Arsenal target admits he could be sold

This is one of those Arsenal transfer rumours that I am not too sure about, we the reported price for Jan Oblak, the Atletico Madrid goalkeeper, has been quoted at around 88m GBP, but as we are desperately in need of a top quality replacement for Petr Cech I am willing to keep an open mind.

Now the player himself has admitted that he has not had any talks with Atletico about a renewal to his contract, which could mean they are preparing to cash in on the Slovenian star. “It’s tough to discuss the future.” Oblak said in the Standard.

“It’s not easy to talk about what’s going to happen tomorrow never mind what will happen next season, but I am calm and the situation depends on Atletico – nobody knows the future.

“There’s nothing new, there have been a lot of things said and written about a new contract but the only confirmed situation is that there is nothing new.

“I have a contract that I signed two years ago, but now I must wait to see what Atleti’s plan is.”

It would be very difficult for any team to turn down such a massive amount for a goalkeeper and I am sure if offers came in the Spanish side, who could yet meet Arsenal in the Europa League this season, received such an offer.

At just 23 years of age though, he could be Arsenal’s Number One for many years to come….



  1. PIRES says:

    waiting to the Wenger haters to come and say while wenger is in the club we cannot attract great players ,while he’s living the civilian war in Syria will not stop ,while he’s still there north Koea will not become a democraty…..even kennedy was killed by Wenger….Deluded

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      I think you may need help. People only hate Wenger because of facts.

      1. GB says:

        Hate is a very strong word. Do some people really HATE him? I am definitely in the camp that wants Wenger to go but I don’t hate him, I can hate someone for various reasons but for what he’s done, no. Anyone who says they really hate him needs to reevaluate their life and basically get a grip. It’s football, a game, yes a passion for me but can I hate him? No.
        But spurs….. that’s different ?.

        1. jon fox says:

          Since you make a serious point about hate , I will point out TRUE realism. ACTUAL (as opposed to rhetoric) hatred, should NEVER, repeat, NEVER, be used for football opinions, players, managers etc. True hatred should surely be reserved for terrorism, villainous crime, cruelty and torture, wars and warmongers, disease, famine and bigotry. I hope the realist in you will agree. I misuse rhetoric with the best or rather worst of them But the decent person deep inside me , well knows, in actuality, the difference. I just hope we all do.

          1. Counsel says:

            @ Jon fox I have observed here with great interest and I can attest that you are not decent man the way you react on this site bashing wenger is your only agenda.I recommend you get circumsized learn manners and start behaving like a mature man.This is football you don’t have to hate Wenger like he stole your wife

          2. jon fox says:

            Counsel, You need to educate yourself and learn what circumsized actually means. You used this same supposed insult to Phil, a fan who thinks like me and the vast majoriy of Gooners on Wenger(88% on fan polls, want him sacked). This is a weird, very odd and highly uneducated use of language. The facts are that the vast majority of Arsenal fans want Wenger out. Though that seems to upset you and causes you to tell them to get “circumsized”, (which to put it mildly is truly pathetic language to use), he will very soon now NOT be our manager. I can only imagine your grief then, as you think our whole fan base should then be circumsized.

          3. GB says:

            Agreed Jon, we all get caught up in rhetoric, especially during the heat of the moment or perhaps in anger during an argument and yes I’ve used the hate word, as I do regards spurs, but that is just rhetoric. Unfortunately Jon, though we both understand the difference, some do not.

        2. ThirdManJW says:


          Maybe hate was too strong, but certainly a lot of fans have a strong dislike to Wenger now. For me, it’s more to do with who he has become as person, more than the results. Wenger’s become a megalomaniac.

          1. jon fox says:

            It is certainly true that he has brought, shall I call it the antipathy of thousands of us, onto himself. He has done this by himself, which is the real shame. I warrant that all those of us who desperately want him ou t-and have done so for some long time- once loved him for what he did for our club. But that was a long time ago and continued stupid actions and repeating mistakes, changes peoples view and perceptions, in the real world. Of course though I say this, technically, in reply to you, you are already far more aware than most of this truth. It is to the idiots like pires, Ken 1945 and Counsel that this is directed.

    2. @ PIRES
      In the beginning your delusions regarding Wenger were nothing more than mere irritations that I thought were going to inevitably diffuse as the brutal reality of our situation sets in. I was wrong. Looks like the mediocrity is strong with you, Wenger worshipper! Will another bout in the dungeons of Europa league next season be enough to convince you and the rest of your ambitionless zombie hoarde Wenger is not the man to take us forward? Or maybe you are just satisfied, settled to scrape for 6th place now?

    3. jon fox says:

      You do realise , I presume, that you are doing precisely what you accuse those huge majority of us who loathe Wenger of writing? You are making up fantasy events unconnected to football to throw at those you accuse. Pots and kettles? And the definition of a deluded person is one who refuses to face facts and reality. By this true definition those very few who love Wenger are true delusionals, whereas the huge majority of us are realists. A little life experience would help cure you!

