Arsenal take no pity on Norwich as they throw them to the four

Arsenal have secured a comfortable victory on their return to the Emirates Stadium tonight, running away as comfy 4-0 winners over Norwich.

The Gunners were in complete control from start to finish, with Norwich’s only possible complaint a turned down penalty appeal after a slight knock by Kolasinac, but the reality is that it would only have turned out to be a consolation goal.

We started the game brightly and dominated much of the possession, but will have to thank our lucky stars for the opening goal.

Tim Krul allowed Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to dispossess him inside his own box to slot into an open goal, and we continued to pile on the pressure from this point onwards.

A long-range effort from Norwich City defender Godfrey was the first time I recall Emiliano Martinez being brought into action, pulling out an impressive dive to his right, before Granit Xhaka doubled our lead shortly after.

The Canaries tried to build themselves back into the game after the break, but our sheer dominance proved to prevail with further goals.

Aubemayang doubled his tally for the day with a neatly taken effort having beaten his defenders, but it was a debut goal from Cedric Soares who capped off the game with a left-footed strike from just outside the box.

Our side will have plenty to be happy about tonight having runaway as comfortable winners, although doubters will blame the opposition. They wont mention how Man United barely managed to breakdown them over 120 minutes at the weekend however, despite playing for 30 minutes against 10 men…

Can Arsenal finally build on their form and start to climb up the table? Should we put today’s result down to one we should have expected, or can we take pride in our performance this evening?



  1. Norwich’s confidence was super low and our three forwards forced Krul to distribute with long balls. All Gunners did great job, especially Aubameyang with two goals and one assist

  2. Superb performance from every one of them!! What a joy to watch… those 90 minutes flew by… but don’t they say time flies when you’re having fun?!
    Nice one boys!! And well done GoonerP!!! 👍👍

  3. Great game happy for all the players. What happened after the second goal though, we lost concentration. We couldn’t get the ball for a long period until the third goal. We can’t do that against the better teams. We need to maintain our focus.

  4. Great game all round. Was impressed with Soares play from the wings even though he wasn’t there for much. Noe some serious competition for Hector.
    Great game for everyone, Xhaka been solid as usual under Arteta.
    Nice stuff from Martinez in the first half.
    Let’s hope we can repeat the performance against Wolves and pick that important win.

    Fans should be ashamed of themselves, fans who complain and complain after each line up gets dropped. The negativity is alarming and too much.
    Trust the process, Trust Arteta

    1. Indeed . I actually saw a fan who said whether or not we win , he would not forgive arteta for choosing such a lineup. and yet it happened to be arteta’s biggest win

      1. @Joe Allysons That was me! I was being Sarcastic to another comment and that was my reply

      1. Just an amazing comment from a so called “fan”.

        Great display by everyone and so pleased for Soares, who was already getting stick for being offered a 4 year deal.
        Tierney was excellent as well.

        Well done Mikel, getting Saka to sign a long term contract earlier and a great win for the Gunners with a spot on team selection – next stop Wolves.

    2. Soares has more experience than Bellerin and it shows. I believe both Bellerin and Maitland-Niles are faster than Soares though

      Tierney’s long crosses were wasteful, because we don’t have a tall target man. Really hope Arsenal could get Wout Weghorst or Bas Dost

      1. Agree, we need a bigger guy up front for sure. Laca is a tad too short to teach these crosses, which are actually good, just not the right players to capitalize on them.

      2. Lol… We had one of the best target men for the past 7 years, you guys complained and called him names till he gets sold.
        Now we should go back to looking for a target man?
        Probably how many players are currently good target men?
        Target man isn’t the issue, it’s the
        balance of the team and attack. City don’t make use of target men, Liverpool don’t, Barcelona don’t, I think Tierney should keep going his thing.
        It’s not a must we get a target man who needs to score with head

    3. I agree with you Eddie. Many negative comments based on the selection. The manager knows best. We need to support Arteta. He came in the middle of the season. His first managerial job. A team low on confidence. We should support him. A win against Wolves will be massive. We are nine points behind Leicester. Let us be hopeful. Wins against wolves and Spurs will take us close to fifth.

