Arsenal target is not willing to listen to the Gunners’ offer

Joao Cancelo has been a long-standing target for Arsenal as they seek to attract more players from Manchester City.

Following the Gunners’ observed improvement subsequent to the signings of Oleksandr Zinchenko and Gabriel Jesus from City, multiple reports suggested that City had decided against selling any more players to Arsenal.

City now view Arsenal as rivals, making it risky for them to facilitate transfers to a fellow title contender.

Despite these dynamics, Arsenal remains keen on acquiring Cancelo, who has spent much of the last two seasons away from City.

Currently on loan at Barcelona, Cancelo’s future at City appears uncertain, prompting Arsenal’s interest in securing his signature.

However, a report from Sport indicates that Cancelo is not inclined towards a move and prefers to continue playing for Barcelona.

This development has stalled negotiations between City and Arsenal, leaving Barcelona to explore options to incorporate Cancelo into their squad.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Cancelo is one of the finest full-backs around and continues to shine as he plays for Barca.

However, if he is unwilling to join us, then we have no reason to want to add him to our group too.

Several other players will jump at the chance to join us, and we should focus on signing those players instead.


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  1. Totally agree sick of hearing about him and some other players. We only need players that won’t to come.

  2. They are either too old past their best or overpriced with poor stats records or just overpriced. Same old same old news.

  3. Watch this guy at Anfield last season (1-0 Pool), and the way Mo Salah made a fool of him, then you realize why Pep don’t want him anymore.
    That goal – by the way – is the best counter attack I ever seen. Absolutely brilliant. Faster
    than lightning.
    If he don’t want to come to Emirates, it’s best for everybody. It’s a win-win situation.

  4. Good riddance, not what we need. Not to mention the ego, need an extra roster spot for his high opinion of himself.

    Leave him and felix where they are, best to avoid these type of players.

    If Pep had issues with him, then Arteta should stay away from veteran players with egos; we know that doesn’t end well.

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