Arsenal take huge blow as European giants speak out at Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe has had the most direct approach thrown at him by French rivals Paris Saint-Germain, with Unai Emery directly urging him to snub Arsenal for PSG.

The forward has been linked with pretty much every big club in Europe this season, after a thoroughly impressive break-through campaign, which included scoring in each of his first four Champions League knockout matches.

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is believed to be in Spain, and speculation hints at a possible deal to bring him to the Emirates this summer, but his attempt to lure him may have taken a huge blow.

Unai Emery has told the press directly that Mbappe should join PSG over any of their European rivals.

He said: ‘When we speak of Mbappe here in Spain, we talk about Real or Barca. But I’m at PSG and I say: “What could be more beautiful than representing a French team?”

‘With all respect to Monaco, he should come to Paris, he has family here. His parents live here, he went to an academy here.

‘We spoke of feeling, passion, desire – and what could be more beautiful than representing your city and being important?

‘Obviously, I am biased, but that’s the feeling I had when I debuted for Real Sociedad.

‘I don’t know if Real like him, or if Barcelona do or Tottenham or Arsenal do. But if he has to leave Monaco, I say: ‘What is better for him, for France, for PSG, that there be a union between the player and his city.

‘I say it as I feel it.’

He added: ‘It’s true that he’s going to become an icon, one of the icons of football in the future.’

Will this put a huge dent in our attempts to land Mbappe? Did we stand a chance regardless?

Pat J


  1. Who knows.
    O.T. just seen we have spuds and shitty in our 2 dodgy months Nov. and Feb. what dam luck we cant win games in those 2 months to save our lives and if spuds beat us twice and then the vampire club to us draining our players as well sigh i hope this is the year it changes .

  2. I read that Wenger offered £121 million and now will probably offer £100 million plus Giroud

    If I were Lyon, I would accept. That’s a lot of money.

    He reminds me a lot of Henry. Very promising but is he worth £120 million???

    If we only have £165 million than it could be a waste because we have other areas to improve.

    It’s a huge gamble for that amount of money.

    1. If he is the next Henry(which i defo think he is)then yes absolutely without a doubt he is worth 120 biggies.

      1. It is a gamble Arsenal-Girl, but aren’t they all gonna be, more or less. I think Wenger could do something still with 45m and what we make from player sales. This is the type of gamble that can be a huge loss, you’re right, but the upside is massive, which wont be so massive for other players. The worst case scenario for me would be that the lad just can’t get going in England, I believe people will still come in for him trying to nab a bargain, we lose maybe half that money. But at-least it would show some desire to improve us properly, we should be going for the very best young players, not children and cast offs, the one’s like Mbappe.

    2. Every year we start the season missing 2 to 3 players to win the league that all fans screamed for and Wenger refuse. and at the end of the year we are proven right, this has been going for 10 years now. i

      1- We need a world class striker who is mobile and can score 25+ goals
      2- We need a good cover for ozil/Sanchez. who can rotate with them
      3- We need a replacement for Cazorla. he no longer can be fit for a season. and for me this is the hardest position to find a good candidate in the market. very rare talent

      To splash all our cash on 1 player is wrong. its nice to have such a player like Mbappe. But that money can be used to sign what we actually need

      165 M + sale of Giroud ( getting old and not mobile ) + Wallcot ( no comment ) + Wilshere ( i dont believe in him anymore ) should get us around 200M, my 3 picks to sign are
      1- Aguero if he is available, Lacazette as alternative
      2- Mahrez, knows the PL very well, will adapt to our game guaranteed, scores goals and will push both sanchez/ozil
      3- for Cazorla replacement i really dont see available players in the market who we can get. Maybe fabregas. and yes i will forgive him

      Finally i dont understand why we need to sell Sanhez. 40 – 50 million amount for nothing these days. our yearly budget now is 100+ million every year. Just keep him and if we perform well he will sign, if not then we all know that Sanchez is the type of player who will always give 100% no mater what.

      But this will never happen under Wenger. we will drag Mbappe story all summer then guess what. again freak last minute buys that will need long time to integrate if they are even good. or if we actually get Mbappe and still not covering the remaining positions. we will end up the same

      Just look at Chelsea to understand the difference. all it took is signing two great players to finish from 10th to first.

      1. Chelsea actually signed up to 6 players but people didn’t know-alonso,kante,david luiz, batchuayi,eduado and so on

    3. I only hope that that amount of money will not be offerd to lyon, and will be to monaco, if we want to sign mbappe

  3. I am really hoping Psg or real Madrid buys him, because that for me is a waste of money, there are our players which could power us upward in the league without spending that amount of money. people say it is investment well i see it as waste.

  4. It makes me laugh that after all this time we still think Arsene is seriously trying to sign Mbappe.

    This is nothing more than all our efforts of the great players of the last 10 years we were linked with. Suarez, Benzema, Higauin etc etc. It’s a PR stunt to keep the fans happy.

    Don’t set yourself up for dissapointment. Just hope we can sign a player before our pre-season starts so he has a chance to intergrate in the squad. A lot of teams have signed multiple players, we only signed a player we had reached agreement with months ago. We have really not signed any one this window and July, when the pre-season starts, is not too far away.

    Also the longer you wait on players you won’t sign the bigger the chance that the more realistic players have been bought by other clubs in the mean time. Sound familiar?

    1. I don’t deny that that could be the case. But it is a guess, none of us know what goes on, even why or who to rightfully blame when we don’t get them. We don’t know if any team would do this sort of thing just for pr, or if some of the players themselves were against the idea of coming to our club. Ibra, I know who to blame with that one, Wenger and Ibra. Wenger should have seen enough of him and a medical should have sufficed. Also Ibra acted like a prat because he thought he was already super famous. Suarez, the agent mucked it up, gave us wrong information, made amicable talks with Liv impossible to achieve.

    2. You just said my mind. I Can’t believe there are still fans out there that think wenger will spend 60+ million on a player. A player we’re not even sure will fit in the premier league..

  5. Wenger cant win whennhe gets loads of sticknfor not buying top players and when he finally goes in for the most promising player in world footbll so many of you on this forum turns into accountants and start to question ‘value’…the very rhing youve been accusing Wenger of always doing…His methods have rubbed off on you!!! Buy Mbappe, pay 120 million and worry about the next bit once ita done. Surely you must have learned from the Suarez debacle. In football you cant mess about. Mbappe comes and the entire teams goes up a notch because they’ll be pumped. Mahrez cos hes cheaper?!! Come on lads, grow a pair and lets show all those big club what we intend to do…..if it goes wrong he is still worth 80 as a sell on……

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