Arsenal take the sting out the Hornets in five-goal thriller

Arsenal have earned a 3-2 win away at Watford this afternoon to send our side fourth in the Premier League table.

The Gunners wasted no time in snatching the early lead when Martin Odegaard pulled off a neat interchange with Bukayo Saka before placing his effort beyond the goalkeeper just five minutes in.

We looked really positive on the ball and looked like we could well take full control of this fixture early before being stung by a goal against the run of play, with Cucho Hernandez levelling the scores with a sublime overhead kick 11 minutes into the game.

The home side really picked up their energy after their wondrous goal, and appeared to be the most likely to double their lead as we struggled to retain possession for long spells, but it was then our turn to score against the run of the things when Alexandre Lacazette laid off Bukayo Saka to curl his effort into the far right of the goal.

Similarly to the home side, our goal then seemed to give us the momentum to push on again and take a grip on the game, and we went into the break ahead.

Shortly into the new half we scored a mirrored effort to that of our last. This time with Laca laying it behind him to Gabriel Martinelli a the other end of the pitch, who placed his effort into the goalkeeper’s left with his right boot, as opposed to Saka’s left.

The game got a little physical as the game run on, with Watford fighting to try and get themselves back in the game, but their efforts came to fore too late when Moussa Sissoko finally pulled them one behind in the dying minutes of the match.

It just wasn’t to be for the home side, despite putting in a very positive and attacking display, but they can take solace in the fact that if they can continue with that kind of effort and hard work, they will surely be winning more matches and mount a serious bid to avoid relegation.

I can’t help but feel really good about the way in which we played also. Earlier in the season we would definitely have let this result slip us by, and wouldn’t have been shocked to have see us lose this tie some months ago.

Did this performance show you just how far we have come under Arteta?


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  1. Odegaard controlled the flow, Saka was immense, Lacazette passes were excellent and Partey was great too, but our defenders and GK were disappointing. I think our lack of concentration in the back makes us weak when playing against the top three teams above usOdegaard controlled the flow, Saka was immense, Lacazette passes were excellent and Partey was great too, but our defenders and GK were disappointing. I think our lack of concentration in the back makes us weak when playing against the top three teams above us

            1. Well analiysed Gai, Is White and Gabriel at the back getting tired?
              Against big teams we shall need Tomiyasu except for march fitness. Thieny not creating much attacking wise this days..
              The good thing is 3 points in the bag.
              PePe should stop hitting the bar too often and score goals😁

  2. Wouldn’t be Arsenal without a tense 15 minutes or so..
    3 points, 3 fantastic goals! Øde and Saka were superb! I’m starting to dream 🙂

    Looking forward to going to the Emirates next week

  3. Yep not the best from the back 5, (not atrocious but silly mistakes)..very entertaining match, Real Madrid must be simply mad to let this guy (odegarrd) go.

  4. Odegaard just keeps going from strength to strength. Love watching him play.

    Bit of a reversal this game where we looked fluid going forward but pretty shaky defending. Poor game management, should have never been a squeaky bum last ten.

    Slightly OT but did anyone else think Tierney took a punch from Louza about 20m into the second half or was I imagining things?

  5. Vital 3 points and brilliant goals but defending from both team was very bad at times, we looked nervous defensively and Ramsdale looked unusually shaky! Odegaard and Saka was outstanding and Lacazette worked hard. Now let’s hope City win make it a great weekend 😉

  6. Really enjoyed todays game which does not happen much these days ,well done to the lads ,especially saka and Odegaard who looked class today .
    Ramsdale and Tierney looked off today but a wins a win

  7. It was a bitter-sweet experience. Mostly sweet tho. Didn’t get bitter until the last 10mins. Xhaka as always is a liability in a fast paced team. MOTM between odegaard and Saka. Partey was class too. Martinelli, apart fr his well taken goal wasn’t looking like a player to take his chances. Pẹpẹ wasn’t as effective as the wolves game either. I also feel we can do better than Ben White. Saliba anyone? It leaves a bad taste that we allowed a relegation team score 2 goals against us.

    1. He’s grown a lot over the past few months. He still has plenty of room to improve, just as arteta said, but his confidence and personality is really showing now, and he’s an extremely positive influence on the squad

    2. Now that Martin Odegaard is no longer a nomad on loan and has a home at the Arsenal, his class will shine through. Lacazette’s contributions cannot be ignored either; two assists today.

  8. Xhaka and Ramsdale had shaky moments, I think our 2cb struggled a bit especially Gabi. Others performed brilliantly , what a game from Saka and Ode.

