Arsenal Tactics – Who should partner Ramsey in midfield?

Who should partner Ramsey in that advanced midfield role – Cazorla, Wilshere or Ozil? by SE

In what has been a relatively busy summer at Arsenal, with Wenger bringing in the kind of personnel who he deems is ‘appropriate’ to his plans, the system that he would have to play has been of equal speculation if not more. With the acquisition of Sanchez, in addition to the plethora of wingers Wenger has at his disposal, he needed to shift to 4-3-3, to get the best out of all his key players. Sanchez is one; Walcott, when he becomes fit, is going to be one; Add Chamberlain, Podolski and Cazorla to the mix, Wenger has at least 5 wingers to choose from.

In absolute contrast to the superfluous resources on the flanks, the middle of the park looks tenuous, and lacks in resources if someone misses out through injury. Now, let us get the jury out on who is the engineer in Arsenal’s engine room: Ramsey, having had a couple of brilliant seasons, is the club’s premier midfielder. Arteta, ahead of Flamini, is the first choice midfield pivot.

The question is: With Arteta and Ramsey being the first choice midfielders in their positions, who fills the void on the right or left-hand-side of the Welshman? Is it Ozil, Cazorla or, is it Wilshere?

Wilshere suits Arsenal’s style of football, without a shadow of doubt. The young Englishman fits Arsenal’s and Wenger’s profile of a midfielder, pertinent to their expectations; He can dribble, has a better shooting boot than Cazorla and Ozil, and likes to drive forward. And, he isn’t a lot different to what Cazorla or Ozil may offer, playing in the same position, so why shouldn’t he become Ramsey’s partner? For now, though, we shall move on to Cazorla and see what the Spaniard can offer.

Cazorla, mind you, has started the last couple of games at central midfield – in the Champions League against Besiktas and in the Premier League against Leicester – and looks to have played his part to perfection. Cazorla’s versatility just puts him a notch ahead of Wilshere, in the pecking order; he is two-footed, which is a rare quality, and can play as a winger, too.

Coming to Ozil: the German has had an unimpressive start to the campaign, and I am just thinking whether he needs a shift in position, to maybe play at central midfield. If he gets to play alongside Ramsey, he could have a far better impact on proceedings, than what he manages to, while playing as a winger. The former Los Blancos man can be given a free role, which will alleviate the pressure on his shoulders, and could bring out the best in him. On either flanks, he’s caught in no-man’s-land and, due to the absence of a strong shooting boot, it’s going to be futile to continue playing him as a winger.

Final Thought
Look, at the end of the day, Wilshere, Cazorla and Ozil are class players; silky footballers and, more importantly, fit Arsenal’s profile. The fact of the matter is how you want someone to impact the game? If you’re Wenger, what makes you happy? Is it Wilshere’s nimble movement? Or, is it the versatility of Ozil and Cazorla that you’re looking for?

My verdict: There’s no doubt that, both Cazorla and Ozil, can play at central midfield; you have Chamberlain, Sanchez, Walcott and Podolski to call upon as wingers. Why not use the versatility and silky skills of Cazorla and Ozil to play alongside Ramsey, albeit keeping Wilshere in the mix, equally?

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  1. Personally against man city I would love to see

    Campbell OX alexis
    Ramsey flamini

    That front 5 would have so much energy and would press for every ball .. Also possesion football ain’t working for us .. We need to start hitting teams on the counter and with that explosive pace it would scare loads of teams we need to start playing with more tempo

    Ozil and cazorla out of form and need to be dropped ..

      1. Off topic but can someone please answer this question:

        Any free agent defenders of quality that we could still sign? I’m nervous

          1. I didn’t find any answers, I want names. I wanna know if we are in for any free agent defenders. all I know is that Lugano is a free agent. would he be good enough?

