Arsenal tactics: Could Sesko and Havertz play together up front?

We expect Arsenal to sign a top striker this summer. But as we anticipate that move, there’s one question that comes to mind: “What will happen with Kai Havertz if that deal goes through?”

Havertz has definitely made a big impact when leading the Arsenal attack. The German has received all the praise for his contributions to the Arsenal attack. He’s been on fire lately, scoring eight goals and providing seven assists in his last nine games for Arsenal.

Surely, we can’t anticipate him being relegated to the bench. Some Gooners might say that come next season, we’re counting on Havertz and the new centre forward to split the striking duties, so there shouldn’t be a problem. But is it possible to have both the German player and the new striker, who some reports say is Benjamin Sesko, on the field together for some games?

I think we can, and there’s an idea: instead of having Havertz return to a midfield role, what if Arsenal switched things up and adopted a 4-2-4 formation in some games (considering the opponents)? This way, they could have him and the new striker playing together.

Havertz and the new striker can play up top with the freedom to drift and contribute to the build-up. Martin Odegaard and Declan Rice could team up in central midfield, with Odegaard playing as a deep-lying playmaker.

Saka and Martinelli might end up playing as wingbacks, which could give them more opportunities to contribute to the attack as they could tuck inside from the flanks.

What are your thoughts about a 4-2-4 formation, as seen below, that Arteta ought to experiment with next season?


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  1. Arteta would most likely never use that 4-2-4 formation at the beginning of the games, because we need more midfielders to win ball possession

    If we sign a new high-profile CF to lead our front-line, Havertz would likely return to midfield

  2. I actually stated something similar to this in comments/articles earlier in the year, or maybe the back end of last year, that Havertz & Nketiah had a Bergkamp & Wright feel to them. Obviously neither are as good as the club legends I have likened them to but their styles reminded of them.

    It’s unlikely Arteta is going to play 2 upfront anytime soon, but in theory it could work with the right players. But in order for it to work one of those players needs to be a poacher, which is why I think this is the only style that would have got the best out of Nketiah.

  3. Sesko is not consistent. You are judging him on the last third of the season against weaker opposition than in the premier league. Arsenal would be better to look to the German League as the closest competitors to the English league. The best young striker that is a cross between Bergkamp and Henry is “Wertz”.
    Wertz will take Arsenal to the next level, a Technical genius and clinical finisher. Perfect for this arsenal Team and this German player of the year is probably the best striker in world football right now next to Mbappe,and still very young. Check him out of YouTube.

    1. He’s only 20 years old. He has time to to become more consistent. He is an excellent striker for his age. And would score many goals for us

  4. Looks like we will be stuck with Harvetz for OK or worse, but unless we can find better alternatives Arsenal will never make the leap from a high profile middling club to Champions League finalists. On tonight’s performance both finalists would have destroyed us.

    1. Did you actually pay attention to Havertz’s goal contributions last season? Only Saka had more contributions and he is the penalty taker and plays every minute of every game. And remember this was Havertz’s his first season in a new team, half of which he played in midfield. Have a little more confidence, jeez.

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