Arsenal Tactics – Ozil to come back as a winger?

Ahh the silly season. Three weeks to go and I’m sure you’re all as eager as I am to read about potential additions that we’re looking at, but if the media outlets are anything to go by we are in a bit of a quiet period. Either that or they’ve finally ran out of players to link us to. Luckily, there was a very intriguing game on the weekend which, for me, displayed some very interesting changes I hope to see more of this coming season.

Now if any of you have listened to any City fan, coach or player in the last few days the result meant diddly-squat. However, due to a certain someone opening their deluded French mouth days before the game and feeling the need to point out our supposed weaknesses, I highly doubt being trounced three-nil in a semi-competitive fixture at Wembley Stadium with silverware up for grabs was high on their agenda.

The most surprising part of the result for me was our complete dominance in midfield. The addition of Jack in midfield alongside Arteta and Ramsey sacrificed the usual number 10 opting for a deeper energetic runner and it paid off big time. This combined with Santi operating from a deeper more central position on the left resulted in a much, much more direct play with bursting runs and ever-changing triangle combinations that City were simply unable to deal with. City’s willingness to commit numbers forward did not match their willingness to help out in defence and our slick positive movement carved through the reduced numbers and was a strong deviation from our often slower build-up play.

The most consistent problem we came up against last season was teams that pressed us hard and choked the midfield of the space required to be effective in a patient passing game. With our counter-attacking outlet in Theo and our midfield runner in Ramsey gone it made us look pretty average against the top teams. Committing the extra number or two in a tighter midfield with Sanchez tirelessly working to stretch the defence should work wonders against teams who employ this tactic, and if the quick combinations pay off and break the lines there will be loads of space in other areas to hurt the opposition. It not only provides an opportunity for Wilshere to play in a deeper role with less defensive responsibility, but if Wenger sees any future in his midfield experimentation with the Ox the squad could really see benefits as well.

I still believe Wenger will continue to field the two advanced creative players against weaker sides that sacrifice possession for numbers in defence. Though when the opposition’s tactical philosophies warrant the tactical variation it does pose a potential headache in regards to our German enigma and in my opinion, the most creative number 10 in the world Mesut Ozil. Cazorla did very well to stake claim to the left as his combinations and passing were incisive and in and around the box he posed a consistent threat when he joined the attack. It was a pretty complete performance and if he can bring that form into the coming weeks Ozil will have to bring his best to stake a claim to being that automatic starter we all know he’s capable of being. His performances on the wing for Germany in the World-Cup suggest he is more than capable of showing positional versatility if it will benefit the overall team and should be up to the challenge.

I, for one, am extremely intrigued if and when Wenger will use this change in tactic. Our away fixture against Beskitas will provide an early opportunity to give it a try as their only chance in qualification is to use the home crowd and our jet-lag to their advantage and put in a convincing first-leg.

They’re sure to come out of the traps at full speed so direct, counter-attacking football could hurt them early on.

Josh Cairns


  1. I think it might be worth trying. But Özil will probably play best now that we have some real pace for his incisive passing. Like I keep saying, with a CDM signing we will have enough players to try out more formations. We can rest Özil and play 4-3-3 like we did against City or play a counter attacking game with him back in. Now with Alexis and Walcott eventually back we can play 4-4-2/1-1 a lot more. Flexibility is a beautiful thing.

    1. Yes! Flexibility is a beautiful thing. I really do hope Arsene decides to change shape and tactics and personnel according to opponent and location of the game this year. Playing SAS in Anfield with a high line with Per was not a smart choice last year. One more Quick central defender and a solid DM (Maybe the same person Carvalho, Martinez?) and we are in business.

      1. Agreed. Said below we should try out a 4-3-1-2 diamond formation.

        Javi Martinez has always been my first choice! XD
        he can also play CB when necessary.

      2. It would be interesting to see AW play with different formations BUT I think it’s crazy to believe he actually will. I’m sure he’ll stick with his 4-2-3-1. Only change to 4-4-2 if he needs a goal or a 5-4-1 the last couple minutes of a game to defend a lead. Other then that, I don’t see him changing it too much. Other then pinching AS17 a little closer to OG on the right. Like he was playing him with Sonogo on Sunday.
        Also, after naming Arteta captain, does anyone else think we won’t be signing the Dmid we all want?? I just don’t see AW naming a captain he doesn’t plan on starting. Many of u can bring up TV but he was actually a starter when he was named capt. I think it’s gonna be MA8 as our starting Dmid again with MF20 and chambers our back up dmids.
        I think if we do sign another player it will be a CB. I think AW is gonna give Arteta until January, then reassess.

