Arsenal target expected to complete Emirates move next week

Arsenal are claimed to be in line to land Shkodran Mustafi next week, meaning he will not make the squad for the Liverpool match.

The Premier League season begins this weekend, with champions Leicester kicking off the campaign against newly promoted side Hull City in the early kick-off on Saturday, while we begin our term at home to rivals Liverpool on Sunday.

We will be without defensive duo Gabriel Paulista and Per Mertesacker, who are ruled out for the next six weeks and five months respectively, while senior defender Laurent Koscielny is also not expected to start the match, having only returned to training yesterday.

The French international was given an extended break following a deep run in the European Championships this summer, as was Olivier Giroud and Mesut Ozil, but Koscielny could well be rushed back into the playing squad, if Wenger believes it to be a necessary risk.

The Gunners are working on a deal to bring in a new centre-back however, but the move is not expected to be in place before the weekend.

Shkodran Mustafi was claimed to be in line for a move to the Emirates next week, and his agent Ali Bulut has now confirmed that terms have been agreed between player and club. The only obstacle remaining is for the Gunners and Valencia to agree on the fee.

‘Shkodran and Arsenal have reached an agreement, the clubs now only have to agree on the fee,’ Bulut said.

Koscielny should also be back for the following match, so if Mustafi does return, that could mean a return to the bench for both Rob Holding and Calum Chambers, who could have to start on Sunday.

Is Mustafi’s deal a big blow to Holding? Was he expecting to be fourth or fifth choice this term?


  1. This would be a good addition to the squad. If he gels with Kos we could have a great back 4.

    Personally, I never thought Wenger bought Holding with the expectation for him to contribute this year. He is too young and too inexperienced.

    Bigger question is, what is going to become of poor Chambers? Was bought (as a right back) for a hefty price tag. Contributed quite well in his first season, was hardly used last season (2 PL appearances) and has been mentioned as a potential CD and DM!!

    Wenger clearly doesn’t think highly of him, and buying two CD does not bode well for his CD prospects. Xhaka, Coq and Elneny will stall his transition to DM. So what will become of him? Loan deal and then sold? Hope his resell value is higher than his purchase price otherwise the formula breaks down.

    I feel bad for the guy and thought he had potential. Found it hard to understand he didn’t get more minutes last season.

    1. I don’t think you can say Wenger doesn’t rate him highly. Clubs usually have about five reliable options for CB.. Koscielny and Per are getting on, these lads are barely even starting out. I think Wenger expects the timing to fall into place. Our three young CBs, likely at least one of them will fail to live up to expectations. But I don’t think Wenger doubts any of them yet.

    2. Per will take much more of an Arteta-type mentor role this year.

      He is out for 5 months now, and turns 32 in a month, so who knows what his recovery will be like after he comes back. I see his value now as a leader who is loved by all the players in the club, and has tons of football knowledge and experience to pour into our young defenders Chambers, Holding, and Bielik.

      This is all to say, I dont think Arsenal buying Mustafi (excellent acquisition by the way) will hurt Chambers’s or Holding’s growth because throughout most of this year we will still only have 4 available CBs.

    3. I have seen this kid play and I would put him in with LK no problem. Chambers well sorry he could go on loan as he isn’t that good. NM will move in and KG will take the left side and holding will play. It’s a good game for him and even now he is far better then chambers. AW should play a 451 for 75 min tben change it just play tight because the Liverpool lads are fit and ready and as per we aren’t

  2. Oh Arsene!, why are you so stubborn and arrogant. It took Everton just two days to sign William..

    Surely, we’ll concede goals come Sunday and would lose if we fail to find the net.

  3. Holding and Chambers are both young and have many years ahead
    Playing off the Bench is good for young players
    They can learn a lot from Koscielny, Mertsacker and Mustafi (if we sign him)
    Also they will play FA Cup and League Cup matches

    1. Let us not forget that Mustafi is actually just 3 years older than Holding and Chambers!

  4. @jansen. I think chambers will be okay as kos and per are getting on. It may be that chambers goes on loan once mustafa is sold, I think it would be essential for his development and for Wenger to see how he fairs. In terms of resale value providing both holding and chambers don’t decline the fact they are both english/home grown will always keep their price high.