            1. This website is a joke. We had a 70 million net spend and Wenger is an unambitious fraud. If Arsenal had bought Falcao then the bank balance would have gone low. Name 1 cb that would have stayed on the Arsenal bench and name the best DM to be transferred. Manolas was never gonna sit on the bench and Nastasic wanted 2 leave City 2 sit on the bench. Falcao was never gonna earn 3x Ozil or Alexis etc. The admin is an absolute joke, what do you expect Wenger to do? Go on justarsenal for tactical advice? People say that Wenger has a huge ego for not listening to fans. Well there is a reason that Arsene Wenger is the Arsenal manager and not some lads that panick on Justarsenal. He is also damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Most of you were saying that He should be playing Sanogo instead of Giroud and wished bodily harm. We’ll shame on you! People were saying that before the Leicester game Podolski wasn’t getting a fair chance. After the Leicester match it was Wenger out for playing Podolski! What sort of football supporter wishes bodily harm on their own player??? There is a reason that other teams poke fun and call the Emorates the library. If you think that you would be better than Wenger then why don’t you try to be the next manager of Arsenal?

                1. Why dont you try to be Arsenal next manager!. Ahahaha, i cant believe how stupid you are. We dont want to be become managers. We demand him doing his job bec 9m a year is not a little.

                2. Emmm they both didn’t move. Southampton said that Schneiderlin ain’t available for any price and William Carvalho has 3rd party ownership and a 37m release clause. Bacary Sagna is a right back.

                3. CARvalho rejected arsenal ( dont know the reason bt i am sure money is not cause if we r paying welbeck 100k then i am pretty sure we can pay him atleast 70k which is far more than what he earns at sporting)
                  scheirderlin (dont know the spell) bt Southampton don’t wanted a business it is not arsenes fault.

                4. if a team ask for 20 mil and you offer something close to 13m you will get horse shet.

                  if a player demand 100k and you offer 50k, you will end up getting horse shet.

                  Penny pinching doesnt help.

              1. Who told you we were penny pinching? Caught offside? That’s a terrible excuse and doesn’t back your case up. Tell me about these insider sources you have?

                1. 40 million pounds plus 1 pound. Remember that
                  For vampire, that’s taking the pi$$ and penny pinching imo

                2. How can one accuse another of penny pinching but in the same week suggest we overpaid for Wellbeck or Chambers?

              2. People like you annoy me. It’s not am podolski fan but please 15 minuts for him and chambo? wegner will always chose players he likes not because there are good. how he managed to turn word class player like ozil into someone average is beyond me. anyway for me wegner has no tactics no plan b. He lost it big time lets face it. even ronaldo will look normal in Arsenal team.

                1. Ozil had only played once in 7-8 weeks so to suggest that he is average after 3 games is ridiculous. Chamberlain and Podolski were injured at the World Cup and most likely not sharp. Most of the time we are losing at half time, we usually win and statistically we are comeback kings. I saw a statistic somewhere that proves that and sometimes a different approach is needed.

                2. Wenger has made a lot of people angry this week. But in fairness wasn’t it a plan B that won us the FA cup last spring?

                  And while Ozil has been average what has Ramsey been? How can you say Wenger made Ozil average but then have the likes of Ramsey play the way he has the last 12months.

        1. Bellerin was fantastic during community shield..afterall who would have thought Callum Chambers wil come this good?

    1. Flamini lets player’s go past with ease, i’d swap Ox for Ozil in the middle as well.
      And more important remind Wenger to use subs, when needed!

      1. Flamini tackles like he did in 2004! To be fair he only got 1 red last season amazingly despite his dangerous tackles. I didn’t hear people saying that he was out of position at the World Cup.

          1. I’m sorry for using common sense! Just because people don’t agree with my opinion nor argue a case, they resort to this. So to be an Arsenal fan, you have to hate Arsene Wenger???

            1. No accept the truth, that we are a shamble of a club since Highbury.
              Money only seems to be the objective 4th place cup and CL
              When is this transitional period going to end place answer.

        1. Please be rational with you’re responses, i know you love arsenal, but he’s no spring chicken anymore. The last game i saw players stroll past him.
          I like the guy, but he’s close to his sell buy date.
          Just speaking the truth, not hating.

      2. You don’t know what you are talking about. Ox has no vision all he does is to run with the ball. We need guys who can control the flow of the game.Football is not all about running

    2. I think alexis as a 10 could work against the big 4 away from home.
      He played there for udinese, and would sure up our midfield defensively as he battles from min 1 to min 90.
      And would offer pace on the counter








          guys we need to stop this bs, two wingers is the way to go. This are modern times. Posession football only works against very crap oposition, barca fotball cant stand direct football.