        1. Certainly seems that way. I said in a different post that I can see Wenger going for a very young CDM like Rabiot or Carvalho so Arteta and Flamini can still play, then eventually push one of those first two into the first team.

            1. he can play as a CDM.

              regardless, his boundless energy is what we need. he is similar in style to Pogba, who isn’t a ‘tradition’ cdm, yet people would love to have him at Arsenal. Khedira IS a b2b, yet we want him because of his high energy as well.

              1. wtf? Pogba plays more attacking than any of the 3 midfielders he plays with for France and Juve

                1. He does score a crazy amount of goals. I guess I got a little side tracked while trying to make a point. Sorry guys.

                  I just wanted to say, a lot of the players we’ve been looking at aren’t really true CDMs, but some would be awesome to have. I would love to have Pogba but like you said he is pretty attacking, although he has been played in a holding role at times.

                  It depends if we want a player who can switch quickly from defense to attack and evem has a good passing range. Either someone who can sit deep and also dictate play or someone who tackles, presses and destroys everything an opposition throws at us.

                  I hope i’m making sense, but maybe posting comments at 2am is not the best idea 😛

    2. Ozil played zero part in all the 2 cups we have lifted thus far but people would still sacrifice Cazorla just to accommodate him.
      Its that being a Gunner or Just a Big Sentimental Fool.

  2. Wenger gonna have some nice selection headaches this season….its been a few years since we have had so much quality players all fit at the same time….if we can keep it this way for majority of the season I think we will win some trophies……would like us to add a beast of a DM though

  3. Nope, in the world cup final when he started on the wing he was exposed and wasn’t up to it. Second half Low put him in his favourite position (CAM) and he played exceptionally well, he ran the game from there and literally destroyed Argentina with his play.

    He has to start the season as CAM, that is his favourite position and it is where we will get the best out of him. Can’t wait for Saturday!!!

    1. True dat, as soon as Kroos dropped back and Özil took up the CAM he performed so well. But still scored above 7 points on for the entirety of the tournament ^^

      He also completed the most passes in the final third than any other player in the world cup and was second in chances created to Messi. Quality.

  4. this season is huge for ozil- are record buy- seen as many manager ans players alike as worlds best number 10-

    he needs to show more this year, alot more-
    purely because we gooners wont allow someone to ‘coast’ through their performances-

    1. He didn’t have such an awful season as lot of people think. Still created the most chances and assists for Arsenal. But when Ramsey and Walcott got injured he didn’t have the option of those two’s dynamic runs forward. Can’t wait to see him in action again ^^

    2. Let us take a look. Without Ozil, Arsenal finished 16 points behind the leader and won no trophy again.

      With Ozil (the ONLY significant signing), Arsenal had its best finish in many years only 7 points behind the league leader and won its first trophy in 9 years. And all this with massive amount of injury problems.

      You are right, Ozil sucked last season. Cmon, let us be reasonable and appreciative.

  5. OT: Former Tottenham chairman Lord Sugar says it is painful for him to admit that Arsenal are dark horses to win the Premier League this season.

    I thought we’ve largely discussed Ozil’s best position in the team, HE SHOULD PLAY JUST BEHIND THE STRICKER with a free role to interchange with the other front tree players therefore keeping the defenders guessing and BANG!!!

    Slow news day? Where’s Leo with some entertainment.

    1. My bad I didn’t mean OG12 by tree I meant front three (just a little joke there lads)

      Theo / or OG / or Sanogo
      Carzola Ozil Sanchez

  6. Only if Ozil and Cazorla play in the same game
    I think Ozil is better on the wing than Cazorla
    Both Ozil and Cazorla’s best position is CAM

    However, Ozil should normally play CAM

    Maybe keep Cazorla on the bench and play him in Cup matches after Walcott comes back.

  7. Why are we trying to fix what is not broken??? Next article going to be “CB perfect replacement- Wilshere”. It is really quitday, nothing else to right about.

  8. We keep getting linked with Reus… Wenger said that he expects the window to get busy again come the 15th… Might we be in for a stunning surprise come the start of the season? By the bush baby’s ghosts I hope so….