  5. If we can get mustafi over the line. We could sell Debuchy, leaving bellerin chambers holding mustafi koscielny Monreal and Gibbs. Thats 7 defenders to get us through until Gabriel (October) and jenkinson (November). In January we should see the return of Mertesacker. At that point we could decide who we still need from 10 defenders which I suspect is 1 or even 2 too many. We could choose to sell Mertesacker or Gabriel and loan out chambers or holding. If any 2 of those 4 moved on in January permanently or on loan I would not be surprised. Personally I would try and add Facial Schar to the squad as well as Mustafi, allowing chambers to go out on loan, as well as selling Debuchy. Then allowing Mertesacker to leave if he wants in January.

    We could also make some more room this summer by moving on some more of the over 21s like Sanogo, Asano and Macey either permanently or on loan. But first let’s get 2 or 3 new signings in asap.

  6. It was bad timing for Gabriel, not only because we need him now, but also Valencia know we are desperate and running out of time. They also know the fans will be pissed if we lose him over a few million quid. It sounds like the player and agent are keen on coming, but it’s Arsenal, you can never expect things to run smoothly with our negotiations. I’m looking forward to seeing a new partner for Kos the boss, and Holding and the others will hopefully have a top German CB and a top French CB to study and learn from. Really is a pity that Adams refused to return home, but with the money in China, you could hardly blame him. Footballers weren’t getting the mega bucks in his time, a bit more upset with Henry to be honest. The youngsters could have learned a great deal from these two behemoths. Lastly, if we pull deal this off, that’s two 30m players brought in, and they don’t even play striker. A CB for about thirty mil, honestly, I never thought I’d see this from Arsene. A holding mid also is just as surprising. I’d have to maybe rethink my thoughts on how much Arsene would pay if a striker he liked came about. With Alexis and Ozil, this would be four expensive acquisitions that I thought Wenger might not ever be tempted by, not even for a striker.

    1. Gabriel’s injury is actually a good news. Considering the fact that we still have AW in the helms of affairs. He could have decided to rotate 3 young defenders with Paulista till we get Mert back.
      Mustafi is an upgrade to all our CBs except Koscielny. I feel the pair ll b a formidable force this year.
      Just waiting for Mustafi’s signing on Arsensl Web and a decent striker. Getting a winger ll b a luxury. This ll b my favourite window if the 3 deals pull through.

      Arsene, make Arsenal great again!

  7. Nothings done with Arsenal until it’s on the website. No fee agreed so long ways to go. Cause we all know Arsenal have trouble when it comes to acceptable bids. Please let this go through….

    1. I’d say:

      Left leg – £7m
      Right leg – £8m
      Head – £7m
      Left arm – £4m
      Right arm – £4m

    2. He isn’t worth that but because there are only less than 3 weeks left in the window, its normal for inflated figures. Also, his release clause is £42 million so that affects negotiations and fee

      Mustafi is a good player (not of Hummels or Howedes level yet) but he is only 24, World Cup winner and top player for Valencia. Most important Wenger likes him lol

      Seriously, he will be perfect for our defense so if it happens Im not complaining

    3. 20mill buys you Johnny Evans in this market. So let’s stop complaining about a world cup winning defender costing 30mill. And if you check his stats he’s up there with the best defenders in La Liga.

    4. Who knows what we will end up paying, if we sign him.

      Anything in the media is just speculation. The times says £20m, the mail £30m.

  8. Firstly Johnny Evans isn’t worth 10m but my point is if he’s worth 30m why isn’t everyone after him. It’s we gets fault he bought chamber and holding who are “not ready ” so now we pay over the odds . Why not get Williams 12m and proven and will be ok for two years . Looks like all this waiting around has cost us money

    1. Supposedly Chelsea is after him also. I don’t agree with the fee but in today’s market if you want proven quality you have to pay.

  9. who cares about the fee. He is a proven CB, something we need desperately, get him in sooner rather than later.

  10. Stones 475 and chambers young and inexperienced 15m, (before the Pl windfall hiked prices up) mustafa at 30m somewhere in the middle for his age and quality I’d say is about right. Let’s not forget David Luiz 50m! Football finances are out of control!!

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