Arsenal talks with Milner CONFIRMED, but would he play?

The Man City midfielder (well he can play anywhere!) James Milner is out of contract at the Etihad from today, and it has now been confirmed by Sky Sports that the England international has been in talks with both Arsenal and Liverpool.

Milner is definitely talented and his bulldog spirit is well-known, but I am not sure whether he could fit in as a regular starter at the Emirates, and it is very well-known that the reason the 29 year-old is leaving City is because he is searching for a regular starting spot elsewhere and with the array of talents that Arsenal have in midfield I really can’t see that happening.

Obviously the attraction for Wenger would be that Milner comes on a free transfer, but the only position I could see him taking is as a replacement for Matthieu Flamini, and how many games has HE had since the re-arrival of Francis Coquelin?

Another question would be the wages that Milner would be looking for after being paid well by Moneybags Man City, and Manuel Pellegrini has reportedly offered the England man an increased wage to stay at the club. “It’s a decision James must take at the end of season, what is better for his future,” the Man City boss said. “I always talk that he is an important player for our team, he can play in different positions because he is an intelligent player.

“He always gives 100 per cent but it will be sorted at the end of the season.

“I can think staying at Manchester City is best him for him but it’s important what he thinks.”

Maybe the big wage could be counteracted by a generous signing on fee from Arsenal, but looking at the possible deal as a whole, I really cant see it happening. Can you?

Did JACK really say that about the SPUDS in public!

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  1. Dont want him, dont need him.

    Only top quality players are acceptable for next season

    1. Every time i c welbeck, i just cant stop hurting… milner?????what trend will be taking? look at sanchez n how much we have benefited

      1. Think about the good part of the story, at least he’s homegrown and not really a waste of money (because he is free agent). Why have the first team being complete with Sanogo and Ryo when we can have Milner and Welbeck filling up these positions. They can be used at anytime we have injured players. And anyway, I believe with Milner (should they go that route) they will offer him a 2-3 years contract. That’s when he turns like 33 yrs.

      2. He is a free transfer, not our blockbuster signing. Milner and Welbeck, whether you like to admit it or not, are WINNERS. Experienced winners. Nothing but a good thing having them in our squad. They were in the Man U and Man City squads winning things and I don’t remember any of their fans complaining about them. If the “trend” we are in is signing winners and winning things (like we have this season and last), then I’m happy and you should be too.

    2. I think you’re being extremely harsh on him. He is City’s Rosicky, except he actually starts a lot of their games too. It would be a clever move on our part given that he is homegrown and versatile with tons of experience, but not so sure he would see as much game time as he currently does at City. If he were to join, he would most likely be a regular on the subs bench, coming on for Alexis or Theo. A lot of people seem to jump to the conclusion that he’s no good because he doesn’t command a transfer fee, or that he doesn’t score 20+ goals a season, but he does his job very well, and is one of the few players that actually works hard in that City team. We need more squad depth and he would definitely add to that. No brainer for me, but I can’t see him joining us, he’d probably be a sure starter at Liverpool.

  2. He’s a massive loss for City. Good player and 200% commitment on the pitch.

    I think he’ll end up at Liverpool and he will improve them.

  3. I agree. Not sure if AW would though.

    He is a solid and experienced utility player who can play in a variety positions. He could do a job when called upon And is definitely a potential Wenger signing.

  4. James Milner. English. very powerful, good shooter, very good crosser, versatile (position based), experienced, semi-ambidextrous, good speed/pace, good tackler, 29 years old and most of all FREE, I would also say he has a pretty decent character as a footballer.

    To me, I would bet that Wenger signed this Milner, considering his resume and based on Wenger past purchases. I believe he is a good addition to our already strong team, but I think players like Arteta, Diaby, maybe Flamini will leave if it happens.

    James Milner is at his peak, he will play well alongside Giroud and our english men, its good to have those mature lads in the squad. We need a leader, and a tough one.

