Arsenal target is valued at €30M but PSG is leading the race

Rennes has placed a 30m euros valuation on Arsenal target, Eduardo Camavinga, in this transfer window.

The Frenchman is one of the finest youngsters in Europe at the moment and he has caught the eye of Arsenal.

The Gunners are interested in adding the 18-year-old to their squad, a player they believe can make an impact now and will last into the future.

After he helped Rennes to play in the last Champions League group stages, several other top clubs have become interested in a move for him.

Todofichajes claims Rennes is willing to do business with any suitor that will pay the previously mentioned fee before this transfer window shuts.

They are keen to sell him now because he hasn’t shown the willingness to sign a new contract at the club.

The report then says PSG is currently leading the race to sign him as the Frenchmen want to add him to their already star-studded lineup.

It even claims that PSG has already tabled an offer for Rennes to consider and the midfielder is convinced that making the move is beneficial to him.

If PSG cannot land him, Arsenal can still try to do that in the next transfer window, as they might struggle to put together a good bid for him now, considering how they have splashed the cash already this summer.

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  1. If it’s true his contract is expiring next season he’ll go to PSG for free. That is the very likely scenario. It doesn’t look like we would get him after just getting Lokonga either. The only position I see us adding to is RB, or St, and that will be dependent on outgoings

  2. now that would have been a far better move than Ode, from both a strategical and an economical standpoint, as he can play in both a more deep-lying and attack-minded midfield role, plus the 30M is far below his current evaluation…that said, I would very much doubt that he would choose us if other, more preferred options, were in the offing

    1. Had hoped we could convince him that regular game time in the most watched league in the world would be worth it to him rather than risk limited time. He’d likely be a fan fav and in 3 years on a 5 year contract he could move on easily if he still wanted to and still only be 21. Hopeful but also not impossible but guess he wants to stay in France making PSG the only real option. 99% certain we’d of jumped at the opportunity if he could be convinced.

  3. we have spend 129m this covid era window

    an average 110m every season for the last 3

    the highest among the clubs this window and yet fans are still not happy

    1. 3 of the 5 players we get are squad players AND not first team…do u think we could go for top 4 or even top 6 with chambers at Rb? I dont think so…

      1. so what are first team players…

        players with 100m tag?

        did Lille win the title with 500m spending?

        the same goes for Leicester

        its all about signing the right players and build up a team….

        1. It is not about the player value, but we keep buying mediocres. Thats why fans are not happy.

          Ben White costs us 50M. Man Utd got Varane for 40M. Aymeric Laporte is available for 60M, a world class CB for only a little more than White.

          And honestly, pre arteta, most of our players seem decent. Bellerin was ok, we have Guendouzi and Torreira in midfield. If only Arteta could maintain quality, we could have invested our transfer to buy 2-3 world class players and improve the squad greatly.

  4. He played 35 times for Rennes in the league
    which is very creditable for an 18 year old.
    He scored 1 goal and 2 assists .
    He played in 4 CL games.
    Numbers are similar to Guendouzie under Emery.
    who cost 8m in the the high price pre covid days.
    So 30m post covid is way to steep.
    How about 10 mil plus Nketiah Willian+ Kola ?
    Rennes want cash though and his agent
    will probably advise a PSG salary.
    No wonder we got Odegaard.
    Mature and already proven in the PL.

    1. another failed attempt on your part to cherry-pick narrative-friendly stats/info when attempting to compare these two players, who are on totally opposing trajectories…btw your last statement could only be described as a complete stretching of the truth, in that if what you observed last season equates to PL proven, your standards are exceedingly low

      1. Agree on Guendouzi vs Camavinga. Ode however was number 1 in multiple stats for us creatively how is that a low standard? Chances created 1st 4.39 per 90 compared to 2nd 2.7 per 90 for us (5th league total, 5th year before in La Liga too), Passes in the final 3rd 1st, expected assists 1st (15th league total) and Possession won in the attacking 3rd 2nd. Not a single Premier League attacking midfielder (that played more than 500 minutes) was dispossessed less than him who lost control of the ball on just 11 occasions. His dribbling ability is good (7th La liga previous) and in particular his progressive ball carries were high with us (11th in the league last year.)

        People keep acting like his impact was mediocre when he performed well. He rarely misplaces a pass (3rd in league for AMs although behind Smith-Rowe), rarely gets tackled and does both whilst regularly driving forward and passing in the final third. All while still 22. The down playing of his talents/performance just sums up the weird narrative surrounding the club currently. He’ll be a firm fan favourite by Christmas, can take that to the bank.

        1. if you took the time to read FF’s comment, he suggested that Ode was PL proven, which, based on the sample size and the fact that he struggled for consistency, seemed to be a considerable stretch…no credible talent evaluator would make such a definitive claim based on 14 League appearances, unless they put on a 14 match clinic like Bruno Fernandes did for United in 2019-20

  5. who, in their right mind, would choose to play for PSG over the mighty arsenal ?!.surely this young man must be out of his mind, it is no contest, surely. we have the worlds greatest manager, the worlds greatest captain in xhaka,the worlds greatest striker in PEA, the best keeper in thhe world in LENO. and so on and so on.i think this is a non story,he will end up at our next training session, it is written in the stars.

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