  9. what if ozil gets mad cuz he only won 1 trophy with arsenal while his other teammates had won 2 🙁 🙁 (: 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. dont worry haywill, i thought the same and then thought that might give him a push to then win and be a star in the epl,

          1. The Wengerit is tllk in you again.^^ Wenger is not flawless so chill. Pretend to wave the white flag.

            1. Pretending pretending.. 1 2 3 testing mic.. Ready.. Go..
              Just like the Waving flag? O wave your flag.
              When I get older, I will be stronger.
              Just like the waving flag.

        1. I know I ll get a lot of thumbs down, but even if I am pretty sure Haywill is like 12 or 13 yrs old, I like his comments, yeah, 🙂
          (One has to admit, without Haywill, Leo, Hafiz and Davidnz it wouldnt be the same around here hahahaha)

  10. I think our best team would be


    Subs: Ospina.chambers.monreal.wilshere.Flamini.OX.Podolski.Cazorla.Sanogo.Gnabry.Campbell

    1. Why don’t we try out 4-3-1-2 ? Pack the midfield with a new very physical CDM/Flamini, pair Ramsey and Wilshere in a dynamic midfield. And Özil behind Alexis and Walcott (or Giroud/Sanogo) whatever we need upfront. It means we could overload the midfield and play two striker just ahed of Özil. Main weakness is obviously the flanks, so our full backs, Debuchy and Gibbs will have to work extra hard.

    2. sorry but having arteta walcott and giroud starting is going to cost us big time this season…a DM plus another striking option are critical if we are going to be knocking on the door come mid april

      1. We dont need another striker. Sanchez, Sanogo, Giroud (Walcott?) is more than enough options. I dont think we will have a 25+ goal scorer this year, but think back to the beginning of last season where everyone was sharing in the goal tally, thats all we need honestly. Even for Man City, they mostly split the goal burden. Aguero with 17, Dzeko with 16. And this is a City that often like the play with two strikers.

  11. The only medal missing from Özils cupboard is a UCL winner medal. If Wenger keeps going the way he is, it cannot be far away.
    This year expect many long high balls over the defences and either Walcott or Alexis latching on to it.
    Even last season Özil had a lot of through balls and very high chances created. This year the expectations from him are not that high since the acquisition of Sanchez and am fully with Wenger that Özil and not Sanchez will win PFA Player of the year.

  12. PUNDIT’s opposition teams/ fans are now tired of saying Arsenal will finish out side top four for many seasons, only last season and this season they say 4th place is ARSENAL’S for ever meaning we will not win the epl and ucl .well they is a added motivation to win them . it will be funny if we don’t make it in top four spurs go fourth and hull city win Europa league to enter ucl

  13. and i think ozil should be girouds roomates so they can communicate each other bout what their gonna do on the soccer field 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. and i know ozill speaks german and turkish while giroud speaks french but they can speak american to chat its the international language everybody speaks american 🙁 🙁 🙁

    2. and i think arsene should give our players language classes arsene can be the teacher to reduce cost arsene speaks languages 🙁 🙁 🙁

  14. Ozil position should be right behind the striker, but i think we will see a lot more variations in the arsenal team this year, he will play on the wings sometime too. This arsenal team will cause problem to many if we start with our pacey forwards, we can even become more dangerous to our opponents if we BUY A DM. I actually thin we will embarrass some teams this new season.

  15. I think even when ozil is playing as no 10 He drifts a lot to wings and his movement is all around the front end. So it wont make any difference. He has exceptional qualities to be winger in 4-3-3. I think he will enjoy with sanchez. I think it is a good approach by wenger to employ 4-3-3 instead of 4-2-3-1which made us to dominate game both offensively and defensively. In this formation i expect lineup : sczezny
    wishere-arteta/flamini/dm(if any)-rambo
    walcott- Sanchez-ozil.

  16. No no no, Ozil through the middle. Sanchez could go on the left and play similar role to ribery while campbell/walcott play on the right side.

    1. Can’t believed you got thumbed down for that. 2 pacy wingers feeding off ozil? That’s the dream!

  17. we need a striker/winger (REUS) + cdm & a cb don’t be fooled by the win against city who looked lethargic/rusty it won’t be the same when we face them next time chelski & city looks favorites for the title unless we bring in new signings else it will be 3rd or 4th pos for us sango or giroud is not the answer t our strikers & same for arteta

    1. Has everyone just forgotten we have Joel campbell as well!? He’s looking like a good alternative up front as well and cover out on the wing. He’s got the pace, the ball control and finesse we need in the final third, its just a matter of time before he show’s us. Wenger realistically just needs one more signing whether a CB or a DMF this seasons looking great.