        1. We all have an opinion on line ups, but the fact of the matter is, it is head coach Arteta whose career rests on getting it right.
          In this game his rotation was right, albeit Norwich were tired and don’t have as a big a squad; however the Arsenal players didn’t let him down.

  5. Great game, we played with good structure ,and we held on well when Norwich mounted the pressure . Great result.

  6. I know it was only Norwich 🙄
    A great pass from Luiz
    A great finish by Xhaka
    A goal from a has been at Southampton
    And a return to great scoring by Auba
    The whole team played their part Martinez kept a clean sheet
    Arteta is a rookie manager

  7. Some fans should be ashamed of themselves.
    We won neat with some castigated players.
    Let me hear “we played against a very weak team” when you had criticized the coach and castigated some players before the kicked the ball.
    Happy for Cedric that had never kicked the ball before in an Arsenal shirt. He scored from outside the box.
    Those that bought him know better than some of us.

  8. Very good win against a very poor Norwich, you can only beat whats in front of you and we did easilyish. Though Martinez, Tierney, Luiz, Ceballos and Auba were fantastic. Cedric did more in 15 mins than Bellerin in 75, he has to go. I really dont know what has gone wrong for lacca but he isn’t half the player he was. Its a worry but Ceballos controlled the midfield going forward and gave a class display but the midfield is a massive issue for us as far as a partnership going into next season. Wolves will be a good test.

        1. We have different views , but did you take into account the fact that cedric didn’t have to defend for nearly his entire time on the field?

          1. Bellerin was his usual timid useless self, showed up by journeyman Cedric when he came on.

      1. Not a bad game in my opinion, he just cannot cross at all which is a huge negative when almost every team relies on their fullbacks pushing forward now and offering some sort of service. Defensively was okay today, no huge errors. AMN and Cedric have both got to be in the discussion for starting.

        1. Tierney showed Bellerin jow to play wing back and Cedric, showed how useless Bellerin had done. Looked way better tha him.

      2. Yes he sure did! He is no good and has never been able to defend, has lost his onetime pace and needs to go.

  9. Great game, Ceballos had a wonderful performance on both ends of the pitch, Auba clinical and reliable, Tierney causing havoc out wide, Emi again very solid as GK, so calm and commanding in the box and pulls off great saves. Cedric debut goal, goal for Xhaka, very nice game. Lacazette and Mustafi really the only ones with shaky performances. Mustafi has been fine since the break tho, but Laca, bro, time to find the back of the net.

    1. Maybe Danny Ceballos needed that great FA Cup quarter final winning goal to lift his confidence. Hopefully we will now see the best of Ceballos for the rest of the season, as there is obviously a footballer of ability in him.

  10. MAJID
    Replying to @Arsenal
    Worst lineup everrr
    5:04 PM · Jul 1, 2020

    Yet won big. Can you apologize?

  11. Dan Smith, I hope you saw the difference between cedric and bellerin today. In less than 20 min of playing time he put in at least 3 beautiful crosses and scored a superb goal.

  12. I will be honest thats the first solid performance since restart.Everybody did their job apart from from few sloppy plays.
    Forced error goals are still goals so will take it but will love if MA can make us score goals as the xhakas one.
    Cedric Soares OMG,he is a clever technical player and good defensively as well.

    Like the commentators said the next 4 games will show us how much we have improved.
    Wolves,leicester,spuds and liverpool

    1. Soares’ goal from distance was the first for a very long time. More shooting please.

  13. Hector is still there because he’s one of the senior players but he should take a look at ozil. He’s not playing well and Arteta knows why he signed Cedric permanently. Big ups to KT, our team is taking shape bit by bit. Happy for the boys and Arteta. Good win.

    1. That’s with injured players andSalibas to strengthen the team as well – I so hope the fans remain positive for the remainder of the season.

