Arsenal target determined to leave London rival this summer

Arsenal has been very busy in this transfer window and the Gunners might be helped in their pursuit of reinforcements with the information that Wilfred Zaha is still very keen to leave Palace this summer.

The Ivorian was Arsenal’s target last summer, but they couldn’t get a deal done with Crystal Palace and they moved for Nicolas Pepe instead.

He remains their target as Mikel Arteta rebuilds his current team and he has confessed that he is a childhood Gunner.

Arsenal isn’t the only team looking to sign him this summer with PSG and Borussia Dortmund also linked with a move for him (SkySports).

Zaha had an underwhelming campaign the last time out as he netted just four times and provided three assists, but he remains a top talent.

The Guardian claims that he is keen to make a move away from Palace to a bigger team this summer.

Crystal Palace also appears to be preparing for life without their most valuable player as they are reportedly chasing a deal for QPR’s Eberechi Eze.

The winger has impressed in the Championship with the London side and Palace believes that he can make a fine contribution to their team if he joins them.

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    1. Jon. my old friend….I wonder if you might like to comment on the fact that a certain Elneny has worn the Arsenal shirt once again, something that you guaranteed 100% would never happen?

      Now, I’m not asking this to be contrary, as I also thought that “might” be the case, but because I am wondering if anybody can judge what players Arteta has in his plans?

      That included the person involved in this article, Zaha, AMN, Ozil, Lacs…and I think anyone who tries to tell others what MA is planning, are leaving themselves open to be proved completely wrong.

      1. Do we class pre season friendlies as “wearing the arsenal shirt” ? Not for me, i dont think elnenny will wear an Arsenal shirt unless we cant move him on or he plays in the league cup because we couldn’t move him on.

      2. Ken, if you recall correctly, I actually said “in a competitive game!” Not many fellow realists would class MK Dons as such a game. Some of us would not even class the coming Community Shield as such either and certainly NOT as a true trophy.
        If Elneny plays at Fulham I will apologise to you. I do not foresee that being necessary though.
        If MA buys Zaha I will walk naked around your house . (I’d look away if I were you!)

        BTW, I apologise for having opinions and relating them on here but I WAS UNDER THE IMPRESSION THAT THIS WAS THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF THIS SITE.

        1. Jon, please don’t be so defensive – if you had read what I wrote, I was actually agreeing with you, but I just didn’t say 100 % – that was the point I was making… none of us should second guess MA’s views on players.

          As for not being a competitive game, clutching at straws there I think.
          MA certainly didn’t see it that way and “wearing the Arsenal shirt” in any game counts doesn’t it?


            I was simply being precise, as is my way, with what I think and why. I also do not claim 100 % being right; it is merely my firm opinion KEN and is why I wote it; this being of course a debate site for fans opinions. It would be tiresome to preface every comment I EVER MAKE WITH “IMO” SO I USUALLY DO NOT DO THIS, BUT IT IS TAKEN AS READ BY MOST FANS.

            As for your final paragraph, I simply and profoundly disagree with you and it is only your opinion that MA”CERTAINLY DIDN’T SEE IT THAT WAY”.
            I do agree that to MA all games are useful in seeing how players work out but that alone does not make a pre season friendly against MK Dons a competitive game in any way, That would be a bizarre claim, I’d suggest.

            As to what or what not we should not do( YOUR second guess MA comment), I’ d strongly suggest that what I write is entirely my own decision and no one else has the right to lecture an experienced and intelligent fan like me , simply because they disagree with my point of view. By all means disagree but please never tell me what I CANNOT WRITE. That is against freedom of speech and I WILL NEVER ALLOW THAT.

          2. So Jon, where have I told you what you can and cannot write?
            All I asked was your opinion on Elneny once again pulling on a Arsenal shirt and then suggesting none of us can second guess what MA thinks about any player – asking if you agreed.

            I did actually wonder if you agreed that it is impossible to know what he is thinking, as I never expected to see Elneny in a Arsenal shirt either.

            Still, not to worry, as we are both backing MA 100 %, whatever player he selects, in whatever game our club plays in… I thought Elneny had a decent game, even if it was only the MK Don’s.

    2. This ship has sailed.
      There are some very good players, like Eberechi Eze, in the Championship, because it is such a competitive league.

  1. At this rate I doubt anyone is coming and including no new contract for Aubameyang! Could be another very long season ahead and all of the deadwood still at the club 🙆‍♂️ We’ll get told Elneny is like a new signing 😂

    1. Kev82, Lionel Messi is on his way… “I heard it through the grapevine and I’m just about to lose my mind!!!!”

      1. Haha Ken imagine our club trying to negotiate that deal ? It took weeks to negotiate the Willian deal 😂😂

      2. Even better ken, once Arsenal buy Partey and Diawara to do the tackling and ball winning for him, Mesut Ozil will take his rightful place as Arsenal’s CAM.