  18. Mirror claiming stumbling block in Manolas deal would be no guaranteed starting spot. If he’s not willing to fight for it, forget about him

    1. You still cite the transfer rumor media as if you are reading facts. You just don’t get it.

      Don’t believe any of it. Stop.

  19. Current transfer rumors

    1. Agger
    2. Howedes
    3. Gustavo
    4. Carvalho
    5. Kostas Manolas
    6. Vargas

    I hope we get at least one of them.

    1. 4 and 6 without a shadow though also rumours about tiote who would not be a bad option as DM though not great in the air….but if wenger wants to show that he really is now a manager with ambition he has to do something

    1. I get the feeling he wants to buy a player that can play both. He is talking of versatility and being quite specific unless he means RB/CD it is probably going to be a DM/CD.

      1. Can kostas manolas or howedes play d DM position, as rumors of carvalho hv. Calmed down n gustavo said he aint leaving

    2. I think the only definite recent clue AW has given in recent weeks as to what he wants to do in the rest of the transfer market was when he said “one maybe two” are planned – can’t remember exactly when that was but was before TV5 left, maybe couple of weeks ago now. But I took that to mean one more is planned but if TV5 leaves then 2. So can assume an incoming CB and one other – what position though is anyone’s guess.

  20. Really liked the new 4-3-3 formation on Sunday but it doesnt suit Ozil but cud Ozil play a free role as part of a midfield 3 with a pacy frontline of Sanchez, Walcott, sanogo, campbell or Ox

  21. I will be shocked (pleasantly) if we get a quality CDM.

    I think Wenger will just get a defender.

    I hope I am wrong

  22. Sky Sports are reporting that Marcos Rojo has handed in a transfer request.Cud be an ideal 4th choice CB nd back-up LB

  23. @Fed up gunner : i also get that feeling too, cos that’s the only position he’s talked less of.
    If we don’t get a Dmf, i can bet you a $1000 that we’ll not even smell the Epl, same story at the Ucl, eliminated at the F.A & maybe win the capital one.

  24. Guys lets not give permanent positions to players.. I want every player to be in the team on merit..

    The majority of you have been sweeping Cazorla under the carpet, 99% of most fans formations exclude Cazorla for some reason, but why?.. Some fans have even been calling for Wenger to get rid of Cazorla this summer.. Offensively Ramsey and Cazorla have won was 2 trophies, in defense Kossy and Sagna did well..

    All I want from my fellow Gooners is to stop being biased and stop this favoritism.. I know we have all got our sweetheart players but everyone should be in the team on merit, not because of their price tag or name..

    1. Very smart. Wenger will likely try many different combinations both for experimentation and out of necessity.

      And this fits Wengers plan. He has been loading the club with talented CAMs with the idea that he can move them around to different positions in different combinations, sort of like interchangeable parts.

      This is also one reason Wenger has not concentrated on the striker position. He wants to go with an unstoppable force of attacking midfielders for the bulk of the scoring.

  25. OT. We’re linked with Cheik Tiote for £8M. I think i’d sooner have Chambers than Tiote, he’s a bit too hot-headed for my liking.

    1. I hope we get Tiote.. I have been calling for him since he broke into that Newcastle side 3 seasons ago…

      I think he is brilliant, and Gustavo too..

        1. agree. Why get Tiote when we basically have him in Flamini. The age difference isnt that much greater either. And Tiote even more likely to get a RC than Flamini and is less consistent than him. Would be a pointless signing in my opinion.

          1. Got to b kiddin me he is stronger and more skillfully than flamini by miles good passer of ball and more direct than arteta….would b a typical wenger purchase and not a bad one either though it would hardly send out a signal of intent to rivals

  26. Carvalho is the player we need. He is a CDM but also capable of playing CB. Arteta is most likely
    to leave next season so it would be good to sign someone who has EPL experience.
    Flamini and Diaby also have just 1 year remaning .

  27. The very reliable @Geoffarsenal tweeted today “could be an interesting week this” new signing or two in ?

  28. Damian Martinez, has been officially promoted to Arsenal’s first team and has been given a new number, the no. 26 shirt

    “We will compete with big clubs to keep Manolas. Vermaelen left Arsenal and there is a space there,” Olympiacos’ coach.