          We win against city COUNTERING

          Wenger needs to adapt and respect the way other teams play in order to avoid 6-0 6-3 and 5-0 rapings

        2. Ozil played out wide and made the most chances at the World Cup and 2 inside forwards are very modern. Wenger changed modern tactics plus the fitness and diets of players. There is obviously a reason that Wenger plays him out wide and if Wenger is so blind then why aren’t you a manager?

        3. Nasri was the closest we had.
          But hazard wouldve been the perfect heir to bobbys LW role he ticks all the boxes.
          Reus Is also another great candidate.

    3. Szczesny
      Debuchy Mertesacker Koscielny Gibbs
      Diaby Ramsey
      Walcott Ozil Sanchez

      Bellerin Chambers Hayden Monreal
      Arteta Wilshere
      Ox Cazorla Campbell

      Flamini Hayden/LeCoq
      Gnabry Rosicky Podolski

      All fit, not bad.
      Short on depth at the back and slightly weak up front.

      1. Very short on depth and quality at the back, Short on quality at the DM position and Short on quality up front. Funny enough this was exactly the problem at the BEGINNING of the window.

        I am comparing us to City, United,Chelsea and Pool.

        Or else yes we are better than the other teams.

    4. Wenger plays 4-3-3 for some strange reason.

      Very well.. Hopefully Kosc will be back, so this is what i hope to see


      Flamini being the holding midfielder, Ramsey being a box to box player and Özil as a pure offensive midfielder with both Sanchez and Podolski crossing in from the wings to accompany Welbeck in the box. going down the side for a cross is situational.
      -So pretty much the same as a 4-2-3-1, hehe.

      In the long run, if wenger keeps playing özil on the wing in a 4-3-3 formation (which btw is the reason he was sold from RM – he didnt fit into the formation), i would like to see Ramsey and Wilshere team up, if Wilshere starts improving.

  2. I’ll be perfectly honest here, other than scoring the 2 odd goals, Ramsey has been playing pretty bad since the start of the premier league, and I’d happily start Wilshere, who has been playing better, and drop Ramsey to the bench. Players need to earn their positions, not be granted them. And if Ozil continues to play as bad as he is playing right now, he needs to be dropped as well. And stop that bullshit saying that Wenger is playing him on the wings and stuff like that, he’s been playing bad, and he needs to improve.

    1. Jack has had 1 good game apart from that hes been sh*t or average, same with ramsey. The differemce is ramseys a goal threat and creats 1 v 1s whereas jack does nothing.
      Wilshere should be benched and Ozil should be played as a 10 or be benched because hes also been average or sh*t on the wing.
      But this is wenger he’ll pick the most unbalanced team possible.
      What i want.

      Sanchez–Ozil–The Ox
      What we’ll get


      What will happen.
      We’ll lose by a 2 goal + margine getting absolutley obliterated down what ever wing ozil plays on as he doesnt track back and city send their fullbacks forward.

      1. No kidding. We can’t play Özil on the left against City next game. City’s right wing is their main attacking threat with Navas and Zabaleta. We can’t afford to play anyone but Campbell, Alexis or the Ox on the left against City, we can’t play Cazorla there as we did in the Community Shield as we don’t have Gibbs to match Navas’ pace and with Zabaleta playing this time, we’ll need someone who can provide more protection on the wing. Cazorla has been defending a lot more recently but I’m still not confident playing him there, and certainly not Özil – he has to be played through the middle.

        1. Ozil was tracking back, particularly Everton! Look at Naismiths goal and see him sprinting back. I think City will be more scared because we beat them 3-0. People say that we can’t beat City when we beat em 3-0 a week or 2 ago?

    2. @thegjole if you think playong out of position means nothing than you clearly never play football or play it in a regular basis just by moving a player in a diffrent position if he is not use to it makes a wolrd of a diffrence ask anyone who plays football.

      1. Playing as a no 10 or playing left of the no 10 matters, yes, but that doesn’t mean that you should be playing shit just because ur moved a bit left of ur natural position. He has been underperforming and he needs to up his game

    3. you’re all forgetting that Ozil played the entire world cup on the left wing and played really well. In fact, I think Wenger’s just trying to copy the German national squad at the moment. their starting lineups had all CAM’s and Klose up front. Only problem is that Sanogo couldn’t score a goal if his life depended on it and Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey are all playing like sh*t. Maybe the international break came at the right time. Just hope welbeck comes in bitter and p*ssed off so we might finally have some urgency and clinical finishing up front.