    We are can see Pepe is not there yet, he is still miles behind Saka and Martinelli. I agree he is a better dribbler and finisher than both but in term of overall game, he is miles behind

    1. Once ESR cements he’s place in the team, just wow (when we play well) agree odegarrd captain material, loved how he pushed party away from trouble with the ref….

    2. Yes Declan.

      Odegaard played well today.
      His high pressing.

      Also, he has that composure.

      Massive 3 points today.

      Credit also to Arteta. He is getting the required results.

      I fully support Arteta.

  9. Ramsdale was a little shaky at times along with Gabriel, I always worry about White in the Air or one v one situations as he lacks in those departments but he can cover space and play out from the back which is needed for Mikels system. Saliba I think will be a starter in there next season.

    Tierney was caught out a few times I the 1st half & Soares is a decent back up, but that’s all he is’, back up. Be alot stronger when Tomi is back and fit.

    The rest played really well with a good flow to all their forward play, Martinelli was a little quiet but that goal will do him the world of good. Saka, Øde, Laca & Partey were excellent today!

    Pepe didn’t do himself any favours but hard to get going for 18mins so can’t really blame him, he did near set up Laca before ge tumbled over like a leaf being blown by the wind for a soft penalty.

    Never the less a great 3 points to put ourselves in a super position now for Top4. Let’s see City win this game to keep us here until Leicester.

    These young guns get you out of your seat and I am loving the development of these players and the club. Well done Mikel another big win, need to get the defence going again as we have been super back there most of the season.

    Champions League was never the target at the start of the season, now its the only target & its in our own hands. Happy Gooner tonight

    1. Sooner or later, the oppositions will start targeting our RB with aerial duels again. So we need Tomiyasu back as soon as possible

    2. Sean, a bit harsh on Pepe, expecting him to rip it apart in 18 minutes. Very unlucky not to score when he hit the post, with the goal keeper beaten.

  10. enjoyable game, great goals, perhaps too comfortable in the second half as lots of careless mistakes. Saka and Odegaard are becoming one of those dream psychic partnerships and both were superb, Laca showed what he gives to the team (and what he doesn’t). GM still has a long way to go but pleased he got a good goal. Ramsdale, Partey and Xhaka were sloppy in passing. Easy win overall very satisfactory performance and forth away win on the trot.

  11. Good win today. The game was a good one. Saka was immense today, so too Ode and Martinelli. Overall great team performance to grind out the win the end. Watford was not going to let arsenal have it all their way today and Watford did fight. Happy for the win and hope it continues.

    1. Yes Sue. I’m looking forward to A Mancity win this evening.

      Also, Crystal Palace won against Wolves.

      If we win our game in hand, we will be 2 points behind Chelsea.

      Top3 is a possibility.

  12. Didn’t get to watch but just happ we won! Stats look like we gave the a lot of opportunities but can be misleading.

    1. I think 2-3 is flattering to them in my opinion, we was in control @1-3 the defence was not at their best, and luckily we had our shooting boots on…🤔

  13. It would have been 4.1 at some time
    Unfortunately Nketiah hit the woodwork.
    Good game esp for the neutrals. Important 3 points. Playing against a team fighting for relegation at this stage aint easy. Watford defeated manu at home and drew manu at Old Trafford recently.

    Great goal esp the 4 goals from the both teams. I m not counting sissoko goal amongst those good goals.. and welldone for such assist to arteta for martinelli goal

  14. Ramsdale and our CBs were terrible today! That 2nd goal really sums up their game today.

    However, Saka Öde Gabi worked really well, and Laca does everything right with 150% effort, except scoring..

    Xhaka and Partey were decent too.

  15. Felt we had more movement on the pitch today as opposed to the static positioning we see far too often.

    More quick passes and not lingering on the ball was nice to see also. We started building up from the middle with Partey and Cedric overlapping Saka helped create things on the right.

    Good tactics from Arteta and performance from the players.

  16. Good win. The team looked exhausted. Hopefully we recharge for the next game against Liverpool. We should win that one. Good job team arsenal.

  17. Excellent 3 points, especially if city beat utd. Some really good stuff and some really dodgy stuff. Saka, Laca, Martinelli, Odergaard and Partey stand out today but Gabriel and White looked really slack. Getting points on the board is the most important and we did that. No complaints while we win!!!!!!

  18. From his teenage age, Odegaard has been superbly a good gifted footballer, have been a huge fan!
    Partey is great but still needs a well reliable partner.
    I love the fact that Tierney was given the ‘Armband’ both him and Odegaard suits better for the captaincy..
    Onward we go!

