Arsenal tactics – Should the Ox play on left or right?

First of all the basis of this tactical discussion is the assumption that the Arsenal manager will go with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Joel Campbell on either side of Olivier Giroud when Arsenal next play in the Premier League, which is a home game with struggling Sunderland on Saturday.

Let´s be honest and admit that the injury list has not left Arsene Wenger many options, with Aaron Ramsey almost certain to be brought back into central midfield alongside either Mathieu Flamini or Calum Chambers.

So the question then is which side would be better for the Costa Rican forward and the England international to line up on. The problem is that both Campbell and the Ox are used to playing on the right and I think that both would prefer to start there.

If it was up to me I would put Chamberlain on the left where Alexis Sanchez usually plays and I will explain why. For one thing his physical attributes and style of football are closer to the Chilean’s that Campbell’s, so it would not be as much of a change for the team dynamic and the link up play with Mesut Ozil and Nacho Monreal.

And the same applies to the right side, where Campbell and Bellerin have been getting used to playing together. That right flank role also allows Campbell to cut in and shoot with his favoured left foot. Do you agree that this is the best set up for Arsenal this weekend?

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  1. 100% with you on this… come on lets back our players through out. we can survive this December..i personally don’t want any bit of November events this month please so COYG!!

    1. That’s right.. Let’s get behind the boy’s! ….. Said the man, who lives a moon distance from the Emirates! ??

  2. U see what am saying…. Everyone knows that’s what needs to happen., (Ox on d left). But now that you mentioned it, Arsene Wenger isn’t gonna do that anymore, cos he doesn’t follow public opinion, or what everyone knows is right., bcos he thinks he knows all…. But that’s foolishness!!!!!
    Spot on with Ur tactics, but will Wenger agree????? Smh….

    1. You’re 100% right about Mr Wenger’s stubbornness!
      So that means that Ramsey will be starting on the RW!
      And Campbell will replace him in the 89th minute.

      Can anyone remember the position The Ox played in,
      when he actually scored two goals in that game at the Emirates? … Was it CM?
      (It may have been last season or the previous, but I know that he has never played in the position since)

  3. Having them play on both flanks intermittently changing is the thing to do.

    More importantly we need Ramsey to hold his position with flamini. Though I have a feeling that chambers might play alongside flamini with ramsey on the right and campbell dropping to the bench.

    1. Your feelings are spot on mate!
      But Are they really feelings?
      Or just common sense to the norm ?

  4. It doesn’t matter what the fan’s think or suggest,
    As it certainly won’t make any difference,
    apart from making mr Wenger’s job even harder!
    He doesn’t like being told what to do!
    he will always try to be different from the rest,
    in a stubborn, cut your own nose off to spite your face,l style.

    Doesn’t anyone remember the fall out he had with Steve Bould?
    It was at a time when we were leaking in goals left, right and centre!
    And in the end, a butt hurt wenger backed down to Bould’s idea and it proved decisive, we started keeping cleansheets.

    Unfortunately, we are back in a situation where someone needs to step in, with some new ideas and tactics.
    Even the delusional die hard wenger fan’s will eventually get tired of the same old same old senario’s.

    Also remember that it was our player’s that had a private meeting between themselves before the Utd game that inspired them to beat them (utd) when wenger was at cracking point!
    Surely that tells you something?

    The transfer window is looming and already mr wenger is flapping into a panic attack!

    Is it the board or Wenger’s fault for the lack of summer signings?

    Well, wenger has already stated that he treats the club,
    as if it belongs to him and of his reluctants to spending money and Of course of his proudness of one day being able to leave the club in a great financial state.

    I have been supporting Arsenal for a very very long time,
    Long before Wenger came along ( and no I’m not looking for a medal) My north bank days are long gone, like the stadium itself and I don’t even live in the UK anymore!
    I apologise for all my wenger bashing but thats just me and how I deal with disappointment! So please just ignore my childish behaviour and let me have my fun ??

  5. Any combination is fine play ox left or right and campbell vice versa. Anything is fine for me, unless wenger plays Ramsey in the middle.
    While we are discussing this, Wenger may play ramsey gain on the right wing. Now that’s where I would be disppaonted

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