      1. We don’t have a midfield tank like Schweinsteiger though, or at least a holding midfielder like Khedira..

    4. lol Jack had one good game, his others he was just as bad. At least Ramsey is a goal scoring threat. Ramsey looks lost in a more advanced role. If Wenger switches back to a 4231, and just lets Ramsey link up with Ozil, then we’ll be fine. He technically looks the same, but hes being relied on to create goal scoring chances, and thats not his speciality.

  3. So you want to start with 5 runners who are not great in passing around each other no balance at all. Fact is ozil or cazorla have to always start since they keep us ticking in passing the ball around and creating oppurtunities for the likes of alexis ramsey ox etc

    1. Look at united all atattakers with no defenders, there defence is shite beyond beliefe they do not dare leave the box, run with the ball.

      I’m on a united hating day today;0

  4. Ok we got Welbeck, we all wanted a striker, he’s young, he tracks back A LOT, we need that.
    Man u, what a disgrace, is that how you win games now, millions wasted imo, kinda feel sorry for Moyes, he spent nothing compared.

    On topic i would love to see Diaby partner Ramsey, (how long … is he injured, where is he,) Jack should continue to fight for his place, it makes him hungrier, plays better.

    GK Chezza
    DL Gibbo
    CB BFG
    CB Koss da Boss
    RB Debucnhy
    MID rambo
    MID,Cdm Diaby
    Lw Alexis
    Rw Walcott
    Attack mid Ozil
    St Giroud or welbeck

    If all fit, awesome team!

  5. Wouldn’t play him. He’s been poor recently and Wilshere has been good. Wilshere deserves his chance. I’d play:
    Debuchy Mert Kos Monreal
    Flamini Wilshere
    Ox/Campbell Özil Alexis

    1. Don’t rate Flamini at all, all he has his anger, red card wating to happen
      Jesus my spelling today

    2. i love how so many people are willing to drop Ramsey when he’s poor, but if anyone ever suggests to drop ozil when hes out of form they get slated.

  6. A quality problem, but a challenge all the same-

    Don’t agree that we’ll move to a 4-3-3 though. But for me, and I’ve said this before even though many will disagree Ozil doesn’t make the team for me- But before you thumb down let me explain why…

    Carzola offers great passing from central midfield, his two good feet, means he can surge forward in any direction, and also offers a genuine goal threat – as result he’s hard to defend, and offers lots for the team- Additionally without the ball, he will track back, support the team, and even make the odd tackle – this is the vital difference between him and Ozil-

    Ozil is for me an even better passer, but he offers zero goal threat (well almost zero). And zero defending – placing him in the middle of the park, means that our rivals can surge straight through the middle, as he offers no protection-

    Putting him wide lessens our vulnerability, but he’s is MUCH less useful out there, and as a result he (at least for me) un-selects himself. If he wants to adopt the English game, and learn how to contribute to the team without the ball at his feet – then he could easily surpass Carzola- but I don’t think he’s going to do it-

    IF we had a stronger defensive midfielder, I think we could play him in the centre, otherwise I think Carzola must get the nod. And importantly Id play a left midfielder who actually likes that position, like Podolski or Campbell who will add pace, genuine goal threat too.

    (I see wiltshire as a Ramsey sub, or substitute for Flamini/Arteta if want a very attacking line-up)

    1. Ozil’s assist tally at Madrid was mental, so i have to disagree. I know were not MADRID, but still, he can thread a ball eye through a needle.

      1. Cazorla is better on the left than Welbeck and he is 2 footed and before people say he is out of position, he played there 4 10 years.

  7. Play everyone in their best positions-
    lots of pace, genuine width, to pull defenders out and give us space in middle too-

    Debuchy – Chambers – Kolchelny (if fit) – Monreal
    Flamini – Ramsey
    Sanchez – Carzola – Campbell

  8. At this moment we have arteta flamini and cocalain for that dm and i dont no about you lot but maybe its time to give cocqalin sone time there hes younger fitter and more mobile
    we have chambers but i rather keep him as a back up for defender hes the only one we have!

