Arsenal tactics – The best formation with our new arrivals….


It is not a secret anymore, Arsenal have gained the signatures of Shkodran Mustafi and Lucas Perez. That’s added to Rob Holding and Granit Xhaka who have also joined the first XI squad. Of course Holding will give way for Mustafi naturally. However, Granit Xhaka is gaining rave reviews over his displays suggesting he will be a mainstay in the First XI for a long time to come.

The displays by Xhaka and Cazorla in the pivot role against Watford can easily qualify as a masterclass. But then again there was the displays by Sanchez, Ozil and Walcott that suggests Arsenal have a bright title challenge ahead of them.

So how best does Arsenal deploy her precious arsenals in the attempt to capture the elusive title this season? My own personal wish would be we move to have a or 4.4.2 diamond arrangement.

The formation which I favour would have the following First XI….

Monreal, Mustafi, Koscielny, Bellerin

The 4.4.2 diamond formation would have the following First XI

Monreal, Mustafi, Koscielny, Bellerin

What would be your preferred First XI with the new signings and the first three matches we have played?

Nicholas Oyoo


  1. The 4-2-3-1 formation is good. We are used to it but I really like the diamond formation. We can try it out in some games. We can place Sanchez in Perez or giroud position and move Xhaka to Sanchez position as indicated in the formation above with Coquelin sitting deep. We are blessed with good, quality players in the middle of the park. Proper rotation and tactics will do us a lot of good. We just need to manage the players properly and play to their strength depending on the opposition.. .

    1. Endless possibilities with the current crop. Let’s hope Wenger can work it out. BTW, I just love this system with no thumbs up/downs. Forces you to write meaningful sentences instead of boo-ing like a monkey!

      1. lol.. very true, people will have to comment to present their frustrations or agreements on the topic at hand

  2. Aaginst the so call small teams and our home games






    Cazorla is highly needed in other to help us dominate while creating chances upon chances against the so call packing the bus teams. Theo is needed as well for the width and his pace.

    Away from home vs the big teams Chelsea, Liverpool, City, United and Champions league games like PSG away etc






    I go for Coquelin and Xhaka to give us more defensive protection like wew saw when we played leicester. We nullified all thier counter attacks.

    I go for ramsey instead of theo in other to pack the middle of the pitch and to give us more numbers in midfield. Especially when playing against a team like mancity who are controling games wonderfully.

  3. I really cant tell which our best formation is.
    Ramsey Wilshire coquelin Elneny xhaxa and Cazorla can all be outstanding on their day.
    Same goes for centrebacks.
    mustafi Gabriel mertesacker kos chambers and holding can all have outstanding matches.
    So far the only guaranteed starters are cech bellerin monreal ozil and sanchez are so far our only guaranteed starters.
    Its hard to tell which formation or players to use for our team to perform at its very best but I think we need to look at the opponent first

    1. Rumored Gnabry will be loaned out to a German club. Tbh, it’s the best thing right now. He’s essentially been out for 2 entire seasons and needs a lot of gametime. Glad he did well in Olympics but realistically Wenger loves Ox and Walcott too much to bench them for Gnabry.

      1. I think that gnabry contract runs out next summer so either we should extend contract or sell. If there is time.

  4. I really liked Elneny’s energy when he came on yesterday. I know Wilshire is still finding his feet but they both came on at the same time and only one stood out for me. Our depth this year is really quite something. Finally real competition all over the park.

  5. guys can someone tell me about ffp rules which seem to affect everyone except us.
    We have 3 keepers
    3 rightbacks 6 centrebacks 2 leftbacks
    3 dms(classified xhaxa and Elneny as dms)
    3cms 4wingers 1am and 3 strikers

    1. Basicly the business is a separate entity. The money of the business is different from the Owners money.
      It’s about spending what you make. before we use to make loads of money but we were also paying back our loans. The loan we took to build the stadium. Look at last season for example were we spent only £10million on Cech , which means that we had loads of reserve to spend this season.
      For sure it favours the big clubs that have got very big fan base and make huge commercial deals.Manchester United for example have profited from this. they have loads of sponsors and make loads of money.
      I think is all about spending what you make. Which explains why Chelsea have been spening well as compare to how they use to spend before. It tries to seperate the footclubs money from the Owners money.

      But city find a way to beat it, like New york city buying Lampard and loaning them to city. Its all owned by thesame person. You can always play around it.

      But the new Tv deals gives the premier league clubs ability to Play around it. Arsenal for example made about £100,000,000 + from tv deals alone, which was more than any football club in the world. so That is also very helpful

      Hope that helps.

  6. Because it’s Arsenal, paper work will most likely be completed towards the end of the transfer window.

    1. true, lol. i just wanna look at photos of them in arsenal kits. We all know the deals are done. Arsenal don’t announce signings on weekends usually though.

  7. _______Perez
    Lacazette Ozil Sanchez
    Xhaka Coquelin Wilshere
    Gibbs Holding Bellerin

    Holding, holding it all together at the back.

  8. Great game. Team looked really compact. Ozil is amazingly clynical.
    Heres my skill rating from 0/100
    First touch 97 (only comparable to messi)
    Short pass acc 98
    Pass Tech. 97

    Simply the best AMC in football today
    Please help me complete my skill rating

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