Arsenal target accused of lacking ambition for wanting to join them

Arsenal is closing in on a move for Martin Odegaard after the Norwegian was accused of lacking ambition for wanting to leave Real Madrid to join the Gunners.

The midfielder impressed for Arsenal last season and they want him back, but Madrid will keep him if he is prepared to fight for a place in their squad.

He was left out of their opening league game of the new season against Alaves at the weekend with Carlo Ancelotti preferring other midfield players at the club to him.

This was a clear message that he is in for a long season if he remains at the Bernabeu and AS says he is now looking to return to Arsenal.

The Gunners are without European football for this season and he will have to deal with helping them to become a top English club again if he makes the move to North London.

The report says Madrid is now open to cashing in on him after he showed a lack of ambition in even considering an offer from Arsenal.

They remain convinced that his long-term future is at the club, but the midfielder has chosen to leave to where he can play regularly and he is convinced that he can achieve that at Arsenal.

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  1. Is it just me but signing odergaard just makes us the same, we replaced Luiz with White Mmmmmm. We resigned Xhaka and possibly Odegaard. HOW HAVE WE IMPROVED? Im not impressed or hopeful, im sorry!!!!!!

    1. There has been no radical change, no improvement in attacking areas and it for me is totally underwhelming after the promise by Arteta and Edu that they knew what was required to move forwards. WHAT HAVE I MISSED?

    2. Sorry mate but it just you. I think its disrespectful for you to compare Odegaard to Xhaka as they are completely different players. He impressed and became a starter even tho he was a new player on a new team in a new league, halfway into a pandemic season. We really missed him at the end of of the season particularly in the europa league. No matter what you think he is still young, a top top midfield prospect, and he CHOSE to come back to our weak club. I am so happy about this we need to celebrate.

      1. “He impressed and became a starter even tho he was a new player on a new team in a new league”….absolutely clueless commentary…why would you intentionally go online and post something when you’re completely oblivious to the facts of matter at hand

    3. Maybe the title would have been more apropos if it said “Arsenal accused of lacking ambition for wanting this target to join them”

    4. Does signing new players mean improvement?
      What if those new players don’t perform?
      Since wenger left we have signed a number of new players, but have they improved us?
      I just think it’s all now down to Arteta to make a difference. Leicester, spurs, West Ham etc are not signing many £40-£70 million players but they are doing better.

      Brentford, Brighton, Leeds etc are recently promoted clubs but they have done better with average players that we would not have looked at for our own team.

      To me Arteta is the key, he has a squad of players that is better than most of the teams above but he is too rigid and not getting the best out of them. We can’t just keep crying “Spend spend spend every time our new players and manager underperform.

    5. @Reggie
      Odegaard only played for us the second half of the season last year, and in that period, we were miles better than the first half. Not that it is his contribution alone, that made the difference, but it sure looks like we are better with him than without.

      1. Dont throw the second half of the season lemon. We still lost the important games that meant something in the second half. The last 5 games were totally end of season games with pressure off and usually against teams with nothing to play for. We lost in the Fa cup and against Villareal against Emery and we looked no better as well.

  2. Odegaard left ou of the Real Madrid squad
    is showing determination by moving elde where for game time.
    Madrid say they want 40-50mm but if the player is that good why is he not in the match day squad?
    36m will get him.
    Even another loan spell would be fine.
    There has been a significant shift in Arsenal recruitement policy this season.
    Arteta is learning.
    At City micro managing superstars was a doddle.
    Micromanaging old over the hill has beens at Arsenal was totally different.
    8th place twice.
    A radical change was needed.
    Arteta Mark 2 has been unveiled.
    Ship deadwood and replace with young players with decent resale value.
    Ozil Ramsey Mkhitarian Socritis Luiz Mustafi Guendouzie Mavropanos Willock.
    In .
    White Gabriel Tierney Tavarez Partey Lokonga Saka ESR Martinelli Pepe Azeez Balogun Patino.
    Odegaard and Ramsdale are next.
    Still to go this window are Kolasinac + Torreira
    and maybe more.
    Next summer Bellerin Mari Elneny Nelson AMN Nketiah Laca Auba will be shipped replaced by 6 more signings.
    So there is a clear plan.
    Getting rid of deadwood who won’t go
    and who no one wants is slowing the process.
    2022-2023 is when Arsenal will be a force again.