  9. Why hasn’t any journalist asked Wenger about the sudden change in formation this year?

    Has been slow and lethargic since this 4-1-4-1, leaves the ST completely isolated without a CAM to support him.

  10. falcao at £350k per week in man utd. Really worth it?

    And btw what is the real loan price – 6m or 20m

    1. 100 % not worth it, 8 million i think, who know’s united will pay anything, desperate classless s&nts

      1. hard to say its alot of money, but along with suarez he is the worlds best striker.

        ronaldo was begging real to get him in…what does that tell you when they already have benzema

        its too much money, but lets not pretend its hype, hes an astounding player

    1. They don´t hate us.

      They hate Wenger. And have to say that wenger decisitions, controversial tactis…etc make him an easy target for English media. Wenger himself has the power to stop the bashing by making things correctly..

      1. they target us because they know arsenal fans are easiest to target and we react to quickly they earn money by doing that

  11. Well it’s not going to be Khedira, Carvalho, Bender, Scneiderlin or Gustavo. That’s for sure.

    Diaby if not injured or I guess Arteta (he is our Captain)

  12. We NEED Walcott to come back soon and we have to hope he fires in goals from day 1 (which is unlikely after nearly a year injured)

    If Walcott, Ozil, Sanchez, Giroud and Welbeck can stay healthy and conjure up goals we will be okay. But with our injury record I’m not optimistic

    1. We did sign a injury/fitness coach, personal, so fingers crossed.
      Actually, that could be our best signing, if our players stay fit, that American fitness dude.

  13. I believe that they should first get a a grip on what and how they want to play. Since the start of the season it looks like different players have different ideas of what it is that they want to play.
    They are good enough to trouble any top team as long as they come back to their senses and play like they played at the beginning of last season. At that time it didn’t matter who scored or who made the deadly pass. Everyone was in the game rather than being busy with themselves.
    It’s time for them to understand that no single player is better than the team.

  14. Based on how we’ve performed thus far this season, how can you say that switching to the 4-3-3 was necessary to get the best out of our players? We don’t have a true CDM with the engine to cover the necessary ground alone; Ramsey, while he has scored goals, hasn’t remotely played as well as he did last year; and not a single person would argue that Santi/Mesut have hit the heights.

    Our 4-2-3-1 wasn’t broken, it just needs the proper players fielded in the proper positions, and accomplishing the proper tactics. I hate Mourinho’s guts, but that man at least knows what he wants, identifies where he’s weak, and places players in those positions to perform. And if you’re not performing, you sit or get shipped out.

    I understand that Jack is English and he’s a gunner through and through, but waiting around to see if he makes good like Ramsey did last season, is going to completely stall present success.

    Again, last year’s 4-2-3-1 wasn’t broken, it just needed some additional players or healthy players, and an intelligent game plan. If we look to hit City on the break, while somewhat trying to boss the ball, with the lineup below we have a chance to keep it respectable:

    back 5

    Arteta Ramsey

    Alexis Mesut OX


    If we try to completely boss the ball and build as slowly as we have been (which is what we’ll most likely do because Arsene is stubborn and will refuse to change from the way we played that got a Tennis Score hung on us last time) we’ll go out in the 433 with Ramsey and Jack ahead of Arteta, Alexis on one side, a no.10 on the other, and Welbeck up top.

    City will be content to sit behind the ball when dispossessed, we’ll commit too many people forward in the attack in an attempt to break them down, and they will demolish us on the counter. We’ve all seen this movie before.

    We must respect our opponents more and play to the demands of the game, while also recognizing what works and what doesn’t. Two of the 3 teams that finished above us last year had one thing in common: they scored a sh*t ton of goals. Goals win games. The other one, Chelsea, got rid of players that didn’t score, brought in a goal scorer and a creator, and kept their defense solid with a new and improved Keeper.

    When Arsene realizes that goals win games, we’ll be more successful because we’ll be trying to go to goal faster. Should he keep fielding unbalanced lineups, we’ll keep getting overrun by the big boys.

    Here’s hoping we don’t lose the first set 6-2 on Saturday.

    1. Interesting observations.

      Wenger used a 4-3-3 system against City in the Community Shield game and Arsenal simply ran Toure and Fernado over and ran up the pitch every time, and looked threatning. Wilshere, Ramsey and Arteta really dominated the game – Campbell, Sanchez and Sanago really stretched City.