      1. He will play Sue if we don’t have our full squad yet. At this rate, I’m not certain of anything anymore. Lol. I’ve given up on Arsenal and the transfer window

        1. I can’t believe we’re still waiting, Kstix!! To keep hearing they’re close to signing is a mickey take!! How many have the chavs signed and announced while we’ve been left dangling?!
          I suppose the only positive is…. it’s Friday tomorrow 😉🙏🙏🙏

      2. Most probably Sue 🤪 Michael Owen predicting a 3-1 Liverpool on Saturday, Michael Owen predicting Arsenal to lose a game ? Never 🤣🤣

          1. Haha probably not Sue don’t get your hopes up Arsenal are probably keeping him until the end of the transfer window to announce him again 😂😂 Owen predicted a Sheffield United win over us, Man city win over us, Liverpool win over us, Chelsea win over us, so it’s looking good for a win on Saturday 😜

          2. Just like they announced Mari and Soares… again 🤣 There was a clip doing the rounds of a photoshoot at the Emirates… turned out it wasn’t Auba or Gabriel… it was some rapper
            called Yizzy filming his video for song ‘Thierry Henry!!!’
            Hahaha brilliant, Kev!! Looking forward to Saturday now then!!
            I liked Ken’s comment to you up there 👆😄

          3. Haha seriously what was all that about ? Like we didn’t already know 🤪 I have no idea who yizzy is Sue but I’ll take your word for it 🤣 I did hear about that video though 😆 haha yeah Coco is probably dreading it though 🐕😂 looks like man city could sign Messi ? 😮

          4. He’s bang average anyway Sue 🤪 Chelsea need to get they’re skates on in the transfer market don’t you think? 🤣

          5. Oh deary me Sue I’m watching Motherwell vs Glentoran on premier sports the quality is so bad it’s unreal, role on Saturday 😀 who do you think will stand between the sticks Leno or Martinez? 🤔

          6. Sod that, Kev.. premier league darts – Duzza is top!! He’s been superb.. plus Price has upped his game 😉
            Leno…. you? Didn’t Emi have to quarantine?

          7. I never heard that Sue why.. has he got coronavirus? Leno then can’t see Matt macey being chosen! He has to up his game Sue he was smashed the other day 😂 I just googled willians Twitter page as I don’t have an account and he’s still in a Chelsea kit ? 😂😂

          8. He’d been to Portugal…please excuse me for being stupid, but shouldn’t the same thing apply to Liverpool, as they’ve been to Austria??
            Are you sure?! Maybe he’s changed it now!!
            Hahahaha no not quite… that did make me chuckle!! 😅

          9. Apparently as they were there as a squad in a training camp they got excused so I hope that clears it up 😂 I don’t understand these footballers or just people in general going abroad on holiday do they not realise there is a world wide pandemic going on ? Can they not survive without a holiday for one year? The same people will cry when Christmas is cancelled! Yeah it’s in black and white I think but if you zoom in he’s definitely in a Chelsea kit 🤣 1988 Sue bet you have fond memories of that game 😆

    2. MA said today that Arsenal have had really positive talks with Auba and his representatives and is feeling very confident also that they cannot announce anything about Gabriel as long as the deal is not signed by both parties.

  2. The Irony of the first sentence in the article is honestly laughable. Arsenal has been VERY BUSY in the transfer Market. We’ve been anything but busy. We signed Willian on a free transfer. Is that the trait of a busy club that has had over 3 weeks of transfer window being open. We still don’t know if our own players will sign, let alone external players. That admin is not the definition of being busy. Chelsea has been busy, Man City has been busy. We’ve just been window shopping, they’re two different things.

    1. Kstix, Arsenal’s brilliant negotiation and contract administration team is even being outperformed by newly promoted Leeds United, let alone Chelsea and Man City. ☹️😠

  3. Not another HAHA story !! (Typo intentional)
    Only difference between him and Ozil is he runs more , as any other player would, but end product still the same – Zilch !!

  4. There we have it Mikel, if you want to know what your plans are for the transfer market, just come to JA, you’ll be told 100%what’s going to happen.

  5. Yes, Kev.. you can see the lion on it, in the black and white picture! 🙄
    Thanks for clearing that up. I can’t understand the need to go abroad either – sod that!!
    Hahaha nice try 😂

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