      1. With Salibas and Mari to come in next season we should have a tighter defence , esp if Bellerin is not first choice, as it may now well be. But still no reliable creativity in midfield with Ceballos not likely to be here and Ozil, er, well, I rest my case Ken!
        I still think that Covid 19 will restrict the schedule for next season and we already have a late start, so Ozils contract may well be ended anyway, with the season still incomplete by June 2021 and Ozil elsewhere, probably lazing in a deckchair. Please God!
        As for your comment about “being positive” that will be made much easier when lazybones has gone for good!

        1. What has Ozil got to do with tonight’s result?

          As usual Jon, you are putting one player above the club – I rest my case.

          A unsubstantiated rumour that a player swap with AM is nearer than we think -supposedly just needs MA’s blessing.
          I am not claiming it is fact, but as transfer rumours abound on here, I thought I’d share what has been said to me.

          They say it comes in threes! So a win, Saka’s signing and this coming to fruition, would be great news.

  14. Very positive!
    3 points, clean sheet and (hopefully) no injuries. Some free flowing football to boot.

    Lots of players responding to Arteta, probably best spell for Xhaka since he’s been at the club.

    Tierney looks like a proper player too, would love to see what he’s capable of once back to full fitness and settled.

      1. Talking of his stats, they’ve always been good. He’s been our most progressive passer since he arrived. I think under arteta , he’s just looked better and looked like he’s playing with more freedom. Also, he’s made less errors

        1. Lol..Surprise you? Our most progressive player with the ball is Guendouzi.
          Guendouzi is second to Kovacic in the whole EPL

          1. You’ll notice I said since he arrived. Not this season. He’s played more forward passes than any arsenal player since 2016

        2. You’re right he has made less errors! Sometimes it’s too easy to focus on the errors and miss all the grafting he does… he seems to be enjoying his football under MA and that well taken goal tonight will have boosted his confidence even more! So all good… our midfield was excellent tonight!

          1. Yet the prophets of doom see him as dross – methinks we should sit back and let MA get on with the job, whoever the player is, including Bellerin….I rest my case once again.

  15. Anyone can know that Soares is >>> Bellerin.

    In Tierney and Soares we have the two best wing backs… SIMPLE.

    Best lineup to be picked by a serious manager

    Saliba … Mavropanos … Kolasinac
    Soares… Ceballos… AM-Niles… Tierney
    Pepe… Aubameyang… R. Nelson

    This team can beat anyone.

    Only add Partey for AM-Niles and my dream team for next year is sorted out.

    1. Belerin couldn’t even control a looping ball when not under pressure. Happened twice. He and laca are turning intoa weak link in our team

      1. Arteta cannot afford to tolerate players who are not fully committed to football at the Arsenal; the modelling catwalk beckons for Bellerin.

  16. Impressed with the win? Someone predicted a 4_0 earlier spot on most of us were really negative today! No blame though! With our recent showings. The wolves game is next ..

    1. Kenya001
      We were all impressed and it has boosted so much self belief in the team for each other

  17. I will repeat it for the umpteenth time.

    If we let MAVROPANOS go, then I’ll consider us as the most daft team around.

    In a few years am seeing him go for >60m man.

    To me he’s even better than this Saliba guy people are craving about.

      1. Now Mavropanos is having a run of games free of injury he is playing well.
        I agree he is worth persevering with given his age for a CB, as he is generating interest from German teams.

  18. Great game! Everyone did their jobs well. Luiz at the end was defending well and chasing balls even though he seemed to have a knock. Xhaka breaking up their play was good and Nketiah and Willock were good in the few counter-attacks that we mounted in the second half. I still think that Willock should play centrally because he is not suited out wide but who am I to complain. The pressing strategy seems to be up and running. Onwards to the next game. COYG!!

