Arsenal target Mahrez transfer as Alexis Sanchez replacement?

With the Premier League season about to come to an end, the rumour mill is about to go into overdrive and Arsenal transfer rumours are almost certainly set to be among the most numerous and at times ridiculous. At times I think that the general lack of activity from Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal transfer team (is there one?) makes the journos even more desperate and willing to write about anything.

One pesky and persistent rumour doing the rounds at the minute is about the possible departure from Arsenal this summer of Alexis Sanchez. Unless you know the man then we really have no way of knowing the veracity of the story and in my opinion I think he just wants some assurance that Arsenal match his ambition, but it could be true and if it turns out that way, who could Arsenal get to replace him?

Surely there is an outstanding candidate in the shape of the Leicester star Riyad Mahrez. THe new EPL player of the year seems tailor made for Arsenal and the way we play and he might even turn out to be an upgrade on Alexis. Of course it would be better if we had both and that they were playing either side the best centre forward in the world.

Lord Bentner has recently become available hasn’t he?

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  1. Well, This is the latest bull? doing the rounds.
    Arsene Wenger lines up £80m triple swoop for Granit Xhaka, Alvaro Morata and Henrikh Mkhitaryan to calm fuming Arsenal fans.

    Apart from the obvious 3 … The following players are also tipped to be on their way out of Arsenal:

    Frank De Bore ??? has resigned from Ajax,
    Probably see him going to Everton.

    1. I think Debuchy’s almost a certainty… Including the three midfield veterans that’s close to 350k off the books. If Walcott leaves as well that pushes it very close to 500k which is an absolute tonne off the books for a handful of players that barely featured for us this season…
      I hate the term deadwood.. But that’s a lot of fat trimmed from the squad

      I’d like to see gibbs loaned though. If he can miraculously spend a year off the injury table with regular appearances it’d be interesting what form he’d achieve. Still think Mertz can offer something as I’ve been pretty far from convinced by Gabriel this season…

  2. Doubt this rumour is true…Sanchez knew Arsenal was a top 4 chasing team..that didn’t stop him from joining then. Now all this nonsense about ambition? He just wants more money if you asked me. Same goes for Ozil.

    1. No he didn’t, in his eyes he saw Arsenal as a rising club, he thought more players would join him and Ozil since the club has the money, location and history to be attractive to top players. He has ambitions that he already made clear, he wants to win trophies not settle for top 4, and if we don’t show any ambition in the transfer market he will leave for a club that has just like RVP..

  3. Steadily becoming a pure tabloid football gossip site.

    More and more this site using the old tabloid trick of making a declarative headline without a shred of validity and then putting a question mark at the end for plausible deniability.

    Key item in the headline – the question mark.

    Key item in the article – the word “rumour”

    Basis for any assertion in this article: Only the desperation of Arsenal fans.

    1. This is just Arsenal. If a paper reports a rumour regarding Arsenal it is my duty to inform you. If you don’t like transfer rumours please feel free to ignore them .. but don’t deny others reading them…

      1. Sorry. What a load of bull.

        There are hundreds of rumors weekly and all of them are completely made-up click bait.

        You, rather, have duty to IGNORE the NONSENSE – not perpetuate it.

        This is just rationalizing the dissemination of NONSENSE.

        1. I have no such duty. So you are going to judge for everyone are you ? Oh okay I’ll stop reporting rumours because YOU don’t want me to. Yeah right. …..

  4. Not happening – mahrez signing
    Possible – sanchez looking for a bigger club

    Enjoy your day.

    1. Call me a cynic but I don’t think mahrez will have half the stats he did next year. I think teams will know how he plays

  5. Off topic.. Forbes’ footballing rich list again lists Arsenal as the 5th most valuable club in the world, and the second most valuable in England ahead of Manchester City and Chelsea.

    Even after all these years without a trophy and not competing at the top, Chelsea and Manchester City still haven’t been able to topple us. Just reinforces the fact that whilst we aren’t Barcelona, Real Madrid or even Manchester United, Arsenal is still an absolutely massive club. Time we started acting like it to be honest…

  6. I personally don’t think that much of Mahrez apart from having a really good season. I think Sanchez contributes a lot more in an all round game scenario.

  7. Mahrez wont do as well in an AW team. Leicester play quick counter attacking style and not possession football. He will be a good player to have but i dont see him as a replacement for Alexis Sanchez.

    1. And the possession type game we play hasnt done as much as the attacking game we used to play. We need to adapt for next season get in quick like we used to 3-0 up then make subs and enjoy like we did. This back side to side slow around box is boring, let’s play more attacking it’s what the paying fans like to see. CB

  8. How can we think of replacing Sanchez to Mahrez when we suppose to add him…

    Am not fooled by Mahrez at all..
    He is a good player but he is just starting,buying him to replace Sanchez is a huge risk..he can’t have the same impact as Sanchez…

    I just hope all these are mere rumours…
    OT: Personally, I enjoy transfer rumours I dunno why some complain about it…
    What’s a summer or transfer window without a rumour???
    Keep it coming

  9. Arturo Vidal says he wants his countryman ALEXIS to join him at bayern Munich .All these rumours have been ignited since that comment was released .

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