      I think Wenger wants to use a 4-1-4-1 for a few reasons.

      1. It’s more effective when using a high-line – and you can really pack the midfield – instead of having 1 bruising tough tackling midfielder you attack the ball when not in possession in packs – that’s similar to what Arsenal did against City – they looked like a 4-1-4-1 formation when they didn’t have the ball and 4-3-3 when they had the ball. Yaya and Fernado had little support – eventually all of City’s attackers were brought out of position to support the midfield and when that happened and Arsenal got the ball it was difficult for City to recover.

      2. I think a 4-1-4-1 formation when you don’t have the ball is safer against the big clubs. It really clogs up the midfield and if you have runners (which Arsenal have in spades) it’s challenging to play against. There aren’t as many ‘big gaps’ and that was something that Arsenal had a huge problem with last year. At times they had massive holes on the pitch as Cazorla and Ozil liked to drift.

      3. Wenger is clearly influenced by Spanish football and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was influenced directly by Pep’s use of a 4-1-4-1 at Munich. Bayern are a much bigger team then Arsenal but if I were a smaller team (like Arsenal) then you really have to resort to numbers and waves of players as opposed to man to man. For all of Bayerns firepower they were nearly impossible to break down last year. Some teams had success but the law of averages made Bayern difficult to break down.

      I also like the 4-2-3-1 formation.

      Back 4
      Ramsey / Diaby or Arteta / Flamini
      Walcot / Ozil / Sanchez
      Giroud / Wellbeck

      That formation if healthy could beat anybody – even Chelsea. I really believe Diaby adds alot to the team. I remember a few years ago we play City tough away and Diaby and Cazorla just simply ran the show. Kos got a late header to salvage the result but we were robbed of the win.

      When using 4-3-3 you could go
      Back 4
      Diaby or Arteta / Flamini
      Ramsey / Ozil
      Walcot / Wellbeck / Sanchez

      This would be the most exciting lineup on the eyes. Ozil and Ramsey would have so many options up front – Sanchez, Walcott geez. Plus Diaby is capable of long range threw balls. It would really keep the opposition on their heels.

      When using a 4-1-4-1

      Back 4
      Diaby or Arteta / Flamini
      Walcott / Ramsey / Ozil / Sanchez

      You can really change these formations in game as well. Walcott can switch with the main striker for the right side and Wellbeck the same for the right.

      I think Diaby add’s alot to the team, so much so if he were healthy I (GASP) think we could win a tourney (not a season) but these teams could win a short cup like the CL (seriously). I just think that Diaby brings a presence and his talent level is crazy for a man his size with his reach. Ozil, Sanchez, Ramsey are all world class on their days, I believe Wallcott will be as well. Over the course of the PL season I think there are to many other factors but for CUP’s and CL anything is possible with the players I have added.

  15. Off topic Skysports deadline day was funny at the end with all the f*ck he right up the pu4sy.
    And who was the dude at the emirates waving the spud around.
    And did you see the spud’s munters, those 2 fat mongs, put me right off my tea.

  16. I think the major reason Wenger did not sign a strong DM is because of Diaby,Wenger may think it s his last chance to prove what he is capable of and he is when fit so I expect to see a breaktrough or fail from Diaby.You have to admire the loyalty of Wenger on those kind of point,the team is still short of defender but I do think that a Diaby fit can be a good DM as he is tall ,strong and technical.There is 3 new striker,Campbell and Sanchez who can play the wings and a tall,strong Wellbeck who can bully the defenders in the box,all three have pace so it s an upgrade on Giroud and Sanogo.

    1. In today’s market i’d make him 40 million, a lot of pundits have said around the same ball park figure.

  17. Wilshire will boss Yaya out the game again 😉 i just fear for Navas pace on the left if Gibbs is still unfit.

  18. For me when all fit this is our best team:

    Debuchy mertesacker koscielny Gibbs
    Flamini Ramsey
    Walcott ozil Sanchez

    The current team I’d play based on form and injuries would be:

    Debuchy chambers koscielny monreal
    Flamini Ramsey
    Ox wilshere Sanchez

  19. szczesny
    Ozil–wilshere– Ramsey

    Sub’s: ox Campbell sanogo arteta flamini ospina diaby

    1. No no no , ozil doesn’t belong on the wing, he won’t track back, and he plays ball to feet, i don’t want to see the same old ozil gets passes it to centre, then to right wing, then back to center!
      Play anyone on the wing other than ozil