  29. Can Carvalho play CD as well? That would be good because we would have 4 players including Koscielny, Mertsacker and Chambers who could play CD.

    Also with us only having 6 defenders I’m beginning to question if it was wise to send Jenkinson on loan. Can he be brought back in January?

  30. 19-year-old defender Hector Bellerin has broken Theo Walcott’s 40 metre sprint record at Arsenal!

    wenger should convert him in2 right winger than right back he would be amazing for us

    1. The problem is we have too many wide players Walcott, Ox, Gnabry and Campbell. I cant see him
      playing at RW. I think RB would be his best position.

      1. I remember people (myself included) clamouring for proper wingers last season. Now we have too many wide players.

  31. Wishful thinking but if abou diaby stays fit a 4-3-3 with diaby holding then Ramsey and wilshere in front would scare opponents obviously unlikely given diabys injury luck

      1. I do not understand what you mean? Are you saying we should release because he is always injured? That makes some sense.

        But does it make sense to finally get rid of him when Wenger has stayed with him for years and now he may finally be healthy?

        And I don’t know how you just “release” a player. There are such things as contracts.

        1. what nonsense you can terminate a players contract if he isn’t fit if you don’t know what contract means don’t talk about it

  32. Wenger would not put Ozil on the wing because it is his best position. He would put him on the wing because he feels Ozil is needed there. This would allow Cazorla to play the middle where he excels.

    It is an issue of necessity and putting Arsenal’s best players on the pitch together.

  33. Off topic: but If we sings Benedikt Howedes, Cheick Tiote and Marco Rues (or any decent striker who can score 20+ season) then we can hope for Epl or Fa Cup both (maybe Capital one cup too).

    And Im new here. 🙂

  34. OT: Just a general knowledge question, guess who is the fastest player currently at arsenal?
    ps: its not walcott..

    will answer in two hours 🙂 COYG

    1. Could it be that you have Ozil in mind after all that buzz about his sprint speed in the world cup.

      In reality it must be Walcott I’ve often heard he is quickest in the world.

      1. I was assuming Bellerin wasn’t the answer that you were looking for since its already been mentioned on here above.

  35. Wenger keeping faith in Giroud and Arteta/Wilshere/Flamini could cost us the title

    We do not have a striker equal to Costa, RVP, Rooney, Aguero, Dzeko.

    We do not have a top CDM: Any one of these would work: Carvalho, Khedira, Gustavo, Scneiderlin, Javi Martinez

    Or turning Walcott or Sanchez into a striker and getting a winger like REUS would work

    Come on Wenger, surprise the heck out of us and get:
    1. Carvalho
    2. Reus
    3. Howedes

  36. We have one of the best playmakers in the world, sticking him out on the wing isn’t maximising his talents.

    Play Ozil through the middle, let him take advantage of Alexis, Theo, Ox and their pace, let him find Ramsey when he makes those dangerous off ball runs.

    You pay 42m for one of the game’s best playmakers, you let him be what he is, someone who gets assists and sees that pass before a defence has a chance to stop it.

  37. Boring match and a boring goal. Tap in. I am off to sleep. Goodnight y’all.
    I am talking of the UEFA Super Cup. Sevilla vs Reaaal.

  38. Wenger is going for Höwedes (Schalke 04 defender), who basically a multi position player: RB, CB and DM… That is definitely the one we need…

  39. Tiote = frimpong in black and white! Would take him rather than no one though, he’d get better in every way at arsenal.

  40. Re fastest player I thought it would be walcott, (over 40/60m at least). Gibbs has a shout,; he was skinning navas at the weekend and navas is very quick. Sanchez when fully fit?

  41. Kostas Manolas is left out of the Olympiakos squad to face Athletic Bilbao tomorrow. Looks like
    somebody is signing him soon.

    1. And oddly enough, Olympiacos earlier brought Abidal, Alberto Botia and this other Greek CB..

      Sounds like he’s moving alright.

  42. Benzema looking like baggage tonight. But it must be hard to get chances when you have goal machines either side of you.

  43. Strange thing to play Oz on the wing given that even Mourinho admitted he is the best No 10 in the world and totally unique. And it’s not like we are exactly missing players who naturally play on the wing.