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Delusional?, you need to ask them about their expectations, or minimum standards, and what makes them happy and what makes them angry. More easily pleased does not translate to delusion, your judgement on them falls closer I must admit.

      2. PIRES says:

        you ‘r finding how it hurts to call someone deluded (even if i wasn’t speaking about you specially)you’r constantly abusing evreyone who doesn’t have the same opinion with you and you’r thinking that they don’t have any right to reply…..

        1. jon fox says:

          pires, no you are again wrong. It does not hurt me at ALL to call you deluded, since I always try to speak and to WRITE the truth. Many people on here think you odd, to put it mildly, judging by the many comments agreeing with my view on Wenger and by the things they call you too.

          1. Admin says:

            Err Jon some people think you are odd mate. You don’t write the truth you write your opinion, that is two different things. Pires also speaks his own truth which is his opinion. No-one has the right to believe that only their own opinion is the only correct one….

    4. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Told you PIRES, you’re beyond help

  2. Shortboygooner says:

    Veey hefty price tag. But we do need someone like him

  3. Durand says:

    Is it worth the price for a GK?
    I’d rather spend on CM or DM and CB. Surely we could get 2 top players for cost of 1 GK.

    Maybe Lafont or Leno if they are cheaper.
    However, if Raul and Sven think he’s worth the cost, they certainly know far better than me.

    Not convinced new players with same ineffective manager makes much difference.

    Hopefully new manager to start fresh in summer.

    1. gotanidea says:

      True, no top goalkeeper could do much if he doesn’t have decent protection in front of him

      As what you have said, getting better CM, DM and CB are more pressing needs than spending an obscene amount of money for one GK

      1. Durand says:

        Glad to hear I’m not alone in my thinking. I just think £87 million spent on CM and DM will serve club better than £87 million on 1 GK.

        Honestly, i don’t think Oblack could do much better with our shakey defense in front of him. 2 top CB’s and top DM will make a good keeper great.

        Just my opinion

    2. Counsel says:

      @ Durand your theory that no signing can improve the team when wennger is the manager are baseless like the one of that dead ethiest Stephen Hawkings about multiple universe

      1. Phil says:

        I heard that Steven Hawkins actually died while he was having himself circumcised.Poor fellow

        1. jon fox says:

          I expect Counsel was watching !

      2. Durand says:


        Presently it is true. At seasons end, i hope you accept reality and admit i was right.

        Auba and miki came, what’s our league position?

        We’ll see who’s right at the end of season.

        You’ll eat your words, but still won’t accept reality

      3. Durand says:

        Said “not convinced” but you can twist my words if you think it furthers your argument.

        Don’t believe me, how about results? Player performance? Standing in league table? Thousands of empty seats at Emirates?

        Quick, someone get this emperor some clothes, stat!

  4. Counsel says:

    Man city spent 200 million on defense alone but,then people will say how pep is a tactician how he improves players and what not where was he last season without the overspending .The biased media and the low IQ pundits are now telling us how pep is the best thing that happened in epl since the coming of the sliced bread.So 80 million for a goalkeeper only over Wenger dead body! we can’t live beyond our means let’s hope our scout can identify a solid keeper who is not overpriced

    1. gotanidea says:

      Unless the GK is someone like Navas, Bravo, De Gea or Ederson that can build the attack from the back with their excellent distribution skills

      Arsenal never had a system like that, like what Spain and De Gea showed last night against the Germans

    2. Kenny Rolfe says:

      One time I agree with you Counsel

    3. Durand says:

      Arsenal spent how much on 2 top strikers? You complaining about city defenders and money is rich.

      What’s Pep supposed to do? Not spend the money? Handicap his team?

      Perhaps if Arsenal spent money wiser would make a difference. Who’s fault? Wenger? Ivan?
      I don’t know inner workings of club, so I’ll let experts on this site decide

  5. Break-on-through says:

    This would be brilliant, after the Ozil salary increase, Lacazette bought but we still buy Aubameyang, losing Alexis but getting a more suited team player in return, to then make a record bid on a top young goal keeper. It would show that things are looking to turn around, I’d have higher expectations if this turns out to be true. I know some will think with Wenger there it won’t make a bit of difference, but ya never know. A great keeper is essential, this lad is in his early twenties, then some experienced but young enough CB’s and that would be great to see. Don’t know much about this fella I must admit, I rarely pay enough attention to the GK’s unless it’s our own. I wouldn’t mind looking at some German keepers as a secondary measure, they produced good keepers over the years, and their no1 is so brilliant that the chances are they have a no2 that ain’t half bad at all.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I think splashing big cash on high quality DM and CB should be the first priority

      Donnarumma is also a young and talented GK, but he cannot do much with the kind of defence in front of him

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I’ll be honest, after I wrote that I read you and a few others mentioning our priority positions and then mention how it’s allot of money to spend without looking elsewhere. I thought it was a fair point you have made. It’s just that I’d love a proper solid GK to arrive every bit as much as I’d love a CB like that. But I’m in two minds a little bit now.

