Arsenal take another step in the right direction with tough win over West Ham

This is what we want to see! by Shenel

Two home games, two clean sheets, six points and five goals scored, well isn’t that what we like to see when we watch the Arsenal!

Although our next test is just around the corner where we have a game at Leeds to focus on, we can enjoy this one today!

There is no doubt that our next opponents will be looking to bounce back after their thrashing by Manchester City this week and as I have previously said time and time again, every game for Arsenal is a test in different ways.

And whether we are at home or away, every opponent will pose a threat, every opponent will have difficulties and every game will have positives and negatives.

But we need to keep building and keep moving forward, and we did a good job to start that build against The Hammers!

After beating Southampton comfortably the other night our next test was facing a team that beat Chelsea and Liverpool so far this season!

So beating West Ham – in a tough game against a very tough opponent despite them going down to 10 men – and let’s be honest there’s no denying the game was tough from start to finish, regardless of how many men were on the pitch- was a feat in itself!

The fact we managed to get the win against a very good West Ham side just goes to show that a hopeful positive tide could be turning!

We now have six points in two games and we are building a good stepping stone, despite a lot more work that needs to be done still!

As a team we played very well against West Ham and deserved the win and it was nice to see the team were together, confident, strong, and everybody did their job well and helped each other with good performances overall despite an unfortunate penalty miss.

Yet Gabriel Martinelli keeps going and his goal was just sublime, as was Emile Smith-Rowe’s goal and had he been fit against Everton it may have been a very different result. But you can only go with the players you have and the boys did well tonight. This result now pushes us up the table and we need to make sure we do all we can to stay there!

Is this a statement? Well it remains to be seen, especially with the inconsistent Arsenal we have seen over the last few weeks, and like I’ve said time and time again you just never know what sort of Arsenal will turn up from one game to the next.

But for now Gooners you are allowed to hold your head up, smile, enjoy the win and enjoy the three points, because it’s not just a game it was a London derby and one in which we came out on top once again!

And it was another step in the right direction! Here’s hoping hey Gooners!

Shenel Osman


  1. I hope spurs and Man Utd stumble because spurs are just 4 points behind Arsenal and 3 games in hand.. even if they get 2 wins from those standing games then they will be ahead of us so I hope they stumble miserably…

  2. It should be classed as a step in the right direction because Everton was a very low point indeed. Whether more steps in the right direction follow remains to be seen as that magic word, consistency, has let us down before

    The usual expressions apply:-
    You can only beat who’s in front of you and the table doesn’t lie so as I know that there are teams with games in hand behind us, they have to win theirs to impact our position

    Covid looks as though it’s doing it’s worst again so fingers crossed going forward

  3. On the back of the Auba debacle, it was particularly good to see the rest of the team looking like, they have no problem with the situation.

    1. Yeah it just goes to show that he was no captain in the first place, not how the players viewed him anyway. If a teams actual leader is going through a rough patch you can see it on the field and as you say….no effect.

  4. I’m not getting carried away, I just want to enjoy the moment!

    Where would we be without our Hale Enders?!
    I’ve also seen Ramsdale has kept more clean sheets this season than Mendy 👍

  5. Apart from the Brentford game when we had illness and injury all Arsenals results have been predictable. Player selection, form and tactics have not been a factor. Results have been determined almost entirely by the strength of the opposition and where the game was played.
    7 Home wins
    Norwich 19th Spurs 5th Villa 14th Watford 16th
    Newcastle 20th Southamton 16th Westham 4th
    2 Away wins
    Burnley 18th Leicester 8th
    1 Home loss Chelsea 1st
    5 away losses
    Brentford, Man City 2nd Liverpool 3rd
    Man U 7th, Everton 12th
    Brighton (Away) 3rd. Palace (Home) 14th.
    Utd should get 4th with their stellar squad.
    Westham has EL games while Spurs has a back log of games. I have a lot of “hope” but also realistic “expectations” For me 4th is not going to happen nor should we expect it this early in the process. I will take a win and a draw from our next two away games so 33 points at half time. Double that and we get 66 which would have been 5th last season. COYG

