Arsenal tactics – Wingers should be REAL wingers!

Why Arsenal Can Really Benefit From Old-School Wing-Play! by AT

You wouldn’t be very surprised to know that Arsenal have three of the best wingers in the Premier League in Theo Walcott, Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain and of course, Alexis Sanchez. The trio, in my opinion, give the Gunners the advantage of being the team with the most potent wide-forwards. But whilst we may have three of the best wingers, the wing-play that Arsene Wenger employs in the side doesn’t really live up to expectation.

How often have we seen one of these players driving towards the byline and delivering a peach of a ball to Olivier Giroud or Danny Welbeck? It’s happened on very rare occasions. Personally, I feel Arsenal’s wing-play is too predictable. When a wide man receives the ball, he is going to cut inwards 9 of 10 times and look for a defence-splitting ball or simply square the ball to a midfielder. While that tactic may be quite effective, there are occasions where the best things to do is to use the width of the field and run at full-backs.

Now I am in no way criticizing the performances of Sanchez or the Ox, they have been two of our best players. All I’m saying is for a squad which boasts of having three of the best wingers in the Premier League, there should really be more reliance on old-school wing-play. In Giroud, Welbeck and even Sanogo, Arsenal have three strikers with good physical presence and I believe that the North London side can really benefit from adding this different dimension to their attack.

To those that pay close attention, most of Arsenal’s old-school wing-play comes from the full-backs, especially when Kieran Gibbs and Callum Chambers are in those positions. With Arsenal possessing so much wide talent, surely Arsene Wenger can place a lot more emphasis on the wing-play and wide attacks.


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    1. Theo is absolutely important to us. But no need to miss him too much. We have Alexis Sanchez. However, I really can’t wait to see Theo alongside Alexis in action. #SpeedMatters.

    1. Ox is very quick on the ball and great at running at people, but he doesn’t seem to like making runs in behind defenders, that’s what Theo’s great at.

      1. I agree with you 100%. Imagine how it will be like when Ozil/Cazorla starts feeding Theo from the middle. Meanwhile, on the other end, Alexis is also sending diagonal cross-field passes over the top for Theo to run into -either score himself or to cross for Giroud/Welbeck to tap in from 6 yards out.

        Oh Arsene Wenger. You deserve all the credit for this one. I still can’t get myself to forgive you for last season’s f**k up, though.

  1. Good article!
    Theo is going to make a massive difference, if we can field: sanchez, ox, walcott and welbeck at the same time we probably have the paciest attack in the world

    1. Hmmm. That looks great on paper. Would work fine if it is implemented? That remains to be seen.
      I really want to see the kind of movement we saw in that FA cup game against Spuds last year.

      Damn! Gnabry played the Alexis Sanchez role on the night. The movement upfront was just fluid, silky smooth and SUPER FAST!! Theo ran the channels like he had been possessed by the spirit of Suarez.

  2. Welbeck looks like he needs a rest, especially since he’s had a couple of injury scares recently. I’d rest Alexis too and go for a 4-4-2 with Podolski and Giroud up top and Campbell on the left.

    Our problem against Stoke has come from not being able to break them down as they’re so physical. Podolski and Giroud are both very strong. Giroud is good in the air and can hold the ball up, Podolski has a bit more pace and if a chance comes his way, you can bet he’ll put it in the net.

    1. @ ZuLu-boy-SA……… You should make a small stature of Wenger and place it on a cabinet in ur room…… worship him and kiss his feets daily …… L()L

  3. I reserve my comment until the finaL whistLe…….stoke city will be brutal…….can’t have me bLuffing before a match especially if the outcome dn’t turn in our favour……. My bLessings to the boys on the pitch 2day tho……. DON’T SCREW THIS ONE UP

  4. Old-school wing-play, Playing through the middle.
    Our style is a combination of the two, really. That is the reason why we need to commit our fullbacks forward. You choke the middle with 3 attackers. Then -at the same time- you also use your fullbacks to create outlets for maintaining possession (like Barca used to do) or send in crosses into the 18 (like you want us to do).
    Hence, our need for defensive protection. A top-class defensively-minded midfielder, and a strategy of defending and pressing the ball as a unit/team is absolutely vital.

  5. Another clean sheet and a 3-0 win today.

    I agree with the resting of Sanchez and welbeck, Stoke will set up expecting them two to play.

    1. Wenger has stated that Sanchez is not travelling to Galatasaray. I think that will be his rest. I just want to see Joel Campbell get atleast 70 minutes.

  6. When Debuchy is back and whilst Arteta is still out, I’d like to see Chambers tried as defensive midfielder.

    1. I agree man. At least when debuchys back we’ll have options that means Chambers could partner Kos in some games, which could also be an interesting option. Don’t want Wenger to think chambers is the answer but he certainly has the presence, tackling ability and strength to do the job.

      1. Chambers isn’t better than per so we wouldn’t be doing the team any favours leave him on the bench his versatility will help him to fill in when needed.

  7. Interesting read … comments starred positive went a bit wobbly but came back … I don’t want to get onto the debate of Wenger this Wenger that … banners or what ever … The team needs all of us today and for the rest of the season to rally together and fight with them all the way to the end … no matter where we end up we can all hold our heads high and say we pulled together when needed … can’t wait for Walcott to get back the sooner the better in my eyes as I really think before the knee injury he was starting to really look like his potential was being realised … With sanchez and him I really think we can do good thing for the rest of the season … weather or not we win a trophy at the end of the season remains to be seen but let’s just get together as a family and help our fighters on the pitch … #Arsenal forever COYG

  8. Our wingers need to take it upon themselves. Its a bit like the whole no plan b thing… if somethings not working well then change it up a bit.

  9. Wingers aren’t really used in football that much wide forwards are more common I disagree with having the three best wingers in the prem. a winger is somone who stays wide and whips crosses in eg Valencia, young, navas

    Sanchez is a complete forward not a winger maybe in his early udinese days.

    Walcott is a forward who was getting good at the far post finishes cutting in from the right.

    Chamberlain is a dribbler who hasn’t started to be productive

    I would rather go for a complete forward who has the ability to stay wide or cut in

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