    1. Well lets just hope we’re in the CL next year because it’s crippling us financially not being in it! I keep saying it, there is no excuse for tiredness every weekend when we are not in European competition this year. We should have one of the fittest and freshest teams in the EPL!

    2. Nice Fairfan. You are almost making me enthusiastic. Almost.
      I do think Odegaard has something to offer, and he will get a lot better with time. And both ing to leave RM and choosing us are both to be applauded.
      But I totally take Reggie’s point. He may prove to be a very good player. But he is same old same old. Not quick, not physical, not a goalscorer, rarely goes past players. Yes he fits our system but that system isn’t working. We need some variety – ANY of these because we are lacking: speed in midfield; directness; physical strength; a willingness to get into the area; ruthlessness; an eye for goal. Not a criticism of him but we have several wannabe Odegaards already.
      But if a loan great. If we cant get anyone who gives us what we lack above then hes better than nothing.
      I like him, and we didnt see the best of him last season, he’s just… slow and ponderous.

      1. Exactly Guy, im totally underwhelmed by our transfer activities and see no real improvement. Our manager is on rinse and repeat cycle and hoping for different results.

        1. He seems to want 11 clones. Small, technically gifted players, dare I say “polite” guys who are happy to play in a system. Every club benefits from such players in the team, but not 11 of them. They recognise the need for muscle, determination, individualistic flair, aggressive personalities, leadership, a refusal to surrender or back down, and that’s without discussing the technical sides. That’s why we will continue to get beaten by both physically strong and indeed any sides that get in our faces and bully us. Our nice players don’t fight back – we concede control. Arteta has admitted he is encouraging defending without fouling – heck we are even proud of our “least fouls conceded” tag. And we see the result. Loss of aggression, tackling avoided, standing off the opposition. Subjugation.

    3. If you truly believe in 2022 we will be a force under Arteta you are dreaming! At least with klopp you could see Liverpool had an identity and were improving a lot! And everyone could see that there problem was the defence and goal keeping once they got that sorted they won the league and the champions league.. But what is Arteta’s identity on the pitch? Give it to the wing back mainly Tierney to cross to our aerially weak strikers? You are deluded! You keep calling our players dead wood but Arteta sells the good ones who we should have kept and gives contracts to the ones we should sell.. I am getting tired of all the fans defending arteta and giving him excuses.. They are def Arteta fans and not arsenal fans!

  3. Who has accused him of lacking ambition? Ancelotti? A teammate? A random tweet? Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. Martin may lack ambition or he may realize he needs consistent minutes, with no flair or through ball in midfield getting him and aouar could be a step in the right direction.

  5. What a weird way to mistakenly imply that Ode has actually chosen us over Real…what a joke…what does it say about us that we would crave an individual who’s apparently unwilling to earn his place at a bigger club, so he can instead go slumming in North London, with our clown show, simply because we’re so mediocre that we’re willing to guarantee this “no foot in” player significant minutes in his preferred position…I’m just waiting for some lightweight to suggest it’s like a new signing to put the cherry on this sh** sundae

    1. I’m not sure people are saying that RVL – at least I’m not. I do find it refreshing though (especially in the light of Ozil) when a player just wants to play and would rather walk away to get games than sit in the stands at arguably the biggest club in the world and take the money. That is neither an endorsement nor criticism of the talent he may or may not have.
      Recently we lamented player greed and laziness, so it is pertinent.

  6. Ode is ok, but i dont think he can contribute much to the team. His stat last season is an obvious indication.

    Why dont we go with someone like Aouar that baffles me. even the likes of Maddison.