        1. Great finish from him Sue 😀 I was livid when they had that first goal ruled off and then Chelsea go get a pen I just thought typical Chelsea blessed with luck 😂 great day Sue and Cedric scored a beauty always maintained he was a good player even when everyone was moaning about him, 28 full of experience and euro winner with Portugal.. nothing spectacular but a very decent signing better than your man lichsteiner 😉😂

          1. I was too… Antonio was on the floor, what else could he have done?!!
            Oh well it worked out in the end, lovely jubbly!!
            That was a peach of a goal, Kev!! What a debut for him 👍
            Hahaha anyone’s better than him 😂

          2. Yeah I absolutely agree with you Sue the goal should have been given! It’s like they make the rules up as they go and took almost 4 minutes to make a decision absolute shambles! 🙄. Yeah so glad West ham won I think Chelsea thought we just need to show up here.. they aren’t as good as they think they are Sue and also may I add they have conceded 44 goals that’s 3 more than us and nothing has been said about they’re backline 🙄 haha I’m 38 Sue and I have more pace than Lich 😂😂

          3. 4 minutes… what a joke!! I saw somewhere someone saying about how quick var has been since the restart 😂
            Yeah cocky sods… David Moyes was going for it, he was loving it!!! Haha.. I think they’re too good to go down. Bournemouth are in trouble, will Eddie be sacked??
            I know, you read time and time again about how good FL is and what a great job he’s doing.. well tomorrow I’ll expect to read how crap they are and who they’re lining up as a replacement 😂😂
            Yes more pace, but after 15 minutes you’ll be huffing and puffing like a good ‘un 😝

          4. Haha yeah I had time to make a cup of tea and they still had no decision 😂😅 I agree Sue they have good players and spent a lot of money so don’t expect them to slip through the trap door but Norwich and Bournemouth are doomed 😂 and Jack Wilshere made his once in a blue moon appearance lol. Haha Roman will be on the blower to Allegri tonight breaking news tomorrow Frank Lampard has been sacked 🤣 you watching the two games tomorrow Sue ? Should be good 👊 haha yeah I think my boots should stay hung up 😂😂

          5. I really don’t fancy watching City give Liverpool a guard of honour 🤮 I think I’ll watch Real instead – Hazard goal, nah don’t be stupid 😂 Unless of course KDB bangs in a couple then I’ll have a butchers 😆
            Won’t watch the spuds…rather watch paint dry haha!! We’re gonna get used to all these games every night, Kev!!

          6. Just tune in when it’s over Sue that’s what I’m gonna do 🤣🤣 haha I watched real the other night Hazard came off injured, it really isn’t happening for him is it ? Maybe a move back to France this summer as real are looking at Mpabbe so could use Hazard as bait 😛 oh I’ll take a draw all day long Sue a bore 0-0 😀 it’s great usually twiddling our thumbs all summer Sue at least we have football all summer 😀👊

          7. I want a City win, Kev…. anything else and I’ll be gutted 😆
            No it’s not, but I’m glad he went though, was sick of him scoring all those worldies against us!!!
            Wolves Saturday… coincidence that the pubs reopen?! I know you can’t watch football in them, but someone said they’ll all be full of gooners drowning their sorrows!! Bloody cheek 😆

          8. Yes and I said earlier this year to you Liverpool will lose more than one game this season and I still maintain that 😉 haha yeah especially that one at Stamford bridge with koscielny hanging on his back 😂😂 haha yeah I don’t think anyone believes we can beat Wolves Sue but you never know we’ve done ok at Southampton and Sheffield United, let’s hope Arteta gets it right come Saturday but please don’t play Reiss Nelson 🙏

          9. I was indeed Sue I don’t know but I just saw Watford beating Liverpool in my head it’s hard to explain 😂😂 I just hope we can beat Liverpool later on this month 🙏 it’s been too long Sue 🙄

          10. Sue, Liverpool deserve a guard of honour after a 30 year wait.
            Arsenal needs to show its class and always respect the opposition’s achievements, apart from when teams try to kick you off the park.

          11. I hope so too, Kev!! It’s on my daughter’s birthday – keep calm 😂😂

            Ozzie.. Arsenal will respect their achievements… not for me though, I don’t like them 😆

  19. How I wish we can get our young cb right coaching, we wouldn’t have issues at cb in 10yrs, if 2 of them could hit the ground running

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