Arsenal tactics for Tottenham – Patience or push?

There is a decent case to be argued for both of the different tactics that Arsenal could employ against the spuds in the north London derby on Sunday, but which one is the best and which one will Arsene Wenger want his players to use? The good thing is that Arsenal have shown ourselves well capable of playing either well and with a successful result, in the Premier League at least.

We are at home and Iā€™m sure that most Arsenal fans will want the team to attack our local rivals from the off. And to be fair, that tactic has been a very useful one for us in recent times as shown to such devastating effect when Manchester United came to the Emirates about a month ago and the game was over after 20 minutes following a three goal blitz.

If Arsene Wenger is at all concerned about the players suffering from mental and physical tiredness following our fruitless trip to Munich on Wednesday, then maybe he would be well advised to get the Gunners to start with a bang. On the other hand, the fatigue factor could work in our favour as the spuds will have had one day less to recover and prepare.

In that case a patient approach might be best, with plenty of passing and possession to wear the visiting players out and set them up for a grandstand finish. How do you think Arsenal should approach this crucial derby clash?

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  1. wizardry says:

    We should finish the game before half time. Too bad TR7 isn’t available. Our number 7s love scoring in the NLD.

  2. akbest says:

    Please can someone let me know if Kosking(the best defender in the world) and Bellerin( the best full back for now) will play because I can’t afford that same defending setup against Munich anymore or else…….

  3. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Just obliterate

  4. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    If Arsenal defending individually and teamly can hold their grounds firmly without shaking, Arsenal should allow Spurs to first attack them for the first 15-20 minutes of the game. But they shouldn’t concede any goal to Spurs. Then from then on, Arsenal should takeover the game and dictate the control of the game to the touted temporarily switched-off Spurs team for the 2nd next 15-20 minutes of the game during which Arsenal should have scored 2 goals approaching half time. Because of the 2 compulsory changes of Debuchy & Campbell made to the Gunners 1st starting XI and the likely absent of Koscielny who may not start the match, I would prefer if the Gunners will approach the game with calmness in the early minutes to put their feet on the field properly. As of now, Spurs have mobility more than the Gunners who are not with Walcott,Bellerin, Ramsey and possibly Koscielny. So, the Gunners who will start tomorrow’s game should be careful not to be caught by Spurs counter-attacks.

  5. wizardry says:

    this handsome devil.

  6. muda says:

    ONLY ONE OPTION: beat spuds no matter how.

  7. SoOpa AeoN says:

    just Less than a week ago, we got our sorry a**es whooped!……..we are the wounded Lions….we don’t get to relax, we dn’t need such silly patience……… Want some team to vent our anger on?……… Here Comes the Spuds!

  8. ArseOverTit says:

    I say we defend for 90 minutes like its a practice match and we are šŸ˜‰

    Scrap that, let’s try murdering them!

  9. Tyno says:

    Arsenal Fans. I love you.

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