Arsenal target could be sent to Spain even though they are ready to meet his transfer fee

Arsenal has remained in the race for Manuel Locatelli even though he is struggling to accept them.

The midfielder has clarified that he wants to join Juventus and Sassuolo has been negotiating with the former Italian champions over his signature.

Arsenal, however, remains keen on him with the Gunners reportedly ready to pay his club’s asking price.

If the transfer to Juventus falls through, the Gunners should ideally be in the best position to sign him.

However, Todofichajes says Sassuolo is waiting for another club to move for him despite the interest from Arsenal.

The report says Real Madrid had wanted to sign him initially and the Spanish club is still considering a move for him.

It says Sassuolo would prefer to sell Locatelli to a club outside Italy and they are waiting for Los Blancos to make a move for him despite the interest from Arsenal.

This development might show that the Italians want him to join a top club that plays in the Champions League.

If that is true, Arsenal will now have to look elsewhere because the absence of European football has robbed them of another transfer target.

The Gunners have also been linked with the likes of Houssem Aouar and Sander Berge.

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  1. Please don’t bring players that don’t want to be at Arsenal.
    How stupid can a club be if this is true.

    The guy will turn out to be another Reyes, Toreira etc.. Be crying about how they can’t adjust to the English weather, how they miss their family blah blah.

    I hope we move on from this transfer if there is even in truth in it at all.

    Don’t bring in disruptive character/ players that will only cause mayhem, chaos and negative energy to a club / group that is now just getting it’s dressing-room in order.

    Please Locatlli, I wish you all the best but I hope we don’t sign you.

    Lets move on to players that want to join our club.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Goonster, if Manuel Locatelli had as much success (110 appearances, 23 goals, Premier League 2003-04,FA Cup 2004-05, Championseague runner up 2005-06) as Jose Antonio Reyes at the Arsenal we would be well pleased.
      I’ll never forget the lack of support he got from English officials, exemplified by being kicked off Old Trafford by Scholes, Keane and Co. The main reason he went back to Spain was to avoid being continually kicked off the park!

      1. Come on now Ozzie.
        Don’t give me that.
        Reyes never settled at Arsenal. The guy kept saying that his dream was to play for Madrid and wanted to move there. Arsenal were just an after thought / a distance alternative.
        He was a such an amazing talent and I really enjoyed him. So skilful etc.
        But to use such a weak and cringeworthy excuse for why he kept pushing for a move to Madrid will only work for those that can’t remember the whole episode.

        “The only reason he went back to Spain was to avoid being continually kicked off the park?”

        Come on now. We all love certain players, but coming up with such weak excuses for them acting like primadonnas can never work on me. I am too old and mentally mature for such juvenile explanations.

        Reyes never settled because Arsenal was not where he wanted to be. He only moved here because his first choice dream (Real Madrid) did not come in for him. Then he started to constantly moan about how he missed his family back in spain, how he can’t adjust to English weather, how his dream was to play for his dream club (Madrid) blah blah.. A 21 year old Reyes was moaning about missing his family, the weather etc while 16 year old Fabregas was getting on with it. I remember they were both being compared “How come a 16 year old from the same country is getting on with it while a 21 year old is busy moaning about missing his mummy?”

        I understand that every individual is different and our physical, psychological and mental attitide differ. Cesc might have been in a more stable mental state than Reyes back then etc. Arsenal was the righy club at the right time for Cesc while it might have been the opposite for Reyes.

        So many factors. But the weakest on is the one you prioritised. Running away because he was kicked about? Cesc, Rosicky, RVP, Hleb, Nasri, Santi etc were all skilful tidy players that were kicked about. But they did not use that as serious excuse to desert the club / EPL.

        Reyes had so much talent but the constant feeling sorry for himself robbed us of enjoying his full potential at Arsenal. He still remains one of my favourite players.

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