is it that we now have to accept that football has move on to the next stage of ridiculous spending that we have to embrace or we will keep losing out to our rivals.

    My brain is all over the place at the moment. I don’t know. 🤷‍♂️

    We will see..

  7. Which Chelsea players can we really label “wanted”? Truth is that Chelsea has a tradition of not knowing what to do with their players and end up losing them for other teams to reap. So Harvetz may not be “unwanted”, just unused.
    The likes of Salah, KDB, Lukaku and others making waves elsewhere passed through the notorious exit door at Chelsea.
    So, for me, if the coaches think Kai Harvetz has something to offer at Arsenal , so be it.

    1. But our coaches thought so about luiz ,willian and then jorginho and im just mentioning recent deals ,how did they turn out????? Going by your mindset youre happy with chelsea and city rejects which will leaves us a mid table club

      1. Those were emergency, cheap deals meant to fix emergency situations. Not like this one at all.
        Sometimes I wonder if there would be all this noise if it were Mount we were talking about.

        1. Fix emergency stituations i get that, but please dont tell me jorginho was emergency aqusition we were after caicedo got the bids rejected ,and then ended up coughing 12m for a player with 6months left on his contract and then chelsea went and bought Enzo ,it was january we needed fresh legs we needed to be serious in tranfer market and we fukded everything up ,you will say brighton didnt want to sell caicedo in jan ,i say eveyone got a price it will have shown we mean bsiness ,i am sorry ill see us not getting our main tragets again,i am still seeing us not taking things serious and paying what clubs wat for their players and not mess about,we will end up with plan B’s and back t midtable next season and out of group stages in UCL

      2. Those were cheap, situational acquisitions meant to address temporary needs. Not like this one at all.

  8. Surely it’s not about mindset. It’s about assessing each player and see if they fit what we need. Harvetz has a quite different profile from those recent transfers that you have highlighted. He is a young player with talent but has yet to reach the heights expected. In some ways similar to those highlighted by CorporateMan.
    I would however agree that the quoted fees are high and from that perspective such a transfer does carry some risk.

  9. I think Caicedo Would make a lot of Sense if we get him at 70 Million and retain Partey and extend him one year and improved salary and may be sell him Nest summer for even over 25 Million. But I think Rice is overpriced though talented.

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