    I mean, unless its Vidal, who else that is available would suit Arsenal! (and proven)

  5. I’ve said it before.. But Milner is the first sub off the bench city turn to when they’re in trouble. Either to inject some fire, solidify defensively or just push them. Says a lot about him.
    Regarded as one of the hardest training players, Mr. Consistent and quite talented.
    Though there are obviously more high profile targets out there, Milner would be a certain upgrade on multiple members of the squad. Would push other members such as Ramsey, Ox and Wilshere who have a lot more raw talent, but would have to be at their best to keep him out of the first-team.

  6. Rosicky will leave and Flamini must leave. In these circumstances, Milner is not a bad player to be in the team. He might not be world class talent wise but he gives 100% each time on the field. We can use players of his attitude.

  7. It’s deja vu all over again.
    All summer we were
    promised the EPL and
    Champions league and were connected
    with a hundred superstars.
    We bought another star attacker but
    left big holes in the defence.
    By October we were out of the Mickey Mouse
    by December injury ravaged again.
    By mid Feb we were out of the ECL
    as usual exiting the last 16 by losing badly at home.
    We had another late season revival
    where some of the injury prone
    starred against minnows in meaningless games.
    In the FA cup we played 4 Championship teams
    a vile Man U and Cellar dweller Villa.
    Last season Arsenal finished the EPL
    7 points adrift of winners Man City.
    This season the club finished
    12 points south of winners Chelsea.
    A deja vu Arsenal season full of
    big promise but 2nd tier trophies
    and always in Chelsea’s shadow.

    1. I thought we we 10 points behind Man city last season city 89 arsenal 79 so we had 4 less points this season. The defensive gaps have already been filled 6 months too late maybe but you’d have been the first to moan about “deadwood” if we’d have signed someone to fill a gap who isn’t good enough long term. Considering the injuries at the start of the season and to many key players 4 points less is nothing we’ve definitely improved.

      Moan moan moan it’s a real shame we won the FA cup 2 days ago if we keep improving you might have to look for a new club who you can spend your days moaning about.

      1. Except for being 10 points behind city you already mentioned, he said nothing wrong, all his points are valid and probably repeated again … we won the FA cup last year and this year as well, we need to push for something more valuable …
        Just promises won’t satisfy us

      1. the kid looks good to me but not seen enough..he makes sense from a wenger perspective…the whippet will be staying and pushed centrally..wellbeck will stay but podolski will almost certainly leave….”so, no goals” should go but wenger will probably farm him out on loan …. campbell will go i suspect and perhaps ryo …vietto looks more the aguerro type so that would fill a gap and would push walcott and others if he is a more clinical finisher which is possible…. his release clause is only 15m so wenger would like that…he will probably need a left back and should invest seriously in the guy from turino or rodriguez and a quality DM…vietto kondogbia and rodriguez would be an upgrade for me and no stratospheric spending either

  8. I think James Millner has the top quality that makes him tempting to Arsenal to sign him on. And Arsenal can get this one over Man City to equalize 1-1 as City had taken Sagna away on the free before. So would Arsenal do same by signing Milner? But mark us, the Boss may have to allow 1 midfielder to leave to free up space and wages to accommodate Millner. And that player should not be Arteta or Diaby. Diaby can miraculously come back into contention for a starting place in the Gunners starting XI as a midfield enforcer option during the Gunners crunch period of their season. But the Boss can still go ahead to recruit a top quality enforcer to be starting regularly alongside Coquelin with Arteta and Diaby as the top options. And believe me, the Gunners will need them at a point in the season. I hope the Boss will play both Arteta and Diaby in the Arsenal Asian and Emirates Cup games to put them to test and prepare them fully for next season work.

  9. I like Milner very much…he might not be d big name we are looking for,but wen u have an opportunity to sign a senior ramsey u better take it,a driving force, ramsey,sanchez milner,chambo,runing their lungs off,all we need is a clinical finisher

  10. Milner is a very good and useful player to have in the squad. Any team would love to have a versatile, hard working and talented player like him.

    If we release diaby, Flamini then we should snap him up.

    I think Milner is better than Arteta at the moment

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