  19. Good win. Having in mind that a win will most likely take us to 4th place was playing in the guys’ minds.
    On to the next game.

  20. I’ll preface my comment by simply stating that there’s no doubt that Ode was our best player on the pitch today, but this shouldn’t come as such a big shock considering the rather underwhelming opposition…we’ve seen this before though, when given some space/time and when he’s afforded the luxury of carving out a more direct path, he can put his stamp on things, but I’ll reserve judgement until he “shows out” in a similar fashion against much more notable opposition

    for those who’re a little too quick with their anointing of this player, heed the words of your similarly prematurely adorned manager, who said this in regards to Ode, “he needs to create more goals, he needs to score more goals, he needs to make more runs in behind, he needs to be closer to the strikers to give them support (and) he needs to score more free kicks”…to be fair, he did some of those very things today, but that hasn’t been the case against the higher end squads

    as for the performance today, it was a really mixed bag…poor defensively at times, Ramsdale continues to get sloppier and sloppier with each passing game and we still invite pressure far too often because we have the wrong veteran “leaders” on this squad

    on the other hand, we were far more aggressive, as our usually deeper sitting midfielders pushed farther forward, we had a rare stellar game in front of goal, from a shot-taking efficiency standpoint, and we didn’t lose our heads when the opportunity arose, which could have unnecessarily opened the door for a rather pedestrian squad

    the big question, moving forward, is can we do likewise against those teams that matter most, which seems like a tough ask, considering our oft-times negative script in those types of games, notwithstanding our matches last season against Chelski and Spurs and this season against City, our lack of efficiency in front of goal so far this season, as this must have been by far our best ratio of goals scored to shots on target, and our propensity to take reckless cards in matches against top opposition

    that said, I’m happy that we took the all 3 points and that we saw glimpses of what could be on offer, with the requisite amount of tactical courage, but this was by no means a revelatory performance, from an “eye test” perspective

  21. Mahrez just scored. Man City 3 – 1 Man Utd. 4th place with games in hand over 5th placed team. Luvvly jubbly 😁

  22. Oooh, so close, if Eddie’s shot had hit the inside of the post rather than the outside I reckon we would pretty much have had the perfect day at the office

    As it was it was a Wenger type performance, devastating going forward with some fantastic technical play but a bit shaky at the back, that’ll do for me though, another three points on the board, thoroughly enjoyed it but Mikel might not let them off the leash again this season after the way it finished

    Good game overall, Watford played their part and we couldn’t do much about their first goal, cracker

    Saka & Ode superb but I was most pleased for Partey, as good as I’ve seen him, bodes well for the games coming up

    I think Wolves could just be out of top 4 reckoning now, although West Ham lost at Anfield I reckon they are still very much a team to beat for 4th

    If City can hold on to their lead today it puts Spurs under a lot of pressure for all the points at home tomorrow, particularly as they then go to Old Trafford next weekend

    Come on you Gunners

  23. Give Lava extention of contract if he want to stay, Saka just briliant and Ode, Mesut touches, but unlike him he works his socks off.
    Great game especialy for neutrals and important 3 points

      1. Yes o! Give laca a new contract for with him saka, odegard n co are beautiful. Kudos to arteta too

  24. I really think sissoko was paid by spuds to dent our top four hopes today,he was such a BULLY !!!.

  25. Another great peice of article Pat, I first had some doubts pertaining to the exact things you mentioned Pat, but was quickly on board when I carefully analyzed his games, one thing you fail to mention is that he is looking good even though we haven’t had a top out and out striker, just imagine if we had someone like Calvert Lewin .
    One thing for sure he is obviously a captain material the way he organizes the field.
    Once we reinforce our midfield with a commanding in midfielder and a Marquee striker he is going to be unplayable

  26. This match showed AFC’s strength of Character but with intermitent, loss of Focus at the defençe.
    A lot must be done before the next two home matches. Partey and Xhaka should practice shooting Infront of goal to score like Martinelli did for our third goal, that saved us

  27. Good display by the team. Congratulations boys. Well done Arteta. The team is gradually jelling together. The coach should instill in them the mentality of killing off games when opportunities presented itself. We wasted a lot of chances that would have buried the game much earlier. All the same, good game, important 3 points. We move

  28. I was vouching for a Laca contract extension on this platform for a very long time. What a player and what commitment. He clearly shows with his performances that age is no barrier if you have the right mentality, commitment, desire and motivation to succeed. I hope now the Club and Laca come to a mutual agreement and Laca stays with Arsenal.

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