EXTRA – All 37 goals scored by Alexandre Lacazette 2016/17

Out of all the Arsenal transfer rumours that we have been subjected to so far this summer, it is the name Alexandre Lacazette that has popped up the most. Arsene Wenger and the Lyon president Msr Aulas may be playing the poker face game right until the end of August, but I personally think an agreement will be finalised as soon as Lyon can pinpoint a replacement for the prolific hitman.

So just to give you a taste of what could be to come, I have found a video of every single goal that Lacazette scored for Lyon last season.




  1. lacazatte stats lol give us messi ronaldo stats too. we will be happy to see em.
    we wont sign any stricker Giroud needs a lot of game to be in world cup its arsene’s responsibility to get him there. Giroud’s wish must be fullfilled

  2. There’s too much pussyfooting around with this transfer target.
    Wenger needs to either cough up the extra £13 million and get this deal over the line or jog on to another target and stop wasting time with these stuck up ??’s.
    Lacazette and Msr Aulas are both content with waiting until January to get the move done to Ath. Madrid. The player has his heart set on teaming up with his childhood buddy and probable sweetheart ??Grizzly-bear-Mann who were both pictured walking along a beach in LA, whilst on holiday together ?? 2+2= get the fork out of here!

    1. You will be asking me for transfer news once the deals are announced.
      Re-member how I told the entire blog that Lacazette and Lemar have be signed well in advance.
      And Re-member how everybody disliked and didnt believe me.

      1. Hahaha ?? you annoying forker ?? in advance? you announced it yesterday lol ? ? you probably jinxed it now, ?? I doubt that we will sign Lacazette now. ?

  3. Wonderful player! Noone believed me when i said the deal has been done.
    Lacazette and Lemar deals have been completed. Announcement will be made this week or before tour.
    Re-member Re-source

    1. ?? Man, what you smoking?
      You jump out of no-where to claim inside information on rumours that have been on going for weeks and even the Bookmakers have us as firm favourites to sign these players, yet you’re acting as if you curated all this months ago ?? Get the fork out of here! ???

  4. BREAKING NEWS: Everton has beaten Arsenal on signing Henry Onyekuru. He would be loaned to Anderlecht for twelve months.

    In my opinion, Onyekuru would not be able to start ahead of Arsenal’s current attackers anyway. But what a cheap investment he could have been, a top scorer in Belgium league.

    If you search “Arsenal” on Google now, you would find Alex Hleb. Arsenal signed him twelve years ago.

    Had Arsenal kept him at the central attacking midfielder position (behind a striker), not as a winger, he could have been one of the greatest front playmakers Arsenal ever has, like Bergkamp.

    I still remember when Arsenal trashed Milan at San Siro with Adebayor and Hleb. Hleb showed great vision, passing, speed and dribbling skills to help Arsenal beat Milan 0-2.

    That’s the type of front playmaker/ forward Arsenal should be looking for. Maybe Lacazette could do something like that in Arsenal.

  5. why is arsenal fans so obsessive about pierre-emerick aubameyang do u think if he was that good he would still be playing for Borussia Dortmund between him an Alexandre lacazette we should ask the question who suit over Style are the Premier League most teams we play have eleven men in the box he need room on space to operate where as lacazette can operate we alot of defender around him more like Sergio Aguero

  6. I’ve been watching Giroud for so long I’d forgotten what a real striker played like.

    Top marks on the video. Thanks for sharing ?

  7. This will drag on for weeks until someone else signs him.
    And the idiot will once again be scrambling around panic buying in the last five minutes of the transfer window like he does every year.
    What is most funny about this shambles are people like “Re-Source”.
    Idiots always make me laugh because they lack the ability to identify patterns.
    And Wenger’s patterns of behaviour are so so predictable…

  8. Yes Oneykuru had his medical at Everton yesterday and at £8mil is someone I believe we have really missed out on. Good young skillful attacker. It’s getting a little worrying with the likes of Koeman and De Boer spending money with what we once considered lower level clubs.
    Wenger needs to get his finger out of his arse and concentrate on The Arsenal!

    1. It’s 8m dude. Everton were doing that ten years ago. His youtube clips look alright but what did anybody know about him before AFC got linked, this is why we were linked to him, now people know him and he got his move. If he comes good over there sure he’ll be off in no time.

  9. Lemar, Lacazette and Mahrez should be signed. Walcott, Giroud, Gibbs, Perez, Debuchy, Mertesacker and Jenkison out. Ospina too out Jack Butland in

  10. analysing his goals i could see some trait and repetitive reactions:

    1.he’s a bit like kane(example only not saying similar play style) as in he mostly comes alive inside and on the edge of the box, he will rarely score superb goals but he will damn plunder those pass to the death mentality into goals.

    2. he likes to feint before striking the ball both in live play or in penalties. that the sign of someone with complete confidence in himself and with his ball control. giroud scores screamers sometime but neither him or alexis or bambi on ice welbeck seems ice-cold in scoring opportunities. ( alexis does it sometimes when he’s on form but not consistently)

    3. ozil will love him, those runs behind the defense are perfectly timed.

    4. he might be short but not skinny, he has some muscles on him could adapt like aguero

    5. he is not flashy like auba or mbappe which is the reason some dont rate him but he will hit 20 league goals a season consistently.

    we already have sanchez for flashy tricks and ozil by selfless play and vision. we just need someone to convert those clear-cut chances. ozil and alexis had 99 and 80 key passes this season. with 38% conversion rate lacazette would boost their assists and get easy goals.

    1. Agreed. Regardless of some shoddy keeper play, the man has a ton of confidence in the box. Two footed and nails them from the 18

  11. This talk of Atletico. See that’s the thing, if that was all true about his preference well then why not just wait the six months. That’s when he can play latter CL games too. I think this is that Aulas fellow trying to squeeze every penny, I reckon Lacazette wants to be at Arsenal. He seems a club man, Lacazette, whoever pays higher he’s happy with.

    He’s been at Lyon how long???, and now we’re expected to believe that he can’t wait another six months to get the hell out of there and into the club of his dreams. I’m not having that.

    1. You may have a point.
      We fans are just blind, and our seeing eye dog(s) are these “lie out there ash” tabloids looking for clicks.
      It’s a Wonder we have not been led off the cliff edge yet.

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