Arsenal target doesn’t regret missed transfer to the Emirates

Houssem Aouar was one of Arsenal’s top transfer targets in the just concluded transfer window.

The Gunners made their move for him by tabling a bid, but it wasn’t good enough for Lyon to accept.

They turned their attention towards landing Thomas Partey and got their man on the last day of the transfer window.

Despite interest from other teams like Juventus and Real Madrid, Aouar remained at Lyon for this season.

The Frenchman has now claimed that he has no regrets that he didn’t get a move away from the French side.

He claimed that he is fully committed to helping Lyon, who missed out on European football this season, get back to the top of French football.

He added that Lyon is a club he loves and isn’t disappointed not to have left them in this transfer window.

‘Of course I asked myself all the necessary questions.’ he said via Mail Online.

‘I am in the headspace to have a great season with my club and get back the points that we have lost. 

‘So of course we are going to try to do the best season and to try to put the team and the club back in its rightful place, at the top of France. 

‘Disappointed? I am the opposite. I am at home, in the club that I love, with my friends and my family. 

‘So certainly I have all my bearings and it is giving me even more motivation to have a good season and to bring the club back into the top places in France.’ 

Arsenal might return for him if they continue investing in the team as they have done in this transfer window.

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  1. Think we might have missed the boat on this one ,might be a blessing anyway .
    The core of the team as been strengthened and that was the priority

  2. Would have liked him, but Partey is far more important a signing. We have been waiting 15 years for a player like Partey, whereas we have seen enough attacking midfielders in that time to last a life time at Arsenal!

    I feel we have enough creativity with the likes of Saka, Pepe, Willian, Ceballos, and possibly ESR anyway.

  3. Of course he’s going to say he doesn’t regret not moving to us, he’s hardly likely to come out and say ‘ I wish I had moved to Arsenal ‘ while still playing for his current team is he !!

    1. After being persistently linked with a move away from the club, he’s saying the exact right thing needed to endear himself back to the fans. I mean, he’s the club captain, isn’t he? We would expect the exact thing if it was our player that was involved. Nothing personal, just professional statement.

    2. MARTY ISN’T IT PAINFUL BEING A REALIST! There are always fantasists who will disagree with you when you tell that plain truth.

  4. What is is supposed to say?
    Of course he has to say that.

    If we had come up the £40 million he would be telling everyone how he always watched Arsenal and Henry growing up blah blah 😊😊

    1. Agreed. Which ever club he is playing for at the time, her needs to say whatever is necessary to endear himself to the fans. It doesn’t necessarily have to be true.

        1. Its called diplomacy..
          Always shouting about lying as if to say you are a Saint.
          Come off it Simon.

    2. 😂😂👍👍 Even wilshere who has been an arsenal player since the age of 9, said he always supported West ham as a boy. 😂 At what point did he start to support westham?

  5. Rumors are his agent/brother ruined the deal with outrageous fees. Wouldn’t mind if we looked somewhere else if he has a scummy agent. I’m still not fully convinced hes worth as much as Lyon wanted for him.

  6. He is not worth it. There are better priced options out there that will give us similiar output without the drama.
    Frankly Fekir had better stats and look how that turned out. Also Lacs figures are at down what they were at Lyon.

    Lyon has a habit of overhauling Ng their players and when they move they don’t match the hype.

    Better to get players from Lille, more reasonably priced and perform better after moving.

    Anyway there is Dominic Sbolzlai from Salzburg who will he a year.furter developed. There is also Tue option for a Buendia loan this season. There is ESR to come back in also.
    There is also new players to come this season who may he better.

    French league is mostly a farmer’s.league making the Mayer’s look a lot.better than they actually are.
    Lyon finished 7th last year, not exactly setting the league on fire is he

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