    I will pray for something magical to happen.


    1. Short term transfer, no previous games, new league, injury, poorly performing team – not really enough time to be sure. He had two terrific games that show he CAN perform, but how consistently? I echo your doubts, but he would perform better this time I’m sure.

  7. With 2 good and young no 10 in the team… it sounds good to the club. However, I am worried the development of them with less game time. It may delay or make one or both never reach their potential. I love them. I think an experience and good work rate number 8 is more important.

  8. I will say it again, no matter who we will get if MA still plays with the same formation we will keep losing.

    This man needs to be creative and play the right players in their positions and not relying on predictable moves for certain players to finish the game!

    Our team is boring, no one is enjoying watching Arsenal anymore!

    1. I agree PW. Arteta is trying to “play by numbers”. He has only one tactic and it is not working. It will of course be better with practice and better players, but not enough to take us far. If we as simple fans can see the drawbacks, imagine the opposition managers:
      1 press their defence
      2 bully them physically all over the park
      3 high balls into White
      4 mark their wide players out of the game
      5 let them play tika taka across the front of the penalty area because theyre afraid to take in inside
      6 play 2 big strong CBs
      7 break quickly with 2 strikers and play balls over the top
      Game won

  9. Odegaard has chosen Arsenal over RM, so he is to be appreciated. He did not want to waste time on the bench at RM and prefers to come to Arsenal to play first team football. But the point is will it improve Arsenal, doubtful. His main problem is lack of speed, directness and unwillingness to get past opposition players. Coutinho would be better suited to Arsenal than Odegaard. He has got loads of PL experience, good at creativity, good at dead ball situations and has the willingness to get past opposition players.

    1. I also said the same. Coutinho was my preferred option. He would cut off his salary and would be a good mentor to ESR.

  10. He needs to be applauded. In all his time at RM he has shown willingness to go places for game time and development, instead of just biting his time at RM.
    I am happy, if we get him. He is young and ambitious, and the talent is there for all to see.

  11. No way we should be paying £40 million for an unwanted Odegaard. I like the kid but not for £40 million.
    Again, if he valued at £40 million then why are they trying to get rid of him? Why aren’t they playing him? Why aren’t they fighting tooth and nail to retain him?

    Reminds me of thenlm doing the exact thing with Ozil. And like real amateurs we paid £42 million for an unwanted player.

    Hope they don’t make the same mistakes.

    1. 90% of players are sold because they are unwanted Goonster – that’s how football works. Being surplus at a club like RM with their large, talented squads (especially when that surplus is because you have too many players in one position) isn’t the same as being rejected by Barnsley. I don’t think £40m is the price here, but regardless, with a midfield of Kroos, Modric, Casamiro, Hazard, do you really think that makes Odegaard a failure?
      And, like with Wenger, people have a tendancy to forget successful periods to focus on bad endings. Ozil was actually sensational when he came and was worth every penny. The trouble started with Sanchez leaving and the crazy contract given to Ozil so he wouldn’t leave too.

  12. Well this transfer suits all parties – Madrid get the money, the player will get to enjoy the luxurious London life, good wages, no pressure and demand to win anything, Arteta gets another yesman who has no ambition like himself and the AFC juggernaut rolls on, we will win four or five games here and there, draw six or seven, lose eight or nine by December and repeat the same in the new year.A target of 45 points would keep us safe from relagtion and somewhere 11-15th.
    Then next summer spend another 100 grand on some Cheapos and be happy with 15th. Trust the process (to get us relegated to League One)

    1. We dont know the terms yet – it could well be a loan and Odegaards salary is not huge – about one third to one half of Auba’s at a guess. You obviously either have either a very high regard for the benefits of London life, or an equally low opinion of Madrid if you think living here is an aspiration.. I can understand critics of his football but he would rather play than warm the bench like Ozil, which should be applauded and is the exact opposite of your claim that the player lacks ambition. Unless of course you really have such a low opinion of your own club?

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