        1. Midkemma says:

          It is a lot of money but maybe Raul will not be as penny pinching as Gazidis?

          I have read about how Wenger and Gazidis struggle and I can’t shake the thought that Gazidis has been holding onto the cash for Raul, we have made our transfer fees back mostly from recent transfers…

          Maybe it is delusional hope XD

          But just maybe Gazidis will trust Raul to know what he is doing and trust in his knowledge to give him a huge warchest that has been built up over a few years. No real risk of FFP as we have been so good with money recently…

          I admit, it does sound like delusional hope when the club in question is Arsenal XD

    2. Midkemma says:

      Alisson who plays for Roma isn’t having a bad season.
      He is a good shot stopper and has accurate distribution.
      Liverpool are reportedly interested in him but he would have more competition at Liverpool, he could walk into our team…

      Leno doesn’t look bad but stats not as good, he was on the bench for Germany 1-1 draw yesterday.

      Ter Segen is at Barca and we wont be able to pinch him, I think.

  6. Counsel says:

    @ Phil your honor I stand guided

  7. Phil says:

    Admin/I can’t believe you have removed my earlier reply to Counsel in defence of @Jon Fox.I thought not only was it a fellow poster looking out for a greatly admired fellow poster but it was also well contained (in as much I could have been a lot more graphic and descriptive with my words) but a quite funny and harmless response.
    Any reason?

    1. Admin says:

      Personal abuse is the only reason I ever remove comments.and that was ten minutes after I put up a warning….

      1. Me says:

        I refuse to believe you look like your picture…

      2. jon fox says:

        Of course , some snowflake people, mentioning no names, confuse direct and assertive fan speak telling people when they are wrong, with abuse , which is quite specific. You will , I am sure, have noticed that in separate posts, one to me and another to Phil a man called Councel has twice told me, once and Phil, once, to get circumsized but in YOUR OPINION THAT SEEMS NOT TO BE ABUSIVE, since the posts were not removed and nor do I want them to be. I found it weird,ignorant and showing ignorance of our language, rather than abusive. So you see Mr Admin, abuse is in the eye of the beholder, it seems and rather depends on who is writing it and more importantly, whether you, Mr Admin, agree with the sentiment they write OR NOT. Wouldn’t you say?

  8. Me says:

    If you believe that as manager Arsene Wenger is not responsible for Arsenal being 33 points behind city with eight games to go and is not responsible for Arsenal not turning up at the league cup final and is not responsible for Arsenal being humiliated by Forest in the 3rd round of the FA cup then there is something seriously wrong there.
    A manager from any walk of life lives and dies by his performance.
    And that includes Arsene Wenger whether “pires” likes it or not..

    1. jon fox says:

      Pires and his few thinkalikes will be forgotten and a total irrelevance when very soon now , Wenger is sacked, thus pushing them into mourning and weeping at his sorrowful picture still hanging on their walls.

      1. Admin says:

        Jeez Jon, these people like Pires are ARSENAL supporters! Stop with the derogatory labels. You well know that you don’t change your team because of who the manager is and it is ingenuous to imply it. There is NOTHING wrong with wanting your team to win whoever the manager or players are, and wanting the TEAM to win.
        You are beginning to sound like an opinionated bully….

        1. jon fox says:

          Pots and kettles if ever I saw them. Being an admin doesn’t give you power over your “minions” who write on here. Most admins on all sorts of sites, not just football, keep their own opinions to themselves and run the site for the benefit of others. Not you though! And you are also fully aware that your own Wenger must stay views are deliberately antagonistic to the vast majority on here. Perhaps quite soon someone, maybe even me , if I am pushed too hard, will start up a rival site for mainstream Gooners. As a retired man , I have the time and may soon have the inclination , the way things are going with your attempts to stifle free and majority shared speech.

          1. Admin says:

            You are more than welcome to create your own website. I would even help you set it up. But while you are here you must abide by my rules.
            I don’t have many but the NUMBER ONE rule is NO PERSONAL ABUSE. I am a great lover of free speech but don’t use your freedom to insult and bully others. That is NOT okay.

          2. Mike says:

            Jon don’t be too sure of Wenger getting the sack. Don’t be surprise that he will see out the reminder of his contract and even get an extension. I am for Wenger out as well but these are the realities from our club.

  9. Discostew says:

    Oblak would be a brilliant signing for the club and if they lose griezman to barca maybe lacca could be used in the deal

  10. Jermaine says:

    Oblak would be a statement as he is world class arguably the most valuable gk out there he is as good as de gea n coutois who are both 2y older

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