    1. I don’t think draw against Crystal Palace at home was predictable nor acceptable because if it was predictable or acceptable then we have wrongly lowered our expectations from Club

    2. Yes I do agree at some point. This season to reach Top 4 will be a miracle but much will depends on the lads can take away expected points from the later fixtures. I see next season the potential indeed or even Top 3 depending if we can have Haaland 😝over to make a Arsenal revolution.
      Haaland should really join Arsenal if he wana make it more memorable and legendary. Joining the other common teams are so boring and so predictable.

  6. I’m not being negative or anything like that, but I actually expected us to win since it’s a home match and Moyes don’t really beat Arsenal. Even last season we came from 3 goals to play 3:3. The true text is against Leeds in there home, let’s see what will happen. COYG.

  7. Fantastic performance from all the team. Especially Laca and Saka! Both were MOTM for me. What we need now is consistency again. Go on a good run. The fans were exceptional too and you can see it really helps the team show pride and passion. Drop Auba to the bench and give Martinelli a well deserved run. Bring Auba on late on in games and look to sell ASAP!


  8. Not trying for 4th position is not correct. We are Arsenal, a big club and being in the top 4 is where we belong. Also, being realistic, if Arsenal continues to play positively and possibly if we could add a striker and DM in the winter transfer window, I see no reason why we shouldnt finish 4th. Agreed that Man Utd has a better squad and a larger depth but Arsenal has got some fine youngsters who can take us through the season and to the next level. I also feel it is time Arteta tried out Pepe atleast as a substitute, because he is a real goal threat going forward and substitute Xhaka for Odegard so that ESR and Odegard can play at the same time. ESR should start games, provided he is match fit ofcourse, because he along with Saka and Martinelli are our most important players in the attacking front. Also I hope Laca signs a contract extension because he brings so much to the game and he plays tirelessly and has a 100% commitment to the Arsenal cause, which is a highly motivating factor to the youngsters.

  9. Let’s look at the overall picture:

    – Spurs are 4 points behind us with 3 games in hand (a potential 9 points) so I’d say they are probably just ahead of us statistically speaking

    – Man U are 2 points behind us with a game in hand and in great form so very close to us as well

    -Leicester are a bit of a dark horse this season after quite a poor start by their standards but i’m keeping my eye on them

    So I wouldn’t be too bold as to claim that we are 4th spot yet if we are being fair although i do agree points in the bag trumps games in hand.

    What I think most can all agree on is that if MA ends any lower than 5th place this season that he should leave, especially considering the position we find ourselves in with only 2 games until our half way point of the season.

  10. Too early to get too excited about being in 4th place but at least we are back in the conversation.

    It’s going to be a dogfight for that final spot – Arsenal, ManU, Spurs, West Ham and Leicester – should all be there or thereabouts with a handful of games left. Maybe Wolves and Villa as well.

    I’m sticking to progress this season being a Europa spot achieved with a clear style and young players with room to grow. CL would be icing on the cake this year but should be the expectation next. Challenging for the title in two.

  11. Finally a game I enjoyed ,been few and far between these last 2 seasons so big ups to the lads for last night’s performance.
    Martinelli finally getting a chance with a run of games and showing just what he’s made of ,which begs the question how on earth was Willian starting over him last season when he was ready and rearing to go in the second half of the season .
    Shame he wasn’t given more chances at the start of this season as well (not counting those awful 2 games )but bettter late than never I suppose .
    Hope for more of the same but I won’t be getting to carried away we have seen this story aplenty over the last 24 months and always seems to go one way ,false hope .
    Nevertheless a good win 👍

  12. Missed the game but I saw the highlights and the goals were really good! On a different note I hope the Pepé and Auba situations can be resolved quickly. We need them for a top 4 push and we MUST push for 4th this season!

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