    Alternate Oz and Cazorla, use them both in a 3-5-2 for when we need that goal…

  44. I’m not happy with Wenger, not a bitt… All he did was replace sagna, fabianski and bendtner. In turn we got debuchy/ospina/sanchez (this last one being a marquee signing). With vermaelen leaving we have chambers but that’s it, players left and they brought players to replace them. With all the money we still have left we should be getting a coveted ST/DM/LW/CB in order to be competitive in europe/EPL. With the team we have we’re still going to be fighting to be in 4th place this season, nothing more, nothing less and it seems to me that wenger is building a team that once again will compete very hard, only to end up on 4th because of injuries because of lack of depth or missing pieces (DM/LW/ST/CB)

    1. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and we wont suddenly become the greatest European team in one season. If you cannot see we are so much stronger now, you need to look again. And be PATIENT! There is still time left to get that CDM. But our new signings are more than just mere replacements. I think they are all improvements on what we had last year. (Maybe not at RB, where Sagna was just so solid, but I like Debuchy’s game)

  45. 1. No DM signing coz of Diaby, Arteta, flamini with Chambers joining dem now

    2. The formulae 4-3-3 will accommodate ozil with number 10 role in the middle similar to what we employed before Fabrepass4 left.

    DM/ Arteta LW

    Ozil CF

    Ramsey RW

    3. Don’t expect anoda LW signing unless Poldi leaves
    4. CB signing is very realistic

  46. Manolas thumbs up, howedes thumbs down. Which if either of these is quick? Will either of these players put per on the bench, (or allow for him to be rested / rotated)?

    1. We won’t if we don’t buy at least 2 more players
      DM and either another defender or versatile player..?

    2. Absolutely freaking delighted with their predictions. Owen predicted Argentina for WC and Chelsea for 2013-14 PL, GN predicted Man Utd for 2013-14 PL and AD predicted Man City wouldn’t win the 2013-14 PL.

  47. Looking forward to watching the man u game at 12.45 on sat, praying swansea beat them or take a point, vangallkenstein to start as moyes did 🙂

  48. Anyone see khediras body language after the super cup…?
    I just wonder if he’s headed to London..?
    Watch this space..

    1. Last days of the window khadeira will move can’t see Madrid letting him leave for free.
      We need at least 2 more players to win the title I can’t see us winning it.

      1. Ergs mate you are spot on, just what I’ve been thinking, what we have right now is not title winning material! One or two more top quality signings and we will be there! Us Arsenal fans need to stop running our mouths about how we will last the course this time because without another top quality signing or two, we won’t.

        1. without a new CDM, impossible to win the league. Arteta in the starting XI is far from good enough. I really really hope Wenger is doing something about it, or all the other signings we got will seem partly a waste if we dont even fix our weakest position.

  49. How long has it been since this article was posted? Feels like whole day. Maybe can’t think of anything to write about? The last two articles are BOTH about Ozil’s playing position.

    1. The Germans are Back
    2. Can we win the PL without a world class striker and top CDM?
    3. EUROCAR is new sponsor. More money for transfers?
    4. The importance of having a great start to the, season and excellent home record.
    5. Giroud scored against a top team in an important match. He didn’t do this last season. Will he have the best season of his career.

  50. Still feel a need for a genuine striker. In the last game, Sanogo created space for himself on 2 or 3 occasions but each time Sanchez ignored to pass him the ball. As if Sanchez was not having the confidence that Sanogo would score, both times Sanchez tried looking for Cazorla. The opportunity was lost. After the game Sanogo and Campbell seen together whilst Sanchez mingled with Arteta and Cazorla.

    1. Sanchez isnt even match fit yet, his final balls were pretty off. And I’ll have to see the plays you were talking about, but Sanchez definitely tried to find Sanogo plenty of times throughout the match, but as I said his final balls were usually poor (he did link up with Sanogo in the 2nd goal though). And I dont know why you expect Sanchez and Sanogo to be best buddies immediately. They dont even speak the same language, so of course he is going to talk to the Spaniards more.

    2. totally we still need a world class big name striker to finished the goals….a 30+++ goals per season type

      strikers like Torres, Eto, Demba, Carroll, Chicarito, Webber……they guarantee 30+++ goals when given regular first team football…

    3. Sonogo is to a sense of space what Eric pickles is to a good diet….need a proper strike option to benefit from Sanchez and ozil

  51. Kostas Manolas left out of Olympiacos’ squad for tomorrow’s friendly match against Bilbao, apparently his manager at olypiacos mentioned us hmmmmm

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