  20. Against Man City simply play the team that beat them for Community shield. Welbeck may come in for Sanogo, their mode of style is similar only that Sanogo lacks experience.
    Otherwise on the long run when all players are match fit (except Giroud ofcourse)

    Debuchy Mertesacker Koscielny Gibbs
    Diaby Ramsey
    Walcott Ozil . Sanchez

    BENCH: Ospina, Chambers,Monreal, Arteta, Wilshere, Carzola, Ox, Campbell, Sanogo, Rosicky, Podolski, Flamini. All these can effectively play in cup games plus

    Ospina, Chambers, Arteta, Wilshere, Carzola, Ox, Campbel can be rotated for Scz, KoSc/Per, Diaby, Rambo, Ozil, Theo, etc with positive results for EPL games too. Sanogo not yet ready but with patience will become a top striker.
    Whoever is calling for Jack to be sold has gotten it all wrong. BUT we can sell Ozil if we get Reus.

    1. Ozil is a class above Reus who is a completely different player. It terms of assists in the past few years, Reus doesn’t even register on the scale compared to Ozil.

  21. Off Topic
    I think members on this forum should learn how to write sensibly with few words.
    How can a response be three times of real article itself ???
    It’s boring to read such a long reply. Remember several people have opinions awaiting reading.

    1. Yeah agreed, i tend not to read it, which is a shame, because there could be good pointers in there.
      I scan read.

  22. —————-Sz/Osp———————-

    4-3-3 to 4-2-1-3 alternations.

    1. Agreed. This is what I suggest as well. I think anything different is less than optimal for the players we have. 4-2-3-1

      Anytime we force Ozil to play wide, we weaken our side. He needs to be in the center to be a Maestro. We already have players who can outplay him on the outside. Anyone recommending that Ozil play on the outside is inviting poor performances from him.

  23. What you mean not Ozil ? i love Ozil.
    And we have literally no cb’s, even shite ones make the numbers up.
    What happens if mert and koss are both injured ?

  24. If we’re a few goals ahead against one of the smaller teams give Coq a chance with Ramsey and see how he does

  25. This is a nice question to ask …..don’t you think…who should play.?.rather than who will play..?

    Anyway…I think we must start every match with Ramsey irrespective of his recent form (he was poor in all the games) ……because he is a natural finisher in mix and can decide games…. I think in absence of Arteta…We must start like this




    This will provide Ramsey to stay a bit deeper and he will work like a Box to Box midfielder, he tracks back and so can provide defensive input…..Cazorla is very good in the centre but we must understand that he has lost pace in recent times and hence can start along with Ramsey in a bit deeper role than his usual CAM position…..this will given him a chance to play in the middle and work with Ozil…Cazorla also tracks back so he can influence defensive play……Ozil must start at the heart CAM position without a question…. his ability to stay invisible and still make decisive passes is great….we must not expect him to give any sort of defensive cover or help as he is even poor in defending corners with the other team mates…. rest you know will work out great if we don’t start with Sanogo because he is too shy to keep ball with him…..We will comfortably win if we will play our natural game……

  26. everyone knows ozil and alexis will always start if fit, ramsey is also a guaranteed starter now. and we all know arteta is the more preferred dm. also the back 5 pick themselves. this leaves 2 places up for grabs, striker and winger and its out of 3 players to stake their claim.

    walcott,welbeck and cazorla.

    cazorla is most likely to lose out because the other 2 can play both on the wings and lone striker.

  27. Come January we will be at least 12 points behind 4th.

    I have been optimistic, but I can’t anymore.

    Wenger out.

  28. In term of CB,people are forgetting that the youth academy have good players in Hayden and Ayaje.Southampton use to do well with their academy because the supporters will allow and accept the youths to be given a chance,now supporters from a big team like Arsenal wants proven expensive world class players in order to win quickly in detriment to give a chance to the youths club.Wenger show preference to some in detriment of others too playing always the same player and giving few chance to others.Bendtner last year was treated badly,look out this year for Campbell and why not give a chance to Ayaje and Hayden who are olders than Chambers in the cb position,don t tell me it s about potential if they are not given a chance?

  29. hayden is quite a beast in d/m apparently also and wenger rate him highly in this position as well says he has “good concentration and technical skills” for it and he is a big lad at 6″2 mobile as well could be promoted this year to filll in gaps at the back and in d/m maybe he is my favorite to get a good run of games out of the youth and as wenger has become pro english this year dont be suprised if crowley gets fast tracked to first team before end of sept and reg first teamer before years out the kid very talented

  30. this window has just finished i am already thinking about who we will get for the january window we might try for khedira on a really low offer as he is free agent almost would help boost numbers in midfield in the new year as we will no doubt need to filling the numbers about then also i will hold my hands up and say i was wrong this morning for giving wenger stick and saying welbeck is rubbish i have been out in the cold light of day and had a chance to reevaluate the situation and realized that this could be a canny shrew transfer on wenger behalf actually if wenger can turn the clock back and work his magic on welbeck and get him scoring goals and improve his game then we could have a great underrated signing on our hands its wengers absolute trust in him that might be what makes him a great player as this is something that he never had at old mordor if anybody can make him a world beater wenger can he loves this little pet projects improving players against the odds welbeck has the skillset to be high class player upfornt he just needs to work very hard on his finishing i think once he gets a few goals under his belt he will settle in fine and he is a team player you could put him on the left against man city to shore up that side and he will put in a great shift without a complaint that could be his biggest asset to us or on the right whenever we need him there ithinkwenger might start himon the left against city to protect the left back against navas and i bet you if he does a great job we will take a shine to him quickly i am hopeing he will be one of those wenger gems that he finds and polishes up to a high finish i must admit i was annoyed as some other gunners were at not signing d/m and c/h but if wenger does win the league with this lot it will be his greatest win yet and what might play in to our hands is the unpredictable nature of the league in the last few seasons if we get on a good run at the right time we might be hard to stop look at city they should have never lost to stoke but the result is there in black and white for all to see and i think chelsea will hit the skids after a while to just because cesc and costa are doing well now thats there main threat but teams will work out how to stop them as the season goes on and chelsea will become predictable i think we might just do well this season after all

    1. Chelsea can’t be on top form for the whole season plus you can’t say we have no chance with a 20m net spend!

  31. Any free agent defenders out there????? We need one just incase of an injury. We are very very short.

    Also DM position Diaby,Arteta,Flamini and Coquelin together they are not worth 10 Million.

    But they are paid around 200K a week together. What a waste of money and squad space.

    1. Diaby is on pay as you play, Arteta may not be the fastest but he is a vital player plus I think losing a tooth is enough and Flamini is a decent backup. Coquelin is on peanuts anyway.

  32. Some comments here are just childish, i don’t think many here who comment here watch other teams play. If you have been watching city play then i don’t think you can use walcot, sanchez, Ox and ozil in one team. Shitty’s strength is in the middle of the pack, all you have to do is suffocate the midfield to deny Toure, Silver and Nasri from touching the ball. They don’t use their wings. One striker goes into the wings to pick up the ball while the midfielders run into the box area.
    I would suggest we play Flamini, Wilshere, Arteta, Ozil in the middle.Sanchez and Welbeck upfront.If we use the attack minded players, it leaves alot of space in the middle of the pack. Many of you will thumb me down for dropping Rambo but i rate Wilshere above Rambo, all he has to do is stop holding onto the ball for more than 3 seconds and he will be fine.
    I play football i know what it means to play as DM, box to box and #10. If the box to box midfielder is more than 5meters away it becomes very risky for the defence. Ramsey leaves the DM all by himself coz he wants to score., this is very risky. Sorry for the long post

  33. Until we buy a decent DM and cb we should try and out score opposition … It worked for pool and while Sanchez is not as good as Suarez an ox wellbeck Sanchez combo has goals in it …. We need to get ozil and wilshere working together whatever the idiots on this site think wilshere is the most gifted midfield ball player we have while ozil is an assists machine…those 5 working together will cause damage to any defence …. For fullbacks want to see bellerin and Gibbs bcse better attacking options don’t trust mert against any quick team so have to mix and match other positions in light of opposition … If we can keep in hunt til December might get some support in window for an EPL run in …. Of course the downside risks are massive and French management could bring us down before the French economy goes belly up

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